My School II - The Horror Continues
Deaths in the Movie
The killings in My School II are easier to distinguish, because each one is accompanied by a scene of Kevin crossing out the victim's picture from his yearbook. Unfortunately, many of the deaths are still done in the victim's point-of-view. With all the POV shots, this movie would've looked really cool in 3-D!
1. (scene 14) Victim's POV, stabbed by a big knife outside the school
2. (scene 19) POV, slashed all over with a knife at the front of the school
3. (scene 21) POV, Slashed all over with a knife at the side of the school
4. (scene 24) POV, Crushed on the ground by a giant boulder
5. (scene 25) Axed in the back at his locker
6. (scene 29) POV, Victim's grabbed by Kevin and killed somehow
7. (scene 32) POV, Victim clubbed to death with a tree branch
8. (scene 36) POV, victim hit over the head by a large piece of lumber
9. (scene 39) POV, victim attacked at power box, apparently electrocuted
10, 11, 12 (scene 45) Kevin scribbles out three students' pictures
13. (scene 46) POV, stabbed by Kevin, who is impersonating a baby in a crib
14, 15, 16, 17. (scene 47) Kevin crosses out four more pictures
18. (scene 49) POV, stabbed by Kevin on a school staircase
19. (scene 52) Kevin hacks somebody in a bathtub into a bloody mess
20. (scene 56) stabbed by Kevin outside the school
21. (scene 63, 65) Kevin cannibalizes somebody's leg in a bedroom
22. (scene 71) Kevin kills Officer Taylor at his house
23. (scene 74) Kevin Markson, killed in a knife duel against his brother behind the school

My School II: The Horror Continues
Deaths in the Novel

The novel was entirely different than the film. The deaths in common are David being axed at his locker, and Kevin's confrontation with his brother.
Kevin Markson - killed in the chemistry lab explosion (flashback death)

The Second School Massacre
1. Judy at the cemetary - stabbed in the back by Kevin -- who has returned from the dead!
2. David - axed in the back in front of his school locker
3. Mr. Dray the Janitor - whacked by a baseball bat in the school hallway
4. Randy - stabbed in a school bathroom stall
5. Tom - impaled by a long knife in the same bathroom
6. Mrs. Archie the English teacher - scalded by hot coffee in the teacher's lounge
7. Brent - run over by a car outside a 7-11 store
8. Glen - stabbed by a steak knife in an elementary school playground
9. Leslie - Strangled by a belt
10. Wayne - Smacked in the face with a shovel
11. Kevin Markson - apparently killed in a battle with his brother
12. Mrs. Markson (Kevin's Mother) - head smashed in by a hammer - semi-shock end