My School V: Summer Vacation
* - indicates a death that was in the novel, but not in the actual film
Kevin Markson (flashback death) - beaten by the ghosts of his victims and brought to Hell - for real this time!
1. Shannon - head crushed by a tennis raquet
2. Connie - smothered with a tennis ball
3. Richard - stabbed in the leg with a jack knife and then head crushed by a boulder behind the school library
4. Librarian - neck broken by Virgil's strong hands - then belt wrapped around her neck
5. Slurpee Kid - throat slit with a hunting knife, then his blood is drank by Virgil with a slurpee straw
6. Walkman Kid - stabbed in the gut with hedge clippers
7. Graveyard Girl - head smashed on a tombstone in Virgil's dream
8. Virgil's Sister - face and head bashed open with a guitar
9. Fluffy (Virgil's cat) - cooked in the oven
10. Virgil's Brother - beaten on the head with a baseball bat for not letting Virgil play video baseball
11. Virgil's Mother - stabbed in the back with a fondue fork.
12. Virgil's Father - throat sliced open with a machete
13. Nosey Neighbor - head bashed open with a hammer
14. Glenn - hacked in the gut with a meat cleaver
15. Glenn's Dog Ask'm - cleavered while protecting his master
16. Radio D.J. - strangled with magnetic reel-to-reel tape
17. Radio Station Manager - slit throat in the parking lot
18. Playyground Kid - stabbed in the gut with a hunting knife
19. Kid in the Woods - chainsawed viciously by Virgil
20. Gus - strangled with a telephone cord, stabbed with a knife in the gut, macheted in the head
* 21. Brian - decapitated with an axe (bully 1 who beat up Virgil at beginning)
* 22. Clinton - beaten to a pulp and by Virgil (bully 2 who beat up Virgil at the beginning)
23. Little Jimmy Who Lives Down the Lane - stabbed in the stomach

I wanted to shoot the killings of the two bullies who beat up Virgil at the beginning of My School V -- but the actors were nowhere to be found.
The deaths are in the novel, which shows Virgil getting his revenge