Kevin's Last Stand

Script: David Beaton

Director: David Beaton & Lauren Mierendorf

Producer: Lafe Travis

Based on the "My School" series & characters devised by Lafe Travis.

(c) MCMLXXXIV Lafe Travis


Dramatis Personae:

in order of appearance

Kevin Markson............the evil killer stalking students at Diefenbaker High

Lauren...............................Kevin's first victim, bashed with a Bible

David.............................................drowned in a toilet by Kevin

Eric..............................................Kevin twists his head around

Michelle.................................Kevin delights in slitting her throat

Travis.......a druggie who is stabbed by a neon light tube, among other things

Mark...................a keener student out to impress his teachers, soon dies

Rusty - Ghost................killed in My School III, returns to haunt Kevin now

Jim.....survived Kevin's attack in My School III, but isn't as lucky this time

Esther.........................pretty girl who is strangled with her own purse

Faiza....................she tries to help Esther, but soon needs help herself

Rob...........student film - maker, who lands a short role in Kevin's snuff film

Mrs. librarian, who is disgusted with all the killings

Mrs. Hegarty........principal of the school, her voice heard on the phone only

Holly......................she falls for Kevin in a way she'd never considered

Rod..........math is his thing, unfortunately Kevin stabs a pen into his brain

Sean........................................Rod's friend, and partner in death

Kermit.................Kevin's preserved pet frog, which he soon gets tired of

Murray..................crafty art student who puts his nose to the grindstone

Sheri...........Kevin gives her a workout at the gym which she'll never forget

Kathy............Kevin treats her most foul, which goes to show how evil he is










September 4th, 1984



The ghost of Kevin's mother scolds him for killing all the people in My School III. She convinces him to jump off the railing at the top of the stairwell. He falls down the stairs and apparently dies. His body vanishes.

The opening dialogue of Iron Maiden's "The Number Of The Beast" is played.


The main title appears on the screen, with "MY SCHOOL IV" in green, and "Kevin's Last Stand" in white. The Iron Maiden song continues.

Then: "Summer is over..."; "Kevin returns to school..."; " kill!"

A few executive credits are flashed, before beginning the movie.

The date is flashed on the screen: October 4th, 1984


Kevin's POV is shown (what else is new?), standing in front of the school.

A gull flies overhead. He has returned to kill people at John G. Diefenbaker school once again. He makes his way to the southeast entrance of the school. He sticks his hand out in front of him and breathes raspily like Darth Vader. He goes into the door of the school.


He steers himself down a hallway, and turns off into another hall, twisting at a weird angle.

Kevin (doomful)  -  I have returned. My absence has been long. Now mortals shall pay with their lives.

He walks past a girl standing at her locker and glares at her plump ass. He sighs. He turns the corner and heads towards the stairwell.

Kevin (bitterly)  - Those that live must now die, because Kevin has returned -  -  with the power of Satan. Death -  -   death to all humans.

He comes up the stairs and walks steadily down a hallway. He is making his way towards the library.

Kevin (desperate)  - The mask! Where is the mask? My father Satan promised me the mask. I will rule the earth. You will all pay for what you did to me.

He goes into the library.


Kevin enters the library. There are people in her.

Kevin (raspy)  - Humans, you must pay. You will face the wrath of Kevin. What, my father? A Bible?

Kevin walks towards the religious section of the library. He pulls out a big Bible.

Kevin (sinister)  - The Jerusalem Bible. The mask is there.

He takes the Bible and carries it over to a secluded table in the library.

Kevin  - Satan, Baelzabub, Lucifer, where are you? Where are you? The mask?

Kevin flips through the pages of the Bible. He sees a picture of a topless virgin.

Kevin  - Breasts!

He finds the mask hidden in the back cover of the Bible. He pulls it out and puts it on his face.

Kevin (wickedly)  - I am Kevin! All humans must die.

Now wearing the rubber Skeleton Mask, he takes the Bible and leaves the scene.

Kevin  -  There's my first victim! Death! Death! Death!


Lauren is in the social studies section, looking through the shelves at all the books.

Lauren (cursing)  - Goddamn Humanities, Goddamn (Mr.) Albrecht.

Kevin comes up behind Lauren and smacks him across the back of the head with the Bible. Lauren rolls down on the carpet and holds his head in pain.

Lauren (in pain)  -  No!

Kevin (evil)  - Die human!

Lauren (confused)  -  Who hit me? Who hit me?

Kevin (demented)  -  You must die, human sow.

Lauren  -  My F'ing head hurts so much.

Kevin (psychotic)  -  Eat this knife, pig.

Kevin pulls a sharp kitchen knife out of his shirt, and brings it swiftly across the back of Lauren's neck. Blood spills out of the slit.

Kevin  - Satan, my first victim.

Kevin leaves the library.


David is washing his hands in the sink.

David  -  Oh Jesus, another year of Goddamn school.

Kevin comes in the door and tugs David backwards by the hair.

David (screaming)  - Jesus!

He pulls David into one of the toilet stalls.

David (terrified)  - No, you bastard...

Kevin repeatedly dunks David's head down into the toilet. David gurgles and screams. Kevin dunks David's head repeatedly and drowns him. David thrashes around for a bit, but eventually slumps to the floor.

Kevin (victorious)  - That's my second victim!


Eric comes into the same washroom and takes a leak.

Eric  - I gotta go bad.

He sighs as he lets it all out at the urinal. He does his zipper up and walks to the exit. On the way there, he sights the corpse of David, lying in the toilet stall.

Eric  - Oh jeez, look at the body. Wait 'til Mrs. Hegarty hears about this. Oh!

Eric runs out of the washroom.


Eric runs out to the hallway. Kevin pops up behind him.

Kevin  - Human, you must die!

Eric screams and runs away. Kevin follows.

Kevin  - Come here. Come to your funeral.

Eric reaches a junction, where he can either go down a flight of stairs, or through a door. He chooses to run down the stairs.

When Kevin comes, he loses sight of which way Eric went.

Kevin  - Where did he go? Where did he go?

He looks down through the staircase railing, and sees Eric down below. He follows.

Kevin  - There he is! Come here, Eric. You'll feel excruciating pain.

Eric reaches the bottom of the stairs at the basement and runs down another hall.

Kevin  - You can't escape Kevin. I am the ultimate messiah.

Eric comes to another staircase and runs up to the main level of the school.

Kevin  - Come to me, Eric, so I can break your neck!

Eric runs into a dead end hallway, where all the doors are locked. He pounds on the doors.

Kevin  - You're trapped like a rat now, pig. Die animal!

Kevin pushes Eric to the ground and gives him a few kicks in the ribs.

Kevin  - Die. Die human.

Kevin pulls Eric up to his knees by the hair and jabs him in the eyes with his fingers. Eric begs for mercy. Kevin grabbed Eric's head and twists it around. There is a cracking sound. Kevin laughs and leaves.

On the way out of there, he sights Jeff at his locker; (yes, the same Jeff from My School III!) Jeff has his coat on and is locking up to go home. Kevin is exhausted from killing Eric, so he doesn't bother going after Jeff.


Kevin heads downstairs to the basement of the school, and walks down a hall in a southern direction.

Kevin  - I am God. I am Satan. I am a true warrior sent as a beast from Hell. Are you happy, father? Happy with three dead corpses to guard your palace?

Kevin sniffs the air in the hallway.

Kevin (hungry)  - I smell a fat blob. I smell meat! Fresh blood and intestines.

He sniffed again and turned into the art hallway.

Kevin  - This way! Satan! Daddee!

Kevin came across a water fountain and played the usual game of catch, as first seen in My School III.

Kevin  - Water. Water. Jesus. Baelzabub. Pazuzu. Satan.

Michelle comes out of a door at the other end of the hallway. Kevin quickly ducks behind a locker so she won't see him.

Kevin (quietly)  - Come here, you stupid human. Come here and kiss this knife.

Michelle walks closer. Kevin pulls out a sharp knife and waits. When she gets to where Kevin is hiding, he jumps out and brings the knife across her throat.

Kevin (screaming)  - Stupid human, die!

She falls to the ground. Kevin comes down over her body and sticks the knife into her again.

Kevin (chanting / obsessed)  - Carve up the meat. Carve up the meat. You bleed nicely. I'm gonna lick the floor where you bleed.

Kevin holds up the bloody knife and looks at it. His head swings back and forth, as if he is hypnotized by the weapon.

Kevin  - I am the ruler. I am the ruler of Hell. I am the anti - christ. I am Satan's son.

Kevin chuckles, and then he leaves.

October 8th, 1984


Kevin is alone in the library, reading the Jerusalem Bible.

Kevin (sacrilegious)  - The Bible is full of lies; I wrote it.

He puts the book back on the shelf and walks out of the library.

Outside the library, he stops at a water fountain.

Kevin  - Water!

He doesn't play the water game, and drinks it normally.

He comes down the stairs towards the main floor of the school. The caretaker is walking up the stairs.

Kevin (rudely)  -  Stupid old man, get out of my way!

Kevin goes onto the main floor of the school.


He comes onto the main floor and looks around to somebody to kill. He pulls the mask out of his pants and puts it on his face.

Kevin  - The glorious mask! I am Kevin! I will rule the world.

He exits frame right.

Travis comes in a door from the outside. He is wearing a pot - smoker type of coat. He is laughing and having a good time.

Travis (to himself)  - Should've seen those chicks outside. It was wild, I tell you.

Kevin stepped out from a doorway behind Travis. He started following Travis, who was walking down the hallway of the school. Kevin was following a bit too close, so Travis could sense that somebody was behind him. Travis turned around, but Kevin quickly ducked into an alcove, so Travis didn't see him.

Kevin (worried)  - Look away! Go away!

Travis saw nobody, so he turned back, and started walking down the hallway again. Kevin came out from the alcove.

Kevin  - Good. I can taste your blood.

He followed Travis to another exit door in the school. Travis kicked the door open with his foot and went outside.

Travis  - I'm gonna go out and have a smoke.


Travis lights up a cigarette and leans against the wall of the school to puff on it. Kevin comes out the door and punches him in the face.

Travis (surprised)  - Hey man, what are you doing?

Kevin (cynical)  - You stupid, stupid animal!

Travis falls to the ground beside the school wall. His cigarette falls out of his mouth.

Travis (angry)  - Hey, that's my smoke!

Kevin continually punches Travis in the jaw.

Kevin  - Now you're going to feel my knife.

Kevin pulls out a pocket knife and slits Travis' chest open with it. Travis screams. Blood covers his shirt.

Kevin (laughing)  - You filthy, disgusting animal. You animal; you egg.

Kevin gets a broken fluorescent light tube.

Kevin  - Now feel this.

He stabs the jagged broken end of the tube into Travis' cheek. Blood is all over his face and the tube.

Kevin  - Now you're dead, you animal.

Kevin left back into the school.


In the hallway, he washed the blood off the neon glass tube at a drinking fountain. In doing so, he scraped the wet glass against the white enamel, making an awful screeching sound.

October 12th, 1984


Mark comes down the stairs carrying his books. He has his coat on.

Mark  - I got lots of school work today. I wonder where I'll go? Maybe the science room.

Kevin comes down the stairs a moment later. He sniffs the air.

Kevin  - Meat!

Mark walks down a hall and ducks into a chemistry classroom.

Mark  - Oh gee, I got lots of homework to do. I'd better get on it right away.

He closes the door behind him and sits down at a table. He opens up his books and begins to do his chemistry.

Mark  - Lots and lots of homework. I love work. I love getting grades. Real good grades. Too much of it though. I just love work.

Mark hummed a tune to himself.

Kevin slowly opened the door and crept into the classroom. He picked up a chair and got up on the table where Mark was doing his work.

Mark looked up. Kevin swung the chair into Mark's head, knocking him out of his chair to the floor.

Mark's head is dripping with blood. He rolls around in pain. His glasses are broken and his eyes are full of tears.

Mark  -  I'm gonna tell daddy!

Kevin (chuckling)  - Your head's been shattered like a rotten egg.

Mark blacked out and went limp. Kevin jumped down from the table.

Kevin  - You're dead. I'm Kevin.


Kevin stares at the corpse of Mark for a few seconds and then prepares to leave the chemistry room. Kevin hears a groan behind him and turns around.

Kevin (worried)  - What the Hell is that noise?

Suddenly, the zombie / ghost of Rusty appears in front of Kevin, his face all messed up. Blood pours out of Rusty's mouth where he was shot with an arrow. Kevin is terrified.

Rusty - Ghost  - Kevin, I've come back to kill you!

Kevin started backing up. Rusty advanced, spilling tons of blood and goop all over the floor of the chemistry room.

Rusty - Ghost  - You kill me, I kill you!

Kevin (scared)  - No! Go away, you're not wanted.

Rusty forced Kevin towards the far side of the classroom.

Rusty - Ghost  - Kevin, your daddy said you're bad. You gotta go home.

Rusty clenched his teeth. Bubbles of bloody saliva frothed out.

Kevin (nervous)  - No!

Rusty - Ghost  - Not enough people...

Kevin (frightened)  - No! Leave me alone. Leave me alone! Go away.

Rusty - Ghost  - You're dead.

Kevin (screaming)  - Go away!

Rusty - Ghost (laughing)  - Kevin, I'm gonna kill you.

The ghost backed Kevin into a corner.

Rusty - Ghost  -  You're dead now.

Kevin (begging)  - Help me father, help me!

Rusty - Ghost  -  Father wants you home.

Kevin (praying)  - Help me father.

Rusty - Ghost  -  Daddy want you home.

Kevin  - No. Go away, please. I'll be good. Leave me.

Kevin screamed as he crouched down in the corner of the room and put his hands up in front of his face. Rusty laughed at him.

Rusty - Ghost  - You're dead now. You're dead.

Kevin (screaming)  - Go away!

Rusty - Ghost  - I'm gonna get you now.

Kevin  - By the power of Jesus, go away!

Rusty grabbed at Kevin's face. Blood dribbled off his chin onto Kevin's shirt.

Kevin  - Now! Now!

The ghost of Rusty vanished. Kevin wiped his brow and got up.

Kevin (relieved)  - Oh Jesus, that was close. But I still rule the Earth.

Kevin left the room.


Kevin goes out into the hallway from the chemistry room and up the stairwell. He looks at a mural on the wall, painted by one of the art students.

Kevin  -  What a stinking painting.

At the top of the stairs is a fire alarm lever. Kevin looks at it.

Kevin (hesitant)  - I'm gonna torture the school. Should I pull the fire alarm? Should I?

(shakes head) No.

Kevin goes through a door, and down a hall towards the Humanities area.


Kevin enters the Humanities area.

Kevin  - This place smells of death. I like that.

He looked around, but didn't see anybody.

Kevin (insistent)  - I smell somebody coming! I must hide, and ambush them; the true way of Satan.

He slips into a small seminar room to hide, and looks out the window at the adjoining Humanities area. Soon, Kevin sees Jim enter the area. (Jim survived Kevin's attack in My School III.) Jim is a druggie now. He wears a jean jacket and long hair.

Kevin  - There's a greasy animal. He must die. Stupid human, you don't know you're gonna get it, do you?

Jim went into another seminar room. Kevin left the room he was hiding in, crossed the Humanities area, and approached the room where Jim went.

Kevin  -  Where did he go?

Kevin looks in through the window. Jim is in there smoking drugs. Kevin enters.


Jim sees Kevin, but thinks it is one of his hallucinations.

Jim (high)  - Hey man, wanna buy some stuff?

Kevin looked around the room for a way to kill Jim. He saw that there were some bare electrical wires hanging out of the wall.

Kevin  - Electrical wires... You're gonna get a million electrical volts to the eyes.

Jim  - Hey man, wanna buy some pot?

Kevin (screams)  -  Die pig!

Kevin pushes Jim's head against the wall. Jim doesn't feel any pain, because of all the drugs. Kevin grabs Jim by the hair and threw him against the wires. Electricity zaps through Jim's body, making his body shake. He moans as his eyes bug out. When it's all over, Jim falls to the ground, dead. Kevin laughs.

Kevin  - Enjoy him father, as a sex partner in your massive orgies. Pay last respects to the dead.

Kevin turns and waves at Jim's corpse.

Kevin  - Goodbye, pig.

Kevin leaves the small seminar room.


Kevin sees a map of the world on the wall.

Kevin  - The world... All mine... Mine and yours, Satan. Mine and yours.

Kevin goes over to a blackboard and picks up a piece of chalk. He writes K - I - L - L with the chalk.

Kevin (jason - ish)  - Kill, kill, kill.

Kevin lets the chalk roll out of his hand and fall to the floor.

Kevin (comical)  - Jason was my uncle, but I destroyed him as a child.

Two teachers are standing at the entrance to the Humanities area. Kevin takes off his Skeleton Mask and walks past them.

Kevin (whispering)  - Eggs!


Kevin walked towards the library. Esther comes out of the door of the library and walked down the hall. She recognizes him and greets him.

Esther (friendly)  - Hi, Kevin.

She walks past him and goes into the Social Studies area. He lets her pass, and then he begins to follow her.

Kevin (thinking)  - A bitch. A bitch to kill.

Kevin follows Esther into the Social Studies area.

Kevin (thinking)  - Stupid woman, you don't know you're gonna die, do you?

Esther sits down at a desk in the Social Studies area. She puts her purse on the next desk beside her. She opens up a binder and finishes copying notes off the blackboard.

Kevin quickly grabs Esther's purse off the desk and slips it around her neck. She chokes and struggles to free herself. He laughs and tightens the purse strap. Eventually, she slumps down in the desk, dead. Kevin examines her beautiful body.

Kevin (lustful)  - Rape? No.

Kevin leaves screen right.

Another female student, Faiza, enters the classroom. She sights Esther's dead body on the floor and runs to it.

Faiza (exclaiming)  - Oh, Esther!

She feels Esther's pulse. Nope. She's a goner.

Faiza (critical)  - Oh Esther. Oh my God. I've gotta call someone.

Faiza goes to a nearby wall phone and picks up the receiver. She dials the office. Kevin pops up from behind her.

Kevin  - That's one connection that's not gonna get through, 'cause now you die.

Kevin grabs the receiver out of her hand and wraps the cord tightly around her neck. She struggles to no avail. She soon loses consciousness and falls right beside Esther's body.

Kevin  -  Sorry, wrong number.

He waves to the two dead girls and leaves the classroom.

October 17th, 1984


Rob is all alone in the far section of the library, filming the opening titles of his own video production: "Monster Mummy Vs. Big Blue."

Kevin sees Rob there, and walks towards him.

Kevin (to himself)  - You'll be my next victim. You'll be it. Your blood will be in my intestines and urine.

Kevin comes right up behind Rob, who is looking through the viewfinder of his video camera. Kevin taps Rob on the shoulder. Rob spins around. Kevin is wearing his Skeleton Mask!

Rob (confused)  - What's going on?

Kevin doesn't answer. He just stands there, looking scary. Rob starts to figure out that this must be the person who is killing all the students in the school.

Rob (scared / praying)  -  Jesus.

Kevin  -  Yes?

Rob (baffled)  -  What?

Kevin (screeching)  - You're gonna die, pig!

Before Rob can do anything, Kevin pushes him against the wall and picks up his body by the neck. Rob gags for air.

Kevin  -  Die!

Rob's legs are twitching and kicking.

Kevin (rudely)  - You're so ugly, it makes me laugh!

Rob's tongue hangs out of his mouth. Eventually, Rob blacks out and goes limp. Kevin lets his body drop down to the ground.

Kevin  -  Now I'll complete your filming.

Kevin takes Rob's video camera and points it at Rob's dead body. He looks at the corpse through the viewfinder. He adjusts the picture controls of the viewfinder to get the clearest picture of the corpse. He zooms the lens in to a close - up of the Rob's dead face.

Kevin  - Zoom in on your ugly nostrils, dripping blood. You look hilarious dead, Rob. You insulted my Mommy one day. Now you paid.

Kevin walks over to Rob and stands on his chest, cracking his ribs in.

Kevin  - I feel your ribs grinding to dust.

Kevin belches and snorts. He erases Rob's titles off the chalkboard and writes his own stuff on it. First he writes 6 - 6 - 6.

Kevin  - A letter to my father. Six, six, six. My favourite number in the world.

Then he writes S - A - T - A - N.

-  Satan, Daddy Satan.

Finally, he writes # - 1.

-  You're number one, Daddy, and I love you.

Kevin drops the chalk down on the carpet.


Mrs. Unruh, the school librarian is on the telephone talking to the Principal of the school, Mrs. Hegarty:

Mrs. Unruh  - Hello, Mrs. Hegarty? There's bodies all over the library. I hope that this isn't the same thing that happened last year.

Principal Hegarty  -  What are you saying, Joan?

Mrs. Unruh  -  There's bodies all over!


Holly is bent over, having a sip from the drinking fountain outside the library. Once done, she goes out into the hall, near the stairwell. She runs right into Kevin on the landing. She recognizes him.

Kevin  -  Holly, you must die.

Kevin grabbed Holly by the shoulder and pushed her against the staircase railing. (The very one he had jumped off at the end of My School III.)

Holly (terrified)  - Hey, Kevin. What are you doing? What the Hell's your problem?

Kevin (outrageous)  -  You're going over the edge, Holly.

Holly (screaming)  -  Kevin! Kevin!

Kevin  - Ever been parachuting before?

Holly (still screaming)  - What's the matter, Kevin?

Kevin (persistent)  -  You're going over! Goodbye!

Kevin pushes Holly backwards over the railing. She falls to the stairs below with a splatting sound. She lands facedown. Kevin admires her nice ass. Kevin laughs.

Kevin  - You stupid bitch, you didn't expect it, did you? Now you're dead. Mommy going to be proud of a corpse?

He waves to Holly's body on the stairs below.

Kevin (screeching)  - Bye! Leave that mess for the janitors to clean. Have to scrape it up with shovels.

Kevin leaves the scene of death.

October 18th, 1984


Rod enters an empty math classroom to finish off his homework.

Rod  - Jesus, I'd better get this homework done before the weekend.

He sits down at a desk on the far side of the room. The camera pans over. Kevin is already in the room, sitting at another desk. Rod hadn't seen him. Kevin pulls out his infamous rubber Skeleton Mask and puts it on.

In a wide shot of the classroom, Kevin gets up on top of the desks and walks on them towards Rod, who is doing his work.

Rod sees Kevin's feet out of the corner of his eyes. He stops and looks up. Kevin is there!

Kevin  - By the power vested in me by Satan, you must die.

Rod thinks Kevin is joking and laughs.

Rod (laughing)  -  Who the Hell are you supposed to be?

Kevin swings his foot into the side of Rod's head, knocking him to the ground. Rod groaned and moaned. Blood trickled out of his forehead. Kevin grabbed Rod's pen, which had fallen nearby. He slammed it down into Rod's forehead. Rod's mouth gaped open. Blood poured out of the wound. Kevin sniffed the air.

Kevin (frantic)  - Someone else is coming! They will soon die and reek in the earth.

Kevin quickly runs over to the wall by the door and presses himself against it.

Sean enters the room and sees Rod's body lying under the desks. He runs over to the body.

Sean (queasy)  - Oh, Christ. Oh, Jesus! Oh, no!

He hopped over the desks to get a better look at the body. He sees that it is Rod, and he has a pen stuck gruesomely into his head. Sean almost retches. Kevin pulls out a sharp knife and quickly comes up behind Sean.

Kevin (screaming)  - Meat carvin' time!

Kevin grabs Sean's shoulder. Sean turns around.

Kevin  -  Half a pound of bacon!

Kevin slashed the knife across Sean's throat. Blood poured out of his neck. He gurgled and choked as blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth. His body shook.

Kevin  - Look at those nervous twitches.

Sean fell down onto Rod's body. Kevin laughed.

Kevin  - I am the ultimate warrior. Nothing can stand in my way. I will rule the Earth!


Kevin made his way out of the math classroom. Suddenly, the ghost of Rusty appeared in front of Kevin. He was back!

Kevin (confused)  - What the Hell?

Rusty - Ghost (gurgling)  - I'm back, Kevin. I'm gonna get you.

Kevin (screaming)  -  Jesus! No!

Kevin tried to run around the Rusty - Ghost, and then the ghost of Lauren appeared to block Kevin's way. (Lauren died in Scene 6). He held a big metre stick. The back of his neck still had the knife wound on it.

Lauren - Ghost (moaning)  - I'm gonna hurt you.

Kevin  - Please -  -  I'll kill more people. Just leave me alone, please.

Lauren - Ghost  - You haven't killed enough. Daddy wants you home. Daddy wants you home!

Kevin cried. He tried to run around the two ghosts and get to the door, but Lauren blocked the way with his metre stick. Both zombies backed him up towards the corner of the Math Room. Blood streamed out of Rusty's mouth.

Rusty - Ghost  -  Kevin, I'm gonna get you.

Kevin tried to push them out of the way, but Lauren hit him with his metre stick.

Lauren - Ghost  - Get in the corner, you little weasel!

Kevin screamed. The ghosts backed him into the corner and hovered over him. Kevin, crouching, holds his hands over his face. Lauren starts smacking him with the metre stick.

Across the room, the zombie of Faiza appears. (She died in scene 21). She is holding a sharp metal mathematical compass in her hand. Her neck is bruised from being strangled by the telephone cord.

Faiza - Ghost (cackling)  - Kevin, I've come back to get you.

Lauren - Ghost (wailing)  -  Die, Kevin. You have failed.

The Faiza zombie moves in on the action. All three ghosts beat the heck out of Kevin. Kevin moans and cries. Lauren stacks the stick down onto Kevin's head repeatedly.

Rusty - Ghost  - You're coming back with us.

Kevin clasps his hands together. Suddenly, all three ghosts vanish. Kevin is sitting in the corner crying. There is blood all over the floor and all over Kevin. The compass is stuck in Kevin's leg.

Kevin (agony)  - They're gone. Oh, Jesus. Pain. Horror. Jesus. Jesus.

October 19th, 1984


Kevin is in the Biology Room, looking at a tray holding a dissecting frog. He pulls a plastic shopping bag out of his back pocket. He grabs the frog and stashes it into the bag. He licks his lips. It is lunch time.

He walks out of the Biology Room with the frog in the bag.

Kevin  - Satan, give me strength to destroy this frog!

He passes two girls standing in the hallway outside the Biology room.

Kevin (seductive)  - Hey, hey, hey.

They don't recognize him. He walks past them, and up the stairs. He lets a fart go. He enters men's washroom upstairs (where he killed David in scene 7).


Kevin takes the dissecting frog out of the plastic bag and plops it into one of the sinks. He laughs.

Kevin (hysterical)  - Kermit! Kermit! Ms. Piggy can't make love to you now.

Kevin punches the frog with his fist. There is an audio insert of a little frog, begging for mercy. Kevin pulls a ball - point pen out of his pocket and stabs it right through the frog's body. Oily yellow juices run down the drain. He holds the impaled frog up to his face and looks at it.

Kevin (sadistic)  - You're gonna die, son. You're gonna die. Say hello to my father Satan for me.

He looks at the frog's dead beady eyes.

Kevin  - What nice eyes you have.

Kevin / Frog (squeaky)  -  All the better to see you with.

Kevin tears open the frog's belly with his fingers, revealing the guts inside.

Kevin  - You like pain, son? You're gonna get some more.

He throws the frog against the wall. It lands on the floor.

Kevin (evilly)  -  Satan is the ruler.

He steps on the frog with his foot and grinds it into the floor. He picked up the frog and ripped out a lung from inside the chest cavity. He popped it into his mouth and chewed it. He swallowed it with a gulp. He belched. It tasted good.

Kevin  - You feel all weird, and damp, and slimy.

He throws the frog at the wall again and picks it up. He grabbed the frog's legs, one in each hand, and pulled. The leg muscles tore.

Kevin (hungry)  - I'm hungry. I'm gonna eat you, froggy! You're gonna taste so good. Ohh!

He stuffs the frog into his mouth, head first. He chewed it and gulped it down. To him, it was delicious.

October 25th, 1984


Kevin walked down the hallway by the graphic arts area. He flicked the handle of the water fountain once, and screamed;

Kevin  - Daddy, daddy Satan!

He entered the art room.

Kevin  -  The art area.


Kevin enters the art room. Murray, a student, is sitting at a table. Kevin grabs a pair of pliers off a counter and moves towards him. Kevin pinches Murray's arm with the pliers, pinching his flesh open. Murray screams in pain. He looks at Kevin in fear. Kevin is wearing his Skeleton Mask.

Murray (frightened)  -  Oh Jesus! You bastard, get the Hell away!

Murray bolts from the table and runs to the corner of the art classroom. Kevin pushes Murray down to the ground and grabs a rolling pin off a rack against the wall.

Kevin  -  A rolling pin to the head.

Kevin bashes the rolling pin down on Murray's head repeatedly. Murray screams in pain.

Kevin (squealing)  -  You're gonna die   -  -  pig!

Kevin rubs the bloody rolling pin with his fingers.

Kevin  -  That blood feels so nice.

Kevin grabs Murray's limp body by the hair and drags him over to the other side of the room. Murray's head was streaming with blood.

Murray (sobbing)  - Please, dear Jesus. Please. You want money or something?

Kevin drags Murray's helpless body to the grinding machine and turns it on. The machine hums loudly.

Murray (screaming)  -  Jesus! No, please!

Kevin grabs Murray's head and puts it against the grindstone. Blood sprays. Murray falls to the ground, blood all over his face and body. It collected in a puddle under Murray's face.

Kevin  -  You son of a bitch, goodbye.

Kevin left the craft arts room, and went to the fine arts area...


Kevin enters the fine arts area, and sees a vice. He admires it. Suddenly, a ghostly force grabs Kevin's hand and throws it into the vice. The force tightens the vice, crushing Kevin's hand. Kevin regains control and pulls his hand out. Trembling, the broken fingers are a bloody mess.


Kevin finds locker 666. He first tries the combination 6 - 6 - 6, but it won't open. He gets angry and tugs on the lock. It won't open. Furious, he kicks the door and leaves.

October 29th, 1984


Sheri enters the small gym, wearing her workout clothes. She looks around.

Sheri (depressed)  - I'd better lose some weight. I'm so fat and ugly.

Kevin jumps out from behind a pile of exercise mats, wearing his Skeleton Mask. He charges at Sheri from behind.

Kevin (laughing)  -  Die, you fat bitch!

Kevin grabs her by the neck and pulls her against a wall, where there is a fixed chain.

Kevin (rudely)  - You cow! You whale! Chains to the eyes for you, bitch.

He wrapped the chain around her neck and tightened it. She screamed as he choked her with the chain.

Kevin (very rudely)  - Bitch, bitch, bitch, cow, pig, sow, scum!

Kevin let Sheri fall to the ground, almost hanging her on the chain. Kevin kicked her body, roly - poly style, to the middle of the gymnasium.

Kevin (nefarious)  - I am the master of the universe  -  -  He - Man!

Kevin sniffed the air.

Kevin (worried)  -  What the Hell? Someone's coming...

Kathy came into the gym, wearing her sweats. She sees the body of Sheri and runs over to it.

Kathy (emergency)  -  Sheri! Sheri! What happened?

Kevin jumped out from behind Kathy and grabbed her by the sides.

Kevin  -  You're gonna get the same thing!

Kevin threw her down so he landed on the pile of exercise mats.

Kathy (crying)  - What are you doing?

Kevin  -  You big, fat, stupid animal!

Kathy (screaming)  - What the Hell do you think you're doing? Leave me alone!

Kevin pulls out a big baseball bat.

Kevin  -  You're gonna get you're head crushed.  Ever see a rabbit get hit by a car?

Kevin smacks the baseball bat into the side of her head. There is a big whacking sound. Kathy moaned and cried, while Kevin giggled.

October 31st, 1984  -  Halloween


Kevin enters the men's washroom and goes to the urinal. He stands there and groans.

Kevin (exhausted)  - Gotta urinate! All the blood I've eaten has gotten to me.

He groans. Suddenly, a stream of red liquid can be seen coming down between his legs into the urinal. (Blood!)

Kevin (sighing)  - Relief!

The ghost of Rusty (killed in My School III) peers over the door of the left - most bathroom stall, to glare at Kevin. Blood and pus spills out of his mouth. He looks worse than ever. He made a groaning noise.

In the next stall to the right, emerges the ghost of Travis. His head and chest show the decayed wounds inflicted in Scene 13 of this movie. A stream of blood trickles out of his mouth.

Travis - Ghost (scowling)  - You bastard! You bum! You will suffer for this!

Above the door of the third toilet stall, pops up the ghost of Jim. His face is all white from his untimely execution in Scene 19 of this movie.

Jim Ghost (???)  -  You fucking boot!

Kevin turns and looks at the ghosts coming out of the stalls. He is horrified!

Rusty - Ghost (screeching)  -  Daddy wants you home!

The corpse of David rises up out from behind the door of the final stall. Toilet water gushes out of his puffy cheeks. He is back from after his Scene 7 drowning.

David - Ghost (pained)  -  You killed me!

Rusty - Ghost  -  Daddy wants you home.

Kevin shakes in fear. The ghosts open the doors of their stalls and jump down to the floor from their toilets. They come towards Kevin.

Travis - Ghost  - You will be assassinated.

Rusty - Ghost (wailing)  - Kevin, I've come back to get you. You're doomed.

Travis - Ghost (shrieking)  -  Kevin, I'm gonna kill you.

Kevin (surprised)  -  What the?

Kevin breathes heavily. The ghosts surround him in the corner of the washroom near the urinals. Kevin loses his balance and falls butt - first into the urinal. He screams.

David - Ghost  -  I'm gonna get you now.

The ghosts shriek. Kevin begs for them to go away. They start kicking him all over. The ghosts chant his name.

Kevin (screaming)  -  Oh, Jesus, no!

Travis - Ghost  - Go to Hell, Kevin.

Tears pour out the eyeholes of Kevin's mask. He screams and cries. They pull his hair.

David - Ghost  -  You killed me.

Travis - Ghost  - Kevin, I'm gonna kill you.

The ghosts continue to kick and slap Kevin around on the ground.

David - Ghost (wailing)  -  You die now!

Kevin screams and begs for mercy. The ghosts punch Kevin.

Kevin (in pain)  - Jesus! No. No. No. No! Not to my...ah!

The ghost of Rusty kicks Kevin in the crotch.

Travis - Ghost  - Go back to Hell where you belong.

Kevin (horrified)  -  Not the mask! No!

The ghosts pick Kevin up on his feet and pull the rubber Skeleton Mask off, revealing Kevin's face. It is the face of a normal - looking teenaged boy. Rusty takes the mask into this hands and looks at it. David grabs the mask away and tears it up. He tosses it on the ground. The ghosts laugh. Kevin screams and begs for mercy.

Kevin (pleading)  - Leave me, please. Please; let me live. I'll send more victims to Satan.

Kevin looked at the wall across from him. Suddenly, the ghost of Lauren appears. He is holding his metre stick. (Lauren died in Scene 6.)

Lauren - Ghost  - I have returned  -   -  your first victim of the year.

The ghosts held Kevin down. Lauren steps forward and smacks the metre stick down onto Kevin's forehead. Kevin screams.

Kevin (begging)  -  Jesus, please!

Lauren - Ghost  - I was your first. Now you will die!

Lauren hit the stick again, and again, and again, and again... Kevin cried. Lauren screamed "die!" each time he brought the stick down.

Kevin (crying)  -  Father, why do you desert me?

The ghosts chant curses while they beat on Kevin. He loses consciousness quickly and collapses to the ground. The ghosts look down at the damage they've done to Kevin. He is all bloodied up and broken. They break up, and return to the stalls which they first appeared from. They fade away. Lauren vanishes.

Kevin is left there, in the dying moments of his life. The torn mask is beside him on the floor. He screams one last scream, and then collapses; dead. The mask vanishes in a puff of smoke as well.

An empty shot of the washroom is shown. There are puddles of blood and goop on the floor, but no ghosts, and no Kevin. Kevin has died.