Doom Bear

Script: Lafe Travis

Direction: Lafe Travis

Production: Lafe Travis and Rod Harper

Based on the "My School" series devised by Lafe Travis

(c) MCMLXXXVIII Lafe Travis

Finalized in June, 1987


Dramatis Personae:

Virgil Pembury..........................the neighbourhood slasher, once a nerd

Eugene The Doom Bear...............Kevin's old teddy Bear, who controls Virgil

Kevin Markson............................the infamous killer; only a ghost now

Trespasser..............he enters Virgil's yard to read a book, but regrets it

Skateboarder Dude........he's rad, but skateboards and hockey sticks don't mix

Axe Kid.......discovers a corpse in the schoolyard, and is chopped with an axe

Axe Finder..............he auditions for the next axe murderer role, and fails

Fluffy........Virgil's cat, who makes a disturbing appearance in his nightmare

Railroad Drunk...................drinking on the job, he pays the consequences

Rock Thrower..........................he summons Virgil from his sewer hideout

The Paperboy.......still Virgil's prisoner from MS5, he escapes, but is caught

Billy...............student, has a party at his house & plays with Ouija board

Larry......student, attends Billy's party, and gets his throat slit by a skate

Joe.......student, attends Billy's party, chopped in the crotch with a machete

Weed-eater Death............stabbed by a ski pole and torn up with a weedeater

Kid 1.......................discovers weed-eater death, but decides to go home

Kid 2...............discovers weed-eater death and chased by Virgil; strangled

Kid 3.......................discovers weed-eater death, killed by plastic duck

Kid 4..............discovers weed-eater death and killed with a plastic shovel

Kid 5................discovers weed-eater death and gets neck broken by Virgil

Druggie 1...........having a drug party nearby, gets Eugene stoned, hit by car

Druggie 2........having a drug party nearby, chopped to pieces by Virgil's axe

Virgil's Mother............makes a disturbing appearance in Virgil's nightmare

Reporter (Yvette Branker).......from CBC News, updates on the rash of killings

Grass Eater...........A kid who likes the taste of grass, gets his neck broken

Sally...a friend of Virgil's sister, Virgil tries killing her, but she escapes

P.C. O'brien......questions Virgil about the murders, and is tortured to death







20th Century Fox Fanfare

LT Films Logo

A Lafe Travis Film


Quick flashes of all of the deaths from My School V are shown, and the title song for My School 6 is introduced...

The final shot is of Eugene, sitting in the tree outside the high school. He growls, and welcomes in his new movie.


Theme music (Music from "Rawhead Rex")

A skull is shown momentarily; the trademark image for most of the My School Films. This time, it has been drawn on the computer.

The main title zooms out of the blackness towards the screen:

MY SCHOOL 6 - Doom Bear

Cast credits appear with various motion effects on the screen, in red letters on a black background; this time in order of appearance.

At the end are a few production credits.



APRIL 10th, 1985:

Virgil - I was looking for a friend of mine. His name's Eugene. I've been dreaming a lot about him lately. I just can't figure it out. But I must find him. I must. (looks right into camera) I must!!


All of a sudden, Virgil sits up in his bed. He has Eugene there beside him. The scene in the alley had been a dream. He picks up Eugene and speaks to him. (this is different than scene 73 in MS5)

Virgil (assertive) - Good morning, Teddy. What is on the agenda of horror for today?

Doom Bear - Go to the store and stock up on supplies. Anybody who interferes with your mission will die. Go into your dead mother's purse and get some money.

Virgil nods and gets out of bed.


Virgil enters the store and goes to the section where baby foods is sold. He buys some Heinz Mashed Bananas in a jar.


Virgil comes out of the toy shop holding a toy shop bag (and a Safeway bag!)


Virgil enters the administration hallway where there are the washrooms, and more importantly, a water fountain.

Virgil - I'm thirsty! Give me a drink!

Virgil plays the water fountain flicking game.


Virgil walks through a creepy maintenance tunnel to the outside of the shopping mall.


April 11th, 1985

A young man enters Virgil's yard through a hole in the fence. He has a thick hardcover book in his hand. He plants himself down against a tree in Virgil's front yard and begins reading his book.

A shot of Virgil, looking out the front window at the trespasser in the yard, reading. Virgil is wearing his Skeleton Mask. He is holding a sign up to the window, but the trespasser doesn't see Virgil there. The sign reads: "Off my property, Greese!" Virgil growls like a Bear.

The trespasser continues reading his book peacefully.

Suddenly, a belt comes across his throat from behind. Virgil is behind the tree. The trespasser struggles and drops his book. Virgil strangles him against the tree with the strong leather belt.

Blood pours out of the trespasser's neck and mouth. When he has passed out, Virgil releases the belt, and the trespasser slides to the ground. The open book is covered in the trespasser's blood.

Virgil comes around and picks up the trespasser's book. He closes the bloody pages.

Virgil - Teddy is my master! Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy!

Virgil produces the sign and a roll of Scotch tape. He attaches the sign to the trespasser's head. The sign reads: "Off my property, Greese!"


A Skateboarder Dude is riding around the assorted pavement of the schoolyard, doing all sorts of neat tricks.

Playing in the background is The Damned "Rabid" song.

He passes by a the front doorway of the school.

Virgil jumps out, mask and all, holding a hockey stick. He swipes it at full force into the skateboarder's gut. The kid flies off his skateboard and falls to the ground.

Skateboarder Dude - What a wipeout, man! Hey dude! Oh man! What a wipeout!

Virgil chops the end of the hockey stick down into the skateboarder dude's stomach. The skateboarder spits up a stream of blood. The blood hits Virgil right in the chest. There is a big bloody wound on the Skateboarder's stomach. Virgil chops the hockey stick down a few more times to finish the Skateboarder off.


The Damned song is still playing.

About ten minutes later, a young student is strolling along the pavement alongside the front of the elementary school. When he nears the entranceway, he almost trips over a skateboard, which is lying in the middle of the sidewalk. He looks down at it. His eyes look a bit further on, and he sights the bloodied corpse of the Skateboarder Dude. He stops dead in his tracks and quickly spins around. He runs back the way he came. He runs the length of the school wall. When he gets to the edge of the building, an axe swings down from around the corner in front of the student. He halts, skidding to a stop before he runs into the axe. The killer steps out from around the corner of the building. It is Virgil, and his POV is shown. In fear, the student slowly backs up. His retreat is stopped by the school fence. Virgil nears. The student has a look of terror in his eyes. Virgil swings the axe up into the air, and with one mighty swoop, brings it down into the student's chest. Blood pours out. The student trembles and falls down to the ground, blood now trickling out of his mouth.


The Damned song is still playing.

The axe which was used in the previous killing has been wedged into a fencepost. A passing boy sees the axe and enters the scene to retrieve it. With effort, he manages to pry it loose from the post. The axe is heavy in the boy's hands, and he has difficulty wielding it. But he manages to swing it around like a madman.

He sights a wooden log in the playground and carries the axe over to it. He commits an act of vandalism and starts chopping the log with the axe with the fury of an axe murderer.

Suddenly, from behind, Virgil appears with a tack hammer in hand, and cracks it over the kid's head. The kid falls over, dropping the axe on the ground. The kid is slumped over the same log which he was chopping. Virgil slams the tack hammer down onto the kid's skull and back repeatedly. Blood flows from his head and spine. Virgil laughs. The kid twitches and trembles in pain, arms flailing about as he is being hammered. After much hammering, the boy goes limp.

Virgil - Die! Die! Die! Kevin and Teddy; they are my masters!

The boy is dead. Virgil picks up the tack hammer and the axe and exits the schoolyard. His work is done.


This whole nightmare is hazy and foggy, an effect achieved by putting a layer of panty-hose in front of the camera lens.

And all through this scene, there are quick flashes of creepy objects and symbols, suggesting supernatural forces at work.

The camera moves up the stairs of Virgil's house. There is a quick flash of a tarot card. The camera approaches Virgil's bedroom. The door of the bedroom opens on its own. Virgil is lying in bed.

Virgil gets out of bed. He has a dazed look in his eyes, as if in a trance. He stands up and slowly walks out of his room.

Once in the hall outside his bedroom, the door slams shut by itself. Virgil turns and looks at the door.

There is a quick flash of a baby doll, with its eyes poked out.

Virgil turns towards his sister's bedroom.

He is there, inside his sister's bedroom. His sister's telephone is ringing on the floor. He picks up the receiver and answers it. There is a female giggle on the other end. Virgil looks really scared and confused because of this. His sister's closet door slams shut behind Virgil.

Virgil follows the cord of the phone with his hands to the other end. Rather than being plugged into the wall, it goes under the covers of his sister's bed. There is something under the covers.

He rips the top sheet of the bed back, revealing a likeness of his sister. But it's not really her. It is a clay sculpture which resembles her.

Next thing we know, Virgil is standing in his parent's bedroom. How he got transported here is unexplained. (Who said dreams had to be logical!) He is staring something creepy on his parent's bed.

Virgil - Goodnight, Daddy. Goodnight, Mommy.

The parent's bed is shown. On the pillows, in the respective places of Virgil's parents are a Barbie and Ken doll. (In this movie, we've used Sonny and Cher dolls.) Virgil stares at them.

Next thing, Virgil is crouched underneath a baby crib, where he is trying to catch his cat Fluffy. (Which he roasted in My School V!) Fluffy seems angry at Virgil, and is backing up, so Virgil can't catch her.

Virgil - Hello, Fluffy.

Fluffy hisses and meows angrily at Virgil.

Virgil - I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!

The back of Virgil is shown. He spins around, wearing Kevin's Skeleton mask on his face. The sound of clocks chiming is heard.

He removes the mask and looks at it in his hands. Suddenly, it vanishes!

Virgil is then shown underneath the baby crib. Somebody or something is trying to stab him from above. They are thrusting a sharp knife down through the mattress at him. Virgil is moving back and forth to avoid the knife.

A hallway is shown, near the top of the stairs. A skeleton hand appears from around a corner and waves. Next, from around the same corner, a hooded figure appears. The hooded figure comes towards the camera. The figure reaches up and pulls back the hood, revealing their identity.

The Devil tarot card flashes quickly on the screen.

It is Virgil underneath the hood, and he looks quite possessed of something evil.

Virgil is in the doorway of the bathroom, where his father was killed. His back is to the camera. Then his spins around. His face is all white and ghoulish. He has a devilish grin on his face.

A dark staircase is shown, with a light at the top of it. A dark figure emerges at the top and comes down the stairs. It is Virgil, with his pure white face.

Halfway down, the staircase transforms into another staircase; this one leading into the basement of Virgil's house. There is a terrible creaking sound down here.

Near the bottom of the staircase is an old-fashioned porcelain doll. Virgil picks it up and begins speaking to it. It answers him back in a raspy, unintelligible language.

Virgil puts the doll down and enters the dark basement. This is the darkest place yet.

Virgil holds a hula hoop up to his face and speaks through it in a completely foreign language.

Virgil spins around a pole, as if out of control. Objects are being flung at him by some invisible force. He seems to be totally possessed.

The nightmare ends. Virgil is tossing and turning in his own bed. All the haziness is gone. As if living the dream, he has his arms extended, trying to block the imaginary objects being flung at him in the dream. Spit is building up in his mouth. The nightmare is scaring him.


April 12, 1985

A bearded bum dressed in railroad worker clothes is walking along under the bridge. "I've Been Workin' On The Railroad" is playing in the background. He is drinking a big bottle of whisky. He is quite drunk, because he is stumbling all over the place. He nearly trips when he crosses a set of railroad tracks.

He lies down on the concrete slope under the bridge, lays his bottle beside him and folds his hands on his chest. Soon, he has dozed off to sleep.

A shadow falls over his face, awakening him. He opens his eyes and screams. Virgil is above him, wearing the Skeleton Mask, and wielding a sharp wooden stake. Virgil plunges the sharp piece of wood into the railroad worker's chest. Blood oozes out. Some of it sprays up onto Virgil's mask. The railroad bum vomits all over himself. Virgil laughs.

Virgil - Stupid drunk!

Virgil pulls out the piece of wood from the bum's stomach and throws it aside. Virgil uncaps the whisky bottle and pours the remainder of it all over the bum's corpse.

Virgil comes around behind the bum and picks up his body by the shoulders. Chunks of vomit fall off the bum's body.

Virgil drags the bum down to the railroad tracks, positioning him so that his head is on one track, and his ankles are on the other track.

Virgil laughs and looks at his watch.

Virgil - A choo-choo train!

Right on schedule, the train is seen, approaching. Virgil runs and hides behind a cement post to watch.

The train comes and runs over the bum. Blood splashes on the walls underneath the bridge. Virgil exits the scene once the train has passed.


A little boy is standing on a rocky island in the middle of the creek. Behind him is a railroad bridge, where the final cars of a train are crossing overhead.

The little boy is on an island near the mouth of a huge sewer opening. A large iron gate is covering the dank opening. The little boy is picking up rocks and throwing them in the water which is flowing out of the sewer opening. Some of the small rocks go as far as the sewer opening, and strike the gate with a clanging sound.

There is a POV shot, inside the sewer opening, looking out. There is someone or something inside the sewer tunnel, watching the little boy throwing the stones. The stones clang on the bars of the iron gate, echoing deep into the murky sewer tunnel.

The little boy throws a few more rocks, and then he stops. He sees something moving in the darkness of the sewer opening.

The gate swings open, and Virgil comes out of the tunnel, wearing his creepy Skeleton Mask.

The little boy is astonished, but also frightened.

Virgil stares at the little boy for a moment, and then he vanishes!

The little boy is left on the island, wondering where the "masked monster" disappeared to. Suddenly, Virgil "appears: behind the little boy. He clenches his large gloved hands around the back of the boy's neck and begins strangling him. The little boy screams. Virgil throws the kid to the ground of the rocky island and pulls out a pair of sharp sewing scissors. Virgil plunges the knife into the kid's stomach. He lets out a scream and dies. Virgil gets up and hops off the island and across the creek.


Virgil comes down into the basement where the paperboy is being held captive.

Virgil - How are you on this wonderful evening?

Paperboy - Let me go. I haven't done you any harm.

Virgil - Getting angry, aren't we? Well, you should be glad I haven't killed you yet. As you can see, you are still here. It is doubtful anybody will ever come looking for you. Here, I have brought you some nourishment.

Virgil pulls a spoon and a jar of baby food (which he bought in scene 6) out of the Safeway bag. The paperboy looks at it in horror.

Paperboy - I'm not going to eat that crap!

Virgil slaps the paperboy across the face.

Virgil - You'll do as I tell you! Now eat!

Virgil holds a spoon of the mucky baby food up to the paperboy's face. The paperboy takes it into his mouth. He doesn't chew it.

Virgil - Swallow it!

Virgil grabs ahold of the paperboy's chin and forces him to chew it. The paperboy starts gagging. He gets it all over his face.

Virgil - See, it wasn't that bad.

Virgil pulls a hysterical clown wig out of the Toystore bag and puts it on the paperboy. The paperboy tries to shake it off. It won't come off. Virgil points to the paperboy and chuckles.

Virgil (mocking) - You're an animal.

Paperboy (indignant) - I don't think so.

Virgil makes a "kick me" sign and puts it on the paperboy's back. He stands the paperboy up and starts kicking the paperboy in the rear end. Virgil starts singing his own version of "Jingle Bells".

Virgil - Jingo Bell, Jingo Bell, Jingo all the way. Oh what fun it is to kill, slaying with a knife. Dashing through the blood, smearing it on your face, making you eat baby food, watching you gag! Jingo Bell, Jingo Bell, Jingo all the way. Oh what fun it is to torture you, you are a stupid ox! Jingo Bell, Jingo Bell, Jingo all the way. You are a stupid paper boy, you really make me sick!

After the song is done, Virgil sits the paperboy back down on the floor.

Paperboy - You're sick. You're really sick, man. They should lock you up in a loonie hospital.

Virgil (loonie) - What you say is illogical!

Virgil gets a knife and slashes it erratically around the paperboy, not really touching him, but close enough to make the paperboy nervous.

Then Virgil slits his own arm open. He holds the wound up to the paper boy's face.

Virgil (shrieking) - Look at the blood, look at the blood!

He smears his own blood on the paperboy's knee.

Virgil (excited) - Do you like how warm it feels? Do you like how it trickles?

Virgil pulls out Eugene, the Doom Bear.

Virgil - Teddy and I are going to a party tonight, and you're not invited. Isn't that funny? You're not invited!

Virgil breaks out in laughter and runs upstairs.

He forgot to bring the knife with him. The paperboy manages to grab it, and hold it for safekeeping.


Billy, Larry and Joe are having a party at Billy's house. They are sitting around the kitchen table, enjoying their early Summer Vacation.

Larry - So, what should we do now?

Billy (insulted) - Bored already?

Larry - No, it's just that people at parties should always do crazy things.

Joe (jokingly) - Why don't we crash the house?

Billy (horrified) - No! My parents would kill me!

Larry - Come on, don't be such a wimp.


Virgil is getting ready to go to Billy's party. First, he scrubs his face with a washcloth, then he puts a handful of mousse in his hair. Virgil can hear the music from the party in his head. The Doom Bear is sitting on the sink counter, watching Virgil getting ready.

Virgil - How do I look, Teddy?

Doom Bear - You look fine! Try on the mask.

Virgil picks up his rubber Skeleton Mask from the top of the toilet tank and puts it on. But he immediately removes it.

Virgil - No, not yet. The mask will find its use soon enough -- at the party.

Doom Bear - The weapons are on the bathroom floor. There are knives, and hatchets, and forks, and spoons!

Virgil - I will get the weapons.

Virgil leans over and reaches down to the floor beside the toilet. There are a whole pile of weapons down there. Virgil picks up all of the weapons and puts them in a duffel bag. He zippers up the bag.

Doom Bear (furious) - The mask! Don't forget the mask!

Virgil - Oh yeah, the mask.

He grabs the mask and stuffs it into the bag. Virgil ties a rope holding a sheathed hunting knife around his waist. He takes time in putting on his leather killing gloves. He grabs the duffel bag and goes, forgetting entirely about Teddy on the counter.

Doom Bear (screaming) - Don't forget me, you imbecile!!

Virgil goes back and claims The Doom Bear from the counter. They leave.

Virgil (apologetically) - Sorry, Teddy.


Larry, Billy and Joe are still trying to find something to do.

Larry - So, let's have a drinking contest to see who's the first one to pass out!

Joe - Boring. Hey, I got a great idea. Do you still have your old Ouija board?

Billy - Yeah, I think so. I haven't used it for years.

Larry - What's an Ouija board?

Joe - An occult device that's used to call up spirits.

Larry - Oh.

Joe - Go get it!

Billy goes to get his old Ouija board.


Virgil comes downstairs, holding Eugene and the bag of weapons.

Virgil - They're going to be sorry they didn't invite me! They're all going to die. Virgil will kill them all.

Virgil heads out the door of his house, towards Billy's party.


Billy drops the Ouija board box down on the table in front of Larry and Joe. Dust flies up. Joe takes off the lid. They bring out the board and the pointer.

Larry - So, how do you use it?

Billy buds in when Joe is about to explain.

Billy - First you think of a spirit which you would like to call.

Larry - You mean like a ghost?

Joe - Yeah, stupid, a ghost.

Larry - Who should we call?

Joe - I don't know many dead people. There's always my Aunt Wilma who died about four years ago.

Billy makes the sound of a ghost. They all start to laugh.

Larry - Sounds pretty dumb to me.

Billy - Well, who should we call?

Larry (creepy) - How about somebody who died in the school massacre a few years ago?

Billy starts to giggle.

Larry (serious) - That's not very funny. I used to know some of the people who died in the massacre.

Joe - Like who, for instance?

Larry - Well, you know Shelley Pepperdine?

Joe - Yeah, I know her. She's not dead.

Larry - Not her, you idiot! Her boyfriend. He died. His name was Jeff. Yeah. Jeff Kushner. He was murdered by that psycho.

Billy (excitedly) - Why don't we call Kevin?

Joe - Kevin? Who the heck is Kevin?

Billy - Well, you know Kevin. Kevin Markson?

Larry and Joe shake their heads.


The paperboy is trying to saw through his chains with the knife that Virgil left him. He is sweating.


Billy - Kevin Markson was supposedly the guy who killed all of those people at the schools. Not many people know about it. My dad was one of the cops who was helping with the school massacre investigation. He saw a lot of the bodies. He told me about some of the things that they found.

Joe - Like what?

Billy - Like there was one guy, his head was twisted off.

A flashback of Eric's death from My School IV is shown.

- And there was this girl, who got her head cracked open by a baseball bat.

A flashback of Cathy Pearson's death from My School IV is shown.

- Well anyways, the cops believed that one of the students who went to the school did it. Kevin Markson. About eight years ago, Kevin used to go to regular school. But then his grades got really bad. It wasn't that he was stupid, it was just that he was aggressive, and wasn't willing to learn.

A flashback of Kevin walking through the halls from My School II is shown.

- He didn't like any of the other kids. Some of the parents of the other kids said that Kevin was possessed by the devil.

A quick flash of the devil tarot card is shown.

- Kevin got so mad at a kid in the school playground one day, he pushed him off a swing and cracked the kid's head open. He died in the hospital three days later from a concussion. The police said it was an accident.

Shots of the kid getting pushed off the swing, getting his head cracked open.

- Kevin was transferred to a special school for children with learning difficulties. And then supposedly one night, a robber broke into Kevin's house and murdered his whole family. Kevin's body was never found. Some think that Kevin was the one who murdered his family.

A flashback from My School III, of Lafe being killed, is shown.

- Then the murders at the schools began; only at the schools in Kevin's neighbourhood.

A flashback of Kevin walking down a school hallway, from My School IV.

- The house was then sold to another family. The girl in that family then began having nightmares about skeletons chasing her.

Shots of all the Kevin's are shown: My School II, My School III, My School IV, and Virgil. A shot of the Death tarot card is also shown briefly.

- One day, when the girl was playing with some of her friends down in the basement, they discovered a secret sacrificial room, where they found the slaughtered corpses of many cats...

A metal grate in the wall is shown, with light shining through from behind. Next, is a quick shot of a cat's head, all covered in blood.

- You see, Kevin's father was a satanist, who had secretly taught Kevin all sorts of things about the occult.


In the complexes where Billy lives, a boy is riding his bicycle along the various walkways between the buildings. (This boy is primarily killed by a Weed-eater, so he is referred to as "Weed-eater death". Creepy music is playing. He rides over a hill. The voices of young children can be heard in the background. He comes around a corner and rides along a high fence.

Virgil pops out around the end of the fence in front of the bicycle, wearing his Skeleton Mask. He brings a ski pole up into the air across the kid's throat, knocking him off his bike. He wipes out and falls to the ground.

Weed-eater Death (screams) - You bastard!

Virgil hovers over the fallen boy and stabs the end of the ski pole down into his stomach. The kid screams. Blood gushes out.

Weed-eater Death (in pain) - You son of a bitch!

Virgil enters the yard and picks up a Weed-Eater. It is plugged into the wall already. He switches it on full power.

The kid is still lying on the ground, bleeding. Virgil plants the spinning Weed-Eater down onto the kid's face. His arms flip about, displaying his pain. Blood spatters all over the fence from his slashed up face. Virgil removes the spinning gardening machine, to show the kid's face, all messed up. He lets the motor die down. Virgil returns the Weed-Eater to its place in the yard.

Virgil (screeching) - I am Kevin!


Three little kids are walking on the sidewalk and happen upon the corpse of the Weed-Eater death. (Kids 3, 4 and 5)

Kid 3 points down at the ground to where the body with the messed up stomach and face is lying. The laugh and go over there to have a closer look.

Kid 4 - Is this guy really dead?

Kid 5 - Yep.

Kid 4 - Is he really dead?

Kid 3 - Maybe it's a joke

Kid 5 - He looks like it.

Kid 3 touches the corpse, but it doesn't move. Kid 4 picks up the corpse's arm and drops it down. Soon Kid 1 and Kid 2 enter the scene to see the body as well.

Kid 2 (screams) - Oooh, gross!

Kid 4 - Is that real blood?

Kid 3 - I think so.

Kid 2 - Oooh, he's throwing up!

Kid 1 - Disgusting!

Kid 2 - Oooh, gross!

The kids laugh, turn and leave.

Kid 2 - Goodbye!

There is a CU shot of the kid's face, all bloodied by the Weed-Eater lashing.

Kid 1 (disgusted) - I'm going home! This is stupid, man!

Kid 1 leaves the scene. The other kids give him the finger.

Kids 2-5 walk away together, through the townhouse courts.

Kid 4 - Should we tell someone?

Kid 2 - I don't know.

Virgil's voice is suddenly heard!

Virgil (childish) - Virgil will kill them all... At My School!

The kids suddenly turn around and scream. Virgil is behind them, wearing his Skeleton Mask. (Virgil is not shown, however, only his POV)

They start running away. Virgil (the camera) begins pursuit. Kid 2 isn't scared of Virgil. He stops, turns around, sticks out his tongue at Virgil, and then continues running.

Kid 2 (unscared) - Nya nya, nya nya nya!

Virgil continues chasing the kids. Kid 2, because of his act of foolishness, is lagging behind the rest of his friends. Virgil accelerates and gains considerably on the kids, most notably, kid 2. They scream when Virgil closes in on them.

Virgil - No screaming in the halls!

Virgil runs quickly and catches up with Kid 2. He grabs the kid and throws him down to the ground. Virgil grabs Kid 2's face and squeezes it.

Virgil - My school is a warm place; for people to visit and die!

(It is doubtful that Kid 2 was actually killed, but he was "put out".

Virgil continues pursuit of Kids 3-5.

Kid 3 comes around the corner of a building. Virgil is waiting there. Obviously, he must have taken a short cut. Virgil grabs Kid 3 and throws him down to the grass. Then Virgil picks up a large plastic duck with a seat and wheels. (Which must have been left there by some careless child!) Virgil hits the plastic duck down onto Kid 3's head. He screams.

(Whether this actually killed him is questionable.)

Kid 4 has stopped running from Virgil, and instead claimed a hiding place down in the recess of an apartment building near a basement window. She is panting, from having run so fast.

Kid 4 (relieved) - The killer can't find me down here.

Suddenly, Virgil is above her, holding a plastic sandbox shovel. He whacks it down onto Kid 4's head. She screams as Virgil hits it repeatedly. (Whether she actually died is doubtful.)

Kid 5, the only remaining one, runs and hides behind a fence. She heard her other friends' screams. She, too is tired.

Kid 5 (huffing) - The killer can't catch me now!

Suddenly, Virgil appears and has her by the throat with his strong hands. He tosses her to the ground. She screams. Virgil slaps her face and shakes her back and forth violently.

Kid 5 (frantic) - Help! Help! Help!

Then he breaks her neck. Her head falls limply to the side. (This might have killed her.)


The paperboy is still sawing away at his chains with the knife. He groans in weariness and starts to cry.

Paperboy - I'm never going to get out of here!

He continues sawing away.


Billy continues the legend of Kevin Markson...

Billy - Many students were killed in the school massacre. One of the students who survived said that the killer wore a skeleton mask. Some say that Kevin was haunted by the ghosts of the people he killed and was brought to Hell to die an eternal death of fire.

The ending of My School IV is shown, with the ghosts killing Kevin. Shots of Hell from My School V are flashed as well.

- Others say that Kevin is still alive, waiting for the school to reopen, so he may once again kill all within...

Larry (cutting in) - If that isn't the biggest crock of bullshit, then what is?

Billy - You don't have to believe it, but that's what I heard.

Larry - I don't believe it.

Billy - So, should we call up the ghost of Kevin?

Joe - Why not? Coz' if it does nothing, it just proves that your story's worth garbage! Now, what do we do?

Billy - Well, you get this little pointer thing, and you put it on the board.

Billy puts the pointer on the board.

- And then you put your hands on it like this.

Billy puts his hands on the pointer.

- And then you say "may we have contact with the ghost of Kevin Markson".

Joe (insistent) - Say it.

Larry (bland) - Okay! Can we have contact with the ghost of Kevin Markson.

Billy - No. Not like that. You have to put more feeling into it. You have to take command of the spiritual world.

Larry (powerful) - Okay! May we have contact with the ghost of Kevin Markson?!

A quick flash of Kevin Markson (yes Kevin!) rising up from a grave in a graveyard.

Billy - That's good.

Joe - Now what?

Billy - The pointer should move around the board, to answer the questions.

The pointer suddenly moves to YES on the board, tugging Billy's arm to do so. There is a big explosion of music.

Larry (frightened) - Did you do that?

Billy - Do what?

Larry - Make the pointer move to the YES.

Billy - I didn't do it. The spirit of Kevin made me do it.

Larry (caught on) - You're full of it.

Billy - I know.


A shot of the fuse box in the basement. A hand flicks one of the switches.


All of a sudden, the lights go out, and so does the stereo. Billy, Larry and Joe freak out.

Billy (scared) - Well, I may have made the pointer move to the YES, but there's no way I could have done this!

Joe - Somebody get some candles.

Larry - Here, I got a flashlight.

Larry flicks on a flashlight and shines it around.

Billy - There are some candles in that drawer down there.

Billy points to a drawer. Joe takes out town candles, mounts them on candle holders, and then lights them up. Joe almost burns his fingers.

Billy - Don't burn your hands. Aw, we probably blew a fuse. Who wants to go down into the cellar to check the fusebox?

Joe - Not me.

Larry - Where are the extra fuses?

Billy - In the same drawer that the candles were in.

Larry looks in the drawer and takes out two fuses.

Larry - I got them. I'm going down to the cellar. I'll be back in a minute.

Larry leaves.


Larry goes down into the cellar with a flashlight and two fuses. He opens up the door of the fusebox. He shines the light in.

Larry flicks the switch.


The lights come back on in the kitchen, as well as the music on the stereo. Billy and Joe cheer.


Larry turns around to leave the cellar. Virgil is behind him, wearing his bizarre Skeleton Mask. He throws Larry down to the cellar floor.

Virgil grabs a hockey skate lying nearby. Virgil brings the hockey skate across Larry's throat. Blood sprays out.

Virgil - The class is done, and I have won!


The rock music is blaring on the stereo.

Billy - I wonder where Larry is? He's been down in that cellar for quite awhile.

Joe - He probably found a good looking chick down there. Do you want me to go down in the cellar and go find him?

Billy - Would you?

Joe (carefree) - Why not. Maybe I'll find something interesting down there too.

Joe leaves.


Joe goes down into the cellar. He finds the flashlight on the floor. Then Joe sees the corpse of Larry lying on the floor, his neck slashed open. Blood is everywhere.

Joe - Larry! This is a joke. It's got to be a joke! You can't be dead. It's not funny.

Joe shakes Larry, and then realizes that Larry really is dead! Joe screams and runs.

Virgil grabs Joe and pushes him against a wall.

Joe (angry) - You bastard, you killed Larry!

Virgil pulls out a big machete.

Joe (scared) - Oh shit, oh darn, I was only kidding, you know. I didn't mean to call you a bastard.

Virgil slowly brings the machete between Joe's legs. And then, with one quick thrust, brings it up into Joe's crotch. Joe screams. He slides down the wall of the cellar in total pain. Blood gushes out between his legs.


Billy is listening to blaring rock music on the stereo, so there was no way he would have heard his friends' screams. He is drinking a cup of coffee. We get the feeling that Billy isn't entirely alone. All of a sudden, the cassette tape comes to its end.

Billy - Holy, shit.

He gets up from his chair and goes over to the cassette deck. He takes the tape out. He flips the tape over and puts it back into the machine. He presses play. The music begins.

Virgil is standing behind Billy with a rolling pin. He slams it down onto Billy's head, knocking him to the floor.

Virgil places the rolling pin on the kitchen counter, where there is a steak fork, a corkscrew and a cheese grater.

He picks up the steak fork. Billy is lying on the kitchen floor, chest down. Virgil jabs the steak fork into Billy's back and pulls it out. The two prongs are dripping with Billy's blood.

Next, Virgil sticks the corkscrew into Billy's back and winds it in. Blood fountains out. It takes effort to pull the corkscrew out.

Virgil flips Billy over and attacks his face with the cheese grater. He grates Billy's nose and cheeks, making them all bloody.

Virgil holds up the bloody cheese grater and looks at it. Virgil walks out the scene, taking the cheese grater with him. All the people at this party have been killed.


Another party is taking place; this one at the house of a pair of pot-smoking groovy hippies. Druggie 1 is wearing glasses with green lenses and fluorescent frames, as well as a flowery shirt. Druggie 2 has a headband and a shirt with groovy patterns on it.

Druggie 1 lights a joint and starts puffing on it.

Druggie 2 - How's the stuff, man?

Druggie 1 - Oh, powerful man. But really good.

Druggie 2 take the joint from 1 and has a hoot.

Druggie 1 - What we need is a stereo.

Druggie 2 give the joint back to his friend.

Druggie 2 - Like, good stuff, man.

Druggie 1 - Like, do you have the new Led Zeppelin, man?

Druggie 2 - Like, you better believe it. It's awesome. Like, groovy.

Druggie 1 picks up his guitar and plays a few cords. Suddenly, he stops and looks over at his partner.

Druggie 1 (astounded) - Whoa! There's, like, green things coming out of your nose, and it's frightening me.

Druggie 1 falls onto his back and extends his legs up into the air.

Druggie 2 (impressed) - Like, wow.

Druggie 1 begins laughing uncontrollably.

- Like, you're falling over, man.

Druggie 1 picks up an artificial rose from nearby.

- Can't you see those big fuzzy polka-dots all over the place?

Druggie 1 gives the plastic rose to Druggie 2.

Druggie 1 - I found this; a bouquet.

Druggie 2 takes it.

Druggie 2 - Oh, bless you.

He sniffs the rose.

Druggie 1 - It's all yours now, friend.

Druggie 1 points off screen to something.

(disbelief) - Whoa! Do you see that Teddy Bear?

Druggie 2 - I can see it!

Druggie 1 - What's it doing?

Druggie 2 (panicking) - Like, it's coming right for us!

Druggie 1 (scared) - Oh!!

They cover their eyes. Their POV is shown. There is, indeed, a Teddy Bear coming towards them. It is Eugene. He is coming down the stairs into the basement, all on his own. He growls. Both druggies back up in fear. Eugene comes down the stairs towards them.

Druggies 1 & 2 (together) - Whoa!!

Both druggies back up. Once Eugene is at the bottom of the stairs, he flies up in the air towards the two druggies. Druggie 1 grabs his guitar for protection.

Druggie 1 (to Bear) - Don't get violent on us, man!

He tries hitting Eugene with his guitar.

- Rotten Bear!

Eugene laughs wildly and dodges all the swings of the druggie's guitar.

Druggie 2 - Powerful drugs!

Druggie 1 gives up and lays his guitar down.

Druggie 1 - We have something to offer you, tiny friend.

Doom Bear - Give me a hit of your marijuana!

Druggie 2 - Yeah, this Bear has good tastes.

Druggie 1 pulls out a joint and matches, and lights it for Eugene, who moves closer to puff on it.

Druggie 1 - Enjoy.

Eugene puffs on the joint.

- You've got to puff harder.

Eugene inhales strongly.

Druggie 1 - There you go.

Druggie 2 - Groovy.

The Doom Bear starts flipping around like crazy.

Doom Bear (high) - Wow! What's happening to me?

Druggie 1 tries holding the Bear down, but he can't.

Druggie 1 - How does it make you feel, man?

Eugene waves and stumbles, slowing down.

Doom Bear (sick & dying) - I don't feels too good...

Eugene the Doom Bear stops moving around, as if frozen.

Druggie 1 - Can we help you?

Eugene falls flat on his face, moving no more. He has passed out.

Druggie 2 - Like, I think that's a "no", man.

Druggie 1 - I guess so.

There is a shot of the unconscious Doom Bear on the floor.

Then a shot of the two druggies. The camera tilts up, showing Virgil there, standing up behind them, wearing his Skeleton Mask, holding a huge axe. It is as if he just appeared.

Druggie 2 - That Bear's dead.

Virgil (furious) - You hurt Teddy!

The druggies hear Virgil behind them and spin around.

Druggie 2 (scared) - Whoa man, like, you invite this guy to the party?

Virgil raises the axe above his head and turns towards Druggie 2, who starts backing up in terror.

Virgil (quite angry) - Nobody hurts Teddy and lives!!

Druggie 2 (pleading) - Whoa man, don't hit me! I never hurt Teddy.

Virgil doesn't listen, and keeps advancing.

Druggie 2 - No. No. No!

Virgil chops the axe down into Druggie 2's shoulder. He collapses to the floor. Druggie 2 tries to get up, but he can't. Virgil puts the blade of the axe on Druggie 2's arm and raises his foot up. Then he stomps down onto the head of the axe, driving the blade through Druggie 2's arm. It severs the limb completely. The arm falls off onto the ground. Druggie 2 screams as blood gushes out of the stump.

Druggie 1 is a witness to all of the horror, and is shaking in fear.

Virgil looks at the blood covering the head of the axe quite closely.

Virgil (satisfied) - Blood is red, vomit is green, you are bad and I am supreme!

As if he forgot about Druggie 1, Virgil starts chopping apart the rest of Druggie 2.

This gives Druggie 1 the chance to make his getaway. He slowly crawls past Virgil and his friend's corpse, so as not to be noticed. He crawls up the stairs, fearing that Virgil will see him. The Doom Bear is still unconscious on the floor.

Virgil continues chopping Druggie 2 into itty bitty pieces.


Druggie 1 comes up the stairs out of the basement. He scampers into the kitchen towards the telephone. He picks up the receiver, stops, and taps on the hook. The phone is dead. He drops the receiver.

Behind him, coming out of the basement, is Virgil. He is holding snoozing Eugene in one hand, and the bloody axe in the other hand. Virgil's shirt is all covered with blood.

Druggie 1 sees Virgil, gets up, and runs out the door to the outside.

Virgil grabs a set of car keys off a hook on the wall and goes out the door after Druggie 1.


Druggie 1 runs through the parking lot of his apartment building and into the alley. Virgil pops up in the driver seat of one of the parked cars.

Druggie 1 runs down the alley. The car with Virgil inside pulls out of the parking lot and speeds off after Druggie 1.

Druggie 1 exits the alley and runs down a roadway.

Virgil's POV is shown, inside the car, quickly gaining on Druggie 1 on the roadway. Eugene is lying on the dashboard, still out from the drugs. Druggie 1 is running on the road, not far ahead. Virgil soon catches up.

Druggie 1 doesn't have time to get out of the way. The car hits him. He strikes the hood, and rolls over it. He flips to the pavement, off to the side of the car. Blood pours out of his mouth.

Virgil turns off the engine and gets out of the car.

Virgil (sing-song) - My school, my school! My school, my school, my school!

Virgil looks down at Druggie 1's corpse and admires the blood gushing out of his mouth. He takes off like a rabbit into the nearby field.

A second later, Eugene wakes up on the dashboard, realizes where he is, and then teleports out of there!


The Paperboy is still sawing at his chains with the knife.

Paperboy (impatient) - Come on, come on!

The Paperboy moves around uneasily. He keeps shifting in his position. He gets more frantic.

Paperboy - No, no!

The Paperboy wets his pants. He continues sawing. He finally breaks through. He is free! He smiles.

Paperboy - Now you're gonna get more than you bargained for, Virgil.


April 13, 1985

Creepy shots are quickly flashed in succession, making a startling nightmare for Virgil. First, a dark train tunnel is shown. Then a gravestone, with Kevin standing behind it. He has risen from his grave, and his ghost is searching for Virgil. There is a quick flash of Virgil's white ghoulish face, with lesions covering it. The light from a doorway is shining on a wall. The shadow of somebody stands in the doorway. Mannequins in ghastly poses are quickly flashed. Next is a shot of a church altar, with a glowing crucifix atop. It is a battle between Virgil and Kevin for control of Virgil's body!

The face of Virgil's mother is shown, dead white and ghostly. Blood seeps from the corners of her mouth. There is a quick flash of a clay sculpture, resembling Virgil's sister. Virgil's mother returns, and this time, she speaks:

Virgil's Mother (scolding) - Virgil, this is your mother talking. The only solution left for you is to kill yourself.

A creepy little girl mannequin is shown, holding a grotesque porcelain doll. Kevin is shown, stalking through the graveyard, looking for Virgil.

The face of the railroad drunk (who was killed in scene 15) is shown, all smashed up and bloody from being run over by the train. Pieces of loose flesh are hanging down. He addresses Virgil:

Railroad Drunk (in agony) - End the pain for all of us who've died!

A cluster of earthworms are shown, wriggling around in a pool of blood. Virgil's frightened eyes are shown in a quick close-up. Old-fashioned school desks are seen in an outdated classroom. A staircase leads up into darkness. The POV of a driver in an out-of-control vehicle, about to crash. Virgil's mother makes another ghastly appearance.

Virgil's Mother (scolding) - You should be the king of Hell to release them.

Antique dolls, as well as knives and meat cleavers hanging on a kitchen wall are shown. Virgil's brother makes an appearance this time in the nightmare, his face all smashed up by Virgil's baseball bat beating.

Virgil's Brother (teasing) - Virgil's a retard!

A tarot card of the Devil is quickly shown, and so is the YES on an Ouija board. The railroad worker ghost makes another creepy threat:

Railroad Drunk (threatens) - Kill yourself, Virgil.

A tarot card depicting a heart being pierced by swords is shown.

Virgil's Brother (retarded) - Virgil!

Virgil's Mother (shrieking) - Kill yourself! Die! Die!


Virgil shoots up in his bed. He had a bad nightmare. He grabs the Doom Bear, who was lying beside him.

Virgil (whining) - Teddy, I had a bad dream.

Doom Bear (knowing) - That dream was a warning from Kevin. You need to kill more people. Blood is power! Go down into the basement. The paperboy is down there. You don't need him anymore. Kill him! You must carry out Kevin's orders, or Kevin will come to haunt you, just as he did last night.

Virgil (determined) - I am going to kill the paperboy.

Virgil gets out of bed and goes out of his room with the Doom Bear.


Virgil comes down into the basement, wearing his Skeleton Mask, and holding a machete to execute the paperboy. He finds the cut chains, the knife, the jar of baby food and the puddle of urine. He sniffs the puddle. He takes off his mask and addresses the Doom Bear, who he is holding as well.

Virgil (worried) - He got away! What sabotage is this? He's gone! What am I going to do? He's going to tell them what I have done. Then they'll come and take me away? What am I going to do?

Doom Bear - Fear not, Virgil. The Paperboy is not far. Kevin can help up find him. Kevin is a ghost. Kevin sees all.


The camera fades from the previous scene to a shot from far away of the paperboy, running into a forest entrance. An image of Kevin's mask slowly dissolves over that of the Paperboy. A shot of a bird circling the forest from above is shown, as if the bird were the ghost of Kevin.


The camera fades back to Virgil and the Doom Bear in the basement. Virgil knows where the Paperboy has run off to.

Doom Bear - Go get him, Virgil.

Virgil puts his mask back on.

Virgil - He's not going to get away from me!

Virgil chops the machete into a pumpkin, which just happens to be left over from Halloween. He viciously hacks at the pumpkin. Seeds and innards fly up into the air. (This foreshadows what is to become of the Paperboy. Virgil heads up the stairs and out the door.


The Paperboy runs into the woods. Virgil runs down a hill to where the woods are, screaming his lungs out:

Virgil - Run, you stupid ox!

Virgil runs into the same wooded opening which the Paperboy did. The Paperboy runs deeper into the woods. Already, Virgil is gaining on him.

Virgil - Can't you run any faster?

The Paperboy runs past the camera. Virgil appears nearby and follows. (Virgil must have used his teleportation powers to find the Paperboy this fast!) The Paperboy's POV is shown, running through the trees. The Paperboy fights this way through the thickening of the bushes, while Virgil effortlessly chops them aside with his machete.

The Paperboy is deep in the woods, with Virgil not too far behind. He goes one way, and Virgil goes another way. Virgil continues to chop his way with his machete. The Paperboy has to push branches aside to get through. He runs through a thick section of the forest. Suddenly, Virgil pops out from a group of trees and chops his machete down at the Paperboy, but misses him. The Paperboy takes off like a rocket. Virgil comes out of the trees and runs after him.

Virgil runs one way, and the Paperboy comes out another way. Virgil stands behind some leafy branches and waits, as the Paperboy runs past.

The Paperboy trips on a low-hanging branch. (Probably set up by Virgil!) He falls to the ground, right at Virgil's feet. Virgil is there. The fallen Paperboy looks up at Virgil, who prepares to chop down on the with his machete. Thinking quickly, the Paperboy grabs a stick lying nearby and whacks it up into Virgil's crotch. Virgil tumbles backwards in agony. The Paperboy gets up and continues running. It takes time for Virgil to compose himself.

The Paperboy comes to a Y-trail and chooses to go right. A moment later, Virgil encounters the Y-trail, and wonders which one the Paperboy chose.

Virgil - Which way did he go?

Virgil decides to go left.

Further on in the forest, the Paperboy hears somebody approaching. He grabs a thick log and quickly hides behind a tree. Virgil comes around past the tree where the Paperboy is hiding. The Paperboy jumps out and brings the big log down over Virgil's head. Virgil falls down on his face, dropping his machete. The Paperboy and Virgil both go for the machete. The Paperboy stomps on Virgil's hand and grabs the machete. He kicks Virgil's body over so he is lying on his back and chops the machete down into Virgil's stomach. Blood splashes out of Virgil's gut. Virgil goes limp. The Paperboy runs away.

Virgil awakens. The machete is stuck in his gut. He's in pain. Grimly, he slides the weapon out of his stomach and stands up. He looks down at the trickling wound. He touches his hand to the wound and looks at the blood all over his fingers. He limps away through the forest.

The Paperboy winds his way back out of the woods, confident that Virgil is killed. He stops at a clearing to take a breath. The chase exhausted him. He listens to the birds chirping. Suddenly, Virgil pops up from behind, and brings the sharp machete across the Paperboy's throat. The Paperboy screams as Virgil throws him down to the ground. Virgil chops the Paperboy repeatedly in the chest with the machete, and then stops. He has won the game.

Virgil (triumphant) - I killed him!


Reporter - Police are baffled by more killings around the city. Police have uncovered over 50 bodies around the city, all killed in a similar fashion to those found at John G. Diefenbaker High school. Police advise everybody to lock all their doors and windows. No new clues have been discovered. If anybody has any information about the deaths, they are advised to call 275-4944. This is Yvette Branker for CBC News Calgary.


A kid is hanging around a grassy field, picking the grass and eating it. He puts a few pieces in his mouth and chews on them. This is why the kid is known as "the grass-eater".

Virgil comes up from behind, wearing his Skeleton Mask, and grabs the kid in a martial arts hold around the neck. He breaks the kid's neck with a "crack" sound. The kid's arms fly out to the side, the grass drops out of his mouth, and his whole body suddenly goes limp. Virgil drops the grass-eater kid's body to the ground and leaves.


Virgil is upset and crying in his living room. He is talking to the Doom Bear, who is sitting on his lap.

Virgil (agonizing) - I don't want to kill any more people, Eugene. It's not right!

Doom Bear (angry) - You must do as you are told! Kevin will kill you if you disobey. He can easily find another person to do his work.

Virgil (dubious) - Why did he choose me in the first place? I am weak and frail; a failure.

Doom Bear (assuring) - But the power of Kevin's ghost courses through your veins, feeding you with the strength to go on. You are no longer weak. On the contrary, you are the ultimate killing machine, surpassing even what Kevin himself has done. Your appearance has helped you greatly. People assume you to be weak. That is their downfall.

The Doom Bear laughs.

Virgil (neurotic) - Please don't torture my mind. I am about to snap. This is too much for a mere mortal to take. I can no longer kill people. My conscience is a barrier which prevents me from my duties. Kevin will have to go elsewhere for his demanding pleasure.

Doom Bear (berserk) - Kevin won't. You know that. When he finds out your plans of mutiny, he will strike you down with a vengeance of fire and blood!

Virgil (defiant) - I care not. Kevin will have to deal with me then.

Doom Bear (superior) - You should be grateful. Before, you were nothing but a snivelling worm. Now you are endowed with wondrous power. Use it to your best advantage. You are unstoppable while Kevin sustains you.

Virgil (defiant) - I don't care. I'd rather be my plain old miserable self than Kevin's play-thing.


Sally walks from the front of the school. She had to drop something off. She walks towards the parking lot where her car is located. Somebody can be seen behind a fence, watching her.

She arrive at her car and gets inside. (There is nothing on top of her car at this point.) She puts the key in the ignition and starts the car up. Suddenly, a hand comes down from above and grabs her on the shoulder. She screams. Virgil is on top of the car, reaching and looking down through the open sun roof. He is not wearing his famous mask. He looks down at her and confesses:

Virgil (sorry) - I've done a bad thing! I've killed many people. I didn't mean to do it. Teddy made me do it, you see. Teddy's my friend. He tells me all things. He's my mentor.

Sally (pissed off) - You're screwed, asshole. Get the Hell off my car.

Virgil's remorse turns to anger. He tries grabbing her hair. She slaps his hand away and quickly turns the crank of the sunroof, closing it on Virgil's arm. He starts growling in anger. The sunroof closes, trapping Virgil's arm inside. She pushes his moving hand away and gets out of her car. He tries to grab her with his other hand, but she runs away across the parking lot to get help.

Virgil struggles on top of the car to free his arm from the sunroof, but he can't. Suddenly, he dematerializes out of there.

Virgil's POV is shown, chasing after Sally in the school parking lot.

Virgil (perverted) - Run for your life, little girlie!

Sally runs around to the back of the school near the garbage dumpster. She bangs on a couple of doors to get in, but she can't. Virgil jumps out from behind a post, now wearing his Skeleton Mask. She screams and runs.

She comes to another locked door and begins banging on it, and Virgil enters the scene. She screams and takes off again.

She comes to a chain-link gate and stops. It is locked by a huge padlock. She tries climbing the gate. Virgil comes up behind her and pulls her down to the ground. She screams. She grabs his mask and tears it off his face.

Sally (surprised) - You were the one who was killing all those people?

Virgil picks up the Skeleton Mask from the ground and puts it on his head, down only to the forehead.

Virgil (regretful) - Yes, I killed all those people. I had to. It was in the law of physics. And now, you must join them. I'm sorry. You were the dearest friend that I knew though.

Sally, still down on the ground, slowly picks up a stone.

Sally (appalled) - You're sick. You're crazy.

She hucks the rock at Virgil. It hits him in the nose and knocks him back against a fence. She runs out of there with her life.

Virgil is dazed. Blood trickles out of one nostril. He picks up the rock which struck him and licks it before tossing it aside. Sally escaped. Virgil is none too happy. And Kevin will be even more disappointed when he finds out.


Virgil goes into his bathroom to have a shower. It is the end of a long day. He undresses and steps into the tub. He turns on the shower. The water feels good. He gets himself all wet.

Suddenly, the water turns to blood, and jets onto Virgil's face. He screams and jumps around in horror.

Then the water is normal again. Virgil rips the shower curtain aside and jumps out in fear.


Virgil comes running out of the bathroom into the hallway. He stops in his tracks.

The ghost of Kevin is standing in his bedroom doorway, holding a bloody machete.

Virgil drops down to his knees and trembles in fear.

Kevin points his finger at Virgil. (He isn't happy with Virgil!)

Virgil nods his head, as if in a trance, and clasps his hands into a praying position. (He is sorry for disobeying.)

Kevin disappears from the doorway, as if he was never there.


Virgil picks up the Doom Bear, who was waiting on Virgil's bed.

Virgil (scared) - I saw him in the hallway.

Doom Bear - Do as he says, Virgil; before you get into more trouble.

Virgil nods and gets ready for bed. (He hoped he wouldn't be having another nightmare tonight.)


April 14, 1985

Virgil is standing in his living room, holding the Doom Bear. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Virgil turns around and looks at the door.

Virgil (screaming) - It's the doorbell -- ding, dong!

The Doom Bear responds. This time, however, the camera shows that Virgil is the one who is actually speaking for his Teddy Bear. Virgil has a psychotic expression on his face when he does so.

Doom Bear (Virgil) - Answer it, stupid.

For Virgil to answer for himself, he reverts back to his nervous personality..

Virgil (frail) - No, I'm scared.

Doom Bear (Virgil) - Scared of what? Killing, or getting caught?

Virgil (terrified) - Both.

Doom Bear (Virgil) - Answer the door, retard.

Virgil - I don't want to.

Doom Bear (Virgil) - Do it. Teddy knows best. I will help you.

Virgil - Okay.

Virgil goes over to the door and opens it. There is a policeman standing there, Police Constable O'brien. Virgil freaks out.

P.C. O'brien - Good afternoon, sir. I'm Detective Connors.

The Police Constable flashes his badge at Virgil.

P.C. O'brien - I'm investigating the disappearance of several citizens in the past few days in this neighbourhood.

Virgil (nervous) - Yeah, how may I help you?

P.C. O'brien - You can help yourself by locking all your doors and windows. We suspect some sort of psychopath is lurking around the neighbourhood. Be on guard. It could save your life.

Virgil - Thank you very much, officer, and good day.

The cop turns to leave. Eugene freaks out and speaks to Virgil. (In Virgil's mind only.)

Doom Bear - No, you imbecile! Don't let him leave! Invite him in. You don't want him to get suspicious, do you?

Virgil (aloud) - No, I don't.

The cop thinks that Virgil is addressing him.

P.C. O'brien - Excuse me, sir?

Virgil - Oh, nothing. I was wondering if you would like to enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee with me.

P.C. O'brien - Oh, I don't think so, dir. I have a tight schedule. I still have lots of houses to cover.

Doom Bear (to Virgil) - Don't let him leave, you spineless coward!

Virgil (to O'brien) - But I insist!

P.C. O'brien - Alright, but just for a minute.

Virgil - Very well, then.

O'brien comes into Virgil's house, taking off his hat.


P.C. O'brien comes into the kitchen. Virgil points to the dining room table.

Virgil - Have a seat. Make yourself at home.

P.C. O'brien - Thank you.

Virgil - You are very welcome, my friend.

Virgil puts a kettle on the stove and turns on the burner.

Doom Bear (to Virgil) - Kill him now, while you have the chance. His back is turned. Look at that big gun he has. All the better to shoot him with. Take it away from him. Blow his brains across the room!

Virgil (to Teddy) - No, I refuse!

P.C. O'brien turns to Virgil, thinking he is speaking to him.

P.C. O'brien - I didn't want the coffee that badly anyways.

Virgil (embarrassed) - No. Ah, ah. I meant to say, I refuse to serve coffee without cookies!

Virgil opens up a cupboard and pulls out a bag of cookies.

P.C. O'brien - Oh, that's okay, I'm on a diet anyways.

The cop eyes Virgil suspiciously. Virgil gets sugar, mugs and milk. He leaves the Doom Bear on the counter. He brings the things to the dining room table.


Virgil sits down and smiles at O'brien.

Virgil - How do you like your coffee; sugar, cream or blood? Er, I meant black. Yes, black coffee. That's the stuff without anything in it.

The Doom Bear gets up on the counter behind O'brien, and moves towards him, about to attack. Virgil totally freaks out with anxiety. O'brien stands up, hand on his gun.

P.C. O'brien - Is there a problem?

Virgil (pointing) - It's Teddy, over there! Can't you see?

The policeman turns and looks behind him. The Teddy Bears sits motionlessly on the counter.

Virgil - There, there!

P.C. O'brien - I don't understand. Do you want your Teddy Bear?

Virgil - Yes! Give me him!

The cop passes the Bear to Virgil.

P.C. O'brien - There you are. Now, is everything alright?

Virgil takes the Bear from O'brien and sits down on it.

Virgil - Yes, I feel a lot better now. Where were we? I seem to have forgotten.

P.C. O'brien - Cream and sugar!

Virgil - Hah?

P.C. O'brien - The coffee. I wanted cream and sugar in my coffee, please.

Virgil (laughing) - Oh, okay.

P.C. O'brien - On a more serious note, do you have parents?

Virgil - Of course I do, silly. Do you?

O'brien chooses to ignore Virgil's comment.

P.C. O'brien - Well, do you? And if so, where may they be? You seem to be alone.

Virgil - My mommy and daddy and brother and sister all went on a vacation to Disneyland. I'm in charge of the house when they're gone. I'm the man of the house now.

P.C. O'brien - Well, how long will they be gone?

Virgil - It is undetermined at this point in time.

P.C. O'brien - Well, you know it isn't very good for a teenaged boy to be staying alone in a house for so long. What would you do in an emergency situation?

Virgil - I would dial nine, one, one!

Virgil shows the cop the numbers with his fingers.

P.C. O'brien - Why didn't they take you with them?

Virgil - I am not interested in such simplistic pleasures. It takes a lot to make me happy.

P.C. O'brien - I'm afraid I'm going to have to take your name and phone number. Just so we can check up on you. It wasn't very smart of your parents to have left you alone, especially with all of the deaths in the neighbourhood.

Virgil - My name is..

Virgil pauses momentarily. The Doom Bear talks to Virgil, who is still sitting on him.

Doom Bear (to Virgil) - Lie! Don't tell them your real name.

Virgil - My name is Kevin Markson. My phone number is 1-800-666-4321.

P.C. O'brien writes down on his pad: "This is the one!"

P.C. O'brien - Very well. We'll be checking up on you every day or two.

The kettle whistles.

Virgil - Oh, the water's boiled. I'd better take it off.

Virgil gets up. He goes over to the kettle and takes it off. Virgil leaves the stove on. (Why? You'll see...)

While Virgil is in the kitchen, the Doom Bear crawls up onto the table, seemingly by its own power. He starts coming towards the police officer.

Virgil sees the Bear advancing on the cop and starts shaking his head, sweating. He holds his head and shakes it.

P.C. O'brien - Are you alright, sir?

Virgil - I seem to be coming down with a fever.

The cop looks behind him, but the Doom Bear quickly ducks down under the table.

P.C. O'brien - You appear to be under a lot of pressure and stress.

Virgil comes back to the table with the kettle. He pours some coffee.

Virgil - Yeah, I know. I apologize for my behaviour. It's just that I've been upset over Fluffy's death.

P.C. O'brien - Fluffy?

Virgil (sad) - Yeah, Fluffy. My kitten. When Mommy was cooking dinner the other night, Fluffy decided to get a bite to eat. She jumped into the open oven, and Mommy closed the door, unaware of her presence. Fluffy got cooked!

Virgil breaks down and cries hysterically.

P.C. O'brien - Oh, that's unfortunate.

Virgil's tears stop immediately. He composes himself, as if his tears were just an act.

Virgil - So, where were we?

Virgil grabs the Doom Bear and sits down on him once again.

P.C. O'brien - I don't know.

Virgil - Let me pour you some coffee.

Virgil pours some more coffee into O'brien's mug.

Virgil - Now, tell me about these disappearances.

P.C. O'brien - Well, to tell the truth, they're not actually disappearances. We found some bodies.

Virgil (licking his lips) - Tell me more!

Doom Bear (to Virgil) - Quit sitting on me!

P.C. O'brien - We found some mutilated bodies throughout the neighbourhood.

Virgil (hungrily) - Yeah.

P.C. O'brien - I don't think you want to hear anymore. Some of the things we found were too horrible to discuss. I shouldn't be telling you any of this anyway.

Virgil - Yeah, you're right.

The Doom Bear starts putting up a struggle under Virgil.

Doom Bear (angry) - Quit sitting on me! You're heavy!

Virgil is bouncing up and down.

P.C. O'brien - Is there something wrong, Kevin?

Virgil - No, not at all. Why?-

P.C. O'brien - Well, you're bouncing up and down!

Virgil - Oh that. I'm kind of restless. I can't sit still for more than a few minutes. It's a disease, you see.

P.C. O'brien - Oh, what's it called? I'm knowledgeable in first aid procedures. Maybe I can help you.

Virgil - I don't think so.

Virgil hits the Doom Bear underneath him. The Bear begins to growl angrily.

Virgil - Down boy, down! It's not that bad. It will go away in a few seconds.

P.C. O'brien - Oh yes, I'm familiar with this disease. Don't tell me. It's caused by your kitten's death, right?

Virgil throws the Doom Bear to the ground.

Suddenly, the ghost of Kevin appears behind the cop, about to chop a machete down into his head. Virgil freaks out and tells him to go away. Kevin swings the machete down, and vanishes, just before it hits the cop's head. Virgil gets up from the table.

Virgil - Let me get you a spoon to stir your coffee with.

P.C. O'brien - Uh, thanks.


Virgil takes the Doom Bear into the kitchen.

Doom Bear (to Virgil) - Whazza matta, Virgil? Don't you trust me?

Virgil (to Doom Bear) - No, I don't trust you!

The cop thinks that Virgil is talking to him.

P.C. O'brien - To be frank sir, I don't trust you either.

Virgil - No, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Teddy.

P.C. O'brien - Look, I'd better be going soon.

Virgil (scared) - No, you must stay. There's a psycho loose. I need protection.

P.C. O'brien (annoyed) - That's why I asked for your name and phone number!

Virgil opens up the cutlery drawer and reaches for a spoon.

Doom Bear (commanding) - Kill the pig, now!

Virgil reaches instead for a knife. He shakes his head, and then reaches for a spoon.

Doom Bear (insistent) - You wimp, slay him!

Virgil reaches for the knife again. He shakes his head, and goes back to the spoon.

Doom Bear - Do as I command! Teddy has spoken!

Virgil grabs the knife.

Virgil - No!

He shakes his head, drops the knife, and takes the spoon into his hand.

Virgil opens the fridge and throws the Doom Bear inside, slamming the door. He takes the spoon back to the cop in the dining room.1


Virgil comes back into the dining room with the spoon.

P.C. O'brien (impatient) - Look, I really better be going.

Virgil (urgent) - No, wait! I must talk to you about something.

P.C. O'brien (mad) - We've been talking for over an hour and have gotten nowhere. I have to get around to the other houses.

Virgil (insistent) - No! Please stay.

P.C. O'brien (furious) - What is it?

Virgil (confessing) - I've been hiding it from you all evening. I know something about the mutilations.

P.C. O'brien (hostile) - What do you know?

Virgil (psychotic) - Everything. Every bloody detail. You see, I killed them all!

P.C. O'brien (laughing) - That's funny. How could you have killed all those people? What motive could you have had?

Virgil (psychotic) - My motive was blood! I enjoyed it. Teddy helped me. I killed them all.

P.C. O'brien (angered) - Come on, stop wasting my time.

Virgil (psychotic) - Maybe this will prove it. Did you find the body of the vagrant on the train tracks? And how about the librarian, with my belt wrapped around her throat? I am Kevin, the ultimate killer!

The cop pulls out his gun and points it at Virgil's head.

P.C. O'brien - Freeze, scum! You're sick, depraved, psychotic. If it were up to me, I'd blow your freaking head the hell off!

Virgil - And how about all those people at the party? Weren't they a pretty sight?

The cop forces Virgil into the kitchen.


The cop leads Virgil into the kitchen at gunpoint.

Virgil - What are you gonna do; arrest me? Please don't arrest me. Please? I was just joking about the things I told you. You know. Joking? Can't you take a joke? What's your damage man?

P.C. O'brien - Joking, huh? After you described those deaths in perfect detail? There's no way you could have known. No way.

Virgil - Yeah, yeah. I can understand your anxiety, man. But you see, I'm psychic. I dreamt it all. I can even lead you to the bodies.

P.C. O'brien - I bet you could -- psycho! But that won't do us any good, because the bodies have already been discovered.

Virgil (scared) - Help me, Teddy!

Virgil looks at the closed fridge. The cop laughs.

P.C. O'brien - Where's Teddy?

Virgil - In the fridge.

The cop holds his gun on Virgil.

P.C. O'brien - Open the fridge! I want to see your Teddy Bear. And don't get any funny ideas. One flinch, and I'll blow your fucking head off!

Virgil - Okay, okay! Don't get pushy, man. What's wrong, aren't we friends?

P.C. O'brien - Open the fridge!

Virgil retrieves the Teddy Bear from the fridge and gives it to the cop.

Virgil - There.

P.C. O'brien - Aw, isn't it cute? Too bad it has to die!

O'brien throws the Doom Bear on the ground and stomps on it with his shoe. Virgil screams.

Virgil - Teddy! You hurt Teddy. Nobody hurts Teddy and lives!

Virgil grabs the cop's head and pushes the side of it down onto the hot stove burner. The cop screams. There is a sizzling sound. The spiral of the stove burner is burned onto the side of his face. He falls to the ground in agony.

Virgil - How does that feel, pig? That'll teach you to mess with an innocent kid's Teddy. Whazza matta? Does your face hurt? You have a nasty burn. Here, let Doctor Kevin apply some ointment.

Virgil pours vinegar onto the burn. The cop screams.

Virgil handcuffs P.C. O'brien to a nearby cupboard.

P.C. O'brien - You don't know what you're doing. You're unstable. Listen to reason. There must be some sanity left in your twisted mind. Think of your kitten and how much you loved it.

Virgil - What kitten? What the hell are you talking about? Maybe you're the one who's insane!

P.C. O'brien - You know, the kitten that was locked in the oven.

Virgil - Oh, you mean Fluffy?

Virgil has a demented look of affection on his face when he remembers Fluffy.

P.C. O'brien - Yeah, that's the one. Don't you remember how sad you were?

Virgil - No, I think you're confused. I think you need a mind doctor. I guess it's your lucky day. It just so happens that I'm a mind doctor. Here, let me fix your mind.

Virgil picks up a hammer and starts hitting the cop on the forehead.

Virgil - Bonk, bonk, bonk. There, does that feel better? That will only cost you fifty dollars.

Virgil takes some money from the cop's pocket.

Virgil takes P.C. O'brien's gun and holds it against the cop's head.

Virgil - Say that Virgil and Teddy are the master of the universe!

P.C. O'brien (terrified) - Virgil and Teddy are the masters of the universe!

Virgil - Feel like a big man now that you don't have your gun? Huh?

P.C. O'brien - Screw you.

Virgil - You wish, but that's anatomically impossible.

The cop starts to cry. Virgil continues relentlessly.

Virgil - Is that a moustache I see on your face? Well, it has to go. It's just not you. What do you think, Teddy?

Virgil gets the Doom Bear and holds him up to the cop. He makes the Teddy Bear's head nod.

Virgil - Well, it looks unanimous. It's shavin' time!

Virgil shaves off O'brien's moustache with his machete. He cuts the cop on the face when doing it.

Virgil - Whoops! Looks like I slipped. Don't mind my hands. They always shake like this. Must be the coffee I'm drinking. Well, it seems like you have a bad cut. It looks kinda lonely by itself. It needs a friend. Or two, or three, or four. What the hell, why be stingy? Let's give you five!

Virgil etches five cuts on the policeman's face.

There are cheering sounds in Virgil's mind. He stands up and takes a bow.

Virgil - Now ladies and gentlemen, for our grand finale, we will do an autopsy on this stupid fool to see what makes him tick.

The cop is crying, shaking his head.

Virgil - Now all doctor must wear a sterile mask during surgery.

Virgil puts on his Skeleton Mask.

Virgil - Now for the tools...

Virgil puts the Doom Bear onto the counter.

Virgil - Here, you sit on the counter and watch, Teddy.

A bloody hand appears from around  the kitchen doorway, holding a sharp knife. Virgil takes it. (The ghost of Kevin?)

Virgil - Thank you. That's all the tools for today's operations. What?

Virgil cups his hand to his ear, as if somebody is saying something to him.

Virgil - What? No anaesthetic, you say? Oh well, I guess we'll have to proceed without it.

Virgil places a knife between the cop's lips.

Virgil - Here, bite down on this. It might deaden the pain. But not too hard!

Virgil inserts the sharp knife into P.C. O'brien's stomach. The cop clamps down on the knife in his mouth. The corners of his mouth are severed, and blood pours out.

Virgil opens up the cop's stomach. We see the stomach cavity, with all the blood and organs. Virgil digs in and pulls out some intestine. He eats some of it. He smears his face into the open guts.

Virgil - I smell meat! Fresh blood and intestine!

Virgil wipes blood all over his face and hair. He nibbles on some guts.


Virgil runs upstairs with the Doom Bear, heaving and wheezing in nauseam. He quickly lifts up the toilet lid and lets bloody chunks of vomit spill out of his mouth. He gets some of it on himself. When he is done, he collapses weakly on the bathroom floor, holding the Doom Bear.

Virgil (weakly) - I can't stand all this killing anymore.

Doom Bear (outraged) - What? You're not chickening out on me, are you Virgil?

Virgil (pouting) - Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.

The Doom Bear shakes his paw at Virgil.

Doom Bear (scolding) - Tsk, tsk, tsk. Now, we can't have that kind of attitude around here, can we? When Kevin gets a word of this, he will kill you!

Virgil - Do you think I care? Kevin doesn't scare me.

Doom Bear - Yeah, I think you do care. You were the one who was freaking out last time when Kevin made an appearance.

Virgil - So what. I don't want to kill any more people. It makes me sick. I hate the sight of blood.

Doom Bear - There's going to be a lot more blood, if you don't kill people.

Virgil - Don't threaten me. You're not the boss. This is my house. Your home is in the garbage can. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be here at all.

Doom Bear - You gave me nothing, retard. I'm the one who gave you all the power. You're the one who should be thanking me. I protected you. I told you what to do.

Virgil - Yeah, I know, but why must it always be so messy?

Doom Bear - Blood is power! You should know that. Now go out, and kill some more people!

Virgil - No!!!

Doom Bear - I'm warning you. Do as I say, or Kevin will play!

Virgil (furious) - No! How many times do I have to try and get it through your stuffed head. I don't want to kill anymore!

Doom Bear (infuriated) - Then you shall die!

The Doom Bear jumps onto Virgil and attacks him. They start rolling around on the ground. The Bear is growling. Virgil screams. The Bear has claws and fangs.

A big machete materializes on the ground beside the battle. (Apparently, Virgil summoned it.)

Virgil manages to grab the machete in the middle of the battle. He chops it into the Doom Bear, cutting him in half. Blood spurts up out of the Teddy Bear. Lots of it! It splashes on Virgil's body in waves, drenching him. The floor of the bathroom is flooded with all of the Doom Bear's blood. (Apparently, the Bear was absorbing all the blood of everybody who died in MS5 and MS6.) Blood is everywhere. Virgil is soaked. But the Doom Bear is dead. He tosses the Bear's body aside. Virgil is back to his old nerdy self again.

Virgil (joyful) - You're dead. Now I don't have to listen to you anymore!

Virgil laughs uncontrollably. He cups his hands and scoops up some of the Doom Bear's blood. He splashes his face with it and smiles.


Virgil comes out the door of his house, having just washed his clothes. He is holding the cop's gun in his hand. He looks at it.

Virgil - Kevin's not going to get me.

He runs down the street with the gun.


Virgil runs into the field of the nearby elementary school, holding the gun in his hand. The voices of the ghosts from Scene 38 are heard.

Virgil's Mother (scolding) - Kill yourself, Virgil. Die!

Railroad Drunk (in agony) - End the pain for all of us who've died.

Virgil is in tears. He finds a place against the school wall and stops. He looks at the gun and cries.

Virgil (lamenting) - I didn't mean to kill all those people. Teddy and Kevin made me do it. It's all their fault. I hate them. They made me kill my mommy and my daddy and my brother and my sister. They even made me kill Fluffy.

Virgil puts the gun up to his head.

Virgil - I'm never going to kill anyone again. It is I who get the last laugh.

Virgil starts laughing hysterically. He pulls the trigger.

Blood and brains splatter on the brick wall. Blood pours down out of a hole in Virgil's head. He falls down. His body vanishes.


The Doom Bear is lying motionless in his blood. Suddenly, he sits up.


All the cast and crew are given credit. Various pieces of music from the soundtrack are played.