Summer Vacation

Script: Lafe Travis

Direction: Lafe Travis

Production: Lafe Travis and Rod Harper

Based on the "My School" series devised by Lafe Travis

(c) MCMLXXXVII Lafe Travis

Finalized in June, 1987

Dramatis Personae:

Kevin Markson........................the infamous killer, now confined to Hell

Virgil Pembury.................a nerd, who becomes the neighborhood psychopath

Eugene The Doom Bear...............Kevin's old teddy bear, who controls Virgil

Reporter (Yvette Branker).......From CBC News Calgary, updates on the killings

Clinton............................................Virgil's bullying classmate

Brian......................Virgil's bullying classmate, best friend of Clinton

Frank Pembury..................................................Virgil's Father

Wendy Pembury..................................................Virgil's Mother

Virgil's Sister.................She's in a band and likes gabbing on the phone

Virgil's Brother...........He likes baseball and video games, but hates Virgil

Shannon.......Playing Tennis near the school, head smashed by a tennis racquet

Connie..............Playing Tennis near the school, smothered by a tennis ball

Richard.........A rocker who has a disagreement with Virgil behind the library

Librarian........yells at Virgil for making noise, but later wishes she hadn't

Slurpee Kid.....................comes across a strange sight in the playground

Walkman Kid...............................Virgil always wanted his own walkman

Jogger............................................She was only one who escaped

Graveyard Girl.............Stalked by Virgil in a graveyard of his imagination

Fluffy.......................................Virgil's cat, roasted in the oven

Nosey Neighbour...............Suspicious of what is going on at Virgil's house

Glenn................A Diefenbaker student, enjoying the early summer vacation

Ask'm..................................Glenn's Dog, senses that Virgil is near

Reporter (Bruce Conway)..............At radio station, offers a killing update

D.J..................At radio station, Virgil strangles him with magnetic tape

Station Manager......................At radio station, Virgil slits his throat

Paperboy..................Caught, imprisoned in Virgil's basement and tortured

Playground Kid......................Stabbed by Virgil in the school playground

Chainsaw Kid....................Killed by chainsaw-wielding Virgil in a forest

Party Guy (Gus)..........Plans on attending a party, but doesn't quite make it

Duchess........................Gus's cat, can sense that Virgil is approaching

Little Jimmy From Down The Lane.......A vital player in Virgil's strange dream







20th Century Fox Fanfare

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A Lafe Travis Film


Full-Screen Graphic
Halloween, 1984; 6 Months, 6 Days and 6 Hours Earlier

Flashback, My School IV Ending.

Kevin gets killed by the ghosts of his victims.


Kevin's POV is shown, travelling through a creepy tunnel towards Hell. Creepy music and Hellish sound effects are heard. Kevin now appears in Hell, his new home. There are mountains of fire. Shots of skulls and Kevin's extended bloody hand is shown. A shot of an old-fashioned school classroom is shown. Various quick subliminal inserts are flashed.

We hear Kevin's voice during all of this.

Kevin - Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy. Why did those ghosts send me to Hell? Daddy? Daddy! Why did you let those ghosts send me to Hell? The pain. The horror. Kevin Markson is no more. But wait! There is hope for me yet...

Out of the Hell fires emerges the silhouetted shape of a little teddy bear. It flies around in the fire with glowing eyes.

Kevin - There's my teddy bear; the one that I loved so much when I was a little boy. My teddy bear. That I called Eugene. I can go into my teddy bear. And I can possess it. And it, in turn, can possess someone else; up there on planet Earth. Kevin will kill once more -- at my school! The bear. He is the one that will bring death to all humans who go to school.


He reemerges on Earth at the grounds of his school. Lurking about.

Various shots of Kevin's school are shown.

Kevin - You will die. Kill, kill, kill! My School! Death; death to all humans.

Kevin snarls and growls like a bear.


Reporter - Police are on a city-wide search for the person or persons responsible for the school massacre. Over thirty mutilated bodies have been found at John G. Diefenbaker High school. Police suspect the killings done by some satanic cult, but no real leads have been discovered. The head of Calgary board of Education has ordered the shutdown of John G. Diefenbaker High School. For the surviving students, it means an early summer vacation. This is Yvette Branker, reporting for CBC News, Calgary.


A shot of the teddy bear in the tree. Eugene has arrived. He growls.


Theme music (The Human League's "Tom Baker")

Camera moves all around a skeleton mask, in a stomach-churning fashion.

Main title flashes on the screen, MY SCHOOL V - Summer Vacation.

Cast credits flash in various locations of the screen, red lettering on a black background.

A few production credits.


APRIL 4th, 1985

Virgil Pembury is walking home from school. He has glasses, nerdy clothes, and lots of books. The atmosphere of suspense is established. Several suggestions are given that he is being followed. He looks around him in paranoia. Suddenly, a hand grabs his shoulder. Virgil screams and spins around. Two of his classmates are there.

Brian - Hi Virgil

Virgil - Hi Brian.

Brian - How are you on this lovely day?

Virgil - Just fine, thanks.

Brian - Can Clinton and I help you carry all of those books?

Clinton - Yeah, they look really heavy.

Virgil - No thanks. I can carry them quite adequately on my own.

Brian and Clinton seem discouraged. They frown.

Brian - Are you telling us that you don't want us help you?

Virgil pretends to ignore them.

Clinton - You know, Virgil, it's an insult not to accept our help.

Virgil still ignores them. He starts to walk faster along the sidewalk, getting ahead of them.

Virgil - I don't need your help.

Brian and Clinton decide not to press the issue anymore and pursue another topic. They run along on the grass beside him in order to keep up with his pace.

Clinton - Virgil, why do you always get such good marks in school?

Virgil - What do you mean?

Clinton - Well, you know. You haven't got any mark lower than 80%. All of the teachers love you. You're the only one who does his homework.

Virgil - So?...

Brian - So you're a nerd, Virgil. Nobody likes you. You don't have a girlfriend. You probably beat off with yourself in your bed every night.

Clinton takes a glance at all of the books Virgil is carrying. He notices one of them in particular. He grabs it out of Virgil's hands.

Virgil - Give that back!

Clinton looks at the cover and reads the title of it aloud.

Clinton - The royal treasury of Shakespeare plays. Look at this, Brian.

Clinton shows the book to Brian. Brian laughs.

Brian - Looks like a mighty interesting book to me.

Virgil is freaking out, on the verge of crying.

Virgil - Give my book back!

They ignore him. Clinton opens up the book and starts to read a difficult passage. He totally mispronouces all of the words. Virgil corrects him on the right way to say it.

Clinton - I'm sorry I read it wrong, Virgil. You see, I'm not normally used to reading shit like this.

Virgil reacts when Clinton says the word "shit".

Virgil - Hey! You shouldn't swear.

Clinton - Why the hell not? I can swear as much as I fucking feel like it.

Virgil seems almost crushed by the harsh words. He looks at both of them in fear.

Virgil - Please give my book back.

They ignore him. The tension is building.

Brian - You know what, Virgil? You don't have any friends. Everybody thinks you're a freak. You look like a mongoloid. Somebody ought to beat the living shit right out of you.

Virgil - Please don't say things like that. It scares me. I want my book back. I've got to get home, or my father will get really mad at me.

Brian and Clinton are now laughing.

Brian - You father will get mad at you? I bet your father is just as ugly as you are. I even bet that everybody in your family is just as ugly as you.

Tears start forming in Virgil's eyes.

Virgil - Please give my book back.

Clinton - No.

Virgil starts to sniffle.

Virgil - Please give it back.

Clinton holds the book up.

Clinton - Is this what you want?

Virgil - Yes.

Clinton and Brian look at each other and smile.

Virgil - Please.

Brian - Well, Virgil, if you want your stupid book back, you gotta get down on your knees and beg for it.

Virgil gets down on his knees and begs.

Virgil - Please give my book back.

Clinton and Brian look surprised that Virgil is actually begging.

Brian - Beg more.

Virgil - Please, please, please. I will be eternally grateful if you give my book back.

Brian suddenly gives Virgil a kick in the gut. Virgil bends over moaning in pain. Clinton throws Virgil's book down on the ground.

Clinton - Here's your stupid book.

Brian looks over at Clinton.

Brian - What should we do to him now?

Virgil is moaning and groaning in pain on the ground.

Clinton - I don't know, what do you think?

Brian - I think we should beat the shit out of him.

Both Clinton and Brian come towards Virgil. Virgil sees them coming and grabs his heavy pile of books. He starts running away. They take off after him.

Clinton - Let's get him!

Clinton and Brian start chasing after Virgil...


Clinton and Brian chase Virgil across a busy road, and are nearly hit by a speeding car. The car honks at them. This allows Virgil to get farther ahead of his pursuers.


Virgil is far enough ahead of Clinton and Brian that he can duck and hide behind a Mac's store.

When the two bullies eventually come up to the Mac's store, it is as if Virgil has just vanished into thin air.

Brian - Damn, he got away. I really wanted to beat that creep up. Maybe another day...

Clinton and Brian scan the area and cannot see Virgil, so they walk away down the sidewalk.

The camera pans around, to where Virgil is hiding behind the building. He watches the two bullies walk away. He wipes his brow. He is relieved.

Virgil - Thank goodness. I got away.


Virgil hurries home, because he is late. He walks past a fence. A neighborhood dog barks at him from the other side of the fence. He shudders in fear. It is only a little poodle.


Virgil rounds a corner into his own alley. Two small children are playing with their toys. He waves to them. He slams his fist into the side of a brand-new truck, which is parked in the alley. A woman, most likely the owner of the truck, screams at Virgil from a house across the alley.

Woman - Hey! Don't be hitting that truck!

Virgil trembles in fear. He continues walking down the alley.

All of a sudden, Clinton and Brian jump out and push him down to the ground. They start beating him up: punching him, kicking him, and tearing his clothes. Brian grinds his heel into Virgil's glasses on the ground. Clinton tears pages out of Virgil's Shakespeare book. Virgil is crying and screaming. His face and shirt are all bloody.

Brian - Hey, I think we've done enough damage.

Let's get the hell out of here.

Clinton and Brian run away down the alley, leaving Virgil lying there.


Virgil lies there moaning for quite awhile. He picks himself up. He is crying. He can't see anything because his glasses are broken. He feels around on the ground for his glasses. He picks them up and holds them up to his eyes. They are broken, so he puts them in his pocket. He wails and sniffles tears. He is crying and bleeding. He curses those bad boys. He cries about how his whole body is in awful pain. He frets that his father is going to yell at him for coming home so late. Then he sights his Shakespeare book, all torn up. He starts crying uncontrollably. He tries to put it back together. It's too destroyed to salvage, so he decides to toss it out into the garbage can.

He picks himself and his papers up and limps towards the large garbage can with the Shakespeare book. Once at the garbage can, he gives his book a kiss goodbye and then hucks it in.

But, in throwing away his book, he sights something inside the trash can. A bright colour. He gets up on top and climbs inside the garbage can to fetch the object inside. He pulls it out. It is a teddy bear.

(It is Eugene!) Virgil climbs out of the garbage can and looks the bear over. He becomes excited.

Virgil (excited) - A teddy bear!

There is a quick subliminal flash of a tombstone, with a skeleton mask on top of it.

Virgil - I think I'll call you... Eugene!

He hugs the teddy bear and gathers up his papers.

He walks down the alley, letting the teddy bear swing by the ear in his grasp.


Virgil walks up to the front door of his house, still holding the teddy bear, and enters.


Virgil comes in the front door of his house, which is adjacent to his living room. His father is sitting on a chair with a can of beer, wearing an undershirt, and watching wrestling on television. Virgil's brother is sitting off to the dining room. Virgil tries entering as quietly as possible.

Father - You're late.

Virgil - I know. I'm sorry.

Virgil is hiding his teddy bear behind his back.

Father - Where the hell were you? It's almost eight O'clock, for Christ's sake.

Virgil - I had to do some work after school.

Father - For five goddamn hours?!

Virgil - I'm sorry.

Father - Well, you can forget about having any dinner. Your mother put it away hours ago.

His father turns to look at him. Virgil is a mess.

Father - What the hell happened to you?

Virgil - I fell down.

Father - Why are your clothes such a bloody mess?

Virgil's father stands up and glares at Virgil. Virgil shudders back against a wall.

Father - Well?! Answer me!

Virgil can't speak. He stutters and mumbles in fear. Virgil's father starts advancing towards him.

Father - Answer my freaking question, or else you're going to be sorry!

Virgil's father keeps advancing towards Virgil. Virgil freaks out. The father grabs Virgil by the collar, ready to beat him up.

Mother - Stop it, Frank!

Virgil's father turns his head to look off to the side. Virgil's mother is standing in the doorway.

Mother - Leave Virgil alone.

Virgil's father gives her a look of hatred. He lets go of Virgil.

Mother - Clean yourself up and go to bed, Virgil.

Virgil crawls out from his position of peril and runs to his bedroom.


Virgil enters his bedroom. The sounds of his parents fighting can be heard behind him. Virgil closes the door.


About half an hour later, after Virgil has put his pyjamas on, he crawls into bed with his newly-found teddy bear. He tells his teddy bear a bedtime story from another Shakespeare book. His bedroom door swings open and his father sticks his head in.

Father - Lights out, Virgil. Now!

Virgil - Yes, father.

Virgil kisses his teddy bear goodnight and puts it on the night stand beside him. He turns out the lights. Blackness.


The various rooms of Virgil's house are shown, all dark and creepy. Virgil's father and mother are asleep. Virgil is sleeping on the top bunk, and his brother is sleeping on the lower bunk. Virgil's sister is shown in her room, still awake, talking on the telephone to one of her friends. It is late at night.


Virgil is asleep in his bed. He is snoring. The teddy bear is on the table beside his bed. All of a sudden, the teddy bear starts to glow. Creepy music stinger. The teddy bear trembles and shakes. It comes alive and turns on the light. It can be seen hovering over Virgil's sleeping body. Suddenly, it drops down and attacks Virgil. Virgil struggles with the bear. He eventually throws it to the ground, but it is too late. He has been bitten by the bear.

Virgil sits up. He is possessed. He acts totally psychotic. He foams at the mouth and flips around. He is in a killing mood!


April 5th, 1985

The outside of the school is deserted. It has been closed, because of the killings, therefore giving all of the students an early summer vacation.

Various creepy shots of the deserted schoolyard are shown. But it isn't deserted for long, because Virgil enters the scene.

Virgil (now Kevinish) - My School is a warm place for people to visit; and die! I will kill them all at my school. I am Kevin! Hurting, killing, maiming, destroy: these are the things that I enjoy!

He doesn't know that the school has been closed, because he goes to a different school, and also because he isn't quite himself. He goes up to the door of the school and finds it locked. He isn't too pleased. He pounds on the door and kicks it.

Virgil (schizophrenic) - Knock, knock. Who's there?   Virgil Pembury.  Virgil Pembury who?  Virgil Pembury is going to kill you!  Let me in. This is my school. I own it. I forgot my key at home.  You must let me in. You must! For I am Kevin. The travelling, killing salesman! I come knocking at your door.  I must kill everyone in the school.
For Kevin proclaimeth, I must obey.  Please let me in. It's cold out here and I don't have a jacket on. I have to go to the bathroom.  You gotta let me in! You gotta let me in!

Virgil gives the door one last kick and then gives up. If he cannot kill people in the school, he will have to find them elsewhere. He walks away, with his left hand stuck out in front of him. (That is what Kevin used to do.)


Connie and Shannon are playing tennis at a court not too far from Diefenbaker high school. They don't know that they are being watched by Virgil, who is looking through the fence. His head moves back and forth, following the movement of the tennis ball.

Virgil - May I play tennis with you?

Connie and Shannon stop playing. They turn and see Virgil standing on the other side of the fence. They walk towards him, because they didn't exactly hear what he said.

Shannon - Excuse me, what did you say?

Virgil - What I said was: "may I play tennis with you."

Shannon shook her head.

Shannon - I don't think so.

Connie - Maybe some other time.

Virgil walked away, disappointed that he couldn't join in the game.

Connie and Shannon commented on Virgil once he left:

Shannon (quietly) - What a weirdo that one was.

Connie - What a kook. I'd never play tennis with him.

Shannon - It's your serve.

Connie and Shannon continued their game. They played for a bit, until Shannon unintentionally hit the ball over Connie's head and over the fence. They watched it bounce out of the court and across the street.

Shannon (apologetically) - Sorry!

Connie chose to go and get the stray tennis ball, while Shannon waited on court. Connie lay her racquet down on the ground and skipped across the street.

Shannon waited for Connie. She took a breather, because the game had been vigourous. While waiting, she twirled her racquet vertically on end.

Suddenly, a tennis ball landed on the ground, startling Shannon. She looked up. Standing on the court was Virgil, now wearing a skeleton mask. He was holding the racquet which Connie had left on the court. He had been the one who had almost hit Shannon with the ball. Shannon wasn't pleased.

Shannon (furious) - Hey asshole, what the hell do you think you're you doing? You almost hit me, for Christ's sake!

He walked towards her, racquet in hand.

Virgil (matter of fact) - You will die.

Shannon (angry) - Hey, put that tennis racquet down. It doesn't belong to you.

Virgil (programmed to kill) - You will die.


Connie fetched the tennis ball, making sure to look both ways before crossing the street.


Virgil (locked onto target) - You die. You die.

Virgil laughed as he backed Shannon up against the fence of the tennis court. She slid down to the ground. Virgil pressed the racquet up against Shannon's face and pushed as hard as he could. Blood oozed out. He stood up and admired his work. His very first victim.


Connie came through the gate of the tennis court with the retrieved ball. She looked down to where she had left her tennis racquet, and saw that it was missing. She looked over to the other side of the tennis court and saw Shannon, all bloodied-up. Virgil was not in sight.

Connie (exclaiming) - Shannon!

Connie ran to where Shannon was and surveyed the damage. Shannon was quite dead. Her hair and face were matted with blood.

Connie spun around. She was not alone. Virgil was standing behind her.

Connie (assertive) - She needs help.

In his gloved hand is a tennis ball. He raised it up and moved it towards her. She began to get scared.

Connie - What are you doing?! You bastard. Get away from me. What do you think you're doing with that? Get out of here. Help. Somebody, help me! Help!

Virgil shoved the tennis ball into Connie's mouth, so she could not scream. She fell down to the ground and tried fighting, but it did no good. Virgil laughed. He held the ball over her mouth, and plugged her nostrils, so she could not breath. She struggle. The sound of her heart beating is heard. Eventually, she passed out. Virgil had gotten his second victim. He laughs and walks away.


Richard the rocker walks around the back of the library, where there is a narrow walkway between the library building, and a cement wall. Virgil steps out from behind a concrete pillar (wearing his skeleton mask) and blocks the path of Richard, so that he cannot get by. Somebody has to move aside in order to get by, because of the narrowness of the pathway.

Richard - Do you mind?

Virgil - Nope.

Richard - Get the hell out of my way, you crazy freak!

Virgil - No, you get out of my way.

Richard - With pleasure, jerk.

Richard moves to the side, and Virgil counters his move.

Richard - What's your damn problem?

Virgil - Your existence!

Virgil pulls out a knife and jams it into Richard's thigh. Richard screams and falls down onto the ground, holding his leg. He moans in pain as blood trickles out of the wound. Virgil picks him up by the collars and drags him underneath a wall. Richard tries to crawl away. Virgil scratches his head, wondering what to do next. He gets up on top of the wall. Virgil picks up a large rock from a grassy section at the top of the wall. Before Richard can get away, Virgil throws the rock down onto his head. The rock smashes Richard's face. Virgil jumps down from the wall and looks at Richard's corpse.

Virgil - He's dead!

Virgil whinnies like a horse and runs away from the scene of the murder.


Virgil comes around to the front of the library and goes into the main entrance. He no longer has his skeleton mask on.


Virgil walks into the children's section of the library. He finds a baby book on one of the shelves and starts reading it, quite loudly. Some people notice him and chuckle. A librarian comes up to him and speaks.

Librarian - Excuse me, this is a library. Perhaps you could keep it down a bit?

Virgil (disrespectful) - No! I don't want to be quiet, if you don't mind.

Librarian - Well I do mind. If you're not quiet, you'll have to leave.

Virgil - I'll be happy to leave this dump, maam.

Virgil makes funny faces at her. She is not amused.

Librarian (shocked) - Well, I never! Come on, leave.

Virgil gets up and skips out of the library. They exchange rude glances.


The librarian comes outside the library and locks the main door. It is closing time. She is holding several books in her hands. She starts walking home through the field outside the library.

Virgil jumps out from the corner of the library building (wearing his skeleton mask) and pushes her down to the ground. Her books and book bag fall from her arms and scatter on the ground beside her. Virgil advances. She grabs the handle of her book bag and socks it into Virgil's stomach. He topples over. She gets up and runs across the large field.

Virgil slowly picks himself up and starts running after her. She is far ahead of him. He runs around the corner of the library.

Virgil (Kevinish) - You will never get awayy!

Virgil vanishes into thin air. He teleported away.

The librarian stops to take a rest on a large rock on a hilly section of the library field. She is exhausted.

Virgil pops up behind her. He grabs her neck and forces her down onto the large rock. She screams. He covers her screaming mouth with his hand.

Virgil - If I had to be quiet, then so do you!

He lets his hand off her mouth to let her speak briefly.

Librarian - Take my money, take my car keys, my house, but just let me live!

Virgil is now strangling the librarian.

Virgil - No, I don't think so. Library's closed!

Virgil snaps the librarian's neck. Blood trickles out of her mouth. Virgil leans over and listens to her heart. No sound. He laughs.

Virgil - I killed her!

Virgil chuckles some more, and runs away like a madman.


The slurpee kid walks out of a 7-11 store, sipping the slurpee which he just bought. He walks down the street. We vaguely have the feeling that he is being watched, or that something might jump out at any corner.

He enters a playground not too far from the store. The slurpee kid sees a rather large person sitting on a little playground spring horse, sobbing his eyes out. (It is Virgil, and he is not wearing his skeleton mask) The slurpee kid walks towards the crying person.

Slurpee Kid (concerned) - What's wrong?

Virgil still has his face in his hands, seemingly sobbing.

Virgil - Come closer and I'll tell you.

The slurpee kid moves closer. Virgil suddenly pulls his head up, to reveal a grin on his face, and a sharp hunting knife, which he brings across the kid's throat. The kid falls to the ground and the slurpee goes flying. Blood drains quickly out of the wound on the little kid's neck.

Virgil obtains the straw from the spilled slurpee cup and plunges it into the open wound of the little kid's throat. He slurps up blood from the slurpee kid's throat. Blood runs off Virgil's bottom lip and down his chin. Virgil licks his lip and smiles. He likes the taste of blood.


The walkman kid walks down the sidewalk, listening to a walkman. He is really getting into the groove of the music. There is a fence on one side of the sidewalk.

A hand comes out from behind the fence, and smacks the walkman kid right across the face. He falls down, but cannot get up.

Virgil climbs up on the fence (wearing his skeleton mask) and opens up a pair of hedge clippers. He jumps down, slamming the sharp clippers into the walkman kid's chest. Blood oozes out. Virgil wiggles the clippers around inside the kid's stomach, causing him pain. Virgil pulls the clippers out and dances around the fallen kid's body, singing the "Ring Around the Rosies" song.

Virgil takes the headphones off the dead kid's ears and puts them on his own head. He takes the whole walkman unit.

He drags the body of the walkman kid behind a fence so that nobody will see it.

Virgil walks down the sidewalk, now listening to the music on the walkman. He really gets into the groove and starts dancing and clapping his hands. Passing motorists stare at him.


A jogger is jogging along a pathway in a Calgary park. She runs right into Virgil, who is now not wearing his skeleton mask. He grabs her shoulder. She is startled.

Virgil - Excuse me, but do you have the time?

She looks at her watch.

Jogger - Yep, it's thirteen minutes after nine.

Virgil places his hand against his ear, in a cup.

Virgil - Huh? What time is it?

Jogger (annoyed) - Nine thirteen.

Virgil - I didn't hear what you said. Please speak up.

The jogging girl shows the face of her watch to Virgil.

Jogger - Here, look for yourself. It's nine fourteen.

Virgil pushes her wrist downwards in anger.

Virgil - I thought you said it was nine thirteen. It's now nine fourteen. Why did you lie?

Jogger (worried) - I have to be going now. It was nice chatting with you.

She turns her back and begins to walk away. Virgil screams after her.

Virgil - May I have your phone number please? Huh? pretty please? Huh?

Jogger (appalled) - I don't think so.

She starts walking away quickly.

Virgil (loudly) - But I love you, mommy!

Jogger - I'm not your mommy. Who the hell are you and what do you want from me?

Virgil - I want to see your...

Jogger - My what? You filthy pervert.

Virgil (psychotic) - Your death!

Virgil grabs her and gets her into a head lock. Virgil sings the theme song from "Sesame Street" and swings her back and forth, like he is dancing an insane waltz with her. She jabs him in the crotch with her elbow. His grip on her loosens, enabling her to run away. Virgil collapses in pain, blood trickling from his bottom lip. She escaped.

Virgil picks himself up. He scans the park for her, but she is nowhere to be seen.

Virgil (angry) - Damn, she got away. Kevin will be infuriated.


This whole sequence is hazy and misty, have a creepy, dreamy quality.

The Graveyard Girl is in an old graveyard, kneeling in front of a grave. She is being watched, but isn't quite aware of it yet. There are a couple of shots of a person's feet walking through the graveyard. (Oddly enough, they look like Virgil's feet!)

She now senses that she is being watched, so she looks over. She sees the feet and stands up, to get away from there. It is certain that she is being followed now, so she walks quicker. She looks behind her. Virgil is there, following her. But then she looks back again, and he is gone! She wonders where he might have vanished. She heads back in the direction of her car.

Suddenly, when walking past a huge headstone, Virgil bolts up from behind it. The Graveyard Girl runs, and he follows. They must both jump over a freshly dug grave. The chase escalates. She winds around the tombstones, but he just jumps them like hurdles. He trips on a low-lying headstone.

She sees that he has fallen and hides behind a headstone to rest. He gets up in the background. Virgil's POV shot is shown, coming towards here. She looks back to where he was. He is gone!

She gets up and walks backwards. Her foot steps on something. She looks down. VIrgil is now on the ground, seemingly dead. She reaches down to touch him, to see if he really is dead. When her hand gets close, his hand springs up, grabbing her wrist. He raises his head; his mouth has graveyard grass in it. He tugs her down to the ground by the wrist. she falls. He stands up to kill her. The Graveyard Girl quickly gets to her feet and runs with her life through the cemetery.

She stops in her tracks. Virgil is now in front of her, kneeling before a gravestone. He has a twig in his hand, which he plants upright before the gravestone. She watches him and says:

Graveyard Girl - You killed them, didn't you?

As if in a trance, she comes up behind the kneeling Virgil and touches his shoulder. His head turns to look at her; his eyes are dead and glassy. He tips over like a statue, maintaining the same kneeling position.

His body lays motionless on the ground. Suddenly, Virgil's body transforms into the body of the Graveyard Girl. She sits up, looking like she just woke up from a strange dream. She looks around, dazed.

She looks over to a nearby tombstone. (It is the same one which Virgil was kneeling in front of earlier.) There is a twig planted in front of it; the same twig Virgil put in. Maybe it wasn't a dream. Disturbed, she pulls the twig out of the grass and throws it aside.

She gets up and walks through the graveyard. Dusk is approaching.

Suddenly, Virgil steps in front of her. He is wearing different clothes and wire-framed glasses. He is holding the same twig.

Virgil - I'm the man of your dreams, at My School!

He grabs her and forces her down to the ground. She screams. He bashes her head into a tombstone repeatedly. Virgil laughs.


All that happened before was seemingly a dream. Virgil sits up in fear. He is crouched on his bathroom floor in the very corner. He is upset, because he is holding his head in his hands and crying.

There is a knock on the door.

Mother - Virgil, is everything alright in there?

Virgil (aloud) - Yes mother. (then whispering) No mother.

Mother - Are you going downstairs and have some kraft dinner?

Virgil - No, I'm not very hungry tonight.

Mother - Okay, but you don't know what you're missing.

Virgil - I don't care.

Mother - Very well.

His mother goes downstairs.

Virgil gets up and looks at himself in the mirror for a few seconds.

Virgil (to self) - I didn't kill those people. It was all teddy's fault. He made me do it.

Virgil looks in the mirror and gives a display of his schizophrenic behaviour:

Virgil (weak/frail) - I didn't kill those people. (Kevinish) I killed those people.

He repeats the drastic personality shifts two more times. Once calmed down, he has a good look in the mirror.

Suddenly, a skull appears in the mirror behind his shoulder. He quickly turns around, but there is nothing there. The skull vanished.

He starts foaming at the mouth and acting like an rabid dog, and the next second, all of the foam is gone, and he is normal again.

He gets a toilet brush and starts scrubbing his face vigorously with it:

Virgil (furious) - I'm ugly, I'm ugly, I'm ugly.

Virgil begins to cry.

Virgil - Teddy is making me kill all those people and I don't want to.

Virgil takes a sharp hunting knife out of its sheath on his belt and draws it across his wrist. Blood fountains upwards, splashing him in the face. He slumps down on the bathroom floor to allow himself to bleed to death.

But the psychotic part of himself takes over. There is a ECU shot of his eye, looking back and forth crazily. The evil won't let him die.

Virgil (ghoulish) - I can't die. They're the ones who have to die!


Virgil's sister, Karen is walking down the hallway past her brother's room. She hears voices coming from the open doorway.

Virgil - You're my friend, aren't you Eugene?

Eugene (squeaky) - Of course Virgil, I'm your very best friend.

Virgil - They don't like me. Why don't they like me?

The sister peeks into Virgil's doorway. Virgil is talking to his teddy bear. The teddy bear is talking back. (He is answering back for it.) When it answers, he places it up to his face like a mask and speaks in a squeaky voice.

Eugene (critical) - Because you're clumsy and stupid. But don't worry Virgil. I'll help you. I'll help you show them that they can't hurt you anymore.

Virgil (worried) - What if they find out it's me? What if they find out we're the ones who--

Eugene (interrupting) - They won't virgil. Not if you listen to me and do exactly as I say.

Virgil - But Eugene--

Eugene (cutting-in) - Shut up, Virgil. From now on you will do what I tell you to and everything will be fine.

Virgil (doubtful) - Will it, Teddy?

Eugene (angry) - Of course it will. I'll make sure of it.

Virgil's sister was watching all this time from the doorway.

Sister - You're weird, Virgil; really weird.

Virgil turns and looks at her, gritting his teeth and hissing.


Karen is in her bedroom, listening to loud music and talking on the telephone to one of her girlfriends. She is talking about the school massacres. There are punk rock posters and magazines all over the place. She also has a guitar, which is propped up against the wall.

Unseen by her, a gloved hand grabs the guitar and picks it up.

Karen continues to talk on the phone. Suddenly, Karen looks up and screams. POV of sister, seeing Virgil holding the guitar up in the air, ready to bash it down.

Virgil (sincerely) - Hello, sister. Talking on the phone?

She screams and begs him not to do it, but he does. He bashes the guitar down onto Karen's head. She slumps down, bleeding. The guitar is splattered with blood. Blood flows from a massive wound on her head.

Virgil puts her body in her bed. Virgil has a little chat with the corpse of his sister.

Virgil - Can I have your Culture Club Albums?

Then he turns off the light and closes the door.


Virgil comes out of the door of his sister's room and runs right into his mother, who is standing in the hallway. She grabs his shoulder.

Mother - Where is your sister?

Virgil - She went to bed. She had a bad headache.

Virgil's mother suspects something fishy is going on.

Virgil - She needed sleep. Sleep is good for her. It makes her healthy, wealthy and wise.

The mother gives Virgil another suspicious look.

Mother - You had better clean up your room before your father comes home from work, or he'll get really angry.

Virgil nods his head in agreement.


Virgil's brother is in the living room in front of a television set, playing a videogame on an Atari system. It is GHOST MANOR, a game which shows a skeleton chasing a little boy around a graveyard.

Suddenly, Virgil grabs his brother's shoulder from behind.

Virgil - Can I play?

Brother - No.

Virgil sulks and walks away. His brother continues playing, transfixed by the game.


Virgil walks into the kitchen. He sees his pet cat, Fluffy. She meows at him, quite disturbed, because she can sense something evil about him. He picks her up. She snarls at him in fear. As if programmed to act, he brings the cat over to the oven and opens up the door. He puts the cat in the oven and closes the door. The cat can be seen through the window. Virgil turns the oven all the way up to "broil". He waves at Fluffy through the window and then leaves the kitchen. The cat screams in pain as it begins to cook.


Virgil's brother is now playing a BASEBALL videogame on the Atari system.

Virgil bashes a baseball bat over his brother's head from behind. The brother falls over. Virgil smashes the bat down on his brother's face a couple of times until it is a bloody mess. Virgil drags his brother's body and the baseball bat down into the basement.


Virgil comes up from the basement after depositing his brother's body. His mother is standing there. Virgil is almost at a loss for words.

Mother - Virgil, what were you doing down in the basement when your room isn't clean? Your father is going to give you a lot of trouble when he gets home.

Virgil nods his head. Virgil's mother looks around. She sees the BASEBALL videogame still on.

Mother - Have you seen your brother? He left the TV set on.

Virgil (almost laughing) - I think he went out for a game of baseball.

The mother looks at the clock on the wall.

Mother - At a time like this? It's almost nine o'clock and he has school tomorrow. Your father is going to kill him when he gets home.

Virgil (stern) - No he won't

The mother sniffs the air. She smell something.

Mother (curious) - Is there something cooking? I smell something.

Virgil (nonchalantly) - I put something in the oven.

Mother (just plain bitchy) - You did what? When I asked you earlier if you wanted something to eat, you said that you weren't hungry. You should eat your meals at proper times.

The mother runs over to the kitchen. Virgil chooses to follow.


The mother comes into the kitchen.

Mother - Now, let's see what's cooking.

The mother opens up the oven and looks in. The cat is well done.

Mother (horrified) - What on earth have you been doing?

Virgil (plainly) - I put the cat in the oven. Fluffy makes a great meal, doesn't she Mom?

Behind the Mother's back, Virgil opens up the cutlery drawer and pulls out a fondue fork.

Mother (screaming) - Why? Why? Why!

The mother cries hysterically. Virgil jams the steak fork into his mother's back. Blood pours all over the place. Virgil laughs. He pulls the fork out and looks at the blood dripping off it.

Virgil (chuckling) - Goodbye mother. I'm never going to have to clean my room again.

Virgil drags his mother's body into the basement.


Various shots of Virgil's house are shown. An exterior shot, showing Virgil's father's car driving up to the house. It is dark outside. Several rooms are shown, but no sign of Virgil. He is waiting for his father's return. The father comes in the front door after a long day of work.

Father - I'm home!


The father walks into the kitchen. He sights a note attached to the fridge and rips it off to read. Virgil's voice is heard, reading it aloud:

Dear Frank, the kids and I went to the late show at the Plaza.
We should be home around midnight. Dinner is in the oven. - Wendy

The father crumples up the note and throws it on the floor. The father starts sniffing the air.

Father - Mmm, that smells good!

He goes over to the stove and opens it up. He pulls out a pan, with some blackened meat on it. He gets a fork, a knife and a plate, and begins eating it at the kitchen table.

More shots of the empty house are shown.

Father - Where's Virgil?

He can't finish what he started to eat.

Father - Oh, I can't eat anymore.

Where's the damn cat?

Virgil's father looks around for the cat, but can't seem to find her.

Father (calling out) - Fluffy! Fluffy! Where are you? Where are you; you stupid cat.

Shots of the house, still empty.

Father - Oh well, you don't know what you're missing.

The father shrugs his shoulders. Then he goes to the fridge and takes out a can of beer.


The father comes in, takes off his shirt and turns on the television set to watch WWF Wrestling. He plunks himself down on the couch to enjoy the can of beer. He is being watched, but he doesn't know it. He belches and gets heavily involved in the wrestling, cheering and cursing.

Finishing the beer, he gets up and goes upstairs.


The father takes a piss at the toilet. He feels his face.

Father - I need a shave.

He goes to the sink and mirror and begins to shave. He lathers his beard up with shaving cream and uses a Bic disposable razor.

Virgil appears behind his father, holding a machete. The father sees Virgil in the mirror and turns around.

Father - Virgil, I didn't know you were home.

The father sees the sharp machete in Virgil's hand.

Father - What are you doing with that? You jerk. Why the hell are you carrying a sharp knife like that for? What are you going to do with that thing, huh?

Virgil grabs the Bic razor out of his father's grasp.

Virgil - This isn't sharp enough, Daddy. Use this.

Virgil grabs the back of his father's head and brings the machete across his father's throat. Blood gushes all over his father's undershirt. He falls down to the ground.

Virgil - Whoops! It looks like it was a little too sharp! I guess I shaved a little more than under your chin, Daddee. But didn't it look lovely the way the blood pulsed and jetted out of your jugular vein? That would have made Walt Disney proud! It's about time you joined your family; in the basement, Daddee!

Virgil picks up his father and drags him out of the bathroom. His father's foot is pulled through a puddle of blood, making a smeared trail.


Virgil drops his father's corpse onto an old dusty couch in the basement and props it up into a sitting position. He fixes an empty beer can into the corpse's hand.

Virgil - That's your favourite chair now, Daddee! Now you can watch wrestling, forever!


Virgil is talking to his teddy bear on the couch.

Virgil - They're all dead, Eugene. I did just what you told me to. Now we can have the whole house to ourselves.

Night takes over at the Pembury household...


APRIL 6th , 1985

Virgil is sleeping on the living room floor in front of the television set, snuggling with Eugene. The TV has been on all night. Suddenly, the television station begins its broadcasting day with a sign-on. A bunch of kids sing O'Canada. Virgil is tossing and turning. The murders of his family members are haunting him, disturbing his sleep.


Virgil's mailbox is piled up with mail and newspapers. Virgil comes out, pushing his teddy bear in a little baby stroller.

Virgil - Teddy rules the universe!

After going for a spin around the yard, Virgil puts Eugene on his lap and sits on the front steps of the house. They play a little game of patty cake.

Suddenly, a hand grabs Virgil's shoulder, startling him. It is Virgil's nosy next door neighbour:

Neighbour - No school today?

Virgil - Of course not. It's a professional day.

Neighbour - Virgil, is your father home?

Virgil - What did you say?

Neighbour - I asked if you father was home.

Virgil - Oh, no he's not.

Neighbour - May I ask where he is? Because he was going to come over to my place last night and watch the Super Bowl.

Virgil - My daddy went away on a business trip.

Neighbour - I don't mean to be rude, but I never thought construction workers went on business trips.

Virgil - Yeah, the do. My dad was called away last night. Urgent, they said.

Neighbour - Funny, his car's still in the parking lot.

There is a shot of the father's car still in the parking lot.

Virgil - My daddy took the bus to the airport. It saves money on gasoline. My daddy is very economical.

Neighbour - I don't understand. Is your mother home?

Virgil - No. She went shopping to Safeway, the value store.

Neighbour - Oh.

Virgil - I really must be going now.

Virgil gets up and heads inside.

Virgil - Come on, Eugene. We've got lots to be doing today.

The neighbour stares at Virgil and Eugene going inside the house with a very confused look on his face.


Virgil goes for an afternoon walk, pushing Eugene in the stroller along the sidewalk. The neighbour watches it all from his window, using a pair of binoculars.


Now that Virgil is gone, the nosy neighbour comes out of his house holding a flashlight and a screwdriver. He snoops around the outside of the house until he finds a basement window. The window has bars over it. He shines his flashlight into the dark basement. We are made to feel like somebody is approaching the neighbour from behind, but nothing really materializes. He opens the window with the screwdriver and climbs down into the basement.


The neighbour crawls down into Virgil's basement. He looks around for a bit. He sees some creepy toys which probably belonged to Virgil.

Then he sees the corpses of Virgil's father, mother and brother. He freaks out and starts screaming.

Virgil pops up from behind the neighbour, wearing his skeleton mask. He slams a heavy hammer into the top of the neighbour's head. The neighbour stabs Virgil in the eye with his screwdriver. Blood trickles out of the eyehole on Virgil's mask. Virgil holds his eye and pounds the hammer into the neighbour's head repeatedly.

Virgil - Stupid egg! That'll teach you not to stick your face where it's not wanted!

The neighbour falls down to the ground, blood streaming out of his broken skull. Virgil hammers the neighbour over the head again and again.


April 7th, 1985

Glenn is sitting down in his basement, listening to loud music on the stereo. He is enjoying the early summer vacation in style. We get the impression that Glenn is being watched. Glenn's dog barks from upstairs.

Glenn goes up and wonders why his dog is so disturbed. He opens the door and lets his dog out.

He returns to the downstairs and listens to more music. Somebody's POV is shown, watching him from the top of the stairs. Virgil? No, Glenns' mother. She calls down the stairs.

Glenn's Mother - Glenn, can you take out the garbage?

Glenn heard his mother calling, but he didn't hear exactly what. He turns down his music.

Glenn - What?

Glenn's Mother (louder) - Glenn, can you take out the garbage?!

Glenn - But I'm doing something!

The mother isn't too pleased.

Glenn (to self) - Yeah, yeah.. Oh boy.

Glenn goes upstairs and lugs a big bag of garbage from the kitchen to the outside...


Glenn drags the heavy bag of garbage outside. His dog is out there, and seems uptight, as if trying to warn him of some impending danger...

Glenn carries the garbage out of the yard to the alley. His mother yells out the window at him:

Glenn's Mother - Glenn, have you taken out the garbage yet?

Glenn plunks down the garbage bag where it should be in the alley and heads back to his house.

Suddenly, Glenn is attacked by somebody wielding a huge meat cleaver. The cleaver sinks into Glenn's chest. Glenn tumbles down to the ground in the alley. His attacker repeatedly slams the cleaver into Glenn's body.

Glenn's dog runs into the scene and tries to protect his master, but the killer swings the cleaver into the dog's neck. The dog yelps in pain.


In the newsroom of a local Calgary radio station, a reporter is typing up a report dealing with the killings in the school. We get the impression

that somebody is going to kill the reporter, but never does. He rips the copy out of his typewriter and reads it back to himself; practising how he is going to read it on the air.

Reporter - Fifteen more bodies have been found in the Huntington Hill district of the city over the last two days. Police advise everybody to keep indoors and ask anyone with information to call them at 555-4944...


A funky D.J. is cuing up cool music in a small, secluded booth of the radio station. A reel-to-reel tape machine is playing a wild song.

Unbeknownst to the D.J., somebody is slowly approaching from behind...

The D.J. continues to shuttle through a tape of music. Suddenly, from behind, somebody unknown wraps several strands of magnetic tape around the D.J.'s neck, and strangles him. He fight in vain, but is quickly losing his breath. He falls back in his chair, losing his baseball cap.

Once dead, the killer picks up a large handful of unravelled magnetic tape and covers the D.J.'s face with it. Exit killer.


The station manager of the radio station is going on his lunch break. He heads out towards the rear exit in the basement of the radio station. There are lockers down here. The station manager holds a pen in his mouth, as a sign of importance.

He comes outside the building where the parking lot is located. Virgil grabs the station manager by the throat and starts choking him. The station manager passes out from the lack of oxygen.

Virgil - Die, you animal; you egg!

Virgil pull out a knife and brings it across the fallen station manager's throat. Blood shoots out. Virgil admires the bloody knife, and then he dips his hand into the puddle of blood and gets his fingers all red.


APRIL 8th, 1985

The paperboy is making his rounds to all of the houses in the neighborhood.


Virgil is watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood on the television set. Eugene is sitting on his lap. Virgil is singing along with the show.


The paperboy arrives at the front door of Virgil's house.


Virgil is still watching his show. The doorbell rings.

Virgil - Aw, who could that be?

Virgil sets Eugene down in front of the television set. He gets up and goes over to the door.


The paperboy is at the front doorstep. Virgil opens the door and smiles at the paperboy.

Paperboy - Collecting for the Sun.

Virgil - Oh, won't you come in?

The paperboy steps into Virgil's house.


Virgil closes the door. A CU of Virgil's hand closing the door, and locking it. The paperboy is unaware of this.

Virgil - How much is it for this week?

The paperboy consults his collection book.

Paperboy - $4.50

Virgil - I'll be back in a second.

Virgil goes into the kitchen. The paperboy looks at the teddy bear in front of the television set, which has Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood on it. He laughs.


Virgil opens up a drawer in the kitchen and pulls out a huge mallet.


The paperboy is getting impatient. Virgil returns. He is hiding the mallet behind his back.

Virgil - Do you have change for a twenty dollar bill?

Paperboy - I think so.

The paperboy digs down into his money pouch. While he is looking down, Virgil crashes the mallet down onto the paperboy's skull. The paperboy falls. Blood trickles down his face. Virgil drags the paperboy's limp body down to the basement.


Virgil drags the paperboy's body down the stairs. He listens to the paperboy's chest for the sound of a heartbeat. Virgil nods his head and smiles. He gets a bicycle lock and chains the paperboy up to a metal pole.

Virgil - You're mine. You're all mine.

Virgil leaves.


Virgil is sitting on the couch in the living room talking to Eugene.

Virgil - I got him, Eugene. I hit him over the head and locked him up in the basement.

Eugene - Is he dead?

Virgil - No, not yet. I intend to torture him first.

Eugene - That's good. That's very good.


APRIL 9th, 1985

 A little kid enters a playground and heads over to a play fort. He climbs inside it, and decides to go down a slide, which is attached to one of the exits. A hand grabs the kid when he is slid halfway down the slide. Virgil is hiding underneath the slide, wearing his skeleton mask. The little kid is held fast by Virgil's grip at the bottom of the slide. Virgil pulls out his big hunting knife and slams it down furiously into the little kid's stomach. The kid screams, as blood oozes out all over his shirt. Virgil has a ride on a tire swing for a thrill.


A kid is walking through the woods. The grass is tall enough that he doesn't see Virgil lying down in it. Virgil grabs the kid by the leg when he walks past, tripping him. The kid falls to the ground. Virgil gets up, wearing his skeleton mask, and holding a big chain in his hand. He whips the chain across the kid's face, breaking his nose, and bloodying his face.

Virgil produces a large chainsaw, which was hidden in the tall grass. He starts it up. The kid on the ground is in no position to run away. Virgil brings the blaring chainsaw high above his head, and then down into the body of the kid on the ground. The chainsaw tears the kid's stomach to shreds, throwing blood and guts up all over Virgil's mask and clothes. Virgil twists his head around, in a frenzy of blood and destruction. He switches the chainsaw off. The kid is torn apart. Virgil dances with the chainsaw in the wooded area. Weird music plays.


The paperboy regains consciousness. He tries to move, but he is chained up. He tears at his chains, making a rattling sound. Virgil comes running down into the basement.

Virgil - Hi, how are you today?

Paperboy - Where am I, and who are you?

Virgil - Don't you remember? You came to my house to collect, and I hit you over the head. You're my prisoner now.

Paperboy - Virgil?

Virgil - That's my name. Killing's my game.

Paperboy - Why did you lock me up? Let me go!

Virgil - No. I don't think so. You see, you're mine now.

Paperboy - Let me go. I don't understand why you're doing this.

Virgil - You will in your own due time. You're never going to leave here. Teddy and I have big plans for you.

Paperboy - You're not going to get away with this. People know where I am. They're going to call the police. You'll see.

Virgil - Do you think that scares me? If anybody dares to come here, I will kill them. Teddy told me so.

Paperboy - What do you want from me?

Virgil - I want you to say the alphabet.

Virgil holds a knife up to the paperboy's throat.

Virgil - Now say the alphabet!

Paperboy - Are you serious?

Virgil - Damn serious. Now start saying it!

The paperboy starts reciting the alphabet. He gets it wrong. Virgil makes him start again. Then the paperboy says it too slow, so Virgil yells at him to speed up. But the paperboy says it too fast now, so Virgil gets really mad. The paperboy finally gets it right.

Virgil - That's good enough. The next time I request you to say the alphabet, I expect you to get it right the first time.

Paperboy - And what if I don't?

Virgil - I'll do this to you.

Virgil smacks the paperboy across the face.

Paperboy (brave) - I'm not afraid of you or your stupid teddy bear!

Virgil - You will be. Just wait and see. You have no comprehension of our capabilities.

Virgil holds the teddy bear up to the paperboy's face.

Virgil - Honour teddy. Kiss the teddy bear.

The paperboy spits at the teddy bear.

Paperboy - Go to hell!

Virgil slaps the paperboy across the face, and grabs ahold of the paperboy's hair. He forces the paperboy's face into the teddy bear, making him kiss it.

Virgil - Tell the teddy bear how much you love him.

Paperboy - No!

Virgil slaps the paperboy across the face.

Virgil - Tell the teddy bear how much you love him!

Paperboy (dull) - I love you teddy bear.

Virgil slaps the paperboy across the face again.

Virgil - Put more feeling into it!

Paperboy - I love you teddy bear, with all my heart.

Virgil - That's better. Get used to honouring teddy, because you will do it every day for the rest of your miserable life! Like it or not, you will soon learn to respect Eugene and I as your new masters.

Virgil points to the corpses of his family members (and neighbour). There is a look of fear on the paperboy's face.

Virgil - You don't want end up like them, do you. If you try to do anything which I do not deem proper, you will be disciplined.

Virgil goes over to the corpses and dips his hand into the head of his dead brother. He smears his bloody hand all over the paperboy's face. The paperboy is horrified. Virgil leaves.


Gus, the party guy, is sitting in his living room, quietly reading a comic book. There is a telephone beside him on a table.

Suddenly, a black cat jumps onto his lap seemingly out of nowhere. He screams and drops his comic book. He looks at his cat on his lap.

Gus - What are you doin' here kitty? Jesus, you scared the shit right outta me.

He looks at his cat. It appears to be disturbed by something.

Gus - Duchess! Duchess? What's wrong kitty? Is there somebody around?

Gus pets Duchess to try and calm her down. The cat meows angrily and bites his finger. He screams and pushes the cat off his lap. She runs away, quite frightened.

Gus - You bit me! Christ that hurts! Get out of here! Damn cat.

Gus sucks on the bitten finger, which is bleeding. He picks up his comic book and begins reading again. Things quieten down.

Suddenly, the telephone beside Gus rings loudly, scaring him again. He jumps and reaches over to answer the call.

Gus - Hello? Who is this? ... Oh, yeah, it's you. It's you Larry. ... What am I doing? Not very much. ... How about you? ... Brian's having a party? Are you going? ... Yeah, that's good. So, what do we do? Do we bring our own booze or something? ... Yeah, I think I'll drop down to the liquor store and buy some gin or something. ... It's a good thing we have the summer vacation early. Then we can have lots of parties. ... Yeah, I know the killings at the school were creepy and everything. And I know some people died... Some people we knew...So the party's at Brian's house?

Gus chats some more on the telephone to Larry.

Suddenly, a gloved hand grabs the receiver from Gus and wraps it around his neck. Gus tries fighting his attacker, to no avail. The cord tightens around his neck. His eyes bulge out, and blood drools from the corner of his mouth. Gus's arm drops down weakly to his side.

Out of camera view, all we see is the killer's gloved hand and arm. The killer unravels the cord from dying Gus's neck and drops the receiver down. Next, the killer's POV is shown, holding out a jackknife. The killer stabs the knife into Gus's stomach. Blood oozes out.

To finish Gus off, the killer chops a machete into his forehead. There is blood everywhere!



Virgil rounds a corner and walks into his own alley. He is carrying the same books which he had at the beginning of this movie.

He approaches the point at which Clinton and Brian ambushed him in SCENE 12, but this time, they don't jump out. Virgil approaches slowly. He is feeling like he's gone all through this before, and they should jump out. He is puzzled when they don't. There are some quick flashes from SCENE 12 to remind viewers what happened earlier.

Confused, Virgil looks over to the garbage can where the teddy bear was first found. He smiles. Teddy should be in there, waiting, and tell him what exactly is going on.

He lumbers over to the large garbage can with his books. He puts his books on top and looks down into the dumpster. There is a large pile of garbage, but no teddy bear!

Virgil backs up in confusion.

Virgil - Where's Teddy? He's not in there.

In backing up, he bumps into somebody behind him. He spins around to see who it is. When he spins 'round, his glasses fly off his face and to the ground. There is a little boy behind him.

Virgil (confused) - Who are you?

Jimmy - I'm the little Jimmy from down the lane.

Virgil doesn't remember any Jimmy from down the lane. He scratches his head in confusion.

Virgil - Jimmy? Jimmy?

Virgil finally recalls who this child is. He smiles and points at Jimmy excitedly.

Virgil - Jimmy!!

Jimmy points his finger at the dumpster.

Jimmy - What were you looking for in that garbage can?

Virgil doesn't want to tell Jimmy. He puts his hand to his chin and tries to concoct a lie.

Virgil - Nothing. Why?

Jimmy - But I saw you looking in there!

Virgil - Maybe you did. Maybe you didn't. The mind is a complex organism. (meant to say organ) It can be fooled quite easily.

{Virgil's speech about the mind is referring to what is actually happening now in the scene. Virgil himself is being fooled. Teddy and the bullies should have been there. This whole scene is a dream!}

Jimmy isn't fooled by Virgil's words.

Jimmy - It's obvious. I saw you looking in the garbage can!

Virgil - Well, Jimmy, I'll level with you, because you're a personal friend of mine. I was looking for a friend of mine. His name's Eugene. I've been dreaming a lot about him lately. I just can't figure it out. But I must find him. I must. (looks right into camera) I must!!

Jimmy - Who's Eugene?

Virgil - Well, Jimmy, it's gonna take me quite awhile to explain who Eugene is, so maybe we should just go for a little stroll; you know, to get better acquainted. And I can tell you all about Eugene...

Virgil starts walking down the alley, forgetting his books on top of the garbage can. He takes Jimmy by the shoulder and leads him towards his house. In Virgil's hand, hidden from Jimmy's view is a wrench!

Jimmy - But what about your books?

Virgil - Aww, books smooks! My friend Eugene; he's about a foot high. He talks to me quite a lot. He says all kinds of nice things. He compliments the way I'm dressed. He says I have a nice haircut. He's just a good friend. We drink Kool-aid. A friendly, friendly friend... He never ever tells me to shut up.

By now, Virgil has led Jimmy up the walkway to his house.

Jimmy - He must be really friendly.

Virgil (raving) - Oh, he's just the greatest friend I've ever had in my life. He guides me and tells me to do all kinds of stuff. He's such a good guy!!!

With that, Virgil slams the wrench down onto the back of Jimmy's head. Jimmy falls to the ground. Virgil has a sadistic look on his face.

Jimmy (pleading) - No, don't hurt me!

Virgil stabs the wrench down into Jimmy's stomach. Blood flows out in great abundance. Jimmy screams.

Virgil - Nighty night, little prince!

With effort, Virgil pulls the wrench out of Jimmy's gut. Jimmy is trembling in spasms of pain. The wrench is dripping with blood. Virgil tilts his head back and holds the wrench up, allowing the drops of blood to fall into his mouth.

Then he throws the wrench aside with a clinking sound. Blood is still gushing out of Jimmy's abdomen. Virgil leans over and puts his face down into the messy wound. He rubs his face into all the blood, growling like a bear as he does it. He brings his head up, and shows that his entire face is blood. He laughs in total bloodlust and clenches his teeth sadistically.


All of a sudden, Virgil sits up in his bed. He has Eugene there beside him.

Virgil (scared) - Teddy, I had a bad dream!!!

Was it all a bad dream?
We would not find out the truth until My School 6...


All the cast and crew are given credit. Various pieces of music from the soundtrack are played.