My School X: The Final Horror
1. Dr. Fallow's mother - neck broken by Dr. Fallow's mechanical hand
2. Dr. Fallow's son Adrian - run over with a lawnmower
3. Dr. Fallow's son Bradly - arms blown off with a high-powered rifle
4. The Flower Person - wilted by weed killer
5. Officer Fishfinger - stabbed by Carl Junior at the school bus yards
6. Geddy - face sprayed by acid and hand ripped off
7. Debby - stabbed in the chest with a sharpened ruler
8. Alex - pulled into a garbage dumpster and cannibalized by Carl Junior
9. Mr. Markson, Kevin's Father - shot by police in a standoff (1981 flashback)
10. Police Android MSX-1 - head knocked off with a baseball bat
11.& 12.  Police Androids MSX-2 and MSX-3- shot by Carl Junior
13. Police Android MSX-4 - thrown to the ground and spiked in the eye with a screwdriver
14. Police Android MSX-5 - struck and run over by a school bus, which Carl Junior is driving
15. Police Android MSX-6 - knocked down by the opening back door of the school bus
16. Police Android MSX-7 - Carl Junior shoots a hockey puck through it
17. Police Android MSX-8 - electrocuted with jumper cables
18. Police Android MSX-9 - decapitated by a closing garbage dumpster lid
19. Police Android MSX-10 - Carl Junior rams his fist through the android's midsection
20. Doctor Fallow - beaten with a cane and head crushed by a large rock
21. Sentry 1 - shot in the gut by Principal Newman to gain access to Kevin's safe house
22. Sentry 2 - shot in the forehead by Principal Newman to gain access to Kevin's safe house
23. Neil - shot in the crotch, and eye gouged out with Carl Junior's arrow
24. Nikko - beaten to death and drowned in a sink
25. Principal Newman - torn apart by the monster living in Kevin's basement
26. Carl Junior - shot with a laser gun by Mr. Russel for skipping classes (but this death is undone by the Sensor)
27. Mr. Russel - zapped by the Sensor's death beam in order to save Carl Junior
28. Bruce - mauled, stabbed with a compass, and eaten by the Doom Bear
29. Gang Member 1, Cream Puff - hand chopped off with Carl Junior's machete
30. Gang Member 2, Mama Beefer - guts torn out and thrust into her mouth
31. Gang Member 3, Cuddlecakes - killed offscreen in some bloody manner by Carl Junior in the sewer tunnel
32. Carl Junior - torn to shreds by the first three incarnations of Kevin
33. Kevin's Mother, the skull - zapped by the Doom Bear's death beam
34. Eugene, the original Doom Bear - zapped by Doom Bear #2's death beam
35. Doom Bear #2 - zapped by the original Doom Bear's death beam
36. The Voice, Mr. Markson, Kevin's Father - burns in hell once the Doom Bear dies
37. Kevin Markson - strangled by the ghosts of his three former selves