My School 9: Kevin's Winter Slaughterland
1. Cross-Country Skier - killed by Kevin, who takes his warm jacket
2. Homeless Bum - stabbed by a sharp icicle in the neck
3. Bully 1 - hit in the head by one of Kevin's custom snowballs (a pool ball is inside) 
4. Bully 2 - rolled down the hill, creating a living snowman - then stabbed
5. Kid 1 - decapitated on a toboggan by Kevin, who is waiting at the bottom of the hill with an axe
6. Kid 2 - axed in the gut at the bottom of the toboggan hill
7. Party Person 1 - TV antennae stabbed into top of head, and pushed off the roof to his death
8. Party Person 2 - stabbed in the roof of the mouth with a sharpened candy cane.
9. Party Person 3 - drinks from a carton of eggnog that has been replaced by liquid Drainol
10. Party Person 4 - a lethal Christmas cracker explodes in his face
11. Party Person 5 - strangled with a string of Christmas tree lights
12 - 16. Christmas Carollers - annoyed by their singing, Kevin blows them away with a shotgun
17. University Janitor - throat slashed by the Doom Bear
18. University Security Guard - bitten in the crotch by the Doom Bear
19. Professor Newman -hit over the head with a golf club
20. Department Store Santa Claus - beaten up by Kevin
21. Cathy - transforms into a teddy bear (because she was bitten and infected)
22. & 23. Carl Junior's parents - killed when Eugene is unwrapped on Christmas morning

Kevin is not killed in My School 9 -- he is instead arrested by police.