My School 8

Script: Bryan Jenner

Direction: Bryan Jenner

Production: Bryan Jenner and Lafe Travis

Based on the "My School" series devised by Lafe Travis

(c) MCMXCI Bryan Jenner Finalised March 5, 1991

Dramatis Personae:

Carol...............heroine from My School 7, quickly killed

Kevin...............the original, invisible demented killer

Parker..............Carol's brother, he hires Dixon

Detective Dixon.....hired to investigate Carol's death

Margot..............woman amateur slasher flick director

Christopher.........Margot's sidekick and camera operator of Marg and Chris's flick; becomes Kevin 2

Masked Killer.......masked killer in Marg and Chris's slasher flick watcher, loses legs

Alfred..............graduating party animal student

Wes.................graduating party animal student

Granada Technician..a Granada technician

Insp. Walrustitty...police homicide expert, killed; becomes Kevin 3

Perkins.............City of Calgary electricity division inspector

Fred................guy who prunes trees. He gets pruned too

Boris...............another party student

Bela................another party student

Suntan Queen........beautiful girl whose tan doesn't turn out right

Mr. Biggles.........math teacher and researcher, mysteriously killed of Carol's boyfriend from My School 7 of a clown who teases Parker


Outside, it is storming and the sky is filled with lightning.

Camera floats from front of house to see Carol in her living room. The spirit floats right through the window, past Carol, and into the kitchen. Carol is chatting on the phone. Camera pans from her grad photo to her holding the phone, sitting in chair.

Carol - I need you to babysit Carl Jr tonight.  Yes, yes, I know about the end-of-term parties this weekend, that's why I need a sitter. My brother's graduating from Ian Briggs High tomorrow...

Carol listens to the phone while we see a bright light flash from her kitchen.

Carol (shot from behind) - Thanks a lot. You can pick up the baby at the nursery...

In the kitchen, camera follows something invisible. The knife drawer opens by itself. A large knife floats in air, as if held tightly by something imperceptible. Shot of Carol hanging up the phone and relaxing in chair. The kitchen door opens quietly. The knife floats slowly towards Carol, her back turned and oblivious to the threat. Camera slowly advances on her lame duck target. Camera stops, looking down at her sitting in the chair. Shot from in front of Carol, showing the knife now slitting her throat. Blood pours out. She gurgles in surprise and dies, eyes open and in shock. The knife floats to a table and rests there. Camera is killer's POV, inspects Carol's corpse.

Kevin (voice only) - Hello Carol! I'm back!

Maniacal laughter as camera zooms in slowly on Carol and blurs into the opening credits...


Skull, etc. Camera goes through skull eye to see Scene 2


A shot of an answering machine on a desk. The light is flashing. One message. A hand reaches out and hesitantly hits the PLAY button. A voice comes over the machine, while the hand (Dixon's) plays with a pencil.

Parker (voice on tape) - I...I need your help...I don't know what to do...I'm so frightened...Please meet me...You're the only hope I have...

Message ends. The hand smashes the STOP button.


It is night time. Lamp on a deserted downtown street. A shadowy figure leans against a lamp post. Only his profile can be seen. He is Detective Dixon, dressed in typical sleuth's garb.

A teen (Parker) searches in his pocket for a piece of paper. He uncrumples it and reads it. He lets out an exaggerated sigh, then puts it back in his pocket and walks towards Dixon.

Parker (unsure) - Detective...Dixon?

Det. Dixon (smart-ass) - That's my name, don't wear it out.

Parker (nicely) - I'm Parker. I contacted you earlier. I   would like you to solve a murder.

Detective Dixon steps from the shadows and his face becomes illuminated by the streetlight.

Det. Dixon (looks about) - Come to my office. The night has ears.


Inside Dixon's office. He sits behind desk, feet on it, looking somewhat sceptical. Parker stands in front of desk, and begins his story.

Parker (enthusiastic) - Detective Dixon? Will you accept my case?

Detective Dixon (weary) - We wouldn't have come back here if I wasn't interested. It's your job to convince me it's worth my while.

Parker (pleading) - My sister's been murdered. I...I...haven't informed the authorities yet. I didn't feel they would be too reliable. I mean, they're still trying to figure out that massacre last August.

Detective Dixon picks up a detective magazine and begins to flip through the pages.

Detective Dixon (bored) - I heard via the grapevine that that massacre had some rather peculiar aspects to it. If you ask me, it was that guidance counsellor guy. Would you just get to the facts about your case, sir? Like how, what, when,where, and who?

Parker (impatient) - My sister, Carol.

(Detective Dixon glances up, then quickly looks at his book again.)

Parker - I discovered her...her corpse last night. I went to her house after she failed to attend my grad ceremonies. Figuring she was ill, I stopped in.


Parker continues his narrative as we see him entering Carol's house's front door.

Parker - I was surprised to find her front door open, initially indicating to me that she was home and well. Because of her boyfriend Carl's death, she found the strain of raising her newborn son quite immense, and any chance to go out she eagerly grabbed. I was becoming more and more confused. And then...

He looks in unsure.

Parker - Carol? Carol, are you in?

He slowly walks up the stairs. He looks inside the tv room.

Parker - Carol? Where are you?

He arrives in the kitchen, sees the open knife drawer. - Where could she have gone? He grows shocked as he heads towards the chair where Carol's corpse lies. Parker gasps.


Parker - That's when I thought of hiring you.

Det. Dixon (more interest) - You didn't touch anything? The body is still there?

Parker (sad still) - I told you. I found her yesterday. The police have not been told.

Det. Dixon gets his feet off the desk and springs to life.

Det. Dixon (looks at watch) - It's almost morning. Come on, we'll grab some breakfast and I'll check the scene myself.

Det. Dixon heads out of the office. Parker stands there, befuddled.

Parker - Does this mean you accept? How do you want to be paid? Do you take Visa?

Det. Dixon (looks back) - A premeditated murder is just what I need to resurrect my insignificant career. Of course I'll take your case. Now let's go. The cadaver's smell will likely alert nosy neighbours.

They head out the office.


It is sunrise. Det. Dixon and Parker are both eating doughnuts. They step inside Carol's house.

Det. Dixon (looks about) - Nice pad. (winces) - And I was right about the smell.

Parker (offended) - You're as a subtle as a sledgehammer.

Det. Dixon (gruff) - Enough small talk. Where's the stiff?

Parker leads Det. Dixon to the chair where Carol's corpse lies. A shot of their grossed-out reactions. Camera shows Carol's corpse. It has moved since seen earlier. This time, her arms have been brutally severed.

Parker (aghast, gasps) - My God! What-what has happened?

Det. Dixon (confused) - What's up? Is this her, or isn't it?

Parker (shocked) - It is...yes...but the body's... different ...Her arms...

Det. Dixon (impatient) - What arms? Forgive my ignorance, but what is going on around here!? Is this some school prank?

Parker (maddened) - I hired you to answer that question! Her body has been altered since I found it yesterday!

Det. Dixon (helpfully) - Perhaps in your horror you overlooked this concern.

Parker shoots him a dirty look.

Det. Dixon (befuddled) - Then what you're saying is that someone killed her, waited 24 hours, then came back and finished off the job?

Parker (gets up) - So it seems. Jesus, this is sick.

Det. Dixon (gets note pad) - What was her condition as you first found her. I assume she was armed?

Parker (still sad) - No, she didn't like guns.

Det. Dixon - I mean, the only evidence of injury was her throat being slit?

Parker nods his head solemnly.

Det. Dixon (scratches head) - Then I suggest we look about for some indication of the weapon that was used. Remember not to touch anything.

Parker leaves, looking about carefully. Det. Dixon remains and stares thoughtfully at Carol's corpse.

Det. Dixon (solemnly) - What monster could have done this?


Two arms (Carol's) float in the air towards a lab bench, covered in cobwebs and scientific equipment. Test tubes, beakers, computers, chemicals and medical supplies lie about.

The arms are put down on a cleared-off area of the table. Camera lingers, looking at the arms (Invisible Kevin's POV).

Kevin (wheezing, tired) - My mission...must not fail. I must greatest test...

Camera slowly pans over to reveal a smaller table or a bookshelf, previously unseen. Camera closes in and shows the chopped up remains of Eugene.

Kevin (bitter) - Destroying Carol wasn't enough. No, she must help me return from the vortex. Soon, they shall all pay for their folly.


Det. Dixon is searching the kitchen. Parker joins him from elsewhere.

Parker (glumly) - I couldn't find anything of use.

Det. Dixon (arrogantly) - Not surprising. That's why I'm the cop and you're only the client.

Parker - Any luck on your end?

Det. Dixon (still searches) - Naturally. Unlike a civil servant, I earn my money. I believe this knife may be the one that was used.

Parker - How do you know this?

Det. Dixon picks up the knife so as not to disturb any fingerprints. He places it in a plastic bag.

Det. Dixon (absently) - The fact that there's blood all over it. However, I think this was only used for the neck wound; as for the arms, I am not sure what device was employed. A chainsaw perhaps.

Parker (yawning) - It's still early morning. I need some sleep. Should we call the medics to claim Carol's body?

Det. Dixon turns on Parker sharply.

Det. Dixon (sharp, loud) - Certainly not! We'll keep the windows closed to contain the odour, but the body remains here. I'm gambling that whoever was responsible will return.

Parker (shocked) - You can't keep her here like some sort of grisly trophy! We must show some respect!

Det. Dixon (professionally) - Look, I realise she was your sister and all, but show me some respect too. We need to use her as a lure. I figure her legs will be next.

Parker (turns in disgust) - You're as vile as her killer.

Det. Dixon (snarly) - Get some sleep. Leave this to the experts.


There is an amateur slasher movie shoot. Shaun is being approached by a hockey masked killer with an obviously fake plastic axe from Chuckles. The killer swings the axe and hits Shaun in the head. Shaun spits out a wee trickle of red Kool-Aid from his mouth, then falls, dead. Exaggerated fakery.

(Note - make this look like part of the real movie until...)

Sudden shot of Margot's face. She is seated in a director's chair.

Margot (unimpressed, yells) - CUT!

Christopher is shown manipulating a camera held on a tripod, getting the shot of Shaun's "death" we saw seconds earlier. He stops taping and looks up, annoyed.

Christopher (annoyed) - Whaddaya mean "Cut!"? That shot was a smoothly textured example of juxtaposing the semiotic variance between macabre demise and the existential subcultured paralysis of modern life!

Margot (diplomatic) - I know, I know, but I wasn't happy with how Jeremy puked up the Kool-Aid.

Jeremy gets up and dusts himself off. He is noticeably upset.

Masked Killer (whining) - Hey, I gotta get going. I got newspapers to deliver y'know.

Jeremy - I'm getting bored of this scene. We've already done it twice. Why d'we have to do it again?

Margot (impatient) - We do it until it's done properly.

Masked Killer - Ah, you guys don't know what you're doing. This ain't anything like Masterpiece Theatre. I quit.

Masked Killer throws his mask and axe down and stomps off. Jeremy looks expectantly at Margot and Christopher, who in turn look at each other with weariness.

Margot (rubs temples) - We'll call you when we can shoot again. Thanks for coming out.

Margot and Christopher watch Shaun leave. Christopher walks up to Margot. He takes her cup of water, and they go hand-in-hand to a horizontal chaise-longue. Margot slowly reclines onto it like a vampire settling into a casket, folding her arms across her chest.

Margot (complaining) - It's like they expect Craven or Hitch- cock when you're only eighteen!

Christopher (sympathetic) - Am I correct in surmising that you're not pleased with the artistic scope of this motion picture?

Christopher stands over Margot and begins to flick fingers of water from the cup onto her like a priest does at a communion.

Margot (sighing) - No. I need better gore. Graphic sex and violence. The public expect it. They aren't satisfied with amateurism, even from amateurs.

Christopher (smirking) - You know what we must do? People want that's what they'll get.

Margot (wickedly) - You mean actually kill our victims? A snuff film? That's illegal!

Christopher (kneels to her) - Not snuff films. Documentary-like. We should have gotten footage of all the corpses in that high school last year.

Margot (licks lips sexily) - You're being morbid.

Christopher - We can win the prize money for Canada's Goriest Home Videos. The spark for our careers!

Margot thinks on it. She slowly rises and pats Christopher's head.

Margot - You still have the CB in your car?

Christopher (smiles) - And I even know the paramedics' broadcast frequency.

Margot (folds chaise-lnge) - Then tune in and turn on.


Det. Dixon observes Parker sleeping on a bed. Quietly, he closes the door and walks off. He sees something, and is puzzled. Curious, he walks into an adjoining room and sees sewing equipment, needles and thread thrown about. He peers at the stuff, thinks it over, then carefully picks up the sewing case.

A sudden knock on the wall. Det. Dixon jumps from singed nerves.

Parker (OOV, cheerier) - Sewing equipment. Find something?

Det. Dixon (upset) - Don't you ever sneak up on me like that again! I happen to be collecting further samples for my investigation. I've noticed that your sister keeps a tidy house; hence I didn't feel she would keep her sewing materiel thus.

Parker - It's noon; I've caught up with my sleep. I take it we weren't revisited?

Det. Dixon (stands, frowns) - No, my stakeout appears to have frightened away the guilty party. (thinks it over) - Alright, we'll return to my office and check the knife for prints. C'mon.

They head down the stairs and out the door.


Jeremy sits down watching a horror movie. Bell rings. He answers door and welcomes in Shaun, wearing a paper delivery bag.

Shaun (overjoyed) - I'm done with these faggot things. Let's watch some Frankie!

Jeremy (happy too) - The VCR's all set. It's downstairs.

Shaun and Jeremy leave the front door area. After they're gone, we see the door open and shut by itself.

In basement, they sit on the couch and Jeremy begins the film. We see excerpts from "Frankenstein". Suddenly, the picture goes.

Shaun (miffed) - Your machine busted?

Jeremy (goes to see) - Piece of crap! Better phone Granada. I'll just be upstairs.

Jeremy leaves and goes upstairs. Shaun lies down horizontally on the couch and relaxes.

Jeremy is on the upstairs phone.

Jeremy (freaks out) - $115 000! Plus GST? Just to fix a VCR! Are you nuts? No I don't want it on a monthly instalment!

A noise from downstairs. Jeremy looks towards basement stairs.

Jeremy (impatient) - Fine. Just come over then.

Jeremy hangs up and goes back downstairs. He approaches the couch. Shaun has a pillow over his head. He is lying down as if asleep.

Jeremy - We have to wait until the Granada guy arrives. Let's play some backgammon.

No answer. Jeremy huffs and pulls off the pillow. Shaun has no head. Beneath the pillow is a bloodied stump of a neck. Jeremy chokes in horror and spins about. An invisible force punches him to the floor. Jeremy is on the ground, responding to blows to the face and chest. His face becomes bloodied and he spews more blood from his mouth. In rough shape, Jeremy tries to get up. Suddenly, the invisible force tears off his left leg. Jeremy screams and dies. Jeremy's leg and Shaun's head float in the air up the stairs.

Kevin (voice only) - At last! My preparations are complete.


Det. Dixon is looking into a microscope, examining the knife found at Carol's. Parker sits on a chair, bored.

Parker (yawning) - I thought cop work was more exciting than this.

Det. Dixon (not looking up) - Forget about what you see on TV. It's the thrill of the hunt that makes it all worthwhile. Plus the money.

Parker (gets up) - Well, how difficult is it to find some smudgy fingerprints? You've taken over twenty minutes on that knife!

Det. Dixon looks up from his work. He wipes his head.

Det. Dixon (unpleased) - There's no prints on the handle. No glove lint, or anything. It doesn't make sense. I can't even find any of Carol's prints. It's like mint condition.

Parker (indignant) - What? That's impossible. Someone used it. Or did they pour the blood on the blade?

Det. Dixon (thoughtfully) - The knife was used. Yet it wasn't handled.

He looks at his sample of Carol's sewing stuff. He rubs his chin in thought.

Det. Dixon (softly) - Perhaps...just wasn't a case of no strings attached...


Two students, Alfred and Wes, sit on hood of a car with slurpees.

Alfred (Rocky-like) - Yo, Wes, Mr Biggles told me I'm gonna get a 51. Yeah, dude, got it made, get it laid!

Alfred high-fives Wes who blows some slurpee into the air.

Wes (equally dunce-like) - Let's get some chicks and go drinkin' in the park, man. Like, we're outta school. Time for some serious boozin'!

Alfred - Yeah, so let's score some beer, dude!

Wes - Right on, man. Check out my alphabet: A...L...C...B...

They throw their slurpees against the school and drive off.


Margot and Christopher dejectedly leave the front entrance.

Christopher (upset) - I can't believe they wouldn't let us take footage! What's their problem?

Margot (mad, then sad) - Tell me about it! That one stiff was cute. Too bad he wasn't disembowelled 'til after I met him.

Christopher - What are we gonna do? There wasn't anything on the paramedics' frequency.

Margot (takes command) - Then we listen in on the police broadcasts. That'll lead us to the mayhem.

Determinedly, they head to their car.


Camera starts on the table, nice and peaceful, when suddenly a leg, followed by a head, splat onto the table. Quick shot showing Teddy, as before. Camera slowly pans over the equipment and bubbling liquids to show a torso, Carol's arms, and some clothes. (These clothes will later be worn by the new Kevin.) Slowly, the arms, head, leg, and another leg previously unseen all move as if by themselves towards the torso. They are placed near to where they should be. Next, show Carol's sewing stuff and needles floating to the body parts. The needle goes into the dead flesh of the arm and begins sewing.


Det. Dixon has a sewing stuff and knife beside him on his desk. He is on the phone, talking to someone.

Det. Dixon - Yes, that's the address. The body is approximately two days old... Right... Yes... No, I don't know what has happened to her yet...


Show Carol's other arm being sewn.


Det. Dixon talking on phone. No audio.


Basement lab. The legs are being worked on.


Det. Dixon hangs up phone and looks at Parker.


Basement lab. The head has now been sewed on.


Dixon jumps off desk and beckons Parker to follow him out of the office.


Basement lab. A lever is pulled down by invisible Kevin. Flashes of light. The makeshift body is bathed in electricity and purple light.

A shot of Teddy, still the same. Suddenly, the lights subside and the makeshift body lies there. A flash of brain energy illuminates the head.


Det. Dixon and Parker walking down a hall. The lights dim, fluctuate, then return to normal. They look in confusion, then move on.


The body is still. Suddenly, in closeup, the two hands flex and stiffly release. The arms move, stiffly too. Slowly the upper half of the new Kevin rises up. The face, formerly Shaun's, is white and deathly.

Kevin 2 growls and slowly gets up. He spies a mask to the side. He stumbles over and stares at it. Then, he puts it on. He whirls around and glares at the camera.

Kevin 2 (nasty) - I am resurrected. My reign of terror and death has only just begun...


Parker (impatient) - You mind telling me what sudden inspiration you've just had?

Det. Dixon - My boy, when you're as good a cop as I am, you learn a few tricks. Such as listening for police bulletins in the background of a phone call.

Parker (interested) - What did you hear?

Det. Dixon - Some kid got wasted in the basement of his house. That doesn't concern me. However, the modus operandi was similar to the grisly nature of your sister's murder. And...his address is near your sister's place.

Parker (depressed) - This is beginning to depress me.

Det. Dixon (cool cat) - Cheer up. Things like this keep me employed.I can soon start paying my alimony.

Parker looks at Det. Dixon, then shakes his head in disgust.


Alfred leaves the store carrying a 12-pack on his shoulder like a ghetto blaster. He walks up to Wes and his car.

Alfred - Yo, I guess I do look eighteen.

Wes (excited) - Let's rock. Party time in the Park. Boris and Bela are gonna meet us there.

They drive off.


Angela is pruning a hedge when she wipes the sweat from her head. Puts shears down on ground. A shot showing her going into his house to get a drink, suggesting she is being watched. Soon Angela returns with a drink. She looks confused. The shears are missing.

Angela (bewildered) - Must have brought them in with me.

Angela turns to go back in his house. Look of horror. The shears are shown closeup, driving down towards the camera...FADE TO BLACK.


Margot and Christopher arrive in their car. They rush out, video camera at the ready. The front door is left open, and they walk in. Some shots through Christopher's camera (ie with time displayed). Margot sniffs the air.

Margot (pleased) - I smell death downstairs.

Christopher joins her. He sniffs too. He nods approval.

Christopher (poetic) - A fine bouquet. A vintage of about two hours, ten minutes I'd say. My camera awaits the grisly sight with as much anticipation as I do.

They go downstairs. They spy the two dead boys and smile to each other. They hold hands and advance, as if in a wedding ceremony.

Christopher (encouragingly) - Go over to the guy missing the leg. Do some poses.

A voice behind them.

Det. Dixon (out of view) - Yes, do that. I need the mug shots.

Christopher and Margot whirl around. They see Det. Dixon and Parker slowly walking towards them. Det. Dixon has his gun aimed at them.

Det. Dixon (upset) - Get away from them!

Margot (infuriated) - Who are you? How dare you interrupt our artistic endeavour! You've no right...

Det. Dixon (meaner) - Breaking and entering for one. Suspicion of murder for another.

Christopher (rises to it) - We are reporters investigating dead bodies.

Det. Dixon (interrupts) - You obviously heard it from police broadcasts. Have you no ethics, you two?

Margot - We heard about it, yes.

Det. Dixon (tectchily) - Then who phoned about this?

Granada Technician is hiding behind the couch. He reveals himself.

Granada Technician - I did. Without finding out who killed these people, I can't press a claim for services rendered. As a creature of the Granada Corporation, I...

Det. Dixon (impatient) - Thank you, I'll be in touch with my report. I must ask that you leave; I am quarantining this house.

Granada Technician gathers his tools and leaves. He walks towards his vehicle and opens the door. He drops his keys. Reaches to pick them up when a foot steps on his fingers. Bone crushing. Shot of a hand starting a chain saw. Closeup of Granada Technician beginning to babble in fear. Chain saw is grinding into his stomach. Blood and mushed intestines spray up, foamy, into Kevin 2's face mask. The screams subside. Mangled mess drops into cabin of vehicle.

In basement, Det. Dixon confronts Margot and Christopher.

Det. Dixon (gruff) - I don't like the public interfering in my attempts to protect it. I've got your names. That's all I need. May I escort you to your car?

They walk out of the house and go to Christopher's car. Det. Dixon waits by the passenger door. As Margot climbs in, Det. Dixon sees a bloodied chain saw in the back of the car. His eyes widen. He watches them drive off. Closeup of his face, scowling, as he observes. Turns to return to the house when he hears a horn toot.

A car pulls up. An officer walks out of his car and approaches Det. Dixon. A smirk of contempt on his face.

Insp. Walrustitty (snobby) - Detective Dixon.

Det. Dixon (not so pleased) - Inspector Walrustitty. I was waiting for you to meddle in this problem.

Insp. Walrustitty puts his arm around Det. Dixon's shoulder in mock friendship and they walk to the house. Inside:

Insp. Walrustitty - Still trying to play the cop, eh? Wasn't your dismissal from the force enough of a hint? You should employ yourself in something more befitting you.

Det. Dixon (snarling) - I didn't find my badge in a cereal bowl.

They join Parker in the basement. He is weeping.

Insp. Walrustitty (pompous) - Harassing your witnesses again?

Det. Dixon is about to punch Insp. Walrustitty's smiling face, but thinks better of it.

Insp. Walrustitty - You'd do better than to strike an officer, Dixon. Or do old habits die hard?

Det. Dixon (joins Parker) - Get on with your work. We'll see ourselves out.

A shot of Insp. Walrustitty's bemused face. He turns to see the corpses for the first time, then makes a face of revulsion.


Start with shot of suntan lotion, as a shadow covers it then recedes to allow the sun to shine on it. As we pan away from it, Suntan Queen is heard reading from her yearbook.

Suntan Queen (sweetly) - All the best in the future. Watch the tan lines! Your favourite math teacher, Mr Biggles. Oh, how sweet. (checks her tan) I'd better put on some more lotion.

Suntan Queen walks over to get the lotion. Sits in chair again. Puts some lotion on her stomach. Makes funny face, smells lotion, then rubs her arm. Starts to scream as the lotion begins to melt away the skin. Suddenly, wherever lotion went, skin is peeling off and blood oozes out. A shot showing a giant hole in her stomach, and we can see the back of her yard, etc, through the wound. Suntan Queen dies.

Closeup of dead face -- in background we see Kevin 2 leaving.



Kevin 2 is walking down the alley. His steps falter, and he leans against the fence. He breathes heavy. He looks down at his hands.

Kevin 2 (in agony) - Something... isn't working. Something is... missing... from the puzzle...

Camera zooms in on his right hand. As it zooms in, a ghostly image of Carol's face, laughing evilly, zooms out. Carol's head seems to have grown out of, and is rotating on, Kevin 2's hand. Zoom into her mouth, and it is a dark void. In the void, two figures are seated around a table: Carl, Carol's boyfriend (Benny Renjar guest appearance), and Parker, her brother. There are school books and calculators (with the number 666 on their screens) on the table. Carl is tutoring Parker. Behind the table, a clown is juggling three apples.

Carl (impatient) - Parker, concentrate! If you don't pass Mr. Biggles' math class, you won't graduate! Now try this: if 13 people in a cemetery were murdered, and there are 666 corpses, what percentage were victims of homicide?

Clown (taunting) - Don't mess up, Parker. You only have one chance to get it right!

Carl and Parker ignore the Clown. Parker gets flustered. He crumples up his scribble paper. He hurls it at the Clown. The Clown drops the apples and catches the paper. Like a magician, he makes it vanish.

Clown (merrily) - Hey, Parker! It's illusion!

Parker (angry at Carl) - I don't know the answer! Maybe I'll just go to the retard school! What's so great about graduating, anyway?

Carl (philosophical) - We learn as we live...

Clown (interrupts) - ...And die as we live...

Carl (continues) - Graduation is the end of one life and the birth of another. No diploma, and you're nothing more than a social abortion. Graduation is like a chrysalis - you emerge a new man! A new life!

Camera zooms away from them. We zoom out of Carol's mouth. Carol is as before, a ghostly image on Kevin 2's hand, still laughing.

Carol - I will fail you, Kevin. I will fail you, Kevin. I will fail you, Kevin...

Kevin 2 closes his hand and smother Carol's image.

Kevin 2 (stronger) - I know what I must do...

He begins to stalk Carol's house.


Inside the car, Margot is laid back, reclining her head on Christopher's lap. He gazes at her lovingly, stroking her hair. Margot's eyes are closed, with pennies on them.

Christopher (romantic) - I want to chase ambulances with you...

Margot (sweetly) - Read me some poetry.

Chris takes a piece of paper from his breast pocket. He unfolds it.

Christopher (endearingly) - I've been saving this for a tender moment like now. It's one of my favourites, though a bit dated.

Christopher composes himself and begins to recite the verses. As he does, Margot seems to be experiencing pleasurable feelings.

Christopher (Bard-like) - Skorman. Mr Frank W. Skorman; Public school educator and counsellor; Beloved husband of Erika, Passed away on August 17, 1990, At the age of 39 years. Frank is survived by no children, But by 13 dear nephews and nieces; Predeceased by nephews Lafe and Kevin. Frank was admired and loved by Students and Staff alike for his Caring devotion to the people In whose trust he was placed. Shot of sweat on Christopher's forehead as he continues: A Private Ceremony will be held at: 7:06 p.m. on August 24, 1990 at: Rogers Family Chapel,  3003 Macleod Trail S.W. Flowers and gifts will not be accepted.

Margot whimpers slightly. A very fine stream of blood trickles from the corner of her mouth.

Margot (softly) - You have a way with words that is... fulfilling...

Margot sits up and Christopher grabs his camcorder.

Christopher - We must continue with our purpose.


Insp. Walrustitty gazes at Carol's corpse. Shakes head in disbelief.

Insp. Walrustitty (quietly) - Maniacs! Why does this happen? First those kids, now this woman. It's those damn slasher flicks they rent! Copycat killers!

Hears a door creaking. Turns to look at front door. It is left open.

Insp. Walrustitty - Damn hinges.

Insp. Walrustitty walks to the door. Grabs the handle to swing it shut. Horrified surprise as Kevin 2 was hiding behind the door. Steps back is fear. Kevin 2 grabs an umbrella from a hat stand and advances on Insp. Walrustitty. Insp. Walrustitty is babbling in terror. Kevin 2 clenches the umbrella. Insp. Walrustitty manages to whip out a gun and fires at Kevin 2's head. QUICK INSERT SHOT OF TEDDY FOUNTAINING BLOOD FROM HIS HEAD.

Kevin 2 staggers, blood dripping out of the hole in his mask. Feels blood from his wound and glares at Insp. Walrustitty. Knocks gun out of his hands with the umbrella. Insp. Walrustitty backs away, then stumbles. Kevin impales him with the umbrella and kills the cop.


Det. Dixon sticks a pin into a map of the city (shot to match impaling of umbrella.) Parker is admiring a prize gun mounted on the wall. Det. Dixon sees Parker and joins him.

Det. Dixon (proudly) - That gun was given to me by my wife. A sort of wedding gift you might say. (turns sour) - I regret not using it on her.

Parker (befuddled) - I can't see how you ever became a member of the police force.

Det. Dixon (bitter) - Well, I ain't part of it now, am I? Ungrateful bastards!

Parker (looks to far wall) - What were you doing over there? With the map?

They go over to a map of the city with pins in it.

Det. Dixon (teacher-like) - I have compiled a list of the addresses of all murder victims in the past forty-eight hours. I placed pins for each household. An interesting pattern, as you'll notice.

Parker (inspects the map) - A sort of constellation...

Det. Dixon (intensely) - ...of a pentagram! At least, it's forming into one. If only we could have a few more victims to confirm my theory!

Parker (hesitant) - Well, say it is a pentagram. What would be the significance? Satanic ritual killings?

Det. Dixon (shakes head) - I wouldn't say so. There's been little evidence of anything save for the pattern on the map. Still, there's one troublesome feature of this model.

Parker (expectantly) - Yes...?

Det. Dixon (snarling) - The epicentre is your sister's place.


Margot and Christopher enter. They appear nervous, but when they look at the low angle camera, their faces light up and they smile.

Christopher (happy) - Our video footage is getting better all the time.

Christopher leans down to inspect Insp. Walrustitty's corpse a little closer. Suddenly, Insp. Walrustitty's hand shoots up and grabs Christopher's neck. He gurgles and tries to unleash the deadly grip. Margot screams in surprise and fear. Just as suddenly, Insp. Walrustitty falls back to the floor, dead again.

Margot (horrified) - Wasn't he dead? What happened?

Christopher (rubs throat) - I dunno. Dead men tell no tales. It must have been...

Christopher turns to Margot, but gasps as he sees her, dead, stuck into the wall with a giant knife. He aims camcorder at her corpse.

Christopher (grimly) - Can't let your death be in vain...

He shoots footage of Margot, then sees a figure near him. Switch to his POV through camcorder, with date/time showing. See a muddled shape of Kevin 2 through monitor, then camera goes all awkward, showing floor, ceiling, walls, etcetera, as Christopher gets tossed around. Hear his screams of protest. Switch POV to show his horrified face as he sees his imminent demise...

Kevin 2 (takes off mask) - I must kill... I must ravage... Only through bloodshed can Teddy become whole again. The power of life destroyed him. Only the power of death can reconstruct him. And reconstruct him I shall. (weakens, feels wound) But first, I must make amends.


Parker (irritated) - Just what do you hope to accomplish by returning to my sister's house? It brings back such unpleasant memories.

Det. Dixon (gruff) - Look. If there's one thing you gotta learn bucko, it's that this is a job for men, not boys. If you happen to feel a little squeamish just 'cause your sister's dead and had her arms torn off, that ain't my problem. Now quit whining like a little girl and trust my instincts. No one's gonna solve this case but me, so just suck it back and shut up.

Parker's fists tighten in hatred. He scowls at Det. Dixon, then in a huff of attitude glares out of the front windshield.


Shot lingers on the lab bench. Suddenly, the head of Shaun splats on the bench after being tossed. A shot of a headless Kevin 2 standing there. Next, we see Kevin 3's hands holding needle and thread lift up and poke through his new head's skin, sewing it on. The new head is Insp. Walrustitty's. Various shots dissolve together showing different stages of the sewing. Soon, it is done. Kevin 3 grips the lever used earlier, and he is again flooded by energy. SHOT OF TEDDY. REVERSE THE VIDEOTAPE TO SHOW THE BLOOD FROM HIS HEAD FLOWING BACK IN. Kevin 3 spies a mirror. He admires his new head.

Kevin 3 (creepily) - From death to life. And now, from good to evil!

Tosses mirror away, cracking it when he steps on it. Puts on mask again and heads to Teddy. Kisses Teddy, pats him, howls like a wolf, then leaves.


Det. Dixon and Parker drive up. They hop out of car and go inside. They see the body of Insp. Walrustitty, minus its head. They are shocked.

Det. Dixon (weirdly) - I'm as disgusted as I am pleased to see this. Unfortunately, when I tell his widow the sad news, I'll also have to visit my ex-wife.

Parker (notices others) - Hey, look, it's those two weird video buffs.

Det. Dixon joins him. He inspects the mess.

Det. Dixon - This is getting ridiculous. Any more bodies and I'll run out of note paper.

Parker gets up, grabs Det. Dixon by the shirt, and slams him against the wall. He is furious at Det. Dixon's callousness.

Parker (irate) - Look, I've had it up to here with your callous disregard for others. Your sick comments are not appreciated, and if you expect to see your money you'll start acting like a professional. Have I made myself clear?

He lets go of Det. Dixon.

Det. Dixon (shaken) - I don't see why...

Parker (grabs him again) - HAVE... I... MADE... MYSELF... CLEAR?

Det. Dixon (sulking) - Yes.

Parker looks satisfied and backs off, almost tripping over a corpse.

Det. Dixon looks at him sadly, then puts his arm around Parker's shoulder and they sit down on a couch.

Det. Dixon (friendlier) - Y'know, my boy, five years ago I would have beat the living Jesus outta ya for that. Not now. Now I'm gonna thank you. Yes, I've been overbearing and arrogant; it's how I handle myself when I don't understand something. When I'm frightened of something. For years people laughed in my face and questioned what I thought. It was tough believing in yourself when you're a constant source of ridicule. I learned too late that those people scorn you because they themselves had nothing to offer. I used to react with my fists instead of with my brain. I guess when I began to question myself about this case, I reacted against myself as I used to react against others. No hard feelings...?

Det. Dixon offers his hand. Parker smiles and shakes it.

Det. Dixon (happier) - 'Attaboy. Now let's...

He cuts off, seeing something. It is Christopher's camcorder -- the power is still on. Det. Dixon picks it up and inspects it.

Parker (helpfully) - It's still on. Maybe it was recording when this guy got killed.

Det. Dixon (smugly) - Just what I was thinking. Can you work this thing?

Det. Dixon hands the camcorder to Parker.

Parker - Better than he can.

Det. Dixon raises a quizzical eyebrow at the remark as Parker begins to fiddle with the camcorder. Parker's expression slowly turns to one of horror. He lets Det. Dixon look through the eyepiece.

Det. Dixon's expression goes shocked too.

We switch to what the camcorder is showing, complete with DATE/TIME etcetera. We see the ceiling and the camcorder out of control as we did earlier when Christopher was attacked. The camcorder falls to the floor with Christopher. For a brief instant we can see Kevin 2 before camcorder records the floor.

Det. Dixon (freaked out) - Who on Earth was that?

Parker (smiling) - The guy with the Halloween mask? I'll try to get a freeze frame of him so we can get a description.

Parker plays about until successful. Shows results to Det. Dixon.

Parker - How does this grab you?

Det. Dixon (sees in viewer) - That's exactly what we need. Do you know anyone who might recognise this little twerp?

Parker (excited) - Perhaps. There's some grad parties going on in the park near here. Some of the beer buds might identify who it is. That okay?

Det. Dixon (smiles) - You'll make a sleuth yet. Let's go!


From a shed, a rustling sound is heard. Then, the door opens and Kevin 3 steps out. He is holding a giant knife, an axe, some rope, and a circular saw blade. His hands are covered in blood. As he walks from the shed, we see the battered body of the shed owner. He has been chopped up and left in a flower bed near the shed.


Det. Dixon's car comes to a stop. Parker and he see Wes, Alfred, Bela and Boris drinking coolers and Bailey's around a campfire. The four boys are also tearing up school books and burning them. Det. Dixon walks up to the foursome and hands them a ticket.

Alfred (incensed) - Hey, butthead, what's this?

Det. Dixon (self-satisfied) - I have a funny feeling none of you is over eighteen. I am, however, prepared to overlook it if you can cooperate with some questions I'm going to ask.

Wes (upset) - Fine, but hurry up, eh? I gotta make the next round of shooters.

Det. Dixon - I have prepared a sketch of a young person. Because of the Young Offenders Act, I cannot name him, but I am wondering if you people can?

Camera gives a hint that they are being watched. Hand-held POV through some bushes. Twigs snap. The five men around the fire turn and look. See nothing. Det. Dixon pulls out his gun and charges at the place where the sound came. Pulls out Parker.

Det. Dixon (outraged) - What were you doing? Get over here.

They join the fireside party. Bela gets up.

Bela (pats tummy) - I'm gonna get the smokies.

Bela heads off. He is in foreground. In background, we see Det. Dixon showing his sketch of Kevin 2 again. Camera work suggests creepy situation for Bela; that he is being watched.

Bela opens the car door and rummages for the food. Low-angle shot showing feet approaching on the other side of the car. Someone is nearing Bela. Suddenly, Bela turns to see. It is only Boris.

Bela (relieved) - Oh, man, you scared the hell outta me. Where's the ketchup?

Boris opens his mouth to speak and blood pours out. He falls on the car. In his back is the axe Kevin 3 took from the shed. Bela freaks. He drops the food and runs away from the car. Trips over the rope Kevin 3 stole. It is set up as a trip wire. He looks up from on his back. He sees Kevin 3 standing over him. Kevin 3 drives his foot down onto Bela's head and crushes Bela's skull. Brain and blood squash out all over Kevin 3's boot. Gross suction sound as Kevin 3 lifts his foot and walks away. Bela's head is unrecognisable.

Meanwhile, Det. Dixon is still chatting with Alfred and Wes. He turns to Parker.

Det. Dixon - Parker, you mind going back to the car and getting my tape recorder?

Parker jogs off to get it. Det. Dixon turns to Alfred.

Det. Dixon - Now you say that this person may be someone from Ian Briggs High?

Alfred (hesitantly) - Yes, it may have been Kevin Marks--

Suddenly, a saw blade comes flying through the air and embeds into Alfred's skull. He screams and falls back dead.

Wes - Holy Christ, what was that?

Det. Dixon (looks about) - Someone came, sawed, and conquered. Keep low.

Det. Dixon pulls out his gun. Sound of breaking glass. Shot of Kevin 3's hand smashing a beer bottle. It is now jagged and deadly.

Det. Dixon - Stay put. That sound came from over there. I'm gonna check it out.

Det. Dixon leaves. Wes is alone and looking frightened. Camera quick cuts different shots of the forest to suggest claustrophobia. He backs up against a tree. Suddenly, a rope comes across his neck and begins to choke him. Wes' neck is fastened to the tree trunk. He keeps gurgling in pain. Another shot of a hand with a broken bottle. It is impaled into Wes' stomach. He horks up blood and dies, the bottle rammed through him into the tree.

Parker returns. Det. Dixon sees him. A shape behind Parker.

Det. Dixon (horrified) - Parker, behind you!

Parker is grabbed by Kevin 3. They struggle, crashing to the ground.

Det. Dixon runs up and jams his gun against Kevin 3's head.

Det. Dixon (butch) - Alright, you bastard, stay still.



Kevin 3 is in the back of the car, handcuffed. Parker is watching Det. Dixon drawing some truth serum from a bottle into a syringe. He inserts the syringe into Kevin 3's arm. A shot from Kevin 3's POV, going in and out of focus.

Det. Dixon (to Parker) - The truth serum should pump through him in seconds. It should also pacify him somewhat. I'll get the mask of the creep. You get my ink pad.

Det. Dixon begins slowly pulling the mask off. Kevin 3 struggles in vain. The mask comes off. Insp. Walrustitty's face glares at them. Some slight signs of facial deterioration. Det. Dixon is stunned.

Parker (with ink pad) - You were right about being a creep. What kind of cop is he?

Kevin 3 (bitterly) - I am not a cop. I am Kevin!

Parker (shocked) - Look at his neck! There are crude stitches all over. It's like he sewed his head together.

Det. Dixon (perplexed) - Perplexing. Walrustitty was bigger than this too. This is the body of a teenager. What's going on here?

Det. Dixon takes the ink pad. He reaches for Kevin 3's fingers and manages to ink them. He presses a sheet of paper on them and gets five prints. He hands the sheet to Parker.

Det. Dixon - Recorder on.

Det. Dixon hops in the driver's seat. He starts the car and they drive off. Parker starts the recorder recording.

Det. Dixon (fake friendly) - Kevin you say, eh, sir? Who are you really?

Kevin 3 (forward/reverse) - I am Kevin! Nivek ma I! We are the power of death! Htaed fo rewop eht era ew! Do not mock me lest you perish too. Oot hsirep uoy tsel em kcom ton od. I shall graduate yet. Tey etaudarg llahs I.

Det. Dixon (from the hip) - That's quite the speech impediment you got there, Kev. It's also a very bad attitude. I've got you for the deaths of two boys, and possibly many others. I'm going to see that you're locked up at taxpayers' expense for the 3-year maximum you're gonna get!

Parker (shows fingerprints) - Detective Dixon! These fingerprints! They look... familiar. I think they're my sister's!

Det. Dixon (gobsmacked) - Your sister's? Has this guy been borrowing body parts? This is the strangest case I've ever been on! What next? Ripping off women's underwear?

Kevin 3 is looking yuckier. He groans in pain, doubles over, and collapses.

Det. Dixon (serious) - I've got a couple friends at the downtown precinct. We'll get this foul maggot into custody as fast as possible, then disinfect my car after that.

Shot of the car driving down a road.


Det. Dixon's car pulls to a stop at a red light. In back seat, we see Kevin 3's eyes shoot open. Then, we notice that the handcuffs are broken off. Kevin 3's face is really awful looking, and his hands are all blistery and grim looking too.

Kevin 3 notices the car stopped and springs up. He opens the back door, rolls out and opens Parker's door before he and Det. Dixon know what's hit them. Kevin 3 yanks Parker out of the car and begins to hustle him down Stephen Avenue.

Det. Dixon hops out and chases them. Kevin 3 is weak and hasn't gotten far. Det. Dixon grabs Parker, but Kevin 3 holds on. They each pull Parker towards themselves. Parker cries in pain. Det. Dixon lets go of his end and this causes Parker and Kevin 3 to go tumbling onto the ground. Parker is stunned and lies there. Kevin 3 gets up.

Det. Dixon punches Kevin 3 once, then twice, then three times in the face. No effect. Kevin 3 stands there, then points both hands at Det. Dixon as if he is casting a spell. QUICK INSERT OF TEDDY GLOWING GREEN. Det. Dixon is lifted in the air, levitates in places, then is sent flying through the air against a building. He is severely wounded.

Kevin 3 (inspects himself) - The truth serum! Truth is alien to me. It is weakening me. It is destroying me. I must begin the ceremony.

He grabs Parker and heads him away from Det. Dixon, who is lying against the wall, woozy and groggy. As Kevin 3 and Parker runs past various people, they all turn and stare, scream, and generally get out of the way.

Det. Dixon revives and struggles to his feet. He looks but cannot see Kevin 3 nor Parker. He returns to his car. He plays the tape.

Det. Dixon (irritated) - What did that guy say about a graduation? I can't remember. It was important.

He rubs his head in pain. He plays the tape. IT IS SILENT.

Det. Dixon (stunned) - It recorded. I know it did. I knew my ex was a witch, but I didn't think she taught him anything!


Kevin 3 is out of breath and wheezing as he hustles Parker down Virgil's famous alleyway. They pass by the famous garbage container. Parker notices how weak Kevin 3 is, and breaks free of Kevin 3's grip. Parker punches Kevin 3 in the stomach. Kevin 3 doubles over and Parker knees him in the face.

Kevin 3 is bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth. Parker grabs him and hurls him viciously into the garbage container, like a wrestler being hurled into a turn buckle. This causes Kevin 3's arm to separate from his shoulder and land SPLAT! on the pavement. Kevin 3 slides down to the pavement, apparently dazed.

Parker runs off. Kevin 3 grabs his severed arm and sticks it to his shoulder. IT MELDS TOGETHER BACK TO NORMAL. Growling in rage, Kevin 3 pursues Parker.


Parker runs past the Mac's store on 11th Avenue/5th Street. He looks at the downward sloping ramp leading to the underground parking at Dixon's office. Parker jams the door opener key into its slot.

Parker (frightened) - Dixon told me if I was ever in trouble to use his special key and get my car. I think this qualifies as trouble.

The door opens and he dashes down into the underground parking. He runs past the rows of pillars and cars. The garage door closes, but we see a pair of feet, telling us a second figure has slipped in.

Parker is searching around, panic-like, for his car. It is dark and quiet. Echoes. Suddenly, he hears a noise. He looks around. The place is empty. Up ahead, he sees a shadow on the wall. Parker is somewhat nervous, looks behind himself in paranoia, and looks forward again. This time Kevin 3 is there!

Parker begins running and searching for his car. Several wobbly hand-held POV shots to suggest this. Parker looks back. Kevin 3 walks after him, stalking his prey.

Parker reaches his car and fumbles with his keys. In nervousness, he drops them. Kevin 3 is walking closer and closer... Parker grabs his keys and inserts them into the lock. He turns to look at Kevin 3's progress. HE HAS VANISHED. Parker opens his door and is about to step inside when Kevin 3 jumps from behind a pillar and pins Parker's arm with the door. Sound of bone crunching. Parker grunts in pain. Kevin 3, yucky face and all, smiles.

Kevin 3 - Unparking your car...Parker? I think you will have an unplanned passenger. (Nasty) Get in.


For the first time, it is revealed where Kevin's grad ceremony is: Virgil's house. They go through Virgil's front door and into the living room. Kevin 3 shoves Parker onto the couch.

Parker (frightened) - What are you going to do to me?

Kevin 3 - You will attend my convocation. I shall graduate with honours. You and Teddy will deliver the valedictorians.

Parker (aghast) - Wh-what? I...when? When must I?

Kevin 3 (smirking) - After your detention.


Shot starts with a closeup of a student eating a Big Mac (to edit with the "after dinner" line) with Det. Dixon approaching out of focus, then into focus, in background. He has a meal of a hamburger, a shake, and fries. He sits alone.

Det. Dixon (eating fries) - This food sucks wang, but the students come here. They hear things we adults don't. I hope this pays off.

He looks over at a group of people eating. He nibbles on a french fries then nearly gags. IT IS A HUMAN FINGER COVERED IN BLOOD. He throws it down and grimaces. He stares at the box of fries. THEY ARE ALL HUMAN FINGERS. Slowly, they dissolve into normal food. Det. Dixon strains to listen to students discussing something. Hears:

Student (drinks shake) - I've heard it's happening again. My parents want to move away. (bites burger) - My parents think it's that Markson guy. Maybe even his whole family!

Det. Dixon scowls in concentration. He sips some more shake and spits it out. He takes off the lid and looks in. Inside, it is all blood, bubbling. An eye floats to the top. Closeup of Det. Dixon going "uuughhhh!". Then, a hand plants down onto his shoulder. He jumps, startled.

Mr. Biggles (pleasantly) - Hey, Dick, remember me?

Det. Dixon (strains memory) - You're Biggles, the math teacher at the school, ain'tcha? No more incidents with protractors, I hope?

Mr. Biggles (still happy) - You here investigating the killings?

Det. Dixon (sarcastic) - Actually, I'm eating. (5th Doctor-ish)

Mr. Biggles (undeterred) - Knowing you, that means yes. People around here seem to think it's Kevin Markson. My math 30 summer class calculated the odds at 7:4 against.

Det. Dixon (discards meal) - This Markson. You know where he lives?

Mr. Biggles (smiles) - Not lives. Lived. I'll show you if it   will help. You want to arrest him?

Det. Dixon (snarling) - The thought had crossed my mind.

Mr Biggles (darkly) - As a hobby, I researched some of his bizarre past. I think you should be told before you prepare to take him on. These terrible things should only be spoken of on hallowed ground.

Det. Dixon (checks watch) - I really don't have time to waste...

Mr. Biggles (encouraging) - A stitch in time saves nine...

Det. Dixon (glowering) - I only have to save one.

Mr. Biggles (like a priest) - May the results not weigh heavy on your mind.

Det. Dixon (grimly) - Fine! Take me.

They leave the store.


Start closeup of Kevin 3's face.

Kevin 3 (silent but strong) - Be seated.

Parker surveys the table. It is stacked with grotesque ornaments. Reluctantly, he seats himself. He glares at Kevin 3.

Kevin 3 (pleased) - Excellent. Just one more article...


(Note -- alternate can be Devonian Gardens)

Start with a very high shot from front of church showing its majesty. In the very rear of the shot are two small figures: Det. Dixon and Mr. Biggles walking in. They approach the altar and Mr. Biggles gets down on his knees and does the RC prayer thing.

(Intercut of Kevin 3 putting on grad cloak. We don't know it's him.)

(Intercut of Det. Dixon looking at Mr. Biggles, bored and impatient)

(Intercut of Parker, looking terrified and frightened.)

(Intercut of Mr. Biggles, closeup, holding a Bible and kissing it.)

(Intercut of Kevin 3, closeup, kissing Teddy, as previous shot.) 27

Mr. Biggles gets up and leads Det. Dixon to a pew. There they sit.

Det. Dixon is still impatient and fidgety.

Det. Dixon (whispers, firm) - Please, Mr. Biggles, I need to know your findings. I must hurry and resue my client. How else will I be paid? Besides, he's a nice kid.

Mr. Biggles (severely) - Kevin Markson is an agent of Satan. But more importantly, he was impaired by a time machine built by students in my school last year.

Det. Dixon (scowling) - Impaired? Time machine? Whaddaya mean?

Mr. Biggles - Kevin is now a composite body of several recent victims. He needed the limbs to reconstruct himself. His body was splintered throughout various times, and each splinter must kill to reaffirm its existence. The Kevin you are dealing with has terrible and unimaginable powers.

Det. Dixon - You seem to know this guy well. What do you think he's doing with Parker?

Mr. Biggles (reverently) - The Prophet spake of the Day of Judgement. To students, that Day is the moment of their Graduation. Kevin hasn't had Judgement bestowed upon him. The spirit that created his new body is 9 years ahead of where it belongs. Thus, he has gone beyond the Day of his Graduation. Kevin bypassed his Judgement! He'll try to repair that travesty!

Det. Dixon - I don't like the sound of that! Come on, you must show me where he lived!

Det. Dixon leads Mr. Biggles out of the church.


Note - in background is the sound of a choir humming, no words.

Kevin 3 is dressed in graduation gown. He holds a yearbook. Its cover reads "Memories: Ian Briggs High School, 1990-91". The page he has opened shows Parker's grade 12 grad photo.

Kevin 3 (ominously) - An old yearbook of your's, Parker. What a lovely photograph...

Kevin 3 walks up to Parker and shows him the photo. Without saying a word, he uses a pencil and draws a large X over the photo (as in Parts II and III.)

Parker stares at him, nervously.


Det. Dixon and Mr Biggles are near Kevin's house. They drive towards Kevin's abandoned house. Suddenly, Mr. Biggles starts choking and has trouble breathing. Det. Dixon stops the car.

Det. Dixon (looks over) - Bad lunch for you too, huh?

Mr Biggles turns to look at Det. Dixon. For a couple seconds it is Kevin from Part 7 turning to look at Det. Dixon. It is Mr Biggles again. Blood leaks from his eyes and nose. He goobers blood over his shirt. He is dead. Det. Dixon reaches over him and opens the passenger door.

Det. Dixon (grimly) - Don't want you ruining the upholstery.

Next is a low shot from outside, looking into the car. Det. Dixon rolls the body out towards the camera and onto the pavement below. Det. Dixon shuts the door and drives to Kevin's house. He parks the car and sits there. He stares thoughtfully at Kevin's house from his car window. He sees City of Calgary inspector Perkins leaving the front porch towards his vehicle.

Det. Dixon (calls from car) - Excuse me, may I have a word with you?

Perkins (steps up to car) - Yes?

Det. Dixon (fingers house) - Who lives in that house?

Perkins (shakes head) - I dunno. My information says it's been abandoned for nearly 7 years. The City declared it terra non grata. Condemned it. Psycho house or something.

Det. Dixon (scowling) - Then why are you here?

Perkins (bewildered) - According to our wattage diagnostics computers, there has been a daily average electrical consumption of nearly 4.29 gigawatts. That'll power a few toasters!

Det. Dixon (confused) - How can an abandoned house be using enough power to illuminate half of the city?

Perkins - That's what I'm trying to discover. It hadn't occurred to me that there would be no one in an abandoned house to let me in.

Det. Dixon (leaves car) - That's why I'm here. I was once the chief doorman at the Cecil y'know. Follow me.

Det. Dixon leads Perkins to the front entrance. Tries the handle. It is locked. Steps back, runs at door and smashes it open.

Perkins (perplexed) - Did they teach you that at the Cecil?

Det. Dixon (dirty look) - You're in. Your welcome. Now I want you to find me the machine using that energy.

They looks about, fruitlessly. They descend downstairs and their eyes light up. (Literally).

Perkins (pleased) - Well whattaya know! An electropneumatic flux dampener! I read about these things in Popular Science when I was in school.

They slowly approach it, and grimace at the blood and leftover body parts.

Perkins (disgusted) - They never mentioned stuff like this in that magazine. What's going on?

Det. Dixon (miserable) - The crime of the century. A madman returning from death by way of death.

Perkins (nearly ill) - You could use this machine to convert different energy forms into usable electrical currents.

Det. Dixon (snapping) - Death energy?

Perkins - I dunno. What's its amperage? I'd say...

Suddenly Perkins convulses and is thrown against a wall. He begins twitching and going bug eyed. Det. Dixon rushes to help, but cannot peel Perkins arms from the wall. Det. Dixon fires his gun at the electropneumatic flux dampener, but that does not help. Perkins starts to scream, and suddenly his face covers with blood. So too his hands and arms. His shirt begins to soak in blood from his chest.

Suddenly he begins to spray volumes of blood from his mouth. It showers the opposite wall. Suddenly, Perkins is released from the wall. He crashes to the floor, dead. Slowly he vanishes, leaving just a puddle of green gunge on the floor.

Det. Dixon looks at the wall Perkins spewed on. In bloody letters is written: PEMBURY. Det. Dixon eyes the wall in contempt and suspicion then dashes upstairs and to his car. He squeals off at full steam.


Parker is seated in the school desk, in the midst of the living room. In foreground, we see the middle of Kevin 3 pacing back and forth. Stationary camera.

Kevin 3 (venomously) - You fear me. And so you should. For I am the teacher...after school!

Parker (unimpressed) - Not a very impressive attribute if I'm the only student.

Kevin 3 (growls in rage) - Oh, I can arrange for some fellow pupils...

Kevin 3, with a wave of his hand, causes Carl to appear. He sees Parker and smiles with recognition.

Parker (shocked) - Carl! I thought you were dead!

Carl-ghost (mysteriously) - Oh, but I am. And so shall we all be lest Kevin graduates. I wonder which of us will hand him the parchment?

Parker (more defiant) - Kevin seeks a roll of honour? I wouldn't hand him a roll of toilet paper!

Kevin 3 slaps Parker with a backhand, then projects a forcefield which pins Parker to the desk, unable to move. Carl-ghost puts his hand consolingly on Parker's shoulder. Parker tries in vain to pull his hands free from the desk. They are stuck and won't detach.

Carl-ghost (kind-heartedly) - It's okay, Parker. Now you won't have to write lines on the chalkboard!

Kevin 3 (sudden thought) - I am the instructor. I am in command! You will obey me without question.

Parker (incensed) - If you're looking to graduate, what are you doing parading as a teacher? Go to the god damned school board and plead your case!

Carl-ghost - He can't. This is a world of fantasy. For Kevin to graduate, he must make the rules. And he can only make the rules if he is the instructor...

Kevin 3 groans in agony. From his eye socket, a snake slithers out. Kevin 3 takes it and dangles it in front of Parker's horrified face. Slowly, unwillingly, Parker opens his mouth wide, forced to do so by some unseen power. The snake slithers into Parker's mouth. (Pull snake out and reverse videotape).

Kevin 3 (pleased) - You, Parker, have been chosen to help me to revive my friend, Eugene. Open the drawer and remove his remains.

Parker opens the drawer with his one free hand and removes Eugene rather ungently. Kevin 3 takes exception to this. He cuffs Parker with a backhand.

Kevin 3 (miserable) - You insult the remains of Eugene!  I revoke your priveleges in my graduation ceremony. You shall die by mine own hand!

Carl-ghost (upset) - Oh, Kevin, you promised me I could kill him. I need some excitement. Cemeteries get so boring, watching your neighbours decompose. The reruns are even worse!

Kevin 3 (snaps fingers) - Fine. His death will be slow and painful. Perhaps, his agony will in itself revive Eugene, who can bestow upon me Graduation. Yes...that will be my plan. So don't say I don't do anything for you, Carl!

Kevin 3 grabs Teddy and sits down in a rocking chair.

Kevin 3 (to Teddy) - Oh, Teddy, we're only one more death away from returning to life!


Det. Dixon is on his walkie-talkie.

Det. Dixon (hurried) - That's the address? Right, I'll be there shortly. I'll need an armed escort of several men. Situation is extreme. I repeat, extreme. Requesting backup. Full force to be used. Out!

The car speeds on.


Parker is still bound to the desk. He stares about him in panic as Kevin 3 tests the sharpness of a knife.

Parker (hysterical) - Please see reason! Release me! I haven't done you any harm!

Kevin 3, clenching the large knife, looks down angrily at Parker.

Kevin 3 (miserable) - But I intend to cause you harm! Painful, fatal harm. I was recreated through the deaths of others. It follows that so too shall Teddy be resurrected. Oh, and don't tell Carl that I'm going to kill you instead!

Kevin 3 closes in on Parker. Carl-ghost, holding Teddy, looks on and starts to clap his hands slowly together as if at a sporting event.

Carl-ghost (razzling) - Go Kevin go! Go Kevin go! Go Kevin, go Kevin, go, go, go!

Kevin 3 raises the knife, ready to sacrifice Parker.

Kevin 3 (snarling) - I'm sorry Parker. The first cut will be the deepest...

Parker (panic) - I shall destroy you, Kevin. You won't evade justice!

Kevin 3 (sneering) - No one shall stop me! This is for Teddy! For graduation!

A closeup of the knife about to strike. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard and the gun is blown from Kevin 3's hand. Detective Dixon is at the front entrance, covering them with his gun.

Detective Dixon (butch) - Kevin Markson! Put your hands in the air where I can see them!

Kevin 3 puts his hands up, but then lunges at the desk. In a flash of light, the desk vanishes. Teddy vanishes from Carl-ghost's arms. Carl-ghost remains.

Detective Dixon (gun aimed) - Where'd they go? Did Scotty beam them up?

Carl-ghost - They went to Kevin's school. Ian Briggs High.

Detective Dixon (startled) - Thanks a lot. Hey, Carl... what the...?

Carl-ghost walks forward to Dixon. They embrace. (Use over-the-shoulder shots with stunt doubles wearing either Hawaiian shirt or overcoat.)

Detective Dixon (gruffly) - Son, I don't have time for supernatural interphases. Just get me to that school. Quick!

Two-shot of Carl-ghost and Dixon. They are facing each other. They fade out. They materialise in the field near Ian Briggs High. They see Kevin 3 and Parker nearby. Kevin 3 does not see them, but knows they are there.

Kevin 3 (commanding) - Detective Dixon. Carl. I'm glad you could join our ceremony...

Carl-ghost comes forward to challenge Kevin 3, but Kevin 3 just snaps his fingers. Carl-ghost collapses to the ground and heaves up volumes of goo. Detective Dixon is trapped by a forcefield. Kevin 3 laughs sadistically as Carl-ghost dies and vanishes.

Teddy laughs too, his eyes glow green, and he vanishes.

Detective Dixon (horrified) - No! You killed my son twice! I'm going to get you!

Parker tries to free himself from the desk, but fails.

Kevin 3 - Don't bother to try to escape, because you can't. You may join us now, Dixon.

Kevin 3 snaps his fingers and Dixon's forcefield evaporates. Dixon, in a stupor, comes to Kevin 3's side.

Kevin 3 (nasty) - The moment of my graduation has arrived. Welcome to the convocation!

Kevin 3 points his finger at the desk drawer below. It opens of its own accord. Inside is a blank high school diploma (honours).

Kevin 3 (proudly) - It is time...but the moment has been prepared for!

Det. Dixon (looks about) - What a beautiful day this is! Before there was rain, and now there is sun!

Parker (frustrated) - I don't feel like a party.

Kevin 3 (to Dixon) - Killing your son was better than matriculation! I think I deserve my diploma now!

Parker (adding insult) - Carl was as useless as you are, Dick! My sister was too good for him! It's lucky he's dead now. Why do you think Carl and my sister didn't get married? She didn't want you as a father-in-law! I can see why they kicked you off the police force, you old man!

Kevin 3 hands Parker the blank diploma.

Kevin 3 (nasty) - It doesn't have my name on it! Fill it in, Parker!

Parker does not need to. The letters K-E-V-I-N M-A-R-K-S-O- fill in by themselves. Both Parker and Dixon show nervous faces. Before the final N is filled in, Dixon grabs the diploma.

Det. Dixon - Bring back Carl, or this thing gets destroyed!

Kevin 3 - I can't! You can only have one after-death experience!

Det. Dixon - Bring back Carl now!

Kevin 3 - There's nothing I can do about it!

Det. Dixon (tears diploma) - Then there's nothing I can do about this!

The diploma is torn in half. Dixon lets go of the pieces and they blow away. Kevin 3 collapses to the ground and screams in pain. Parker's desk vanishes and he falls to the ground. Det. Dixon and Parker advance on Kevin 3 on the ground. Det. Dixon stabs Kevin 3 with his pipe, Parker does so with a pencil. They get up and walk away.

Parker (relieved) - I'm sorry I had to get you mad, Dixon. It was the only way to destroy Kevin's force field. How did you find me?

Det. Dixon (puzzled) - You wouldn't believe me if I told ya. How are you feeling? Is your hand well enough to write me a cheque?

Parker (nods grimly) - Kevin thought he could revive some stupid teddy bear by killing me off. Is Kevin dead?

They turn and look. Kevin 3 is gone.

Det. Dixon (cursing) - Where'd he go? Right from under our noses!

A quick zoom into Parker's eyes. They glow green. The green fades. He looks up at Dixon.

Parker (excited) - He's back at Pembury's. Let's get him!

They vanish. They reappear at Virgil's. Kevin 3 greets them.

Kevin 3 - Mere mortals! You cannot stop me! I have the legions of Hell as my bodyguard!

Det. Dixon fires his gun, but it clicks empty.

Kevin 3 (gloating) - Pathetic, stupid people. To even think you could apprehend me!

Kevin 3 shows his right hand. Parker can see a ring on it.

Parker (aghast) - sister's ring! You're a creature of evil, a filthy--

Closeup of Kevin 3's hand. The gem on the ring glows a bright blue.

Kevin 3 (mocking) - Yes, Carol's ring. Her graduation ring to be precise. See how I control it. Manipulate it. It gives me the ability to summon... agents of blood!

The blue glow from the ring zaps across the room at incredible speed and stops at the far end of the room, midair. A quick formation into the body of Teddy, which immediately disperses. Teddy is now invisible.

Kevin 3 (spiteful) - Your sister is the one to blame! She is the cause of my journey through the time vortex. She is responsible for those I have killed. But you know something? Her death was the most pleasing of all! My favorite murder!

Parker is enraged. He hurls himself at Kevin 3 and tackles Kevin 3 to the floor. They struggle on the floor, and Parker knocks the bone from Kevin 3's hands. He begins to strangle Kevin 3. Det. Dixon is forced to the ground. He looks about in fear and surprise at...something. He opens his mouth in horror and tries to backtrack on the floor away from it. He ducks something and screams in terror.

Meanwhile, Parker is strangling Kevin 3 and Kevin 3 grows stronger. He grabs the bone and threatens Parker, but Parker blocks it. Then, he becomes mesmerised by Kevin 3's hands.

Parker (pleading) - Your hands... Carol's hands... Carol is part of you. Carol? Carol! If there's any piece of you left in this monster, please respond!

(Kevin 3's POV. Screen is tinted green, but as Parker pleads, the green slowly fades.)

Kevin 3 reacts slightly, as if convulsing, then his hands begin to squeeze around his neck. Kevin 3 begins to choke himself.

Parker (hopeful) - That's right, Carol! Fight for me, not against me. Fight for me! Yes, do it!

Kevin 3 gasps in misery, and is losing the struggle. The camera zooms in on him and goes out of focus...

Det. Dixon sees something flying at him and ducks. Again, he ducks as it comes from a different direction, but the invisible thing flies right into him...

Kevin 3 loses the struggle and collapses. Parker reaches for the bone. He smashes it into Kevin 3's head, over and over.

Parker (uncontrolled) - Die! Die! I'll make it so you never come back!

Det. Dixon comes over. He has his gun ready.

Parker (steady and sure) - Don't incarcerate him, Dixon. It'll do nothing for us.

Det. Dixon (looks unsure) - You don't mean. (Looks at gun)

Parker (emphatic) - We must. We must make sure that he never comes back!

Det. Dixon (growly) - Stand back.

Det. Dixon aims his gun and fires six times. We don't see Kevin 3 taking the shots. Det. Dixon puts his arm around Parker.

Det. Dixon (fatherly) - Let's go to my office. We need to get as far from this terror as we can.

They leave.


Det. Dixon and Parker are relaxing, eating more doughnuts. Det. Dixon puts his food down and looks ill.

Parker (quizzical) - Not hungry?

Det. Dixon - I'm not feeling so well.

Parker (puts his food down) - Nor am I. Who could be after these terrible events. My sister...

Det. Dixon gets up and walks away. Parker looks confused. Det. Dixon returns with his trophy gun from his bookshelf seen earlier. Parker looks questioningly.

Det. Dixon (friendly) - You were really brave back there kid. I know how much this piece impressed you...

Parker smiles and reaches expectantly.

Det. Dixon (nastier) - So I want you to have it.

Det. Dixon fires the gun at Parker. Parker loses top half of his head. Parker looks up, betrayed, then dies. Det. Dixon puts the gun down slowly, then winces in pain. He collapses onto his back on his desk and begins to struggle against throwing up. Then, he heaves violently and pukes a tremendous amount of greenish-blue chunky, foamy gunk. A shot of his stomach, and something is pushing his shirt in and out. Suddenly, blood appears and his stomach opens to reveal...Teddy.

Teddy (victorious) - He couldn't bear to have me! My vengeance has only just begun...!

Teddy crawls out and runs off. A closing shot of Det. Dixon, dead on his desk.


A slow dolly into Carol's body, lying dead on the couch. Suddenly, her eyes flick open, and she extends her hand up into the air. A plastic skeleton mask materializes in her hand. She puts the mask on her face. The camera zooms in on the eyes.