My School III: The Psycho Pupil
* - indicates a death that was in the novel, but not in the actual film
* Kevin's Mother - head smashed in by a hammer (flashback death from My School II)
1. Kevin's Brother - throat slit, chiselled in forehead, decapitated
2. Brother's friend Jim - stabbed in back, passes out in shock when he sees decapitated head 
(But it's revealed later that he survived; and is less fortunate in "My School IV")
3. Brendan - hung on the stairwell by a rope around the neck
4. Rusty - arrow shot into mouth and stabbed in the gut by a steak fork
5. Shanon - head smacked repeatedly by a math textbook
* 6. Ryan - chopped in the back of the head with an axe 
* 7. Linda - throat torn open and tied to the outside door of the school
* 8. Michael - shot in the stomach with Kevin's bow and arrow
* 9. Clayton - stabbed through the skull by a long sharp knife
* 10. Mr. Smith the Janitor - throat slashed and showered with liquid Drainol
11. Conrad - crushed between some bookshelves in the school library after a long chase
12. Kevin Markson - urged to commit suicide by jumping over the railing of a staircase -- but his father saves his life