The Return of Kevin


Script: Bryan Jenner

Direction: Lafe Travis

Producer: Lafe Travis

Based on the "My School" series & characters devised by Lafe Travis

(c) MCMXC Bryan Jenner.


Dramatis Personae:

Eugene..............the Doom Bear (voice only), bear puppet

Carol...............the heroine of the story

Carl................Carol's boyfriend

William.............time traveller (brain of group)

Colin...............time traveller (party animal of group)

Peter...............time traveller (dunce of group)

Kevin...............the demented killer who travels forward in time ¦

The Sensor..........a crusader against evil

Mr. Skorman.........the deranged guidance counsellor

Sophie..............student who visits guidance office, later killed¦

Diabetic............a diabetic who gets a needle in his skull

Coe K. Kola.........pop drinker who gets killed

Pep C. Kola.........pop drinker who gets killed

P.C. Smoketoomuch...police officer who is quickly killed

Mr. Lambert.........principal of the school, another victim

Gene Quard..........the school's local drag queen, gets killed

Tire Inflater.......guy who has a flat in school parking lot

William-zombie......ghost of William the time traveller

Peter-zombie........ghost of Peter the time traveller

Colin-zombie........ghost of Colin the time traveller

Bonnie..............picnicker who likes chicken

Matthew.............picnicker who likes chicken

2 more picnickers...picnickers who also like chicken

P.C. Mousebender....police officer who is shot

P.C. Snapper........police officer who is shot

Frazer, Ian.........two baseball players










Psychedelic Skull Effect/Transforming Into Doom Bear

My School 7 - The Return Of Kevin (Main Title)



In a dark attic or basement, amongst discarded boxes.

Camera slowly approaches something amongst the boxes. It is the Doom

Bear, Eugene. Slowly, a greenish blob forms around Eugene's body and

he slowly vanishes. Overdub of a sadistic chuckle. (ie the Master)

Eugene (whispers evilly) - The moment has arrived for my revenge.


William (pleased) - At last. We can now travel in a limited linear path through the space/time continuum.

Peter (stupidly) - Does that mean Professor Newman will give us an A?

Colin (buds in) - Think about it, man! We can take a trip to the future! Never have a lottery ticket wrong again! We can be rich. Who cares what Newman thinks?

William (enthusiastic) - Exactly. We can go to the future and win our fortunes, or go to the past to

invest in key industries.

Colin - Let's do it! Let's go now!

William (hesitant) - I think we should test it first.

Colin - This'll be the test run. Send Peter. No one'll miss him anyway.

Peter - Let's try it. That's why we made it.


William - Okay. Put these on. He hands his two friends each a remote control-type gadget. They hold on and William presses the coordinates on the computer. William - I've set the temporal exacerbator to send us back to 1890. We will spend half an hour, then return. Set?

Both Peter and Colin nod. William presses the switch and they disappear in a blaze of colour and special effects. After vanishing, an unknown figure taps on the keyboard 1-9-8-2-.


Carol and Carl on swings. They gaze at each other admiringly.

Carol (swooningly) - Oh Carl, this truly is a special moment.

She moves to kiss him. He falls off swing. He looks up, flustered.

Carol (smiling sweetly) - So, you have fallen for me...

Carl - I have to clean this dirt off.

He goes towards a water fountain. Carol starts to admire herself in a mirror. She sees Kevin in the reflection and screams. She turns. It is only Carl.

Carl (sheepishly) - Dropped my wallet when I fell.

He picks it up and returns to the fountain. She lets out a sigh.


Carl is using water to clean himself. He sees Kevin's reflection in the water. He turns, but no one is there. Suddenly, a knife comes towards the camera. Scene ends with a shot of Carl's horrified face.


She looks at her watch, impatiently.

Carol - What's taking him?

She gets up and walks away. Next shot, she approaches the fountain and sees Carl slumped over it.

Carol - More marine biology experiments, Carl? Why d'ya think I bought a waterbed?

No response from Carl. Carol lifts his head and sees a terrible gash in his neck. Blood dominates the fountain. She shrieks, and turns to run away. She bumps into Kevin, who is revealed in a full frame shot, standing impassively with a bloodied knife. He lunges towards the camera. Carol runs away. Kevin walks after her.


Rocking Chair. First shot is of it unmoving. Suddenly it begins to rock back and forth by itself. A green glow forms, and Eugene appears in the chair. Another sadistic chuckle.

A POV shot with greenish soft circle in middle of frame. It shows the camera chasing after Carol in a graveyard. Return to a shot of Eugene in the chair.

Eugene - My powers are stronger than ever. The secrets of the Eternal Fire have been enhanced by Virgil's demise. Even now, I can affect those I do not yet possess...


Carol stumbles and trips from stone to stone as she flees from the camera (normal POV). A shot of Kevin far behind, searching. Carol hides behind a gravestone. She looks left and right and assumes she is safe. She lets out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, a hand grabs her forehead and pulls it back into the gravestone. A sound of crushing bone. She drops dead, with blood and brain oozing out of her and smearing on the gravestone. As she drops, Eugene laughs.


A quick cut to her awakening in fear in bed. Eugene's laugh overlaps into the first three seconds of her awakening. She breathes heavy and wipes the sweat from her brow.

Carol (to herself, panic) - It can't be! It's not possible!

She gets out of bed.

Carol - That was too close to reality. I fear something horrible has spawned this catharsis of evil. I must arrest it.


The three boys appear in a hallway of the High School.

Peter (ecstatic) - Wow! Was that ever neat. Hey, this doesn't look like 1890! Where are the cowboys?

William (looks at watch) - My chronometer has adjusted to the shift in the interstitial aether. It says we're in 1982. Something must've malfunctioned and shifted us 92 years.

Colin (worried) - This ain't going to be like that Michael J. Fox movie, is it?

William (smiles) - Of course not. School's out. No one should be here. What could possibly go wrong?

Peter (frightened) - Yes, but will we be able to return?

William (confident) - Certainly. The temporal exacerbator acts as a homing device. Come on - let's explore!

They begin to stroll through the hallways. As they do, a human shadow emerges behind them, implying the three are being watched.


Eugene (hysterical) - She has more empathy than I thought. She senses what is to be. She must be destroyed before she suspects too much.

A superimposed image of Eugene leaves his body and floats towards Carol's house.

Eugene (pleased) - Soon, very soon, my plans for Carol's destruction will be fulfilled...


She is reading a book entitled "Psychology Now" (or something similar). She puts it down as the doorbell rings.

Carol (opening door) - Carl! Come on in. I'm glad you could make it so soon.

Carl (smiling, walks in) - You sounded frightened. What's wrong?

They sit down. She pours him a cup of coffee. He sees the book.

Carl (picks it up) - What's this? Since when have you been reading this stuff? You seein' a shrink?

Carol smiles nervously.

Carl (colder, more upset) - Not again!

Carol (pleading) - I can't help it! I don't know why I have these nightmares. It's like one of those stupid movies!

(As she refers to "those stupid movies", have her checking her fingernails.)

Carl stands up, coffee in hand. He turns away.

Carl - They say dreams are symbolic. Why do I always die in them?

Carol - They can be prophetic, too.

Carl - Are you ever killed in them?

Carol (meekly, embarrassed) - I was. Once.

Carl turns to face her. He is wearing Kevin's mask. The coffee is now bubbling and steaming violently.

Carl (snarling) - Then it's time to verify your premonition!

He advances on her slowly. He backs her against a fireplace. Slowly, his left hand grips her throat as his right raises and tilts the coffee ever teasingly to spill on her face.

Carl (sadistic) - You seem a little on edge my dear. What's the matter - too much caffeine?

The coffee is about to spill over (extreme closeup of this).

Carol grabs a fireplace stoker and lifts it up and between Carl's legs.

Carol (equally sadistic) - You always said you had a rod of steel.

Carol punches him in the face. He goes flying back, the mask comes flying off too. A quick cut showing the coffee cup flying in the air. Carl lands on the floor. The coffee cup lands on his face and spills there. He screams horribly as the coffee (now revealed as acid) mutilates his face. Red, green, yellow and blue slime comes oozing out. Carl screams in pain.

Carol (rubbing throat) - Good to the last drop.

Suddenly, no mask, and Carl is normal. He looks around in confusion at what he is doing on the floor.

Carol looks up at someone. Carl, seeing this, looks up too.

The Sensor (voice only) - I arrived just in time.

Shot of a mature woman wearing black. She is holding a crucifix.

The Sensor - I have come to help you. And to put an end to the evil we have all released.

The Sensor looks up at the far upper corner of the room. From there, we catch a glimpse of Eugene flying away.


Mr. Skorman is behind a paper-stacked desk and acting fidgety and on edge. He is twiddling a pencil and looking anxiously at his watch.

On his desk is H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. Sophie knocks and enters.

Mr. Skorman (scowling) - Yes? What do you want this time?

Sophie (pleasantly) - Mr. Skorman, I need your advice. My timetable for the coming term is in disarray.

Mr. Skorman (to himself) - I know what you mean. (aloud) - Look, I'm really quite busy with matters other than your trivial concerns. Here, have some Rorschach tests and leave me alone.

He hands Sophie some dot-filled papers. She takes them hesitantly, then nervously walks to the door. She turns around to challenge Mr. Skorman who resumes his twiddling.

Sophie (firmly) - I never thought guidance counsellors were so tetchy and impatient. Maybe you're the one who needs the couch trip!

Mr. Skorman (spastic/loud) - I SAID GET OUT!

He hurls some books at the door. Sophie ducks and leaves, slamming   the door behind her. He rubs his temples and grabs fists full of hair. He looks into the mirror.


Mr. Skorman (Shakespearean) - They never leave me. Always they pester me. Not enough discipline. Useless apes -- why don't they do anything on their own? No initiative. Initiative is despised by the jealous, the weak. Redundant cretins! But soon, very soon, I will be free of them! I WILL BE FREE OF THEM! How much longer? If I am to be a guidance counsellor, then like a guidance counsellor I shall hunt them down--hmm hmm--oh, yes I shall. Hunt them. Trap them. And destroy them!

Turns to camera and laughs hysterically.


Starting in a hallway outside the gym.

Colin - I wanna check out the gym.

Peter - We have to return soon.

William - That was an arbitrary assertion on my behalf. We can return whenever we desire. You two can go to the gym; I'm going to investigate the library. I think I had an overdue book two years from now. Meet me there in one hour.

They split up.

A shot of William entering the library.


Colin and Peter approach the gym. Another shot of a shadow behind them. Suddenly, a squeaking door sound is heard.

Peter (frightened) - Was that you?

Colin (tough and thick) - No, just the air conditioning. Quit fussing. I wanna pump some iron. They head to the barbells and weights.

A hand shuts off the lights.

Peter (whimpers in fear) - Eeek! Who was that, the power company?

Colin (lifts a barbell) - Just William playin' around. Go knock him out, eh?

Peter heads to light switch, obviously less tense.

Peter (jovially) - Can't do that. He knows how to get us home.

Peter looks into the hallway where the light switch is.

No one there. A shot of the empty hallway.

Peter (meekly) - William? Stop teasing you big boob!

A shot of feet approaching. A shot of Peter's back, as he looks the other way for William. Camera rapidly closes in on Peter's back. Suddenly, he turns around in terror. It is only Colin.

Colin (gruffly) - What's the matter, ya wimp? I told ya, there's no one here. Come in and help me benchpress some weights.

Colin turns around to head back to the gym. A quick shot of a weight lifting bar being swung at the camera. The bar hits Colin's head and decapitates him. A shot of a head rolling down the hallway. A shot of a headless body fountaining blood everywhere as it falls to the ground.

Peter (gasps in horror) - Holy Ichabod Crane!

Peter turns to run away. Low angle camera starts at the figure's feet and slowly pans up to show Kevin, masked, holding the bar and staring after his prey. Slowly he walks after Peter.

Kevin - I love to kill animals. The thrill of the my school...


Carol and Carl confront The Sensor.

Carol (incredulous) - You have sensed my recent turmoil.

The Sensor - That is what brought me to you.

Carl (jokingly) - Funny, I would've though the Red Cross would have come here first.

Suddenly, the Sensor stumbles slightly and puts a hand to her head. She sits down slowly in a chair. Carl and Carol glance at each other.

Carol (worried) - Are you alright? Should we take you to hospital?

The Sensor (wearily) - It is happening. We must act. What is happening--what will happen--affects not only you, but me too. Please, we must hurry.

Carl (challenging) - You seem to know who we are, yet we don't know anything about you.

The Sensor - I am a crusader. Against injustice. Against evil. Against the torturing of souls.

Carl (flippantly) - So who ya gonna call?

Carol (gives dirty look) - These problems of mine are... incredible...supernatural...

The Sensor - In good time, my child. Come! We've a mission of grave danger, and ultimate reward. We must challenge the Demon in haste!

The Sensor heads out. Carol starts to follow but Carl restrains her.

Carl - I'm thirsty. You got any more coffee?

Carol just looks at him and heads after the Sensor. Carl puts his hand on her shoulder to restrain her.

Carl (angrily) - Do you trust her?

Carol (impatiently) - Yes! Now come on!


Eugene in his chair.

Eugene (in panic) - Kevin! Kevin! You must fulfil your destiny. Destroy the humans and deliver yourself to me. She has come. She will abolish me! Kevin, you must attend me! All has been prepared!

Green Wipe effect, showing what is happening in 1982.


Peter is being pursued. As he runs down the hallway, he occasionally looks behind himself in panic. He turns a corner and runs into an exit doorway. He tries it. It is locked. He hears breathing behind him and slowly turns, a glum look on his face.

Peter (meekly) - Who-who are you, man?

Kevin (advancing slowly) - I am Kevin.

He grabs Peter's neck and presses his face close to Peter's.

Kevin (an evil whisper) - I kill people!

Peter gurgles in agony as Kevin slowly presses his thumb into Peter's neck. Blood dribbles out. Kevin clenches his hand into a fist and punches Peter's gut. His hand goes through Peter's back, with intestines spraying out. Kevin's hand holds some organs in it.

Eugene's voice resonates into Kevin's head.

Eugene (Doom Bear-ish) - Excellent, Kevin, You have given me the strength to counterattack our enemies. Eradicate the last one, and return to me.

Kevin (obediently) - I obey.


Inside car with the Sensor, Carl and Carol. Carol drives. The Sensor reacts noticeably, and becomes weaker. She displays signs of trying to fight a heart attack or disease. Sweat on her forehead.

Carl (anxiously) - Are you okay?

The Sensor (weak, but firm) - We must get to Virgil Pembury's house. That is where we can identify the psycho-malevolent resonances I need to locate my enemy.

Carol - Who is this enemy you keep speaking of? Is he the man in my dreams?

Carl places a wet towel on the Sensor's forehead.

The Sensor - It is difficult for your primitive minds to grasp. A killer so heinous, so profane, that he embodies the very source of all Evil. He was slain six years ago, but he is about to return to the present.

Carol (matter-of-fact) - Kevin Markson.

Carl (bewildered) - The guy who massacred half that school?

The Sensor (nodding) - His father delved heavily into black magic. He taught his son the powers of hatred and iniquity. And more.

The Sensor twitches and closes her eyes.

Carl - What else? Tell us! What's happening?

Carol - I have Pembury's address. I think we should get there as soon as possible.

The car turns a corner and drives on.


Inside the school library, William is reading Dr. Who Monthly #56.

William (excitedly) - Adric dies in a time travel explosion! Excellent! And Tegan leaves. Darn it.

William looks up as he hears a door creaking open. Nothing there.

Sound of footsteps. Suddenly an arrow impales a bookshelf just beside William's head. He turns to address the camera.

William (to camera) - Overdue fines are getting more severe all the time!

He feels the arrow, then turns to his unseen attacker.

William - Colin, Peter, this isn't very funny. You could have seriously hurt me!

Through the bookshelf, a figure can be seen moving. William walks over to where it was. No one there.

William - I'm glad you guys came back. The hour's almost up.

Suddenly, a noose fits around William's neck. Kevin appears impassively, holding the noose like a leash.

William (choking) - You maniac! Release me!

Kevin (nasty) - Sorry, guy. No noose is good news.


Kevin drags William out of the library, as William struggles from choking to death. Next shot of Kevin tying the rope to the bannister overlooking the stairway. A shot of William taking the time control  gadget from his pocket. Kevin hurls his body over the bannister to hang him. A quick shot of William pressing the gadget. Colour blinds the screen in a sudden flash. Next shot is of a noose dangling limply with no one in it. Kevin is not there either.


Inside the car, the Sensor suddenly lurches forward, her eyes wide. Just as quickly, she collapses.

Carol - We're at Pembury's. Let's get her in quickly.


The School. It is 1990. Same stairwell. A blaze of colour, and suddenly William lands on the floor underneath where the noose should be. Kevin is at top of stairwell, completing the motion of hurling the rope over. He looks around, confused, then checks his wrist. He is wearing one of the time gadgets that Peter/Colin had.

Eugene suddenly materialises nearby. He fires a beam of green energy from his mind that envelopes William. Helpless, William cannot move out of the energy barrier.

Eugene - Quickly, Kevin, exterminate him!

Kevin has a machete, which he brandishes threateningly. William looks on in horror as Kevin comes up and slices his throat. The usual blood pours down all over.

Kevin (looks at Eugene) - 1982 was a massacre at my school. 1990 hasn't seen the worst of it.

Eugene - They have arrived at Virgil's house. You must hide me, then hunt and kill all who reside in our school.

Kevin picks up Eugene and they walk down the hall.


In the room with the time machine computer seen earlier,  a figure is standing over the video monitor.

It says: "Two Travellers Returned. Warning - Traveller 3 Replaced Time Continuum Stable. Unit Awaiting Further Instructions."

Mr. Skorman turns to camera and smiles, then rubs his hands in glee.

Mr. Skorman - Excellent! My plan has worked! After this day, those depraved vermin will beg me for an after-school detention!

He laughs in joyful satisfaction, takes a bite out of an apple, then leaves the room.


Carol and Carl help the Sensor into the house. A sign reads "Condemned - Police Quarantine Zone". Carl notices that the door is locked and he has to kick it open. They help the Sensor inside.


Cobwebs and dust permeate the doorway and inside. Blankets cover all the furniture. They place the Sensor down on a couch.

Carl (concerned) - That last seizure was the worst yet. What is afflicting her?

Carol (shakes her head) - I dunno. What's so special about this Virgil Pembury guy's house?

The Sensor mutters and sputters and motions them to come over.

Carl (kneels closer) - What is it? Can you explain?

The Sensor (laboured) - I have little time. Pay attention closely...I'm going to feed my thoughts directly into your minds...


- Kevin Markson terrorised his school in the early 1980's. He murdered dozens of people and schoolmates, yet nothing was ever proven. Any eyewitnesses there were soon slain. Kevin was eventually destroyed by the ghosts of his victims. His body vanished into the pits of Hell. His spirit became lodged in a normal children's teddy bear. Virgil Pembury discovered it in 1985, and became slave to its will. It possessed him and manoeuvred him into slaying people in his neighbourhood. Finally, he committed suicide to rid himself of the Doom Bear's evil. That is why we are here. This was Virgil's home, hence it was home to Kevin. Kevin, who was the bear. An Unholy Trinity. Virgil may be no more, but Kevin is very much with us.

The Sensor breaks contact, and looks deathly tired.

Carol - I still don't understand how this affects myself and my nightmares?

The Sensor (tired) - Don't you see? Kevin exists in two different time planes. Pre-1984 and today, as the Doom Bear. The Doom Bear is all Kevin's evil strength, but compressed in a smaller body.

Carol (still confused) - Yes, but why me?

Carl - You're not related to the Marksons?

Carol shakes her head. They look at the Sensor, now asleep.

Carl - She knows why but we still don't understand what her role in this is. Maybe we should look around this house for clues...

They get up and walk away, leaving the Sensor.


Kevin stands in front of locker 666, holding Eugene.

Kevin - Is this where you wish to rest Master?

Eugene - This will suffice. Deposit me in this sanctuary, then kill everyone in the School. The more you kill, the greater the power I attain. Soon, I, your future body, shall become eternal! The power of Death makes me strong! Now go -- annihilate all who still survive in my school.

Kevin - Funny. That's just what I was thinking.

Kevin locks the locker and heads to a nearby fountain. He does his usual water fountain comedy act.

Kevin - I'm tired of this liquid. I want something thicker than water. Blood!


Carol and Carl are looking around amongst boxes (The same as in Scene 1). Carl finds Virgil's old mask.

Carl (excited) - Hey, check this out! Not only is it gruesome, but there's old blood stains inside of it.

Carol - We'll show this to the Sensor. Maybe it will help her in her quest to find Kevin.

They race up the basement stairs.


Kevin's POV (with no hand twitching to left of frame) glides down a hallway for eight seconds. Sees someone doing something behind a locker door.

A shot of a diabetic drawing insulin from some bottles. Kevin is out of focus but advancing in background. Diabetic turns and looks up at someone (Kevin). Diabetic is wearing a shirt that reads "HELP PREVENT AIDS. DON'T SHARE DIRTY NEEDLES"

Diabetic (drops bottles) - It''s Kevin! Noooo!

Camera rapid zooms on Diabetic's neck as two hands grab at his neck. Sound of crushing bone (eggs). Third person POV of Diabetic slumping to floor. Kevin takes the needle and drives it into Diabetic's skull. He pulls plunger and fills needle with blood and grey matter. Needle is quickly filled and he takes it and aims it into his mouth and drinks it all.

Kevin (to camera) - Type O Positive. My favourite.


Carol and Carl have woken the Sensor.

Carol (eager and enthused) - Look what we found! Was this Virgil Pembury's?

The Sensor (weakly) - My pocket...Get...the vial...

Carl looks doubtfully at Carol, then proceeds to find the vial in the Sensor's coat pocket. He hands the vial to the Sensor.

Carol (horrified) - What is in there? What are you doing?

The Sensor simply smiles. She opens the vial and out spills two blue pills. She swallows them, closes her eyes, then suddenly bolts up, all strength restored. She eyes her two partners.

The Sensor (takes command) - We haven't time to lose. We must pick up the trail.

Carol (astonished) - What did you just consume? They gave you your strength back. Why didn't you eat them earlier?

The Sensor (embarrassed) - Life savers. Death givers. From where I come, these vitamin tablets are a source of last resort. They maximise my strength and protect my mind from the Doom Bear's negative energy. Every time Kevin kills, the Doom Bear energises and I weaken. The vitamins counteract that effect.

Carl (suspiciously) - Why are they death givers?

The Sensor (stern/serious) - They overextend my life force. I only have eight hours to live and hunt down the Doom Bear. We must act presently.

Carl and Carol gasp in astonishment and exchange glances. The Sensor eyes Virgil Pembury's mask, seemingly for the first time. She grabs it and begins to pace aggressively across the floor.


The Sensor - Don't worry about me; I'm a professional martyr. This mask is Virgil's death mask. He wore it when committing his disgusting atrocities. I am registering an aura, very faint, but there nevertheless.

Carol - You mean you can detect the same force that's causing my nightmares?

The Sensor - To a degree. Virgil too had nightmares of a similar nature to yours, and for comparable reasons. Yours have a separate distinction to them I can not as yet impart.

She stares at the mask, then quickly runs out of the room, followed by Carol and Carl.

The Sensor - The aura has fed me images of Kevin's lair. We must get there -- fast!


The School. Kevin is hiding in a corner, scheming.

Kevin (silently) - I still need more refreshment. Something like that!

A student steps up to soft drink machine. A friend waits nearby. The pop buyer puts some change in the machine, and a soda pop comes out. Kevin is suddenly behind them. He grabs the can from the machine.

Pep C. Kola (angrily) - Hey man, party's over. Give that back.

Kevin (nonplussed) - Do you know what time it is?

Coe K. Kola (jesting) - I know. Howdy Doody time, right?

Kevin takes the pop can and rams it into Coe K. Kola's forehead. It penetrates halfway in, with blood all over Coe's face. Coe screams in pain and drops.

Kevin (sneering) - Wrong. It's "Killer Time".

Kevin grabs Pep and smashes his head into one of the pop selection buttons. Cut-away shot of another can of pop dropping down. Pep grunts and pushes Kevin away.

Pep C. Kola (scared) - You're Kevin! But you're dead...!

Kevin (amused) - No. I think you have the honours!

Pep C. Kola (backing up) - No honours here, man. I flunked all my courses. Heh heh heh.

Kevin takes his handy machete and throws it at Pep. Pep takes it in the stomach and begins to bleed profusely. A look of wide-eyed disbelief crosses his face.

Pep C. Kola (philosophical) - If I'd known...I was going to die... today...I wouldn't have done my... homework last night...

Kevin takes the second can of pop and opens it. He stands over the two dead friends and raises a toast.

Kevin - This blood's for you.

He begins to drink.


A quick shot of Carol's car driving on a road. (5 secs)


Kevin again. He has finished his pop.

Kevin - I'm feeling stronger all the time. But still I hunger. Time for some lunch...


Mr. Skorman, a police officer, and the school principal are gazing at William's corpse.

P.C. Smoketoomuch - The body has not been touched?

Mr. Lambert - No. I made sure no one was allowed access to this stairwell. This is-- was--young William Davison. He had a bright future ahead of him.

Mr. Skorman suddenly laughs, but tries to conceal it.

P.C. Smoketoomuch - Something amusing in this tragedy Mr. Skorman?

Mr. Skorman (overjoyed) - It's just that he was scheduled for a guidance appointment tomorrow morning. I guess now I have time for a game of racquetball.

Mr. Skorman walks off. P.C. Smoketoomuch calls to him.

P.C. Smoketoomuch - I would advise you to remain on these premises until you have been fully questioned. Do not mention this affair to anyone.

Mr. Skorman carries on walking away. As he does, he talks to himself as the camera faces him and retreats as he advances.

Mr. Skorman (merry) - Kevin has arrived. This is proof my plan has succeeded. Soon, very soon, my life will be made a lot easier!


Kevin leaves a School exit and heads onto the parking lot. There, he sees someone inflating the flat tire of his car.

A shot of the guy using the tire pump as Kevin advances (out of focus) in the background. Next shot of him putting the tire cap on.

Return to first shot, with no one in background. Tire Inflater gets up and is grabbed.

Kevin forces Tire Inflater to rest on his back on the hood of his car. Kevin shoves the end of the tire pump into Tire Inflater's mouth and holds it there with one hand while he begins to pump with the other. Tire Inflater's head inflates like a balloon and explodes. Buckets of blood and pieces of brain and eyeballs land with a thump on hood of car.

Kevin (with relish) - Seatbelts didn't save him.

He grabs a hammer and screwdriver from T.I.'s tool kit and walks off towards a Kentucky Fried Chicken store.


Carol's car pulls up in front of Kevin's house. The three dash out and race up to the door. Carl is about to burst in, but is restrained by the Sensor.

The Sensor (ominously) - Careful, Carl. I sense that we may not be as unhindered as we were in Virgil's house. We must tread with caution, with steady heart and sightful mind.

Carl nods and tries the doorknob.


Surprisingly, the door is unlocked, and they step carefully inside. Carol and Carl immediately clench their noses and wince with pain at the smell. The Sensor carries forth unaffected by the odor.

Carol (offended) - That smell. It's awful!

Carl - Oh Carol, did you fart?

The Sensor (business-like) - The parlour of Mephistopheles is as malodorous as it is grotesque. Remember, clear sight and clear mind. We will be baited into an illusion of calm, but the storm of Hell remains a monsoon of death.

Carl notices some fresh blood dripping from the middle of the wall. The others come to see.

Carl (seriously comic) - I think it's time for our raincoats and umbrellas.


A blanket is tugged overtop William's corpse and he is hauled off by some paramedics. P.C. Smoketoomuch and Mr. Lambert are conversing near the stairs.

Mr. Lambert - School is scheduled to open in three weeks. This will be a serious setback. I don't even know who would do such a thing!

P.C. Smoketoomuch - I've called in my team to scour this school. All the exits have been locked from both sides, so whoever did this won't get far. You say there is just a skeleton staff working?

When "skeleton staff" is said, show Lambert wincing.

Mr. Lambert - You have carte blanche to conduct your investigation as you see fit. My staff will cooperate in any manner you ask.

P.C. Smoketoomuch nods to a pack of his men.

P.C. Smoketoomuch - Begin the reconnaissance.

The men break up and begin their work.


Still staring at the blood.

The Sensor (plainly) - This house is a possession of Kevin's family. It is bound to be affected as well, and in ways we can never imagine. We must search for answers here. You two take the basement. I will start with the attic. Call if you find anything.

Carl and Carol head away from the Sensor. The Sensor makes sure they've gone and dashes up the stairs.


Next shot from within the attic, showing the Sensor stepping in. (For this shot, the camera should be rocking from the POV of a rocking chair.) The Sensor sets her eyes on the chair.

The Sensor (elated) - Eureka! (becomes moody) - Why am I so pleased? It's like I found my tomb.

The Sensor reaches to the chair to stop its rocking. As he is about to touch it, a loud knock sounds. The Sensor jumps.

Carl (voice only) - Hello! Didn't find anything? What's up here?

The Sensor (irritated) - You shouldn't be in the attic. Where's Carol?

Carl (nonchalantly) - In the kitchen. Nothing's happenin'.

Suddenly, Carol's screams are heard from the kitchen. The Sensor dashes past Carl and looks down the stairwell.

The Sensor (concerned) - Carol? Carol!

The Sensor turns to Carl.

The Sensor (frantic) - Come on!

Carl is not there. The attic is empty. The Sensor's eyes widen in panic, then she is running down the stairs.


Next shot, she is in the kitchen. Stops suddenly, looks terrified.

Carol and Carl have their backs against a wall. Advancing on them are three hideously deformed mutated ghost-like zombies of William, Peter and Colin. A purplish aura surrounds them, giving them a non-solid appearance. They are stiff-limbed but radiate strength. On their foreheads are upside down crosses carved into their skin.

The Sensor grabs her crucifix and closes her eyes in concentration.

The Sensor (powerfully) - Back Demons! Away from this world! Return thee to thy pits of eternal damnation! BEGONE!

The ghosts turn to face the Sensor and slowly advance on her (the camera). A shot of the Sensor. Shot of the ghosts closer. ECU of the Sensor mumbling some incantation. Suddenly the ghosts disappear simultaneously. Next shot is a head shot of the Sensor.

Suddenly, three pairs of hands reach for her throat. Camera pulls back slightly to show the ghosts behind her, strangling her. The Sensor coughs and sputters and sinks to her knees. Still she holds the cross.

Carol gets up and runs over and takes the cross from the Sensor. Viciously, she stabs the crucifix into the forehead upside down cross on Colin-zombie's head. Orange goo seeps out, he screeches, then in a flash of light vanishes. She turns and challenges Peter-zombie and does the same. Next she faces William-zombie. William-zombie steps back and laughs sinisterly. He does the RC cross thing backwards and vanishes willingly. Carol goes to see if the Sensor is alright. She helps her up.

Carol (relieved) - They've gone. What were they?

The Sensor (breathes hard) - Ghosts. Goblins conjured up by Kevin to protect his lair. We are duelling the enemy in its own nest. How's Carl?

Carol looks over and gasps. Carl is on the floor trying to fight off invisible hands pressing on his throat. He seems to be losing.

Carol rushes over and stabs with the crucifix. No effect. She thrusts again, hits something, but is tossed backwards. Up she gets and jabs one last time. A screech is heard and orange goo seeps on the crucifix as it sits there in the air. Suddenly, William-zombie's form materialises, and the crucifix is buried in his forehead in the upside down cross image. He screeches some more, then too vanishes. Carol looks ill as she sees the orange goo on her hands and cross.

Carol (disgustedly) - I'm going to be sick.

The Sensor (gravely) - You'll feel a lot worse before this day's out.

Carol (helping Carl) - We've won the fight, but can we win the war?

The Sensor (preaching) - It is not a battle of victory and defeat. It is a maintenance of perfect balance, and we must return to the trenches.

Carl smiles at Carol, kisses her cheek, and they follow the Sensor back upstairs.


Kevin sees people eating at a park near store.

Eugene (voice only) - Those vermin are former schoolmates. They graduated long after you were denied that right. You should destroy them for their insolence!

Kevin (agreeing) - They shall die. Hurting, killing, maiming, destroy...these are things that I enjoy!

Kevin advances on the laughing, gay little party. A handful of people are eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. A ghetto blaster is there, playing "Kill or be Killed" by Twisted Sister. The stereo is behind the party, beside a tree. Suddenly, the music stops.

Bonnie (upset) - The batteries must be dead. I'll go fix it.

Bonnie goes to the tree. She checks the stereo, then turns to her group.

Bonnie - Anyone got any Duracell?

She gets no answer. She turns back to the stereo. IT IS NOT THERE.

Bonnie (muttering) - Practical jokers. I'll kill whoever took it.


She crawls to other side of tree where radio is. Suddenly, she is thrown against the tree. Kevin advances. In his hand is a hammer and spike. She protests in vain. Kevin drives the spike through her into the tree. Usual blood. A midshot showing her hanging there, nailed to tree.

Kevin (pleased) - This should stump the authorities!

Suddenly, Matthew comes by.

Matthew (unknowingly) - Bonnie, where are you? We wanna listen to the new Slayer album.

A fist comes flying to the camera. Next shot, Matthew is down for the count. He is still conscious, but is thrown against the tree beside Bonnie's corpse. Kevin viciously stabs him three times with the screwdriver. Last blow is through the eye, pinning him against the tree as well.

Kevin (more pleased) - Tree for two.


The two surviving picnickers sit there still eating and drinking pop. All of a sudden, the ghetto blaster comes sailing through the air and smacks one in the head. He lets off a grunt and falls unconscious. The other stands up and speaks to the camera.

Picnicker (pleading) - Hey, what's your problem?

Camera is Kevin's POV. It slowly advances on the retreating guy.

Kevin (voice only) - You will all be from myyyy school!

Picnicker (more scared) - You can transfer somewhere else.

Camera rapidly lunges at the guy. As it does, Kevin says:

Kevin - Then you wouldn't be a victim. And I want you to die!

The guy has now stumbled onto his back. Kevin steps on his shoulder and pulls the guy's arm off with his hands. A nice shot of blood fountaining out of the shoulder and dripping from end of arm. The guy screams in pain and dies.

Kevin takes the arm to the picnic area and sits down. He sprinkles salt on the arm, a bit of ketchup, then begins to bite into the arm.

Kevin (licks his lips) - Kevin Fried Chicken. Poultry in motion!


The Sensor, Carl and Carol all stare at the rocking chair. It is rocking by itself as usual. The Sensor concentrates and stops it.

Carol (mystified) - The trail of Evil

The Sensor - Evil, like Good, permeates the ions and atoms of the Universe. Disruptions in the normal ionic stasis leave a nonpatterned trail. I can follow this Evil like sonar traces a submarine.

Carl (befuddled) - How?

The Sensor approaches the chair and moves her hands over it.

The Sensor - A magician never reveals the tricks of her trade. Nor do I.

Carol - Then what's so special about this chair?

The Sensor (smirking) - Oh, the chair isn't the seat of power. But it does support Eugene, the Doom Bear.

Carol (gobsmacked again) - You said the Doom Bear was a reincarnation of Kevin Markson. Why is he called Eugene? And where is Kevin now?

The Sensor - Eugene is simply an alias. Where's Virgil's mask?

The Sensor pulls Virgil's mask out of her inner coat pocket. She throws it on the chair. A sudden gush of wind blasts her backwards against the far wall. She slumps down to the floor. Carl and Carol help her up.

The Sensor - Don't worry, it was only a small amount of residual telekinetic malevolence. It gave me an insight into where Kevin is. And Eugene. They must be destroyed. Carol, you will face unimaginable danger. Are you prepared to confront the source of your hallucinogenic possession?

They go downstairs, led by the Sensor.


Carol (demanding) - You've been fairly vague about my exact role in this. I demand an explanation. And we still don't know who you are.

The Sensor - Do you remember April 1, 1985?

Carol (shrugging) - Not really. Just another day.

The Sensor (smiles) - You threw away your favourite teddy bear. Your mother said it was time to grow up. You didn't want to, but still you did as she wished.

Carol turns away quickly, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Carol (weeping) - I remember. My security blanket, my best pal in the world. Mama made me trash it. I never forgave her until the day she died.

The Sensor - She bought it from a garage sale. The family selling it were the Marksons. They needed to raise money to buy a new ouija board. The Bear carries an evil curse, and it has passed onto you. Time travellers have brought Kevin forward to 1990. The ripping of the interstitial aether projected those nightmares from the Bear unto you. Now you see why you must help me?

Carol - It seems I have little choice if I want to protect my future.

The Sensor (sternly) - Your future's safe. It's your present that I'm concerned about.

The Sensor ushers them out the door.


A police officer is searching a hallway. He sees Kevin at the end of it. He pulls his gun and calls his partner.

P.C. Mousebender - Snapper, over here!

P.C. Snapper comes from elsewhere and joins P.C. Mousebender.

P.C. Mousebender (excited) - I saw some weird looking guy down the hall.

There is no one there. Both cops pull their guns and head slowly down the hallway.

P.C. Snapper (calmly) - Come on out sir. We'd just like to ask you a few questions.

They pass where Kevin was. Mousebender puts his pistol back in its holster. Just as it is back in, a hand pulls it out and rams the gun into Mousebender's back.

P.C. Mousebender (scared) - Who...who's there?

Kevin (nasty) - Smith and Wesson

Kevin pulls the trigger three times and blows away Mousebender.

P.C. Snapper is petrified with fear. He shows a badge to Kevin.

P.C. Snapper (scared) - I am an officer of the peace. You are... under arrest.

Kevin (unimpressed) - Time to bite the bullet!

Kevin shoves the gun in Snapper's mouth and pulls the trigger. Blood splatters the wall and comes flowing out Snapper's mouth. He drops down beside Mousebender.

Kevin (sneering) - No pigs are gonna stand in my way. I am Kevin. This is myyy school! And I shall destroy anyone who steps foot inside!

Kevin throws gun aside and walks away. When he is gone, Mr. Skorman steps out of the shadows and inspects Kevin's damage.

Mr. Skorman (pleased) - Excellent, Kevin, excellent. Your work is worth an A+. My brother-in-law taught you well. Now...I you destroy all the...humans...

Mr. Skorman picks up the pistol and examines it. As he does, a second gun clicks.

P.C. Smoketoomuch (POV) - Drop it Skorman! You're busted! A shot of Mr. Skorman's confused face.


Eugene (voice only) - Skorman has served his purpose. My strength is now fully restored. I am Eugene! I am Kevin! I can leave Skorman's mind. He has brought Kevin here for me. To him it was free will. What happens to him now is of no interest to me. To us. Kevin is now complete!


Mr. Skorman (trembling) - I tell ya, I am not responsible for this! I just found them when you arrived. Kevin did it.

P.C. Smoketoomuch - How dare you bring Kevin into this! Your irreverent attempts to dissassociate blame won't work on me. Against the wall and spread 'em!

Mr. Skorman sinks to his knees, praying to P.C. Smoketoomuch.

Mr. Skorman - You don't understand. I needed Kevin to destroy the students. There are too many of them. All day they make their demands. "Should I take Bio or Chem?" "Do you think I can be a model?" "Will Biff like cherry or violet lipstick?" It's too much! They all skip their classes. Now they'll do so permanently! They're all gonna go to that big 7-11 in the sky!

P.C. Smoketoomuch (gruff) - Over my dead body!

P.C. Smoketoomuch doesn't look dead, but he livingly falls forward, RIP. From his back sticks the end of a spear.

Mr. Skorman looks surprised, then happy. He looks at the corpse and runs down the hall.


Mr. Skorman (panting) - I didn't do that! I didn't do that! I wanted to, but I didn't. Or did I? I've got to give myself a Rorschach test and find out.

He searches his desk but cannot find any.

Mr. Skorman (panic) - Where are they? Where did they go? Christ, I can't even find my pen! WHERE IS IT? How can I be a bureaucrat without a pen and paper? I knew I shoulda taken that job with PBS!

A knock on the door. It is Sophie, returning with the Rorschachs.

Sophie (merrily) - It's Sophie. I finished the Rorschachs.

She hands them to Mr. Skorman. He looks at them then shakes his head.

Mr. Skorman - No, no, no! You tell me what pictures you see in them. You don't connect the dots! It's students like you who make this job so insufferable!

Mr. Skorman clenches his temples and wobbles in agony. Soon composed, he grabs a stapler and attacks Sophie with it. He smashes it repeatedly on her until her face is pilled with staples and small specks of blood. She lies on his desk, dead.

Mr. Skorman sits down and studies her face.

Mr. Skorman (out to lunch) - Her face. Dots. I see dots of blood. I've turned her countenance into a Rorschach test of death. What images do I see? What art have I created? Can I pass the test?

There is breathing at the door. Mr. Skorman does not look up, assuming it is yet another troublesome student. (It is: Kevin.)

Mr. Skorman (wearily) - Yes, sit down, I'll be with you in a minute.

Kevin (proudly) - I am Kevin.

Mr. Skorman - Thank you, Kevin. Wait outside and I'll call you when it's time to see you.

Kevin - - Eugene has sent me here to kill you.

Mr. Skorman (uninterested) - Yes, yes, but will you please wait outside until you've been summoned? My secretary will take care of the preliminaries.

Kevin (miffed) - She would if she was alive. I am Kevin. This is myyy school. I rule supreme!

Mr. Skorman looks at camera and slaps his hand on his forehead. He turns to Kevin.

Mr. Skorman (impressed) - Kevin! Am I ever glad to see you! I brought you here! You can help out. Just like when you used to cut my lawn for me. Remember?

Kevin just stands there, silent.

Mr. Skorman (grovelling) - Okay, so you did run over my cat with the lawnmower. All is forgiven. I want to help you destroy everyone in this school. Best way I can think of to get rid of my case load.

Kevin - I agree. And I'll start with you!

Kevin takes his machete and slices off Mr. Skorman's hand. It sits there, all bloody, on the desk.

Mr. Skorman (shocked) - Kevin! What have you done? That was my pen hand! How can I sign the authorization for extermination now?

Show a shot of Mr. Skorman's stump bleeding profusely. Kevin drives the machete into Mr. Skorman's left breast.

Mr. Skorman (wide eyed) - You always did get straight to the heart of the matter...

Kevin pulls the machete out and leaves the office. Show closeup of the machete dripping blood onto the floor as he walks away.

Mr. Skorman horks up some blood, then puts his hand to his heart. His hand is now covered with blood.

Mr. Skorman (deluded) - My patients were all bleeding hearts. Now it seems I'm one too...

He collapses on his desk.


Carol's car comes screeching up. The three hop out. They see Tire Inflater's dead body and run up.

Carl (shocked) - How utterly horrid! What demented monster could do such a crime?!

The Sensor - Kevin entertains his father in Hades with these revolting escapades. I'm afraid we'll find many more like this poor soul.

They run off and go to the nearest entrance. They find a broken lock and the door left open. On door is a sign reading: POLICE INVESTIGATION ZONE - ENTRY DENIED. They enter.


Kevin opens the locker and takes out Eugene.

Kevin - Your strength is now at its apex.

Eugene - Yes. I am you and we are strong. Our enemy is here now. They will try to send you back to your proper time. They will also try to destroy me. They will murder you twice. I will help you avoid that catastrophe.

Kevin - What can we do? I am outnumbered.

Eugene - We will divide and conquer. I can give you further powers. Like this:

Show Eugene doing an Abracadabra motion with his arms. Kevin disappears and reappears in rapid succession throughout the hallway. Finally, he returns to Eugene.

Eugene - Never underestimate your powers of survival. We shall overcome! Now kill some more and feed my reservoirs of power!


The Sensor, Carol and Carl find the blood that dripped from machete.

Carol (freaked out) - Look, is that blood?

Carl gets down on all fours and licks some off the floor.

Carl - It sure ain't ketchup sweetheart.

The Sensor - A time like this is no instant for frivolous juvenility. We must find out who the victim is and if he or she is saveable.

The Sensor leads them down the hall. Next shot, they approach Mr. Skorman's office. Carl sees the dead secretary and feels her jugular. He shakes his head. Moans are heard from Mr. Skorman's office, and, uncertainly, they enter.


Mr. Skorman looks totally bloodied and disgusting. Blood cakes his face and still seeps out of his lopped off wrist. A quick shot of the detached hand, causing Carol to gasp in fear.

Mr. Skorman (in agony) - Forgive me...if I don't shake hands.

Carl tries to comfort Mr. Skorman.

Carl (innocently) - Was this Kevin? Why?

Mr. Skorman (miserably) - I am a foolish, impudent old man. Not only did I try to educate teenagers, but I committed a crime so base that it defies all retributive justice.

The Sensor (dark) - You brought back Kevin didn't you?

Mr. Skorman (pleading) - I thought it was for the best! I just wanted him to help me eliminate some of the student body. How was I to know that he'd do something so terrible as this...?

He shows his stump and begins to weep.

The Sensor (anxiously) - Where is the time machine?

Mr. Skorman (hysterical) - So many people with so many problems! I just wanted to relieve them of their pains!

Carol (confused) - Why do we need the time machine? Shouldn't we be tracking down Kevin Markson?

The Sensor (turns to her) - Mr. Skorman has the answers we need. (back to him) - Sir, you were used to bring Kevin here as part of a sickening plot by the Doom Bear. We need you to tell us where the time machine is!

Mr. Skorman (deluded) - Time...after time...they came. Great hordes like...locusts! Babysitting... spoon feeding...And still they came! I was like a nectar to a bee...They fed off me...devoured my strength and my patience...Well...They beat me... He picks up his hand with his other one. - ...I've got to hand it to them...

Mr. Skorman laughs softly, then falls on his face, dead. The Sensor turns away and confronts Carol and Carl.

The Sensor (impatient) - I've little time left. We must find the students' time machine and set up a trap for Kevin.

Carol folds her arms and stands defiantly.

Carol (butchy) - Now is the time to impart a little bit of information to us mere mortals. We still don't know who you are, or how you seem to know what is going on. I will not budge until you confide in us...the truth!

The Sensor (pained) - Oh child, if only I could! But I can't! There is a reason a clairvoyant cannot know her own destiny! By those same laws, I must remain apart from your confidence!

Carol (still tough) - I cannot be hurt by what I don't believe in. TELL ME NOW!

The Sensor winces and squirms in discomfort, then gives in.

The Sensor (cat-out-of-bag) - I'm an exorcist, a supernatural hitman dispatched from your potential future to deal with occult criminal activity. To me, you're fact. To you, I'm probability, sent back by the United Human Safety Committee to ensure the proper management of the time continuum. The experiments by the students in this school alerted my people. I researched the period...and more.

Carol (intuitively) - You were specifically sent. Why?

The Sensor (sheepishly) - For the same reason that Kevin's killings affected my strength, and the nightmares you experienced. The Bear's curse not only contaminates you, but runs through your lineage in this time plane. I am your grandchild, several times over. The same curse that flows through your veins flows through mine. That is why I am here.

Carl (confused) - But how can you tamper with your past?

The Sensor (reassuringly) - What I do I have always done. What I know I will know and always know. The great circle of time will continue to turn unchanged, untainted. (looks at watch) - We have little time to act. We must find the time machine, and snare Kevin. We must erase his curse!

They leave the office, as the camera lingers on Mr. Skorman's corpse.


Gene Quard, the school's local drag queen, tightens his nylons as he leans on the sink basins. Kevin, out of nowhere, appears with a flash of green light. Gene is humming the Lumberjack Song. Gene notices Kevin in the mirror and drops his lipstick in shock.

Kevin grabs a bra hanging over a washroom door and advances on Gene.

Gene grabs his purse and whacks at Kevin. No effect.

Gene (searching in purse) - Where's my Mace?

Too late. Kevin wraps the bra around Gene's throat and begins to strangle him. Gene coughs up blood and slowly sinks to the floor.

Kevin spies a bunch of flowers and throws them on the corpse.

Kevin (venomously) - What a drag.

Kevin disappears.


Frazer and Ian are playing ball. Frazer throws a pitch and it goes to the backstop. Ian goes to get it. He picks up ball and throws it to the mound. Kevin is wearing Frazer's glove and hat and catches the throw. Frazer is dead on the ground, hidden behind Kevin.

Ian - Hey, where'd ya get that mask?

Kevin steps to the side to reveal Frazer on the ground. Ian gulps in fear. Kevin winds up, pitches Nolan Ryan-style, and beams Ian in the head. Ian goes tumbling to the ground. Next shot, he looks up at Kevin, who is wielding a bat. Kevin hits him once, twice, then a third fatal blow to the skull. Ian's head is like a squashed tomato.

Kevin (sadistic) - Three strikes. You're out!


Carol, Carl and the Sensor are searching in lockers and doorways for clues. Carol opens a locker and a body tumbles on top of her. She screams and manages to move aside as it hits the floor. It is P.C. Smoketoomuch, minus the spear. Carl comforts Carol. She is okay.

Carl - The time machine was built by students. Surely it is in a science lab?

The Sensor (shakes head) - No, other students would sabotage it. It must be in a private room no longer used for classes.

Suddenly a hand grabs Carol's shoulder. She squawks again. A shot of Mr. Lambert.

Mr. Lambert (pleasantly) - You could have just asked me...


The three plus Mr. Lambert admire the time machine.

Carol - Why didn't you suspect us of the killings?

Mr. Lambert - I overheard your conversation with Mr. Skorman, Kevin's uncle. A very sick man. (Shakes his head)

The Sensor (pleased) - Kevin is bound to have removed his time bracelet. Therefore, we must bring him here, alive, and send him back to keep the time continuum pure. We will be sheep hunting a wolf!

Carl - Yes, but can't sheep wear wolves' clothing?

The Sensor smiles, pleased with the metaphor.


Kevin materialises outside the locker. He opens it and pulls out Eugene.

Eugene - Carol and her watchdog are here. They are preparing to hunt you down. They have evacuated the school. The only way to protect me is to kill them.

Kevin (triumphantly) - They have no chance to stop me. Nothing can stop us now!


The Sensor - Kevin has assumed superhuman and supernatural strength. He will be practically invincible. Still, we must try.

Carl (perplexed) - How do Eugene and Kevin generate their power? What drives Kevin's fury?

The Sensor (miserably) - He despises other students. They succeeded where he failed. He was denied graduation from John Diefenbaker High.

Carol (smiles knowingly) - So his hatred exists as much towards John Diefenbaker High School as it  does towards its staff and students?

The Sensor (unsure) - In a matter of speaking.

Carol (happy) - Then the answer's simple, isn't it? To weaken Kevin's dysfunctional symbiosis with the School, all need be done is to change its name!

The Sensor (stunned) - Of course! Brilliant! Modified psychological warfare! Mr. Lambert, do you concur with the suggestion?

Mr. Lambert - If it ends this sickening spectacle, then I'll authorise the name change.

Carl - Well, what are we gonna call it? Slaughter High?

Mr. Lambert - That's already been used. The designated alternate name is Ian Briggs High School. I'll make it so.

Mr. Lambert heads towards the P.A. and speaks over the loudspeakers.


Kevin listens to Mr. Lambert's proclamation.

Mr. Lambert (over speakers) - Let it be that the name of this school has been formally and officially transferred in deed and in licence from this moment forward to Ian Briggs High School. End of announcement.

Kevin staggers and collapses against the wall. Eugene appears on floor beside him.

Eugene - It has started. We are under seige.

Eugene screams. Kevin rips off his mask. Both of them puke up large amounts of foul chunky green vomit. Kevin picks up Eugene, pats him gently, then hobbles down the corridor.

Kevin (gasping) - I can't dematerialise anymore. We must hide. We must hide. This isn't my  school anymore. Not my school...

A closeup shows a faint tear in Kevin's eye.


The Sensor (claps hands) - So that is what we must do. Questions?

There are none.

The Sensor - Good. I've only minutes to live. We must act fast. The School isn't that large. We'll carry walkie-talkies to communicate more effectively. Let the plan commence.

Carol and Carl each pick up a time bracelet from a table. They head out with two handguns in their other hands.

Mr. Lambert - I hope this works. I'd hate to have to send Kevin to a Behavioral Adjustment Class.

Mr. Lambert picks up some binders, text books and rulers and leaves the room.


Kevin ascends the stairs. He peers behind him. There are footsteps. He opens a door and grimaces as a body (propped against the other side) falls on top of him. He sidesteps it and hurries down the hall.

A shot of feet walking. Kevin goes "eeek" and scuttles away. He finds an exit and tries to open it. It is locked. A shot of a door creaking open. More feet.

Kevin hurries to a cubbyhole in the hall and hides. Someone walks by and does not see him. He lets out a sigh and gets up. He walks slowly away from the camera, when suddenly a hand drops on his shoulder.

Mr. Lambert (into walkie) - I've found him! Upper left wing!

Kevin grabs a ruler and thrusts it into Mr. Lambert's throat. It protrudes out the back of his neck. Lambert horks up blood and spills himself and books across the floor.

Eugene (pleased) - Nice show, old boy!

Kevin hurries away, panting. As he does, we see that Carol and Carl have been watching from behind a bathroom door. They glance at each other, then pursue Kevin.


The Sensor is seated in a chair, slouched. A shot of a stopwatch, showing only fifteen minutes and counting.

The Sensor (wearily, tired) - Can they do it?


Kevin arrives with Eugene. He is about to put Eugene back in when

Carol steps in his way and smiles.

Carol (seductively) - Hello, Kevin. I dream about you all the time...

Kevin (shocked) - Keep...back...! I will...kill you!

Eugene (taunting) - Get lost! Kevin has killed over twenty people today! Not a bad score!

Carol (to walkie-talkie) - I have found him. Stand by. (to Kevin) - Give me that!

She grabs Eugene and presses her gun against him. She fires and the force hurls Eugene against the opposite wall. Eugene goes "yeow!". A blotch of slime where he hit.

Kevin turns on her in furore. Suddenly, Carl comes out of the locker and tackles Kevin. They land on the ground, and Carl smashes his gun butt into Kevin's head.

Carl (viciously) - Take that you murdering creep!

Kevin groans and falls to ground, unconscious. Carl kneels beside him. Carl puts his gun down on ground beside Carl. Next shot is of Carl taking out his time bracelet. A shot of him putting his time bracelet on Kevin's wrist, but the gun is now missing. He works as Carol steps back to speak in her walkie-talkie.

Carol (excited) - Prepare to send Kevin back.

Suddenly, Kevin fires the missing gun at Carl three times. Carl is wide-eyed and stumbles against the lockers. Carol screams in horror.

Carl is bleeding terribly, with three shots to the head. Kevin fires once more and Carl sprays blood by the bucketful out of his mouth.

He slides down the lockers, dead, leaving a trail of blood on the lockers behind him.

Carol (hysterical) - You despicable worm! You've killed him!

Carol kicks Kevin in the head, and this time he really is unconscious. Carol grabs the time bracelet and begins to put it on Kevin. She speaks into her walkie-talkie nearby.

Carol (sobbing) - Get ready. Kevin is almost set.


The Sensor groans miserably and falls face forward onto the temporal exacerbator's keyboard. Her watch reads only seconds left.


Carol (into walkie-talkie) - Beam him out! Beam him now! Nothing happens.

Carol (concerned) - Something's wrong.

Carol grabs Kevin and begins to pull him. A shot of Kevin's hand flexing ever so slightly.


A shot of the Sensor, stirring slightly. Looks weakly at watch. Time has run out. A look of resignation.

The Sensor (weakly) - God help you, Carol. For both of us.

The Sensor dies, eyes open and unseeing.

Carol appears, dragging Kevin. She lets him drop to the ground when she sees the Sensor.

Carol (exasperated) - Reality's deadlier than any nightmare.

Carol goes to the keyboard and types in "1-9-8-2- <ENTER>". Carol is about to hit <ENTER> when Kevin's hand grabs hers and stops it from  hitting the key.

Carol (resisting) - You're going home.

Kevin (struggling equally) - Hell isn't expecting me back.

They struggle in their demented arm wrestling contest. Carol reaches with her other hand to grab her gun. She lifts it up and shoots Kevin in the chest. He stumbles back and she reaches for the <ENTER> key. She presses it and Kevin disappears into the time vortex. As he fades, Eugene materialises and fires his infamous green mind ray at the time machine. The screen goes blank, the keyboard steams, and the system cuts out.

Eugene turns to assault Carol. She stares, dumbfounded. Suddenly, a ghostly image of the Sensor appears and fires a beam of electricity from her fingers. Eugene explodes and all that is left of him is a puddle of green goo and body parts and intestines in it.

Carol pulls her knees to her chest and buries her head into her knees. She begins to sob hysterically.

Carol (crying) - I can't take any more of this. So much violence and horror! I just want to forget it all!

The Sensor-ghost floats over to her and caresses her hair.

The Sensor-ghost - You are safe. We both are. Kevin's curse has been expunged. Eugene has been destroyed. But Kevin still lives.

His soul can take over a new body, a new doll or toy or anything.

Carol (looks up) - So all this has been for not?

The Sensor-ghost smiles sadly.

The Sensor-ghost - Eugene sabotaged the temporal exacerbator. Part of Kevin returned to 1982 as he was destined to, but a splinter of his existence was lost in the time continuum. He will appear again, but where and when I do not know. It may take him years, or he may already be there. But we will discover the answer. In time.

The Sensor fades away. Carol looks up, both frightened and relieved it is all over.


Scene 58. A peaceful, quiet shot of the school, camera zooming out.


All the cast and crew are given credit. Various pieces of music from the soundtrack are played.