My School 6: Doom Bear
1. Tresspasser's Death - strangled for entering Virgil's yard without permission
2. Skateboarder - knocked off his skateboard and chopped in the gut with a hockey stick
3. Axe Kid - axed in the gut after he finds the skateboarder's body
4. Axe Finder - hit on the head and back with a tack hammer
5. Railroad Vagrant - stabbed in the gut with a wooden stake, then run over by a train
6. Sewer Kid - stabbed in the gut with a sharp pair of scissors near a sewer grate
7. Weed Eater Death - knocked off his bike and stabbed with a ski pole, then face torn apart with a weed eater
8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Neighborhood Kids - they find the weed eater death and are then hunted down and killed in lame ways by virgil
13. Larry - throat slashed with a hockey skate blade
14. Joe - chopped up the crotch with a machete
15. Billy - rolling pin to the head, steak fork and corkscrew to the back, and face shredded with a cheese grater
16. Druggie 1 - chopped up with an axe because he got Virgil's teddy bear high
17. Druggie 2 - hit with a car
18. The Paperboy - throat slit with a machete after escaping Virgil's custody
19. Grass-Eater - neck broken while he is eating grass
20. Officer O'Brien - tortured and dissected alive by Virgil
21. Eugene the Doom Bear - cut in half by Virgil's machete
22. Virgil Pembury - commits suicide by blowing his head off with a gun