The "My School" Saga
A series of ten horror films I made with my school friends in the 80's and early 90's,
Inspired by other horror film series of the time; ours involved a skeleton-masked killer stalking the students and teachers of his school.
The first two were shot in our Junior High Media Club as a special project.
The next two sequels were shot in High School as our extra-curricular Drama and Art projects.
Parts 5 & 6 were shot during post-secondary technical college, with earnings from part-time jobs.
7, 8 and 10 were were shot with the help of the local Doctor Who club (hence all the science-fiction elements)
and the local community television station.
Part 9 remains to be done. What we need is a good script and the time commitment, but with our careers and spouses, it will be difficult.
Although not very politically correct in this day and age, these films have become a good video album of our youth.

The Lafe and Jeff Edition
STAR WARS Super-8 Animation