My School 7: The Return of Kevin
Virgil's Suicide (flashback death)
1. Carl, slit throat at water fountain (Dream sequence only)
2. Carol, head crushed against tombstone (Dream sequence only)
3. Colin - decapitated with a hockey stick in 1982
4. Peter - Kevin's thumb into throat and Kevin's fist through gut in 1982
5. William - held by the Doom Bear's force beam and throat slit by a machete
6. Diabetic - neck broken and brain-fluid sucked out with a syringe
7. Coe - Kevin rams a can of cola into his forehead
8. Pep - head smashed into pop machine & machete thrown into gut
9. Tire Inflator Kid - head and lungs inflated and exploded with a tire pump
10, 11, 12.. Ghosts of William, Colin and Peter -  stabbed in forehead with crucifix
13. Bonnie - spiked to tree through forehead
14. Matthew -  screwdriver through eye to tree
15. Picknicker 1 - Ghetto Blaster hucked at head
16. Picknicker 2 - Arm torn off by Kevin's strength, and then eaten
17. Constable Mousebender - shot in the back three times
18. Constable Snapper - shot in the mouth by Kevin
19. Constable Smoketoomuch - stabbed in the back with a spear
20. Guidance Counselor Mr. Skorman (Kevin's Uncle) - hand chopped off with a machete, then stabbed in the heart
21.Secretary - killed by Kevin, somehow
22. Gene Quard - strangled by a bra 
23. Frazer - killed by Kevin, somehow, at the baseball diamond
24. Ian - beamed in the head with baseball and pounded with a baseball bat
25. Principal Lambert - stabbed through the neck with a ruler
26. Eugene the Doom Bear - shot with gun and exploded by the Sensor's ray
27. Carl Dickson - shot in the head three times by Kevin
28. The Sensor - dies of exhaustion
29. Kevin Markson - shot in the stomach and sent back to his own time (and splintered into two other timezones also, unfortunately)