My School IV: Kevin's Last Stand
* - indicates a death that was in the novel, but not in the actual film
1. Lauren - whacked by a big book, and back of neck slit open with a knife in the library
2. David - drowned in a toilet of the boy's washroom
3. Eric - head twisted around outside the math area
4. Michelle - throat slit in the art hallway
5. Travis - sliced open with a pen knife then stabbed in the neck with a broken neon light tube
6. Mark - chair smashed his head open
7. Jim (from My School III) - electrocuted while high on pot
8. Esther - strangled with her purse strap
9. Faiza - strangled by a telephone cord
10. Rob - strangled by Kevin while shooting an amateur horror video
11. Holly - plummets to her death (over the same stairwell at the end of My School III)
12. Rod - booted in the head and stabbed in the forehead with a pen
13. Sean - throat slit in the math room
*14. Officer Taylor - shot through the back at his home, then innards sucked out with a vacuum
15. Kermit the Biology Frog - dissected and eaten by Kevin
* 16. Chad - head smashed into a chair and then crushed by a hammer
17. Murray - pliers to arm, rolling pin to head -- finally face pushed into a rock grinder
18. Sherry - choked with a chain on the wall of the gymnasium
19. Cathy - head whacked open with a baseball bat
* 20. Officer Richards - arm cut off with a chainsaw
* 21. Officer Michaelson - cracked in the head with a lead pipe
22. Kevin Markson - beaten by the ghosts of his victims and brought to Hell - for real this time!