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Earth World Solution

Fire World Solution

Water World Solution

Dragon's Lair Moves

All the moves to save Princess Daphne from Singe the Dragon!

Dragon's Lair II: Timewarp CD-Rom

Travel through time and rescue Daphne from Mordroc.

Space Ace CD-Rom

Every move you'll need to stop Borf
from destroying Earth!
Moves for
Space Ace Digital Leisure Version

Brain Dead 13

Complete solution from Readysoft, including the Brain Chamber!

Accolade Software

Solution from unknown author to get through the corridors of this creepy game.

Nine Princes in Amber
Telarium Software

Amber Hints to help you along in the game.

A Complete Amber Walkthrough -- use only if you're really stuck!

Both of these documents were kindly provided by Timothy Gutierrez.

Venture 2 Strategy Guide

I'll walk you through every dungeon and room of this 80's arcade sequel!

Nintendo Game Solutions

The Adventures of Captain Comic FAQ
Adam Lamontagne (

A excellent step-by-step walkthrough
for this awesome unauthorized Nintendo platform game.

Friday the 13th FAQ
by Mark J. Popp

It tells you everything you need to know
in order to kill Jason for good.

Milon's Secret Castle
Walkthrough and Maps
(zip file)
by Matt McGrath (

The maps are somewhat hard to read;
I may redo them in the future.

Fighting Fantasy Gamebook Solutions

Fighting Fantasy #1 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
Fighting Fantasy #4 Starship Traveller
Fighting Fantasy #6 Deathtrap Dungeon
Fighting Fantasy #10 House of Hell
Fighting Fantasy #24 Creature of Havoc

Other Fighting Fantasy book solutions can be found at: The Scrolls of Titan


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