Venture 2 Strategy Guide

written by Lafe Travis

General Tips

When entering a room, Fire Button 1 will always shoot arrows (or other ammunition). Press Fire Button 2 to see what effect it has.

In some rooms, you'll be able to jump or shoot special objects.

You'll know you've gotten a treasure when you hear the "Treasure Tune" (the William Tell Overture/Lone Ranger melody).

Shortcut Keys

- Pressing either fire button on the intro screen, the treasure screen, the world entry screens and the intermission screens will advance you to the next part of the game.

Entering Debug Mode

- On the title screen, press "D". You should hear a blinking sound and a message will appear at the top of the screen, confirming that you've entered debug mode. Winky will freeze in his tracks.

What can you do in Debug Mode?

- Pressing "L" on the keyboard will give you mega-lives.

- Pressing "C" on the keyboard will show you a credit.

- Pressing "W" will take you to Winky's Warp Zone.


Winky's Warp Zone is a game screen where you can warp to any of the worlds in the game. All you need to do is jump down the appropriate chute. Exidy and Pinky are on the opposite side of the screen. If you are hit by one of Exidy's freeze beams, you'll be sent back to the title screen. If you shoot Exidy enough times, he'll float away, allowing you to get to the extreme right side of the screen, which will take you to Exidy's Castle -- the final part of the game. Exidy can also be scared away if you enter the correct keystroke combination.

Finding the Hidden 1Ups

There are also 1Ups (free lives) hidden in every world of the game. To get them to appear, you must perform a certain set of actions. And after you perform the actions, there is a random chance of the 1Up appearing. Try and get as many as you can.

Here are all the 1UPs in the game:

Earth World

You must complete the Pig Room first, then go into the Boogedy Room. After you get the shield treasure, shoot at any of the walls. The 1UP has a 50% chance of appearing somewhere in the room. If it doesn't appear, you can always kill yourself in the Boogedy Room and try again, but you'll only sacrifice a life to gain another one, so why bother?

Fire World

You must complete the Hell Room first, and then go in the Jack O'Lantern Room. After you get the Candle Treasure, shoot the Camp Fire. Watch out for the flying embers! The 1UP will appear one out of two times when you do this.

Water World

Get the Treasure Chest from the Pirate Room and the go to the Crustacean Room. Kill all of the monsters, including the large crab. If you wait in the room long enough, and luck is with you, the Bonus Life symbol will appear in one of the two passages at the bottom of the room. Get it before the Hall Monster can get you!

Air World

There are two 1UPs in Air World, but you may only get one of them

1. Do the Gargoyle Room and then go to the Heaven Room. Shoot at least 4 of the Cherubs in the sky and jump onto the Star. In the Inner Chamber, get all of the bouncing Stars. There's a 50% chance of a Bonus Life appearing for you to grab.

2. Do the two rooms in the opposite order; first the Heaven Room and then the Gargoyle Room. If you shoot all of the Gargoyles on the screen fast enough, you'll possibly be rewarded with a 1UP. The only way to get it is to jump down from the moving platform at the precise moment.

Desert World

There are two 1UPs here also, but you can only get one of them:

1. Get the Pharaoh's Mask from the Mummy Room and then enter the Phoenix Room. When you get the Sun Dial from the Phoenix, there's a half chance of a 1UP appearing in the tail portion of the Phoenix.

2. Get the Pharaoh's Mask from the Mummy Room and then enter the Scorpion Room. When you grab the Ankh Treasure, a 1UP may appear in either the East or the West Wing of the Scorpion Room.

Ice World

First get the Decorated Tree from the Snowmen. Having done that, go to the Yeti room and kill the Yeti by firing enough arrows into him. There is a 50% chance of a bonus life appearing in the center of the Yeti's Cave.

Enchanted World

You can do one of two things to make a 1UP appear in Enchanted World:

1. Play the game of OZ-Ball and get the Emerald Key, and then go to the 3-Bear's Cottage. If you shoot the Baby Bear more than twice, the 1UP will probably appear somewhere in the Bear's cottage.

2. Capture the Queen of Hearts from the House of Cards and then go to the Witch's Gingerbread House. If you've killed the Witch and gotten the little Gingerbread Man, the Witch's cat will awaken. Shoot the Cat and the 1UP will probably appear within jumping distance.

Video World

Two 1UPs can be gotten in Video World, but you must choose one or the other.

1. Complete the Atari Room and then enter the Yellow Gobbler maze. You'll need to get all four of the ghosts with a single energizer pellet in order for the 1UP to appear. But even if you do all this, there's a 50% chance that it won't appear.

2. Do the entire Invaders Room and then go into the Crazy Monkey room. Get the Italian Plumber from the top of the screen, but don't shoot the Crazy Monkey yet. The Treasure will possibly appear on the screen, but you have little time to get it before one of the Hall Monsters enters.

Mystery World

You can try and get one of the two 1UPs from Mystery World:

1. Get the treasure from the Zombie room and then cut across to the Vampire room. Kill all of the Vampires and get the Ring Treasure; there's a good chance that a 1UP will appear for you to claim.

2. Kill all the pesky Leprechauns and go to the Werewolf room on the opposite corner of the web. If you kill the Werewolf and at least one of the men survived the attack, you'll most likely be given a 1UP.

Here are individual strategies for each of the rooms in Venture 2.

Earth World Dungeon

- Pig Room

Pigs are having a birthday party, and are feasting on a huge Birthday Cake. Winky must move in there and grab the cake. This is very similar to the Dragon Room on the first Venture game. Be careful not to block your exit with a dead pig; otherwise Winky will be a stuck pig! The number of pigs and the speed of pigs will increase when you encounter this room again.

- Boogedy Room
Shoot your way past the robotic Boogedies and get the treasure - a small wooden Shield. The movement of the Boogedies is quite random. Sometimes you'll be pounced on unfairly, but if you're quick you should be able to take out most of the Boogedies near you. Like the Pig Room, the frequency and speed of the Boogedies will increase on subsequent levels.

- Ogre Room

This room is shaped like a huge Bow and Arrow. The "arrow" part of the room is actually a moving electrified wall. Contact with the wall will spell certain doom for Winky, so avoid it. You're safe from the wall at the entranceway. Two Ogres armed with clubs patrol the open areas of the room above and below the moving wall. The treasure you need to obtain is a Bow and Arrow, which lies in the path of the tip of the moving wall. Choose either the top or the bottom Ogre and take them out. The wall forms a barrier, so it's rare the other Ogre will get in Winky's way. Snatch the Bow and Arrow when the moving wall has gone to the left.

- Beetle Room

This room has four passages/wings, and at the end of each one is a different fruit. You must get the Banana, the Orange, the Grapes and the Strawberry. Guarding each fruit is a giant Beetle. Winky is in the intersection of the four passages when he first enters. Quickly fire off arrows in all four directions and you'll likely hit the closest most threatening Beetle. Be careful not to touch the decaying remains of the Beetles. Don't take too long getting all of the fruit, because one of the monsters from the hallway will come in to get you. Fast aiming and shooting is the key to completing this room. You should be shooting around the bodies of dead beetles to get the live ones, otherwise you'll run out of time.

Fire World Dungeon

I usually do the Sword-Shaped (Minotaur) room first, and the Pumpkin room last.

- Poltergeist Room

Invisible supernatural forces have taken over this parallelogram-shaped room, bringing a Chair, a Bed, a Dresser and a Baby Doll to life. In the center of the swirling object vortex is a magical Fire Potion (which some suspect may be responsible for the supernatural mayhem.) The Doll and the Chair rotate around the potion. The Bed and the Dresser slide freely around the room, bouncing off walls and each other, so they pose the greatest danger. If you enter from the top, shoot the Dresser coming at you from the right. If you enter from the bottom, shoot the Bed coming at you from the left. Don't move toward the potion yet. Now eliminate the Bed or the Dresser, whichever remains. From the edge of the room, shoot off the Doll and the Chair. Having done all this in a speedy manner, you should have enough time to claim the Fire Potion and hightail it out of the room before the Hall Monster arrives. On higher skill levels, a Clown Doll will appear and hunt you down.

- Minotaur Room

Winky will enter this sword-shaped room at the hilt and should immediately begin shooting to the left, because a moving wall of heated brimstone will immediately begin closing in. You should not try and back out of the room, because a killer charcoal gate will close behind Winky, blocking his escape. If you haven't altered your position, you should be able to shoot out two blocks of the wall with a single arrow; if not, move up or down slightly to get the advantage. You should have enough time to create an opening in the wall for you to get yourself through. Careful: if you touch the wall even the slightest, you'll perish. Once through the wall, turn around and shoot out as many bricks as you can, because you get points for doing it. Once the wall is demolished, go for the Fire Sword treasure at the "point" of the room. A Minotaur will come through the door as soon as the Sword is picked up. Get as many arrows into it as possible to avoid being killed. It takes about seven shots on level one, and more on later skill levels. You can shoot more arrows if you shorten the distance between Winky and the Minotaur, but be sure to move back as the Minotaur closes in.

- Jack O'Lantern Room

This pumpkin-shaped room is the home of a group of living Jack O'Lanterns, who dance around a campfire. Wait in the "stem" entrance of the room until the coast is clear, and then dash down into the main part of the chamber. Shoot the closest Jack O'Lantern and use it for a shield from the other ones. The campfire also is a good place to hide behind, as long as you don't touch the it. Be extra careful not to shoot the campfire, or some embers will come out and chase you. If this happens, make a dash for the entraceway, because they can't get you in there, and will probably hit a wall and fizzle out. Get the Candle treasure and exit the room.

- Hell Room

This is probably the hardest room on Fireworld. It is shaped like a goblet. At the top of the room is a Devil head, being guarded by two little red Demons. A Pentagram symbol is drawn on the floor near the entraceway. Soon, another Demon will materize from the Pentagram, so don't stand around it for long. Also, the Devil head will spew out a ball of fire every three seconds. Shoot your way past the two guardian Demons and get yourself either to the right or the left of the Devil head, where you'll have the most maneuverability against what is hurled at you. Start firing shots into the Devil head, while avoiding its fireballs. Eventually you'll damage it enough to disintegrate it; revealing the Goblet treasure which was hidden behind. Take the goblet and get out of there. Another warning: the little guardian Demons don't really die. Whenever the number of Demons falls below three, sooner or later a new one will appear on the Pentagram (this is checked every eight seconds). On higher skill levels the number of Devils permitted to occupy the playfield increases, and the speed of everything increases too. On later levels, the Devil head will begin moving, so you'll have to be extra dodgy.

Water World Dungeon

It doesn't really matter which order the rooms are done in. The Pirate room is the hardest one to get to, so you may want to make your way to it first, before the Hall Monsters speed up.

- Shark Room

Winky is on a fishing trip inside a large tank; catching Seahorses, Goldfish, Grey Fish and Schools of Fish. Each creature caught will add to your catch, which is shown numerically at the top of the screen. When you've caught a dozen fish, the grandaddy of them all appears -- the Treasure Fish! It's helpful to know that you can also catch things by shooting them, which saves a lot of running around. The tank is patrolled by deadly sharks. When only their fins are showing, the sharks cannot harm you. But be careful, because the Sharks eventually surface, sometimes when you're not expecting it. The Sharks frequently change direction, with no real pattern. You can easily go from one side of the screen to the other by moving offscreen, which sometimes saves your life. Sharks can be put out of action by putting three harpoons into them. Once you've reached your total catch, the Treasure Fish appears at the bottom center of the screen and the exits appear. You should try and make your last catches near the bottom of the tank. Removing the big Fish will make everything go into second gear: all Shark Fins will surface and the Hall Monster will appear from the depths to get you. Be careful heading to the exits, because Sharks will be swarming everywhere. On later levels, you'll be required to catch more little fish before the big one appears. Also, you can expect a greater number of sharks and faster sharks on later levels. Try and kill off every shark that surfaces - it will reduce the number of sharks which accumulate.

- Octopus Room

This octagon-shaped chamber is the home of a family of Octopi. The main resident is the Big Green Octopus. Many years ago, he swallowed a whole rowboat, including a large Golden Anchor. It didn't take long for the wood of the boat to digest, but the valuable Golden Anchor still sits in the Octopus's stomach. He moves in a pattern throughout the room, which can sometimes be unpredictable. You shouldn't follow too closely behind him, because sometimes he reverses his direction. He spits out spinning Octo-bombs, which are razor-sharp for Winky. Running along the walls are the little Baby Octopi, but they're easy to avoid if you keep away from the walls. The object of this room is to fire enough harpoons into the Big Green Octopus to kill it - allowing you to acquire the Golden Anchor. Your progress is indicated by the Octopus Life Meter at the top of the screen, which removes one of the eight tentacles each time you've damaged the Big Green Octopus. The Octo-Bombs can be shot, and often they get in the way of damaging the Big Green Octopus. The Baby Octopi may also be shot, but another one will soon appear should their number fall under four. When the Big Green Octopus is destroyed, the Baby Octopi will become stressed and run faster around the perimeter of the room, making it difficult to leave through one of the two exits. You should shoot one of the Baby Octopi to create a wider gap in their spacing so you can escape. I usually shoot the Big Green Octopus as quickly as I can.

- Pirate Room

This room is complex, but a lot of fun to play.

A Pirate Ship with real-live pirates has been put inside a giant bottle, and Winky must get the treasure chest from the upper deck. On the main deck, you must first defeat the Pirate Captain. Winky must also dodge cannonballs shot from the right side of the screen and falling fireballs from the sky. It will take six shots to kill the Pirate Captain. I'd recommend staying on the left side of the screen until the Pirate Captain is turned to a pile of bones. Try not to let the Pirate Captain move onto the side of the ship where you are - if he does, shooting him will often reverse his direction. When the Pirate Captain has been defeated, wait for the cannon to fire. It will either be high or low. If it is a low shot, sneak Winky just below the ship's mast to the right side of the screen. If it is a high shot, Winky should quickly go along the bottom of the screen. If you wish, you can disable the cannon by picking up the ball from the behind the cannon. Disabling the cannon will bring out dwarf-sized Pirate Sam from below deck. He will appear at the doorway on the left side of the screen and run over to the right side of the screen. He cannot get you if you're hiding behind the cannon or on the ladder leading to the upper deck, so you can shoot him easily. If you kill him now, you'll have to deal with him again when you grab the Treasure Chest. A Swashbuckler Pirate runs back and forth on the upper deck, guarding the treasure. You can only damage him from the upper deck, not from the ladder. Position Winky at the top of the ladder beneath the upper deck, so you can quickly pop up when the Swashbuckler has moved to the left and shoot some arrows into him. If a fireball happens to fall where the ladder is, you can either shoot it or quickly run up or down the ladder and to the side. It's hard to shoot the fireball from below because of how fast it falls. It's much easier to move out of the way, but make sure the Swashbucker or Pirate Sam are not waiting above or below the ladder as they sometimes do. When you've planted enough arrows into the Swashbuckler, he'll turn to bones. Move over to the Treasure Chest and claim it. If Pirate Sam isn't already on the deck, he'll appear from the doorway; even if you've already killed him. Killing him twice will benefit your score. It's easy to take out Pirate Sam from the ladder or behind the cannon, so position yourself in one of those places. If you've gotten the Treasure Chest, leave this room as soon as possible before the Hall Monster can arrive.

- Crustacean Room

This crab-shaped room is initially inhabited by lobsters and crabs. The prize they protect is a large Clam Shell. Don't dive down into this room, because a pink Monster Crab will appear if you venture too far. Instead, you should hold your ground near the doorway and try to take out the Crabs and Lobsters first. This will give you more room to move. If you can't eliminate all of them, don't fret. Inevitably, you'll have to let the Monster Crab into the room, so move down quickly to one of the "appendages" of this crab-shaped room, where the Monster Crab cannot get you. You're also safe at the bottom of the room where the Clam Shell Treasure is sitting, but make sure you're as far against the wall as possible. From your safety place, take out any little Crabs or Lobsters, if any remain. And fire a steady stream of arrows into the Monster Crab to kill it. Make sure you don't get trapped by its decaying body in one of the "appendages", so don't fire at the Monster Crab if it's too close to your way out. It's difficult to grab the Clam Shell Treasure and escape from the room without first killing the Monster Crab, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Air World Dungeon

- Pegasus Room

Winky is up in the clouds with a magical flying horse called Pegasus. Shooting the horse will wake it up from its nap. Each time the horse is hit, it will spit out a different colour of raindrop. You must grab each colour of raindrop to install the corresponding colour on the rainbow, which will appear in the center of the screen. The order of colours are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. You have to hurry to catch each raindrop, because after 8 seconds, they evaporate. If you miss a raindrop, you'll have the opportunity to get them again after the full spectrum of colours has been spit out. Only one raindrop can be on the screen at a time. When you shoot the Pegasus, she will charge directly at you in anger. Her flight pattern is unpredictable and changes every couple of seconds. Your best strategy is to keep moving and changing direction too. Control is the key here, because Winky moves faster than in other rooms, due to the wind currents. Also be aware that any object leaving the edge of the screen will reappear on the opposite side of the screen. The raindrops will keep the same direction, so you can often anticipate their path and position yourself to catch one as it "wraps around" the playfield. When a raindrop of every colour is caught, the Treasure Tune will play to signal the completion of the Rainbow. The Pegasus will fly out of the playing area and exits will appear at the top and bottom of the screen. You can leave by either of these, but choose quickly, because a Hall Monster appears almost immediately.
- Pterodactyl Room
Winky is on a ledge at the left side of the screen over a deep prehistoric canyon. On the opposite side of the screen to the right is a rock formation with a red Dinosaur Egg on the topmost ledge. Pterodactyls circle overhead and enter at various points on the screen. The only way across the chasm is a Flying Carpet, which flies on its own schedule. Winky should jump onto the carpet right away, otherwise it will get away. Jumping is accomplished by pressing Fire Button 2 and holding the joystick either right or left, depending on the direction you wish to jump. You'll need to move with the Flying Carpet, otherwise it will slide out from underneath Winky. You should shoot as many Pterodactyls as possible while you have the chance, because their number increases as time passes. You may be shocked the first time you shoot a bird and its body comes plummeting down, but don't worry, they can't harm you. The hardest part is jumping up the stone perch to get the egg, because you that is where the Pterodactyls tend to hover and enter around. Get to the top as quickly as you can, shooting any birds which may be above you. You may need to get the hang of jumping up the stone ledges. Grab the Egg and wait, being ready to shoot any birds which may enter near you. Don't bother jumping down the stone ledges. Instead, wait until the carpet has moved to the left of the rock formation, and jump all the way down onto it. On your ride back to safety, shoot off any threatening Pterodactyls. The Hall Monster will appear, but don't jump off the carpet prematurely. Sometimes Pterodactyls will be blocking your exit route, so shoot them quickly and get out the door before the Hall Monster can get you.

- Gargoyle Room

The courtyard of a cathedral is shown, with eight Gargoyles perched on opposing alcoves of the walls. One of the Gargoyles will come to life and fly out toward the center of the screen. Soon, Winky will fall from the sky, so be ready to move left or right as you're falling so you don't collide with the airbourne Gargoyle. Lying in the courtyard is a pair of Winged Sandals. You should grab them right away and start shooting the flying Gargoyles. Eventually all of the Gargoyles will come to life and fly around the sky, but you should be picking them off as quickly as you can. Unlike the Pterodactyls, the heavy stone Gargoyles can actually harm you should their dead bodies fall on top of you. The sky is a dark purple colour, which means that a storm is brewing. Every so often, a bolt of lightning will strike, and you don't want to be underneath when it does. There's no pattern to when or where the lightning will strike, so the lower you are on the screen, the more time you'll have to move out of the way. You can jump up on a ledge after a Gargoyle has left it. Ledges have their advantages: you're fairly safe from the flying Gargoyles on a ledge, it's much easier to aim at them; plus you don't risk a dead Gargoyle falling on top of you. But if lightning should strike, your escape options are fairly limited if you're on a ledge. The exit from this room isn't available until most of the Gargoyles are killed. When only two remain, a door will appear at the top of the screen, accompanied by a platform which slides left and right. You'll be tempted to get to the door right away, but it's much safer eliminating the remaining two Gargoyles first. To get to the door, you'll need to jump up the ledges to the roof of the cathedral. The simplest way to do this is to keep hitting the jump button and pressing up. Be ready for any lightning which may strike. Once on the roof, patiently wait for the sliding platform to move towards you, and then jump onto it. You may want to observe the movement of the platform before making the jump. Move Winky with the platform, or it will slip out from under you. Jumping from the platform to the door is easy. If you've taken too long eliminating the Gargoyles, the Hall Monster may come after you from the bottom of the screen.

- Heaven Room

Winky has found the Gate to Heaven! But first he must get to it via the Stairway to Heaven. You'll really need to use your jumping skills here with button 2. Hindering your ascent are pesky Cherubs, who want to shoot you with Love. If you're hit by a Heart, you'll be knocked, possibly off the step you're on. If you fall off the bottom of the screen, you'll lose a life. More dangerous is an actual collision with one of the Cherubs. If one of them is coming toward you, shoot it to reverse its direction. It's hard to predict where a Cherub will enter the screen, but here are a few hints: At the beginning of the level, Cherubs will begin entering from the right side. Cherubs fly left and right. If a Cherub leaves the screen, sooner or later one of them will enter from the same side and height. It most dangerous at the left and right edges of the screen. Once you've made it to the top cloud where the Gate to Heaven is, make sure there are no Cherubs in the area, and then run over the cloud where the Guardian Angel is waiting. He'll ignore you. There's no way to get through the big gate. Instead, jump off the cloud for the Star Treasure. You'll appear in another room which is totally white. Don't wait for the message to vanish, because that wastes time. Press the fire button so you'll have as much time as possible to capture the bouncing Star Treasures before the Hall Monster appears. Sometimes the Stars are elusive. Try and position yourself so they'll bounce right into your possession. You really don't have much time to do this. Exits will appear when you have every Star. Choose one of them, keeping in mind where you'll end up when you come out.

Desert World Dungeon

- Mummy Room

Probably the hardest room in the game, this pyramid-shaped room is the tomb of the Mummy. You start at the top of the Pyramid and must wind your way back and forth to the Mummy's chamber at the bottom of the screen and retrieve the Golden Pharoah Mask. Dangers include Snakes, which come from the Mummy's chamber; Scorpions, which come behind you from the desert outside; Spikes, which move up and down in the passages; and Arrows, which are shot out of holes in the wall. There's also a time limit in which you must make it out of the Pyramid alive with the Mask. You should begin moving down as soon as the scene begins. If you are fast, you can get past the first two ceiling spikes unharmed. The pattern of the Scorpions and Snakes is random, so you'll need to fire in both directions to keep them from sneaking up on you. Scorpions will not enter the Pyramid if you are at the uppermost passage on the screen, nor will Snakes appear if you are on the lowest level of the Pyramid (the Mummy's chamber). The hardest obstacle to get past is the lowest Arrow Hole. You must get through its passageway as soon as it hits the wall or you won't have enough time before the next arrow is shot out. The Mummy at the bottom must be shot eight times before it will collapse into a pile of bandages. You're safe from the Mummy's grasp at the very left end of its chamber, but should occassionally move up a level and shoot and Scorpions that are coming down. Once the Mummy has died, grab the Mask and leave here as fast as you can. Getting to the top of the Pyramid is harder, although the bottom Arrow Hole is now a piece of cake passing, because you can chase Winky behind an arrow after it has been shot.

- Scorpion Room

This Ankh-shaped room is filled with poisonous Scorpions. It's also guarded by rotating Eyeballs which shoot blue beams of light. When you enter the room, take out any nearby Scorpions and get as close to the Eyeball at the bottom and fire arrows into it as fast as you can. You may need to stop when the Eye rotates in your direction. Soon, the Eye will shatter, allowing you to move up in the room. The rotation speed of the Eyes has increased. Take out more Scorpions on your way to the top of the room where the Ankh Treasure is sitting. Be careful moving between the two Eyes in the center of the room. Though possible, it's a waste of time trying to take out the top Eyeball. Instead, follow behind its line of fire, starting on the left side and moving in a clockwise direction. There may be a few Scorpions lurking around the treasure, so shoot them quickly. Come out of the top chamber on the right side of the eye and once again be careful moving between the two center Eyes on your way out of this room.

- Phoenix Room

The Phoenix is a tricky bird, because it doesn't really die. When you've shot it three times, it will burst into flames and burn, but a few seconds later, the ashes will reform into a new bird. When you shoot the Phoenix, beware of the flaming feathers which will fly off in every direction. You may need to quickly move out of the way. This room is made difficult by its small size and its irregular Phoenix-shape. The Phoenix follows a predictable pattern, but will reverse direction every time you shoot it. What seems to work is shooting the Phoenix from the left when its on the right side of the screen, dodging the feathers, and quickly dashing up to the Sundial Treasure and shooting down at the bird when it is at the bottom of the screen. When the bird bursts into flame, quickly make your way out of this room before it can reappear. You're quite safe following the Phoenix from behind. It's tail can't hurt you, only its body. Be careful of the Phoenix reversing its direction sometimes.

- Sphinx Room

A Shinx is guarding the Scales Treasure behind a wall of blocks. Arrows cannot penetrate the wall, so Winky should use the coloured stone balls at the bottom of the room. Winky will propel the balls upwards by simply running into them. If a large enough hole is made, the Sphinx will escape and come down to the bottom part of the room. You should optimally create at least two holes, so while the Sphinx is escaping down one hole, Winky can sneak up the other hole and get the Scales. Then, if the Sphinx happens to come up again, Winky will have more than one escape. Like the blocks, the Sphinx can only be harmed by hits with the stone balls. Enough hits and the Sphinx will crumble to sand. You'll get a 500 point "Sphinx-Ball" bonus if you destroy all of the blocks. Later levels of difficulty will have more than one Sphinx hiding behind the wall.

- Arabian Room

Like the Genie Room of the first Venture game, this room is shaped like a Genie Lantern, but all similarities end there. Inside this room are various dangers: a pacing Camel, a Genie Lamp which chases you around the room, two Cobras guarding the giant Ruby Treasure, and two Human guards who come after you if you've stolen the Treasure. Don't bother shooting the Camel - you'll only speed it up. The snakes should be taken out before you go for the Ruby. You should always be on the move from the Genie. The Genie itself can't hurt you, only its Lantern. You can score bonus points by shooting the Lantern, but you can't actually destroy it. When you grab the Ruby, the two big guards come into the room and try to catch you. They aren't too hard to get past.

Ice World Dungeon

- Yeti Room

An Abominable Snowman lives in this cave, where also grows a magical Ice Rose Treasure. The Rose and the Yeti are both on the highest ledge at the top of the this cave. Winky can get to the top by jumping from ledge to ledge using button 2. The steps are icy, making it easy to slip off. The Yeti is throwing huge snowballs at you, but they become really dangerous once they reach the bottom of the screen and roll across the floor. You should also watch out for falling Icicles from the roof of the cave. There's a safe ledge to wait on each side of the Yeti's platform You can either fire several shots into the Yeti to kill it, which is quite hard; or you can opt to quickly run in and grab the Rose while the Yeti is on the opposite side of the platform. On later skill levels, you cannot utilize this strategy because the Yeti is pacing too quickly. To succeed in this room, you'll need to get the hang of jumping up the icy ledges. Be careful when coming down to leave the room, because snowballs may be rolling across the floor.
- Penguin Room
You must play a game of slip-sliding tag with a gang of Penguins inside an igloo-shaped room. You'll be glad to know that collision with the Penguins cannot harm you, but it won't get you any closer to grabbing the elusive Candy Cane treasure. A spell has been cast over this igloo so you cannot fire your arrows, making it a "No Arrow Zone". Instead, you must lure the Penguins away from the Candy Cane treat with more-appetizing fish (presumably the ones collected in Water World). You should only throw the fish at the Penguin currently carrying the Candy Cane. Eventually all of the Penguins will lose interest in the Candy Cane, allowing you to grab it. You can't run out of fish, but you can certainly run out of time; so actively pursue whichever Penguin has got the Candy Cane and throw fish at it. You'll know when you've got possession of the Candy Cane when you hear the treasure tune, and are carrying it around. The Penguins will leave the room once their game has ended.

- Snowman Room

A group of Snowmen have been built around a decorated Christmas Tree. Every couple of seconds, one of them will throw a little snowball at you. As soon as you grab the Christmas Tree Treasure, the Snowmen will suddenly come to life and block off your exit. You should try and fire an arrow into each of the Snowmen, while avoiding them and their Snowballs. You can hide behind a dead Snowman as a shield from the living ones. Another strategy is to fire an arrow at one of the Snowmen, just before grabbing the tree, so it will be destroyed as soon as it comes to life. Make sure you grab the tree before the arrow hits, or it will have no effect. Then, quickly position yourself behind the melting Snowman so the others can't get you.
- Windigo Room
At the bottom of a wind-swept forest clearing is a magical Snowflake Treasure. You should get to it as soon as possible. Quite often, the wind changes direction. Moving against the gusts is hard work and will slow Winky down. Moving with the wind get you from one place to another in a hurry, so always try and plan your route so you're moving with the wind. Clues to wind's direction are the two trees in the middle of the clearing, the drifting snow, and the whirlwinds. Avoid the visible whirlwinds which move with the wind, because you'll be blown away. By the time you reach the Snowflake Treasure (if not sooner) the Windigo will enter from the bottom of the screen and actively chase after you. Because it is ghost-like in nature, it will move about freely, unaffected by the gusts of wind. It can easily corner you, so move yourself as far away from it as possible by moving with the gusts of wind, even if it takes you further away from the intended exit. The Windigo can be shot, but it's very hard to aim, because the wind blows your arrows away. After several hits, the Windigo will be destroyed. On higher skill levels, you'll have more than one Windigo to deal with.

Enchanted World

Go to the Witch's Gingerbread House (lower left corner) and House of Cards (upper right corner) first, because the Hallway Monsters will often block off your access to those two quadrants as time passes.

- Witch's Gingerbread House

A Witch has made an entire house out of Gingerbread and decorated it with coloured icing sugar. She has baked a magical Gingerbread man, who wishes to be set free before the Witch eats him. Winky can save the Gingerbread man, but first must take care of the Witch. Upon entering the kitchen, Winky should start firing at her as quickly as possible. Each arrow you plant into her huge body will back her up towards the pot-bellied. You should shoot arrows continuously, because she is also advancing toward you, away from the stove. It's almost a game of tug-of-war, and only the fastest individual will survive. Making things more difficult is the Witch's black cat, who throws various pieces of candy at Winky. You must jump over the candy. Be careful not to be standing under the huge spider dangling from the roof when you jump, for it can easily bite you. When the Witch has been burned to a crisp, the cat will jump up and run around the room. Be prepared to jump over the cat several times. And be careful when the cat is at one end of the room, because it will quickly reverse its direction and run the other way. You're safe from the cat on the shelf where the Gingerbread Man is standing, but be careful when you're jumping back down.

- 3-Bears Cottage

Winky will be in an empty house when he first arrives. In the kitchen, three bowls of porridge are waiting to be eaten. Make your way up the stairs to the second level -- the sitting room, and the inhabitants of the house will come back from a walk in the woods: a Momma Bear, a Daddy Bear and a Baby Bear. Quickly go up to the attic and grab the Pot of Honey from the bedroom closet. Be careful of the bees swarming around the Honey; make sure they're up when you grab the Pot. By now, the Daddy Bear is patrolling the Kitchen, the Mama Bear is pacing about the Sitting Room, and the Baby Bear has come up to the attic to look for intruders. You can either leave by going downstairs or escaping out the chimney of the house. Both strategies will be detailed:

1. If you choose to leave the house by going downstairs, you'll need to shoot your way past all three members of the Bear family. The Bears are quick and cannot be hurt. They'll jump over the arrows you shoot at them. To get past them, simply run under a bear when it is up in the air. The Baby Bear isn't too hard to get under. The Momma Bear is harder because she is larger and comes down just as soon. The Daddy Bear is the hardest to get past because of his size and weight. By the time you're past the Daddy Bear, run for the exit, because a Hall Monster will come onto the scene and try to get you.

2. If you decide you'd rather escape out the chimney in the attic, you'll first need to kill the bees. They'll take several shots to die, and it's not safe standing in the chimney when they come down. So you'll need to come out into the attic. But watch out for the Baby Bear in the bedroom. Shoot at the Baby Bear and he'll jump in the air, allowing you to avoid him. When the bees move up, go back to the chimney and fire a few shots into them. Continue the process until the bees have all been eliminated. Then you'll need to jump to the top of the chimney, which isn't an easy task. Keep pushing up when you jump, so you'll grab onto the top of the chimney and pull yourself up. As soon as you emerge on the roof of the cabin, a Hall Monster will appear and chase after you. You can jump off either side of the cabin, but you have more of a chance escaping the Hall Monster if you jump off to the right side. If you're fast enough, you'll escape in time.

- OZ-Ball Park

You are on what looks like a Baseball field, playing against a strange assortment of characters: a brunette haired farm Girl (at first base), a Scarecrow (at right field), a Tin-Man (at left field), a Lion (at third base) and a Wizard inside a crystal ball (on the pitcher's mound). They are throwing around a luminous ball. You can catch the ball and throw it again (button 2). The game must be played in the proper order. Contact with any of the characters will kill you. You must force each of the characters off of the field by shooting arrows at them, but it must be done in this order: the Girl, the Scarecrow, the Tin-Man, the Lion and finally the Wizard. When a character has been shot enough times, it will run off the field, never to be seen again. Shooting a character out of order is detrimental, because it will count as a time penalty, and bring the Umpire (a Hall Monster) to the field even sooner. Proceeding into an area of the field you haven't yet cleared will teleport you back to Home Plate. You can opt to teleport yourself back to home plate by pressing Button 1 and 2 at the same time. After the Wizard's crystal globe is shattered, the Green Key treasure will be revealed for you to take. After the Wizard is killed, you may also shoot the OZ-Ball for bonus points. Beware of the Umpire (Hall Monster) which appears to get you after a certain amount of time has expired. On higher skill levels, the characters will move faster and need to be shot more times to leave leave. You exit the ballgame by going down from the Home Plate position.

- House of Cards

You are in the court of the Queen of Hearts, who sits on her throne at the other end of the room. She throws Hearts of Hate at you -- which are deadly, so avoid them. This room utilizes perspective. The further into the room you move (up), the smaller you'll appear. Dancing about this room is the White Rabbit. He deals out dangerous Cards, which can also kill you. Avoid being stomped on by the Rabbit too. Don't bother shooting the Rabbit -- you'll only infuriate him. Instead, concentrate your arrows on the Queen of Hearts. When she's had enough abuse, she'll make a strange transformation into a Playing Card! Grab the card and get out of this room, before a Hall Monster materializes. It's no easy feat avoiding the White Rabbit and his Cards, so get as close to the Queen's throne as you can and fire like crazy. With enough skill, you'll be able to do this room without much of a hassle.

Video World

- Yellow Gobbler Room

Winky emerges from the side tunnel to a strangely familiar maze playfield littered with dots. In the center of the maze is a holding pen where four ghosts lurk. Soon the ghosts come out of their box and pursue Winky. Winky must gobble all of the dots from the maze by running over them. Contact with a ghost will kill Winky. Your arrows will pass through the ghosts. Going into a tunnel will make you appear at the other tunnel. Winky can turn tables on the ghosts by gobbling up one of the larger dots in the corners of the maze. The ghosts will turn blue and Winky will turn yellow. In this period of time, Winky can grab the ghosts, and he can also shoot them. If a ghost is hit, it will turn invisible, except for its eyes, and run back to the holding pen to rejuvenate itself. After a certain number of dots are eaten, a Yellow Gobbler prize will appear in the center of the maze below the ghosts' home. Grab this prize and finish gobbling all of the dots. The ghosts will all turn invisible and exit doors will appear on the side tunnels -- allowing you to leave.

- Crazy Monkey Room

Winky is standing at the bottom of a construction site made up of girder ramps and ladders. A Crazy Monkey is at the top of the building-to-be, hurling barrels down at you. Usually the Monkey will throw a blue barrel first. It may weave back and forth on its way down the screen, so don't get hit by it. Be prepared to jump over it by pressing Button 2. When the blue barrel hits the oil barrel at the bottom left of the screen, a fire will start in the oil barrel. From the flames will spring a living fireball, which will come after you. If this fireball appears, grab the hammer on the second ramp as its going up the broken ladder beside the oil barrel. Hammer the fireball and you won't have to deal with another one for awhile. You should be jumping up the ladders. You can even jump while you are holding the hammer. So try to get up to the top hammer before the first hammer has run out. If it does run out, you may need to jump several barrels on the way up. As easily as you can jump up a ladder, you also risk falling down a ladder. Grab the second hammer and get to the topmost platform where the Italian Plumber statue is calling for help. He is your treasure, so grab him. The exit will appear behind the Crazy Monkey. The only way past is by shooting the Monkey. You'll need to do a lot of shooting and barrel-jumping to topple the Monkey off its perch. Once the ape falls, you can leave the room.

- Hop-A-Cube Room

Winky enters this room at either the right or the left corner of a huge pyramid of stacked cubes. You should hold the joystick on a forty-five degree angle (eg., instead of moving up, you'll really be jumping up and to the right, and instead of moving right, you'll really be jumping down and to the right...) This seemingly weird control setup is because you cannot get a good diagonal response from most joysticks. Be careful not to jump off the pyramid, because you'll fall and die. When you hop onto a cube, you'll change the color of its top. When you hop on a blue cube, you'll change it to pink. When you hop on the pink, it will change to yellow; which is your destination color. You'll have to change every cube on the pyramid to this "destination color" in order to complete the pyramid. Try not to jump on a finished yellow cube top, because you'll change it back to the middle color pink. Making your task harder are other creatures, which also hop around the pyramid. First, a Red Ball will fall from the top of the screen and land on one of the cubes below the topmost cube. These will only go down the pyramid, either choosing to hop right or left on each step. If you're above a Red Ball, you'll know you're safe. The Red Balls always hop off the bottom of the pyramid and leave the screen. Three seconds later will be the Purple Ball. It moves down the pyramid exactly like the Red Ball, except when it reaches the bottom of the screen, it will open up and turn into a nasty Purple Snake. This Purple Snake will chase you all over the Pyramid. You do have an escape route however. You can jump onto one of the spinning coloured disks floating beside the pyramid. The disk will carry you to the top of the pyramid. If the Purple Snake is following closely enough behind you when you do this, it will jump off the pyramid and die. You can shoot any of the creatures with your arrows too, but the angles of your aim do not precisely match the angle you're facing, so aiming is difficult. Especially try to shoot the Purple Ball before it reaches the bottom and turns into a snake. Try and grab the Green Ball whenever it appears, because it will freeze all of the action on the screen, buying some time. You can even jump on squares where the enemies are sitting when the action is frozen! Another enemy is the fluffy Green Creature with sunglasses who jumps down the pyramid changing all of the cubes back to their original colour. You can capture this creature for points if you're fast enough. If you manage to change all of the cubes on the pyramid to the correct colour (yellow), you'll be awarded with a winning tune and a prize. The prize will only appear if you are on the lower half of the pyramid. Another sort of Cube will fall down onto the top of the pyramid for you as treasure to collect. Make your way out of the room before one of the Hall Monsters comes in to get you.

- Invaders Room

Winky enters from a trapdoor at the top of the screen and soon falls down to the bottom, where he faces a whole army of alien invaders, marching in formation. Winky can hide behind one of the four green bunkers, which are slowly whittled away laser fire. He can also move off one side of the screen and reappear on the other. The army begins by marching to the right. When it hits the side of the room, it drops down a level and marches in the opposite direction. Winky must take out every invader before they hit the bottom of the screen. As the number of Invaders goes down, their marching speed will increase. Winky should avoid the Invader's laser beams. He can shoot holes in the bunkers to give more firing positions. As in games of this type, it's best to work on the left and right columns of invaders first, to delay the time it takes for them to hit the sides of the screen. Every 25 seconds, a Flying Saucer will fly across the top of the screen. You can shoot it for extra points, but not destroy it. Once the invaders have all been eliminated, the Flying Saucer's frequency will increase to once every ten seconds. Now if you shoot the Flying Saucer (providing its been damaged enough), it will come crashing down to the bottom of the screen. You should jump on top of the Flying Saucer and ride it to the exit at the top of the screen. If you're having trouble shooting the Saucer, you can give yourself an extra shot at it by first shooting from the extreme left, and then quickly moving off the screen to appear on the right side, and hopefully hit it again.

- Atari Room


Winky enters a room in front of a strange machine -- an Atari 2600 gaming console. (For those of you who don't recognize this, it was the hottest home video game system of the early 80's!) The console is hooked up to a television set, which is currently turned off. Winky's range of movement is quite limited. He should shoot at the television set to turn it on. His laser beam will richochet off the screen, sending sparks off in several random directions, so be prepared to move out of the way. Shooting the television set a few more times will get it to the correct channel, where a spinning Atari logo is shown as a title screen. Each time you shoot the TV, watch out for the flying sparks. A few more shots will awaken Lord Atari, who rules this home video game domain. He'll threaten you to leave. Ignore his threats and continue shooting. Lord Atari will become angry and begin hurling green bolts of video energy at you; avoid them. Keep shooting the screen. Eventually you'll shatter it, and a whole explosion of particles will fly out at you. Don't worry, they can't kill you. Grab onto one of the particles and you'll be carried inside the TV set. The particles will bring you to the Atari room, which is a 4x4 grid of chambers (all on one screen). Each of the 15 chambers is occupied by a different Atari game. The 16th and final chamber holds the Atari Logo treasure. The chambers are connected by energized gateways, which only Winky can pass through. You'll be dropped off in the Combat chamber, where a red and blue tank shoot at each other in a green and brown maze. You can shoot the tanks for points, but they'll come back to life. Leave by the exit to the top right and enter the Video Basketball room. Fire Button 2 controls your jumping. Sit on top of the left basket pole until the basketball players and ball have moved to the right side of the court, and then quickly drop down and shoot them. Next is the Defender room. Avoid the Lander, the Defender Ship and its laser fire before entering. Don't bother going after them; instead quickly move up to the next gateway to the Warlords room. You're fairly safe when you're sitting on a gateway. The most dangerous spot in the Warlords room is in the middle of the screen. Wait until the ball has shot past to the left or right, and then dash through to the Berzerk Room. Once you enter the Berzerk room, you'll be hunted by Evil Otto. Shoot a path through the robots. You'll probably have to shoot Otto at least once. Leave the top of the Berzerk room, and Otto will disappear, but don't come completely into the Centipede room until the Centipede is at the top, and the Spider out of the way. Quickly get over to the left wall and wait for the Cattle to move to the right before going into the Stampede room. Take out the Cows and the Cowboy. You can choose either entrance to get to the Yar's Revenge chamber, but time it so you are not hit by the sliding shield. Kill the Yar if you wish. Avoid the Seeker. Enter the Circus room when the Teeter Totter is moving away, and cut diagonally to the Asteroids room. It gets quite crowded with all the floating rocks, the UFO, and the Player's Spaceship. Don't hang around here. Sit on the doorway looking into the Pitfall! room. You can shoot Pitfall! Harry (the little man), but you cannot shoot any of the Alligators in the lake, otherwise you won't be able to cross over. You do not need to jump on the Alligator's heads because of your large size. The Kaboom! room should not be entered until the Mad Bomber and all of the Water Buckets are destroyed. To do this, you need to pop into the room, shoot, and then quickly run back to the Pitfall! room. Once you've cleared the Kaboom! room, hang from the opening above the E.T. room, and wait until the Alien at the bottom just starts moving left. As you fall down the pit, steer yourself as far left as possible. If you've timed your drop correctly, you should have enough time to escape through the secret passage on the left side of the pit. The next room is a racetrack; the Indy 500 room. Wait for the cars to come past, and then follow right on their trail in the same clockwise direction. When you've gotten to the top left corner of the track, duck into the exit quickly, because the cars will have caught up with you. Wait for the Dragon to go down before coming into the Adventure room. Position yourself quickly above the Dragon and shoot it before it can harm you. Get to the bottom right corner of the room and shoot the other Dragon to your left. Take the Yellow Key and use it to escape from the room. The final chamber contains the Atari Logo Treasure. Grab it, and you'll be teleported out of the TV set back to your own world.

Mystery World Dungeon

This dungeon is a huge web with Exidy's Castle in the middle and four "rooms" at the corners. Exidy and Pinky will appear at the beginning of the level and go into the castle. Avoid Exidy or you'll lose a life. The web is a maze with invisible openings. You'll need to feel your way around the strands to find all the openings. There are two pathways into each room. Avoid the Hall Monsters too, which don't really chase you; but instead try and block your progress.. When you've completed all four rooms, the castle will open up, allowing you to enter it. Watch out for Exidy, who occassionally appears at the doorway and shoots off freezing beams.

- Zombie Room

Winky is alone in a creepy graveyard at night. There are six graves in here, and the treasure is hidden somewhere. On the other side of the screen is a shovel. Winky should go get the shovel and start digging in any of the graves using Fire Button 2. The contents of each grave will be randomly chosen every time you play, and can be: one of three zombies, a ghost, a skeleton or an empty grave. If you dig open the empty grave, lightning will strike from the sky (it can't hit you) and a Frankenstein's monster will enter the screen from the left side and start pacing back and forth across the screen, pausing a few seconds at each side. If you dig up one of the other undead, they'll start pursuing you after a few seconds. You must fire many shots into each one to stop them. All six graves must be dug up and all six zombies must be destroyed before the Voodoo Skull treasure appears; it will be on top of the cemetary gate. You must shoot it with an arrow to knock it down to the ground. One strategy of this room is to only release one creature at a time, so you can't be surrounded. Even one creatures' pursuit can keep you running around the graveyard. Because time is limited, you should have all of the other graves dug as much as possible, so you can release the next creature immediately after one is destroyed. The collision detection with the creatures is only at their feet, so you should feel free to run past the top of their bodies. You can also save time by digging more than one grave at a time. This is accomplished by having the shovel overlap two graves. You should not be in the center of a grave when you're digging it, because when a zombie emerges, it can hold you down. Another timesaver is to be simultaneously digging and running.

- Werewolf Room

Winky is on a Werewolf hunt in a forest with a knight, a prince and a rogue. You all want to be the one who slays the Werewolf and become the hero. What nobody knows is that one of the three men has been previously bitten by the Werewolf, and when the moon turns full, they'll transform into a Werewolf! It's randomly chosen which one of them is cursed. Before the moon turns full, you should spend your precious time collecting as many silver arrows as possible to slay the Werewolf. A Silver Arrow will appear at a random location in the forest when you shoot one of your regular arrows at any of the three men. You want to be the first one to grab the arrow, because if any of the men get to it first, they'll snatch it away from you. Each of them wants to be the one to kill the Werewolf. Only one Silver Arrow can be on the screen at a time. When the moon becomes full, one of the men will begin to change into a Werewolfe. The Werewolf will go after the two men before coming after you. The Werewolf can still hurt you even if it isn't chasing you, so avoid it. The best time to fire your silver arrows into the Werewolf is when it is mauling one of the other characters -- because it will tend to stay in the same location. When you've fired three silver arrows into the Werewolf, it will vanish in a flash of light, leaving behind a Leg of Lamb as the treasure for you to take. Any surviving characters will be thankful.

- Vampire Room

Winky has penetrated a nest of the Vampires, where somewhere is hidden a magical Diamond Vampire Ring. You start on the left side of the screen, which is a castle area with coffins, ladders and candleabras. The right half of the screen is the caves, where most of the bats live; with torches and climbing ropes. To grab onto one of the ropes, you need to jump by pressing up and either right or left. You can get from one side of the catacombs to the other by the passage at the bottom, or by crossing the sliding platform at the top of the screen (be careful not to fall off!) To find the Vampire Ring, you must destroy all of the Vampires. There are three kinds of Vampires, and all of them can kill you: Human-Form Vampires, Vampire Bats, and the Boss Vampire. Shooting your regular arrows at Vampires doesn't have much of an effect: they'll turn a Human-Form Vampire into a Bat, and will turn a Bat to gaseous form. Arrows will slow down the Boss Vampire. The only way to really harm one of the Vampires is with a Wooden Stake. They are scattered throughout the caves at different locations for you to pick up. Your supply of stakes is shown at the top right corner of the screen. You shoot a stake with Button 2, and it is subtracted from your supply. However, a shot stake can usually be retrieved if it hits a cave wall. Shooting a stake at a Human-Form Vampire or a Bat Vampire will kill it, but shooting a stake at the Boss Vampire will only damage it. The Boss Vampire cannot be truly killed until the other Vampires on the screen are destroyed. When the Boss Vampire is damaged, it will turn to Gaseous form and run away. Killing the Boss Vampire will reveal the Diamond Ring Treasure, which floats towards you. Be sure not to exit the level until you've gotten the treasure, or you'll need to do it all over again. Besides points, for every Vampire killed, you'll be rewarded with another stake, which appears in one of the caves. Once in awhile, a Crucifix appears, which you can grab for limited invincibility from the Vampires. You'll flash when the invincibility is about to run out. With enough practice, you'll be a Vampire hunter in no time!

- Leprechaun Room

Winky is in a giant 4-Leaf-Clover Shaped room, with eight doors evenly placed around. The treasure is a 4-Leaf Clover, which is in the stem part of the room. But Winky is too big to get to it. Soon, Leprechauns will materialize into the the room as a continous stream, so you'll need to quickly shoot and move around. Nowhere is safe from them. Once in awhile, they'll shoot a ball of pixie dust, so don't get too close to any of them. The exit doors have a nasty habit of closing whenever you get close to them. When you've shot enough Leprechauns, a magical potion will appear in the center of the screen. You should grab the potion as soon as you can. When you're ready to drink the potion (when the path to the stem part of the room is clear), press Button 2, and you'll be magically shrunk down in size. Now smaller, you can enter the stem part of the room and get the 4-Leaf Clover Treasure. The potion's effects don't last long, so quickly get out of there, otherwise you'll suffer a painful regrowing death in a confined space. To exit the room, destroy all remaining Leprechauns, and every door will open for you. On later skill levels, the Leprechauns will all move faster, and there'll be more of them to deal with.

Exidy's Castle

- Outside Castle

Exidy will inform you that your quest isn't over yet -- you'll need to find three more treasures somewhere in his castle and bring them to his library (at the top of the Castle's Main Tower) in order to win Pinky back. Exidy will vanish with Pinky and you'll have to get through the locked gate somehow. Shooting it will your arrows will weaken it. Hall Monsters will fly into the scene to get you. As soon as you hear a Hall Monster, get ready to take it out. Three carefully aimed arrows are the only way to kill a Hall Monster. Don't fire recklessly, because you cannot fire another shot until one has left the screen. It takes 30 hits on the gate to crumble it, so shoot it rapidly whenever there's no Hall Monster. Once the gate is gone, quickly enter the castle by moving up. You'll find yourself in the first maze...

Note: some of the harder rooms in the castle can be skipped if the proper keystrokes are initiated.

- Mazes

Between all of the castle rooms is a maze of passageways, which will be different every time. There are six mazes to conquer in Exidy's Castle, each with their unique properties. To find your way out of a maze, you need to visit the "Required Number of Passageways". In Certain Mazes, you'll need to take Certain Exits in order to Progress to the next section of the castle.

Maze I (Exits to the East and West/Required Passages=3)
Maze II (Exits in any Direction/Required Passages=4)
Maze III (Special Trapdoor Exit/Required Passages=5)
Maze IV (Exits to the East and West/Required Passages=6)
Maze V (Exits to the East and West/Required Passages=7)
Maze VI (Exits to the East ONLY (Tower)/Required Passages=8)

In some (but not necessarily all) of the Mazes, are the following dangers:

1. Different Colors of Rolling Balls

2. Different Monsters: Slime, Goblins, Skeletons, Trolls, Spiders, Demons, Dragons, Cyclops 3. Shooting Arrows

4. Shooting Laser Beams

5. Swinging Pendulums

6. Razor-Sharp Blades 7. Lightning Balls 8. Opening and Closing Spiked Pits 9. Statues which come alive and throw fire 10. Exidy's Anti-Intruder Tank System 11. Exidy 12. 1UPs

- Hall of Hall Monsters

Winky can get to this Hallway either by taking an East or a West exit from Maze I, but you must have completed at least the required number of maze sections. There is a 50% chance of arriving in this chamber; if not here, you'll find yourself in the Gallery of Goo (see below).

Hall Monsters are quartered in this Hallway. The room is hot from the burning fireplaces. Hall Monsters will be pacing up and down the screen. They won't come after you; they have not been assigned to pursue you. The heat of the room makes your arrows less effective, so a Hall Monster will need to be shot many more times before dying. Because of this and the fact that a Hall Monster will soon appear behind to chase you, it's best to get through the room to the opposite door as soon as possible. Once on the other side, you may turn around and shoot the Monsters. If you happen to destroy the pursuing Female Hall Monster, be prepared to leave the room immediately!

- Gallery of Goo

Like the Hall of Hall Monsters, Winky can get to this room either by taking an East or a West exit from Maze I, providing the required number of passageways has been visited.

If Winky enters from the East, he will be at the top of the screen and must make his way to a West exit at the bottom. If Winky enters from the West, he'll start at the bottom and need to get to the top of the screen. I find entering from the East is easier to complete. The Gallery consists of three floors, where Exidy's art collection is displayed. Unfortunately, it has been invaded by green slime. The top floor has slime dripping from the ceiling, which must be run under. Make your way across this as quickly as possible, but be prepared to stop and reverse direction, should slime drip down directly in front of you. The middle floor has three globs of slime slithering back and forth, which need to be jumped over. It's best to follow behind a slime until it reaches the end of its path, and jump it as soon as it reverses direction. That will allow you the most time to position yourself on one of the safe areas of the gallery floor where the slimes do not reach. There are a couple of safe zones. One is on the right side of the oriental structure picture and the another one is on the left side of the woman's portrait. It's easy to jump too soon or not soon enough. The bottom floor has two moving platforms over a pool of slime. You must move with the platforms; they will not slide you across with them! To time yourself onto a platform, run towards it BEFORE it reaches your ledge, otherwise, you'll be too late. You should jump off of the platform. If you start to fall, hit the jump button quickly; you can often save yourself when the platform slides back to in your direction.

- Schism Room
Winky can get to this room by taking any exit in Maze II, providing you've navigated the required amount of passageways.

This is a room with an eye-popping spiral pattern of white and black tiles. In the middle of the room is a pedestal, which has a Yin-Yang/Ninja Disk on it. You can simply leave the room if you wish, but you won't get any further in the castle by doing this. To progress, you need to grab the Disk, but Winky will divide into his good and bad sides. In order to become whole again, you need to collect or destroy the Karma which comes out of the centre of the screen. Karma is gained by shooting at it with the Good Winky's arrows, or by Touching it with the Bad Winky. If the Good Winky touches the Karma, he'll die. If the Bad Winky shoots the Karma - all Karma Points will be lost. When enough Karma points are gained, you'll hear a sound effect and the pedestal will begin pulsating. Now the Good and Bad Winkys should touch each other to become whole again. If you try and touch the two Winkys together before enough Karma is earned, both of them will be teleported back to their starting positions. To move the Winkys apart, press one of them against the pedestal, and the other will keep moving. Similarly, to move the Winkys together, press one of them against a wall, and the other one will keep moving. Karma will not come out if the Bad Winky is too close to the pedestal. I use a combination of Colliding with the Bad Winky and Shooting with the Good Winky to get the Karma. The Good Winky should always be prepared for any wild Karma which comes spinning his way.

- Castle Dungeon
This is the nasty place where Exidy locks all of his enemies. Winky gets to the castle dungeon by opening a Trapdoor, which will appear in Maze III, once the required number of maze passages has been travelled. You need to shoot the Trapdoor six times in order for it to open. When you enter it, you'll drop down into the Castle Dungeon. You need to find the Key in order to escape from the Dungeon. It is hidden behind one of the bricks in the north wall. You'll need to shoot every brick to reveal the key. Then, because the key is out of reach, you'll need to dislodge it from the wall. Once in awhile, a Convict will be thrust into the room. Avoid or shoot the Convicts, or they'll attack you. It takes six shots to destroy a Convict. Also, Hall Monsters will occassionally fly into the room and chase after you. Shoot the Hall Monster three times to kill it. Once you've gotten the key, quickly go through the escape door, because Convicts will start spilling into the room.

- Hall Monster Hatchery

This room can be reached by finding the correct East or West exit in Maze IV. Hall Monsters are created in this room. A male and a female Hall Monster are connected to a Hatching Machine. Every few seconds, an Egg will drop out of the hatching chute onto the conveyor belt, which can travel right or left. When an Egg reaches the claw at the end of the conveyor belt, it will begin to hatch. A Baby Hall Monster will break out of the egg and fly away. Winky can speed the hatching process by shooting an egg enough times. Winky should be careful not to be under an egg when it drops, or be grabbed by a claw and thrown off the conveyor belt. Winky will move faster travelling the same direction as the belt, and slower when moving against the belt. The object of this room is to get the Hourglass Treasure from the Hatching Machine, but to do so, you need to get into it. The parent Hall Monsters are blocking access to the machine, so you'll need to get them out of the way. Shooting them won't do any good, because while they're connected to the machine, they're protected. Your only option is to attack the Baby Hall Monsters, which will upset the Parents. If the Mother Hall Monster becomes angry enough, she'll break away from the machine and come after you. If the Mother is attacked, the Father will escape too -- allowing you to enter the Machine and get the Hourglass. If you leave without the treasure, time will flow in reverse, and you'll find yourself in Maze IV again. The only way to proceed to the next maze is to get the Hourglass.

- Colorful Chasm Crossing

This room is gotten to by successfully completing Maze V by an East or West exit.

Winky must cross a chasm of razor-sharp spikes by hopping onto a series of magical multi-coloured stone blocks, which appear and disappear. If a block you are standing on vanishes, you'll fall to the spikes below, unless you can jump to another one which is there. The ledges by both doors will never vanish, and there is no time limit, so you can sit there as long as you like to observe the pattern which the blocks will follow. There are four patterns of appearing/disappearing, but the blocks may also appear out of order (not Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple). If the blocks are too much out of order, the pattern may be very difficult to complete. (If you find a pattern which is unworkable, you may call on the gods for a better one.) Winky can enter this room from the East or the West, depending on which exit you've taken from Maze V.

- Tower Climb
The only way into the tower is by taking the correct East exit from Maze VI. There are six different sections in the tower climb. The first thing to do is to get the hang of jumping up the widely-spaced stairs.  If you die on any level of the staircase, you will start your next life on the level where you left off.

Level 1

Black Birds and White Birds fly in through open windows. Do not collide with either of them. The White Birds drop "eggs" on you, making them the more dangerous of the two. You can shoot the birds, but soon more birds will fly into the tower. There is no need to avoid the Black Birds once they have been shot. Don't spend too much time hunting after the birds; instead get to the top as soon as possible.
Level 2
Green Slime drips from the ceiling (leftover from the Gallery of Goo). You are safe from the Slime on all the ledges except the ones with the ladders. Pause on each ledge until a Slime drips safely past. The closer you get to the top, the less warning you'll have that a slime is about to drip down one of the openings of the staircase.
Level 3
Dragon Statues come to life every couple of seconds and breathe flames downward. The dragons cannot breath flames upward, so the safest place to be is beside a dragon and a bit above it. Use those spots to wait until the flames have gone past.
Level 4
Purple Goons (borrowed from another wizard's castle) hop down the stairs. Try and shoot them down with your arrows before they get to your level, otherwise it will be really hard to hit them. It only takes one shot to bring them down. You don't need to worry about the falling Goons. Try to get to the top as soon as possibly, so you'll have to deal with the least Goons. The Goons won't come out anymore once you've climbed above a certain height.
Level 5
Probably the hardest; Pendulums swing back and forth across the steps and ladders. Only certain spots are safe. You'll need to wait at those safe spots for the Pendulum to swing the other way in order to make your move.
Level 6
You'll confront Exidy, who shoots Freeze Beams in your direction. This is the final level -- the exit is at the very top. Collision with Exidy won't kill you, but it may stun you temporarily, making you a sitting duck for Exidy's beams. Exidy will stay above you until you reach the centre of the screen. Once you're in the top half of the screen, Exidy will move below you and fire upwards. Get to the top quickly, and Exidy won't have much of a chance to shoot you.

- Exidy's Library

On top of the Tower is your final destination - Exidy's Library. Exidy is waiting in here for you to bring him all of the treasures. Pinky is being kept in a large glass ball at the top of room. The screen is made up of ladders, stairs and ramps to climb on; and bookcases, artwork and sculptures too look at. You will need to give all of the treasures to Exidy in order to get Pinky back. Once Winky exchanges a few words with Exidy, you can start firing the treasures at Exidy. There is no penalty for missed treasures, but every treasure which hits him gives you 200 points Since there is no time limit, you should try and rack up as many points as you can by careful aiming. The task is made more difficult by the fact that Exidy floats around the library, frequently disappears, and your movement is limited to the bottom floor of the library. (If you climb any higher, Exidy will shoot a freeze beam at you.) The pick of treasures is totally random, but you'll know how many you have left by the counter at the top right. Once you've thrown all your treasures at Exidy, he'll say "Come and get Pinky... If you can!" You'll have to fight for her. Now you can fire off arrows at Exidy, while he fires freeze beams at you. You are no longer limited to the bottom of the screen. It will take several hits to reduce Exidy's Magic to nothing. Keep moving around the screen to avoid Exidy's beams. Contact with Exidy won't kill you, but it may stun you temporarily. Once Exidy's Magic totally drained, you'll be able to rescue Pinky, collect the final treasure of the game, and escape from the castle. Enjoy the final scenes of the game!

Strategy guide by Lafe Travis created on September 15th, 1997.
Last modified February 17th, 2000.