The Permanent Detention

Script: Lafe Travis & Jeff Kushner

Director: Lafe Travis

Producer: Lafe Travis & Jeff Kushner

Based on the "My School" series & characters devised by Lafe Travis.

(c) MCMLXXXI Lafe Travis and Jeff Kushner

What This Movie Is About

This movie is a montage of images; some creepy, some bizarre, some gruesome, and some just plain silly. The images all deal with the theme of scary things going on at Sir John A. Macdonald Junior High School. It is a mixture of 8mm Handicam video shots and Super-8 film. Images of skulls and skeletons prevail. The only character seems to be that of Kevin, the killer. When he is not shown in his checkered shirt and plastic Skeleton mask, his lurking point-of-view is utilized. Other people do appear, but they are either dealt with brutally, or exist as phantoms to haunt Kevin in his school of horrors. There is no real plot -- only atmospheric establishment. It is all like a nightmare, involving a school, and the demented masked creature named Kevin living within. There are themes of innocence turned evil, as well as the anger Kevin has for not being accepted by his peers. Occult overtones are also present. This movie will probably confuse many people. Don't expect to learn anything big. Just watch the images and feel the creepiness of it all. You'll find out more information in later films..

- Lafe Travis -

* Indicates old Super-8 film footage. Everything else is video.












1. Kevin's plastic Skeleton Mask is shown against a black background.

The camera zooms into it. Fade to black.


2. The Main Title appears on the screen: "MY SCHOOL" in big red letters, and "The Permanent Detention" in smaller white lettering. The background is black.


September 1981

The First Day of School

3. The date is shown, in red lettering on a black background, setting the scene.

4. A shot of the front of John G. Diefenbaker Junior High School. The name of the school is shown clearly on the wall. The camera zooms out, giving a bigger view of the entire school. The camera pans to the left, showing the north wing of the school and the grounds outside.


5. POV of someone, walking towards the front door of the junior high school. Their hand is extended in front of the camera. The fingers of the hand tighten into a clench of anger. Tension.


6. The same person's POV is shown, this time, sneaking up behind a thick bush on the southwest wall of the building. The hand extends forwards and pulls a branch aside. The person looks back and forth, wanting to see if there is anybody around.


7. ECU of an Ouija board. The YES with the sun above it is shown. The camera pans right across the board to the NO with the moon.



8. * The POV of Kevin is shown, entering the front door of the school. He goes into the main foyer. The Snack Shack is here. There are students in the hallway. He has arrived!


9. * A shot looking into the door of the physed teacher's office. Suddenly, a rubber skeleton hand appears from behind the left edge of the doorway and waves, beckoning the observer to enter.


10. Kevin (POV) is in a kitchen. He opens up a cutlery drawer and picks out a sharp paring knife. He looks the blade of the knife over, admiring it.

11. Kevin (POV) brings the knife over to a wicker chest. He opens the chest. There are many stuffed animals inside. On top of the toys is a plastic Skeleton Mask. He brings out the mask and puts it on his face. The POV is now looking through the eyeholes of the mask. There are two stuffed dolls in the chest; Ernie and Bert. Kevin stabs the knife into the Sesame Street toys.


12. * Shot of a gloomy school hallway. A row of metal lockers are shown, of various colors. One of the locker doors swing open, and a corpse falls out. It lands on the floor, stomach down. It is one of Kevin's victims at the school.


13. Close-up shot of a toy lion made of plastic. It growls angrily at the camera.


14. Kevin is shown for the first time. (So far, we've only had his POV) He is wearing his plastic Skeleton Mask, checkered shirt and blue jeans. He is sitting in a small rocking chair, holding a knife and his Teddy Bear. (Yes! The first appearance of Eugene!) He is rocking back and forth, and waving the knife around like a psycho.

15. A CU of Kevin's Teddy Bear, in front of the camera, moving its arms and head around as if it were really alive. It nods its head.


16. * POV shot of one of Kevin's victims. They are walking down a dim hallway. Suddenly, Kevin (out of costume) jumps out from a doorway and swings his hand at the camera, hitting the victim. Another person has been killed.


17. * POV shot of Kevin's next victim. This time, the person is coming down the stairs. Kevin (out of costume) comes through the doorway at the bottom of the stairs, holding a big axe. Kevin comes up the stairs and swings the axe right into the camera lens. All goes dark. Another death.


18. The panel from a horror comic book is displayed. The artwork shows a boy's decapitated head, falling on the ground and bouncing. (Clump. Clump. Clump.) Blood flows from the severed neck.


19. Quick flash of the Devil, from the front of a horror comic book.


20. Close-up of the face of a porcelin clown doll, dressed in bright clothing.



21. Kevin's POV, looking out a window at an empty field across the street from his house. His hand is extended in front of him, up against the glass.


22. Shot of Kevin, standing behind a macrame potted plant, which is swinging back and forth. Kevin is dressed as normal, and is twirling a knife in his hand. The camera moves closer. Kevin chops his knife at the camera.


23. * Kevin (out of costume) is in the library of his school, between two bookshelves. His is holding a book of Alberta history and laughing. He slides the book back into the shelf in front of him. The people at this school don't know that he is the killer, because he looks quite different out of costume.


24. Excerpt from the first Halloween movie, near the end. The babysitter (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) has just had a big battle with Michael Meyers. Michael lies unconcious behind her. She is resting. Suddenly, Michael sits up. He isn't dead after all!

A boy and a girl come running out of the house where the massacre took place. They are screaming and looking for help.

Doctor Loomis (played by Donald Pleasance) is strolling down the dark neighborhood street. He hears the two kids screaming, and runs towards them.

Presumably, Kevin is watching the Halloween movie, and being inspired by it.

25. * The zombie of one of Kevin's victims is walks through the library, looking for Kevin. It is the person who fell out of the locker in shot #12. He is walking like Frankenstein's monster, with his arms extended in front of him. His face is all bloodied up.


26. * Two closed double doors are shown at the end of a hall. The doors each have a window. Kevin (out of costume) peeks his face up from behind the window of the right door. Then the door opens up a bit, and Kevin sticks the rubber skeleton hand through the edge of the door. The rubber hand waves.


27. Kevin, in costume, runs down the stairs into the cellar of his house. He has a big knife one hand, and his Teddy Bear in his other hand.


28. Down in the basement, Kevin bounces up and down on a toy spring horse. He is wearing his Skeleton Mask, holding his bear, and swinging his knife around like a crazy person.


29. Close-up of a toy rubber shark, shaking up and down, as if it were alive.


30. Kevin is in a secret chamber of his basement, chopping up a cat with his big knife. He is wearing his mask and killing clothes.


31. Close-up of a rubber alligator, wiggling at the camera.


32. CU shot of Kevin's eyes, looking through the mask, shifting back and forth, nervous and crazily.


33. Kevin in his kitchen, in costume, chopping his toy lion with a knife.


34. A person approaches a coat rack to get their jacket. Kevin is hiding behind the coats, wearing his mask. He pops out and attacks the person with the knife. They fall to the ground. Kevin continues to chop them.


35. Green goo spills into a white sink. (Shampoo really, but it is supposed to be vomit or slimey pus.)



36. * A decapitated head is sitting on a table in the school library. An axe is stuck into the top of the head. Suddenly, the eyes flick open and glare at the camera. (This is the same zombie as in shot 12 & 25.

37. Kevin is playing Monopoly with his Teddy Bear in the upstairs hall of his house. His Bear is holding a big pile of money. Kevin rolls the dice and moves. He lands on the Chance square and takes a card. The card has a picture of the Monopoly man, lying dead with a knife stuck in him. It reads: "You Die!" Kevin is scared. He picks up the board and throws it down. Money and cards fly all over the hallway.


38. CU of a Gorgon Alien mask from an ad at the back of a Starlog magazine.


39. Kevin hangs his head upside down over the edge of a bed. The mask is on his face upside down as well, making it look like a his head is floating in midair without a body. (Weird!)


40. MCU of Kevin's Teddy Bear, swinging back and forth in front of a bright window. Is it alive?


41. * The rubber Skeleton hand grabs the back of a chair in the school library and tips it back.


42. CU of the artwork of the mystic woman drawn in the bottom left corner of an Ouija board.


43. WS of Kevin running down the walkway from the front of the school. He is wearing his Skeleton Mask and swinging a sharp knife around.


44. Quick shot of a door outside the school.


45. CU of a screaming Skull, from an ad at the back of a Starlog magazine.


46. A clip from a First Aid training video, showing a man getting a sling put on his broken arm.


47. * Kevin's POV, walking through the library. He comes around the corner of a bookshelf. Standing there is the screaming zombie of one of his victims. (The ghost in scenes 12, 25 and 36.) Blood is all over the zombie's face.


48. * A male student is in the school library, looking at books on a bookshelf. Suddenly, a hand grabs his head and pulls him behind the bookshelf. Kevin has found another victim!


49. An excerpt from a First Aid training video, this time of an accident victim's bloody leg close-up.


50. Kevin's POV, walking towards the southeast corner of the school. Suddenly, he sticks his hand out in front of him, which is holding a sharp knife.

51. Kevin's POV, running up the steps leading up to the northeast door of the school.


52. A quick CU of Kevin's porcelin clown doll.


53. Kevin's POV, looking at the school bus in its compound outside the school.



54. Kevin's POV, looking in a window of the school. A gloomy hallway can be seen.


55. Shot from a First Aid training video. Closeup of a compound leg fracture. The bone of the leg has broken out through the skin. Blood is everywhere.


56. * In the school library, Kevin's brother (Lafe) creeps towards the camera, doing a creepy series of disco dance moves.


57. Kevin climbs up between the branches of a small, Y-shaped tree, dressed in his costume. He jumps off the tree, and vanishes in mid-air before he lands on the ground.


58. Kevin's ghoulish shadow is cast on the ceiling of a room. He holds his arms out, making the shadow look like a big monster.


59. Kevin's POV, walking along the east wall of the junior high school. His hand is extended out in front of him.

60. * A picture of a ghost is shown, from the cover of a book of Ghost Stories.


61. * CU of Kevin's brother, Lafe, in the school library. Suddenly, the rubber skeleton hand comes up over his face and pulls him back, out of the shot.


62. * Kevin's POV, walking down the hall towards the music room of the school.


63. CU of a Shadows book cover, showing a creepy skull with buggy eyes.


64. Scene from a First Aid training video, showing a victim with a bloody wound on their back.

65. Kevin, in costume, is sleeping on a couch with his Teddy Bear. Suddenly, he wakes up. His eyes open in fear. He just had a nightmare.


66. A window on the east side of the school is shown. Kevin's reflection is seen in the window. The camera pans over to where Kevin should be standing, but he quickly ducks down to avoid being seen.


67. A dark door swings open. Kevin is behind it, wearing his mask!!


68. Quick flash of an old fashioned baby doll.


69. Victim's POV. The door of a closet opens up, and Kevin jumps out with a knife. He chops and slashes it at the camera.


70. Close-up of a picture on an Ouija board, of a mystic woman.


71. CU from the cover of a horror comic book. Two kids are waiting at the top of a staircase in a haunted house with Halloween masks over their heads. A boy and a girl are coming up the stairs, unaware of the waiting kids.


72. Panel from another horror comic book, showing a bound man on a pan, with an apple in his mouth, about to be put into an oven for cooking.


73. * Kevin is in the library, wearing his Skeleton mask, a blue wool sweater. He has the rubber skeleton hand coming out of his sleeve. He waves.


74. Panel from a horror comic book. In a dark room, a boy is shining a flashlight at a bloody axe, which has been stuck into a table.


75. Kevin, fully costumed, walks clumsily down the stone steps by the northeast door of the junior high school.


76. * Kevin's plastic Skeleton Mask is shown against a black background. The rubber skeleton hand is wiggling in front of the mask.


77. * Kevin (out of costume) is at a table in the school library, engrossed in a book about monsters. He looks up momentarily and chuckles. He likes monsters.



78. * Kevin's POV, walking down a hall towards the industrial arts area. He looks in the door and sees all the machinery in the shop.

79. WS, Outside the school, Kevin stands at the top of a hill. He holds a knife. Then he bolts down the hill, swinging the knife all over the place. In the course of his run, he suddenly vanishes. He is gone!



80. THE END is show on the screen, scribbled on a piece of looseleaf.


MY SCHOOL - The Permanent Detention

Starring Jeff Kushner, Lafe Travis and Jim Anderson

Created by Lafe Travis & Jeff Kushner

Filmed on Location at Sir John A. Macdonald Junior High

Not Recorded In Dolby Stereo

Not Filmed In ))70mm((

Copyright 1981

MY SCHOOL - The Permanent Detention