Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp PC CD-ROM

If you try to play Dragon's Lair II and the movies will not play for you, you may have problems with some of the drivers in your computer.   You can test movie playback by using the Media Player (Start>Programs>Accessories>Multimedia) and playing one of the AVI movies on the Dragon's Lair II CD.  If this doesn't work, you can try downloading the latest version of DirectX from the Microsoft web site.

If the game is playing by itself with no keyboard input, you may be running on a machine that is too slow (for example, a 486) in which case you will notice a very low frame rate, or you may be running on Windows NT (which is not supported).

When playing Dragon's Lair II remember that you control Dirk The Daring's reactions to the events that unfold throughout the game.  You don't directly control Dirk's movement but rather you must make the correct moves at the appropriate time for Dirk to survive the scene.   This means that just by pressing "Right" doesn't mean Dirk will move right.

When the game begins, Dirk's Mother-in-law attempts to hit Dirk over the head with a rolling pin.  You must move Left to avoid being hit.   If you continually get hit on the head with the rolling pin, you are not making the correct move, or you are not making the move at the correct time. Try pressing Left repeatedly when the game begins.  At first you will hear "Bad Move Beeps" (low pitch) until it becomes the correct time for the Left move to be made, at which point you'll hear a "Good Move Beep" (high pitch) meaning the correct move has been made and it is accepted.  You should get past the Mother-in-law's rolling pin.

Whenever you press a key there are two possible sounds you will hear from the computer: a low pitch beep means that you haven't made the correct move or that your timing is off; a high pitch beep means you have made the correct move and it has been accepted.

If you find that you are continually dying at a certain point in the game then you know that you must make a move just before this point.  You can try all of the five combinations (Up, Down, Left, Right, Sword) and one of them will work.  Sometimes the timing is tricky with several moves close together but if you watch the video closely and listen for "Good Beeps" then you notice when you've passed one move and need to make the next move.

The Correct Moves

The following are the correct moves for Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp.  We suggest you only read further is you're completely stuck on a move.  Note that many scenes can be played in "normal" and "reversed" (left to right).  If you're playing a reversed scene then all the Left and Right moves below should be reversed.


<?> means go in this direction to pick up an object.

Home Sweet Home


Ancient Times


Through The Mirror


No Visitors


Piano Solo

U,L,R,D,S,R,L,L,D,S,S,D,L,S,D,S,R,<D>,S,U,U,L,L,L,S,L,L,S,D,U,D,S,R,R,L,<L>, R,R,L,R,U,S,L,U,R,S,R,S,S

Mummies All Around


Come and Get Her


Awakened With a Kiss