My School - The Permanent Detention
Film Deaths
It's hard to say when somebody is killed in the first My School film -- because it is presented as a collage of images rather than a series of actual events. I've made of list of what could be classified as murders.
1. (scene 12) * Shot of a gloomy school hallway. A row of metal lockers are shown, of various colors. One of the locker doors swing open, and a corpse falls out. It lands on the floor, stomach down. It is one of Kevin's victims at the school.
2. (scene 16) * POV shot of one of Kevin's victims. They are walking down a dim hallway. Suddenly, Kevin (out of costume) jumps out from a doorway and swings his hand at the camera, hitting the victim. Another person has been killed.
3. (scene 17-18) * POV shot of Kevin's next victim. This time, the person is coming down the stairs. Kevin (out of costume) comes through the doorway at the bottom of the stairs, holding a big axe. Kevin comes up the stairs and swings the axe right into the camera lens. All goes dark. Another death. The panel from a horror comic book is displayed. The artwork shows a boy's decapitated ead, falling on the ground and bouncing. (Clump. Clump. Clump.) Blood flows from the severed neck.
4. (scene 22) Shot of Kevin, standing behind a macrame potted plant, which is swinging back and forth. Kevin is dressed as normal, and is twirling a knife in his hand. The camera moves closer. Kevin chops his knife at the camera.
5. (scene 30) Kevin is in a secret chamber of his basement, chopping up a cat with his big knife. He is wearing his mask and killing clothes.
6. (scene 34) A person approaches a coat rack to get their jacket. Kevin is hiding behind the coats, wearing his mask. He pops out and attacks the person with the knife. They fall to the ground. Kevin continues to chop them.
7. (scene 48) * A male student is in the school library, looking at books on a bookshelf. Suddenly, a hand grabs his head and pulls him behind the bookshelf. Kevin has found another victim!
8. (scene 61) * CU of Kevin's brother, Lafe, in the school library. Suddenly, the rubber skeleton hand comes up over his face and pulls him back, out of the shot.

Deaths in the Novel

Killings which led up to the School Massacre…
A. Playground Death - in grade 3, Kevin pushes a classmate off a swing, causing a concussion
B. Cat Sacrifices - many cats in the neighborhood were secretly caught and sacrificed in Mr. Markson's basement - to boost his evil power
C. The Green Killings - Kevin's father shoots and kills several customers and employees at the grocery story where he worked.
D. Mark Markson (Kevin's father) Killed by police gunfire in the backyard of the Markson house. (A cop is shot in the battle also.)

The first school massacre:
1. Scott in the Gymnasium. The killer cracked his head against the wall by a forcefully-thrown basketball
2. Corey - dragged into the boy's washroom and stabbed through the forehead with a knife
3. Kevin Markson - red herring death - strangled by his father's ghost for disobeying (faux-demise)
4. John - killed earlier, falls out of a locker at Darcy's feet
5. Darcy - throat slit in the hallway immediately after seeing the body
6. Billy - thrown onto a running table saw in the industrial arts room
7. Mr. Stanley the shop teacher - hacked by a hacksaw in his forehead
8. Nadine - chopped up by an axe while walking down the stairwell
9. Ian - pulled behind a bookshelf in the library and strangled
10. Mr. Chung the janitor - axed in the back while calling for emergency assistance
11. Kevin Markson - killed again in the chemistry lab explosion (he'll be back in MS2 though)
12. Officer Taylor - killed in his hospital room -- but it only turns out to be a dream (virtual-slaughter)