Space Ace


 This is a completesolve for Space Ace. It may spoil some of the fun of discoveringthe moves on your own.

It's your choice!

All moves are in brackets. L=left, R=right, U=up, D=down, S=Laser/Energize
Certain areas will appear backwards, and all left and right moves will be reversed,
but NOT up, down or Laser/Energize. If the move doesn't seem to be working, try
different timing. Some moves have very exact timing. So here they are...


Walkthrough Map

 Kim Is Kidnapped

The Black Spheres

Dodging the Beams

The Platforms

The Dogs and theRobots

The Junk Planet

The Dog Fight

The Yellow Planet

The Dark Side

The MotorcycleChase

The Roller Skates

The Giant Eels

The FinalConfrontation


Kim Is Kidnapped

Kim is carried away into Borf's huge spaceship. Borf will fly outon a

hover pad to destroy Dexter. Jump (L) tohide behind a rock when Borf fires

his laser. Jump (L) again to avoidanother blast. A wide view of the cliff

leading to Dexter's spacecraft will beshown. Flying robots move towards

Dexter. Run (R) to the boulder. Robotswill continue to follow, so run (R)

again. The word "Energize"will flash at the bottom of the screen. Now you

must choose whether or not to energizeyourself and turn into Ace. That's

the great thing about this game; choice.Both ways will work, but will lead

to different sets of moves for thisscene.

Ace - (F) energizes you while you are running alongthe cliff. Dexter

transforms into Ace! A robot will grabyou. (F) will have Ace shoot it. The

ground you are standing on becomesshaky, so jump to safety (R). A top view

of the cliff will be shown and the robotin front of Ace will fire off in

several directions at once. Jump (L) tothe left cliff, but quickly jump

back (R), and fire before you land (F)in order to destroy the harmful

robot -- it takes good of timing. Yourship doesn't appear too far away.

Move (L) to jump over the hole on thecliff. But then your energy runs out

and you turn back to Dexter. Proceed tothe Dexter moves to finish this


Dexter - The dirt bashers are after you. Contrary tothe instruction

manual, you do not need to wait for thearms of the dirt bashers to go up

before jumping left over the holes. Justkeep hitting (L) repeatedly, with

no respect to proper timing and you'llfinish this scene. It couldn't be


This first scene has no mirror image, but almost all of theothers do.

The Black Spheres

Dexter takes off in his space ship towards Borf's ship, but firsthe must

navigate through a storm of blackspheres. Dexter tries to reach her,

"Kimberly, come in. Are youokay?"

Kimberly will reply "Oh sure, I'm just kidnapped by aliens,that's all."

"I'll save you Kimmy!" Dexter will promise.

She screams "Get me out of heeere!"

This scene can be presented to you in many ways. You are alsogiven a

choice of which way to steer the ship,which can lead to different paths.

You need to see which way the ship veersafter the first move to really

know which way the rest of the scenewill be. The first move is always (U).

If your ship then veers to the right ofthe shot, the second move will be

(R). Then you are given a choice to goup or down, both are acceptable.

You'll notice that moving down willcause a slight hiccup in the animation.

If you move (U), you'll fly straighttowards a green sphere. Blast it (F).

You'll fly up a tower and must make asharp turn (R) into a corridor.

You'll encounter another green sphere(F) and must turn sharply down a

tunnel (D). The way looks open, exceptfor a green sphere (F).

If you move (D), you'll need to make a quick turn to the (R) andthen (U).

You'll fly through the whole maze again from the beginning,except it will

be a mirror image; begin by moving (U)again and then you'll veer to the


If your ship veers to the left of the shot, the second move willbe (L).

You have a choice of moving up or down.

If you move (U), you'll fly straight towards a green sphere.Blast it (F).

You'll fly up a tower and must make asharp turn (L) into a corridor.

You'll encounter another green sphere(F) and must turn sharply down a

tunnel (D). The way looks open, exceptfor a green sphere (F).

If you move (D), you'll need to make aquick turn to the (R) and then (U).

If this is your first time through,you'll need to fly though the entire

maze again, except the right and leftmoves will all be reversed.

Having flown through the maze twice, no matter what paths arechosen,

you'll dock with Borf's huge spaceship."Star Pad, request permission to


It's almost easier to figure this one scene out yourself than tomemorize

all of these moves.

Dodging the Beams

"Aha, Borf is here!" Dexter drops down from a ceilinghatch into one

corridor of Borf's spaceship. A lightbeam will shoot towards Dexter.

Quickly jump forwards (U). Now you willneed to jump either TOWARDS the

flashing light, which could be one oftwo directions. I will give the moves

for the left way. If the light flashesto the left, you'll jump that way


Dexter must avoid two other flashes of light. "Alert!Unidentified

personnel on level one!" thecomputer will say. (U), "Seal off all exits on

level one!" (U). The word"Energize" will flash on the bottom of the

screen. You have to choose whether toturn into Ace or not.

Ace - (F) will energize Dexter into Ace. Ace willchuckle, and must quickly

jump towards the flashing corridor (L).He will run into an alien guard,

and must shoot him (F). The corridor upahead will flash, so jump ahead

(U). Jump Ace through a circularcorridor (U) and confront another guard

(F). Ace will lose his powers and turnback into Dexter: "Far out!" Jump

towards the flashing hallway (L). You'renow Dexter again. Kimberly will

appear on a video screen, begging forhelp. Dexter will have the choice of

jumping through two holes in the wall.Move either (L)or R; I don't think

it really matters. Both of them willcomplete the scene.

Dexter - So, you chose not to energize? Wait throughthe opportunity until

the hallway ahead flashes (U) to makethe move, otherwise you'll die. Move

(U) to escape another beam of light.You'll have a sense of deja-vu as you

run down the hallways for the secondtime. Move (L) towards the flashing

hallway. Run down the hall and avoid thebeams (U).

The computer will say "Seal off all exits on levelone!". Run forwards

again (U). You must take a turn towardsthe flashing corridor again (L) and

run forwards (U). Kimberly will appearon the huge video screen, being

hauled off by aliens. Two circular holesare at the end of the hall. Choose

either (L) or (R) to complete the scene.Dexter will slide down a pole to a

lower deck of the ship.

The reverse of this scene will have you moving right instead ofleft and

left instead of right.

The Platforms

Dexter will be at the entrance to a room. A turret on the ceilingwill be

shining down a red light which can meltyou into the floor. Observe which

side of the screen the beam shines andmove in the opposite direction! Here

is the first version of this scene. Themirror image of it will simply be

reversed left and right.

If the red light shines to the left, jump Dexter to the right(R). You'll

need to do this again (R). Dexter mustquickly run to the other side of the

room before the security gun can rotate(U), (U). Dexter must run through a

diamond-shaped door (U).

Now in a new area, Dexter will be faced with another menacingrobot and has

a choice of escape or confrontation.

Dexter - Cowardly Dexter chooses to escape! Jump intothe escape tunnel

(L). Avoid the laser beam by jumpingonto the moving platforms (R). The

platforms will crumble, so you'll needto keep jumping (L), (F), (L) and

Dexter will slide down another pole toanother part of Borf's ship. For

some reason, there is a bug on oneversion of this scene where Ace will say

"Far out!" and you will alwayslose a life. If you encounter this error,

choose to Energize instead.

Ace - Wait for the word "Energize" toappear on the bottom of the screen,

otherwise you'll be jumping the gun andlose a life. Ace must shoot the

spherical sentry floating above him (F).Jump (R) to get onto a conveyor

belt of sorts. Shoot the robots abovebefore they can do you any harm (F),

(F). Jump over to the moving platform onthe other beam (R). Ace will enter

a tunnel and you'll be in somepsychedelic vortex. There will be more

robots to shoot (F), (F). Unfortunately,Ace will change back into Dexter

and the cool ride will come to acrashing end, so be sure to jump off

either (L) or (R). You'll slide down tothe next level of Borf's ship. I

don't think it really matters which wayyou go, but I think it might

determine which way the next scene(s)will be facing.


The Dogs and the Robots

You'll find Dexter being pursued by large green mutts withantlers who

snarl your name -- run for your life!(U). Dexter will be narrowly missed

by laser beams, and the dogs will getblasted instead. Now depending on

which orientation of the scene theprogram has generated, you'll need to

turn a sharp corner to the side. Ifcorner turns to the left, go that way

(L). More alien dogs will come at youfrom all directions, except right, so

go that way (R). Now you have theopportunity to energize or not to

energize into Ace.

Ace - The word "Energize" will flash onthe bottom of the screen (F).

Confidently, you turn into the superhero. Ace grabs two of the dogs by the

neck and crashes their heads together.Holy bad continuity Batman, you're

suddenly standing between two armedrobots! Jump away from the crossfire

(R) and let the robots destroy eachother. You'll need to evade some blasts

around a corner (L). You soon run intoanother pack of hungry green space

dogs, so you'll need to shoot them (F)and then run onwards (L). You'll

confront another armed robot and need toshoot it (F). Things will begin

moving, so you'll need to run throughthe lane of traffic and fire bolts

(L), (L) to a quieter avenue. By now,Ace will lose his power and turn back

into Dexter. Dogs will be chasing youagain, so make a quick (R) turn

towards the flashing light. Dexter willscurry up the ladder to escape all

the machine explosions.

Dexter - Instead of energizing, you'll run ahead (U)away from the dogs.

You'll need to make a turn down thestreet (R) and then (L) towards the

flashing light. More dogs will victimizeyou, so escape (U). Make a sharp

(R) towards the flashing avenue. You'llclimb a ladder and everything will

explode behind you.

If you are given the reverse of this scene, all of the left movesbecome

right and all of the right moves becomeleft. Otherwise the moves are the


The Junk Planet

Dexter lands in a pile of trash and is suddenly picked up by atrash robot

for disposal. The robot sprays a clearplastic bubble over Dexter. Dexter

must shoot his way out (F) to avoidbeing jettisoned into space. Dexter

must leap across two moving platforms(R) and (U). Dexter runs into the

trash robot again. It is time toenergize, but only if you want to.

Ace - (F) will energize. A trash monster will springup in front of Ace. He

shoots it (F). Ace must jump across amoving platform (R), where he meets

the huge trash worm again (F). Havingshot it, Ace must jump safely across

to another ledge (L). The terrible trashmonster makes another appearance

(F). Ace becomes Dexter again and mustjump to a swinging ladder above (U).

Dexter - (R) will jump to the other side of the walkwaywhere the trash

robot is cleaning. The robot capturesDexter again, who must break free

(F). Dexter must avoid the trashcompactor by jumping across a moving

platform (R). Things get hectic as thepiles of trash become smaller.

Dexter must jump over to a moving pillarof trash (L), and then to another

one (R). The escape ladder hangs fromabove. Dexter must jump safely to it


The scene should be over, but you must play through it again inreverse!

I'm certain that it is a bug in theprogram which makes both versions of

this level appear one after the other. Ithink only one of them was to be

randomly chosen, but you must playthrough both versions, first left to

right and then right to left.

The second time through, the moves are reversed. Start byshooting the

trash robot (F) and leaping across twomoving platforms (L) and (U). Now

you can energize if you want to.

Ace - (F) will energize. Shoot the trash monster(F), jump across a moving

platform (L), shoot another monster (F),jump across to ledge (R), shoot

the monster again (F) and finally jumpto the ladder (U).

Dexter - Jump over (L), break free (F), jump across theplatform (L), to

the moving pillar of trash (R), then toanother one (L) and finally leap to

the ladder above (U).

The Dog Fight

Escape the explosion in your spacecraft by moving AWAYfrom the fire (L).

Dog fighters will be pursuing yourspaceship. Move yourself out of their

crosshairs by steering your ship upwards(L). You'll all fly into a winding

tunnel. Steer through the tunnels andout of the alien's firing range (R)

and then (R) again. Timing here isreally important. "I'll get you this

time!" Fire when the alien's shipis in your crashers (F) and hit a second

one (F). Steer your ship sharply up outof the first tunnel (U) and dive

down into another tunnel (D). This isfun! Another alien will try to hit

you, so move out of its crosshairs (U).Take out another alien (F). A tower

will rise up in front of your ship, sobank up sharply (U). Another alien

will enter your crosshairs (F). Avoidbeing shot by another alien (U), and

take out the final alien (F)."Later Space Invaders!" You'll splash down

onto the surface of another strangeplanet.

Watch out of the reverse of this screen,which occurs once in many games.

All the left and right moves will bereversed. You'll know if you've gotten

the reversed scene if the first move isright, away from the explosion.

The Yellow Planet

As soon as Dexter emerges from his ship, he is attacked a hugepurple plant

monster. It will grab you. The only wayto escape is to shoot it (F). Huge

monsters will appear on either side, soyou must escape forwards (U).

You'll go through a cave and meet upwith blue space cats. Now is your

chance to energize if you want to!

Ace - Dexter becomes Ace (F) and throws off the cats.A gigantic yellow

monster will jump up in front of Ace.Shoot it! (F). Ace will be on a

narrow bridge and the yellow monsterwill need to be shot at again (F). The

yellow beast will crush the bridge withits hand and Ace must jump across

to safety, either (L) or (R) dependingon the orientation of the scene.

Dexter - rather than energizing, Dexter will runforwards, away from the

blue space cats (U). The cats will chaseDexter to a narrow bending

walkway, where a horrific plant creaturewill pop up. Dodge the plant (U),

and do so again on another bend (L). Thespace cats will be hot on Dexter's

trail, so jump across to a rocky spire(L). The pillar is unstable, so jump

to another one (R). You'll need to jumpover to a rope (L). You swing on

the rope towards the mouth of a hugeyellow monster, so quickly fire your

gun (F) to escape. You'll land on anisland with the blue cats in pursuit

of you. Two flashing openings are ahead.Move (U) ahead to choose either

one and strangely, the animation ends.

Of course, with the reverse of this scene all the lefts becomerights and

visa versa, but it rarely occurs.

The Dark Side

Dexter falls down a deep pit, towards a pool of water and twoconverging

walls of spikes. His only hope is tojump over to a hanging rope (L). The

rope will drop Dexter even further intoa subterranean passage, where

Kimberly is waiting on a ledge."Kimmy!"

Her hands are tied behind her back, and she simply says"Beware of your

dark side!". Suddenly Kimberlytransforms into an evil Dexter! Your evil

double shoots at you. Defend yourself byfiring your laser gun (F).

Quickly jump into a hole in the ground to hide (L). He'll callyou a


The top of the hole closes up, trapping you. It begins fillingwith water.

You MUSTenergize in order to escape! (F). You break out of the cage-like

hole as Ace! The evil Dexter hasenergized into an evil Ace and is now the

size of a giant! Jump up to the top of apillar to get to his level (U).

The giant alter-ego will appear at theend of a walkway, so shoot him (F).

He will grab you and try to eat you. Climb away from his gapingmouth (L).

The giant evil Ace will have you in thepalm of his hand. Shoot at him with

your gun (F), and quickly jump down fromhis hand (D) to his wrist. He will

shoot at you with his gun, but you jumpout of the way (R) and he hits

himself instead. Jump down further (R)so he can haphazardly finish himself

off. Jump over to the giant's foot (U).All that is left of your evil self

now is a head. It begins rolling downthe sloping pathway after you. Run

for your life (R) and take a sharp turn(U) to escape. You turn back into


The reverse of the whole scene would be


The Motorcycle Chase

Dexter runs through a doorway and is caught up in a spiral tube.He lands

on the back of a motorcycle. Against himare pig-bikers, the Big-Boys. The

track is a windy checkerboard road. Payattention to which way the pigs are

facing on their bikes, that is the firstdirection you will be moving!

If the pigs are facing left on the screen, you should go that way(L) to

get away from them. Your bike will spinaround in the opposite direction

and you'll need to keep going (R). Thepig-bikers are armed and they begin

shooting at you! Dexter should pull outhis gun and shoot back (F). The

bikes will go up a very steep ramp andDexter will almost fly off the edge.

"Yikes!" Now is your chance toenergize if you want to!

Ace - (F) Energize when the message to do so appearsat the bottom of the

screen. The weight of Ace will bring thebike down before it flies off the

ramp. Ace will drive the bike down theslope into a compound. Kimberly is

being held inside. Shoot the pig-bikerscoming up behind you (F), otherwise

you and Kimberly will go tomotorcycle-heaven. Shoot more pig- bikers (F).

Kimberly is not too grateful,"Thanks, I'll walk," until you snatch her out

of the jaws of a giant pig (R). Kimberlywill jump onto the back of your

bike and you will try to escape."Dexter, the Infanto Ray's about to be

fired at Earth." You will ride thebike up a hill and escape the giant pig

again (D) and successfully jump the bikeacross a chasm (D). Little pink

fluffy monsters will attack your bike.Shoot them away three times (F),

(F), (F). You will run into thepig-bikers again and jump the bike off the

road to escape (R). More little pinkmonsters attack (F). You run into a

group of pig-bikers and take off in theopposite direction (L). More bikers

block your path (R). A top view of thefloor will be shown, so steer your

bike away from the enemies (D). A finalpink monster will try to nibble Ace

and Kimberly to death (F). Ace turnsback into Dexter. The dialogue in this

scene between Kimberly and Ace ishilarious. I recommend energizing at this


Dexter - To avoid flying off the end of the bike ramp,push down (D).

You'll enter a complex where Kimberly isbeing held. Shoot the pig-bikers

behind you (F) to finish the scene. Thisis the shortcut to finishing the


There is a reverse of this scene, whichrarely occurs. All the lefts and

rights are reversed. Ups and Downs arenot reversed, however. There is a

buggy move, however in the reverse ofthe scene. It is after Ace has shot

the pink fluffy monsters three times.and you run into the pig-bikers

again. The move SHOULDbe left, but you will need to move right. The

programmers forgot to reverse this onemove. Another way to avoid this bug

in the reverse scene would be to simplytake the Dexter shortcut by not


The Roller Skates

Dexter and Kimberly stare in awe at the Borf compound, which ison the

other side of a maze of walkways. To getthere quicker, Dexter and Kimberly

strap on roller skates and maneuver thesharp turns of the maze. Move (L)

and then (U) and (R), otherwise they'llfall into the tickling machine. A

message will appear to energize. Thismust be done, I believe (F). There

are broken points in the path which mustbe avoided (D) and (R). A huge

wall will spring up in front of Ace andKimberly on the pathway and must be

avoided (L). Very sharp turns aheadwhich must be made quickly: (R), (U),

(L), (U), (R). Borf will press buttonson his computer "Now we die!"

The reverse of this scene is very hardto come by. You need to be really

sharp to get through all the reverseturns the first time.

The Giant Eels

Ace and Kimberly will enter the Borf complex. The lower level is

underwater. They must acquire theaqua-boots (?) to propel themselves

underwater. A giant eel will attack Aceand Kimberly, so they must shoot it

(F). Oxygen is running out, so they mustmove in the towards the eel to get

to the oxygen tanks (L). This last moveseems strange, because they are

actually moving AWAYfrom where the tanks are on the screen to get to them.

(Another bug?) Anyways, Kimberly willsay "The Black Eel is in the tank!"

and Ace and Kimberly must quickly movedown (D) to avoid being slammed by

the eel. The eel swings its tail at Aceand Kimberly, so they need to be

quick (L) to move it out of there. Theeel chases the two heroes, so the

only escape is (D) towards the flash oflight. They shoot the eel (F) and

get sucked into its mouth. Ace changesback into little Dexter. Baby

octopus monsters are in here, so firstshoot them. Dexter must then shoot

the inside of the eel's mouth so it willopen (F), but in comes a rush of

water, so Dexter and Kimberly must fightthe waves (L), (L) and swim to the

porthole for temporary safety.

This scene is actually one with theprevious scene. If you die on the Eel

scene, you'll be sent all the way backto the beginning of the Roller

Skating scene. If the Roller Skatingscene is reversed, so will the Eel


The Final Confrontation

Dexter and Kimberly are sitting on a giant sponge with threeentrances in

front of them. They wonder which way togo. Any of the directions will do

(L), (U) or (R). They get sucked throughthe hole and are splatted down on

top of a platform.

Borf's guards rush in and Dexter must defend himself (F), (F).The guards

capture Kimberly and run off with her.

Borf sights Dexter and aims the Infanto Ray at him. Dexter mustjump out of

the way of the ray (R) twice (L) and isgiven the opportunity to energize

(F). If you do not want to energize, theprogram will force you to.

Commander Borf will attack Ace with apole in hand to hand combat. Ace must

defend himself (F) (F). Ace will falldown on the platform and Borf will

swing his pole down. Ace rolls out ofthe way (R). Kimberly will scream for

help from her rising platform over thelava. More hand to hand combat (F).

Ace will fall on his back and push Borfup with his pole (F). Prepare to

move up, because Borf will swing hispole low and Ace must jump it (U).

Then Borf swings his pole high so Ace must duck (D). Ace willswing his

pole at Borf again (F). Borf kicks Acein the face and makes him drop his

pole. Ace must go to retrieve it (R).Ace must dodge one of Borf's blows

and try to get his pole (U). Borf kickshigh and Ace must duck (D).

Kimberly will try to tell Ace where the Infanto Ray is. Ace willdrop his

pole and jump on Borf's back (U). Borf'sguards will pose a danger, so Ace

must jump over to a rope (L). He swingsto the platform where Kimberly is

sinking in the lava. Ace takes her inhis arms and must jumps off the

platform before it goes under (R).

Borf's guards rush in. Ace tells Kimberly to run and he retrieveshis pole

(L) to bash Borf's guards (F) "Takethat!"

By this time, Borf has regained control of the Infanto Ray and isfiring it

off all over the place. Ace jumps overto a platform to avoid the guards

(L), but stops short of being hit byBorf's ray (R). The guards are hit and

turn into baby-guards. Borf fires offanother ray at Ace, who must jump out

of the way (R). But Ace lets Borf fireagain, and quickly slides the

nearest reflector panel in the path ofthe beam (L), not forgetting to move

out of the way (R).

Borf's beam reflects back into him. With a second of delay, theInfanto Ray

kicks in. Borf turns into a little baby.Ace catches the falling baby Borf.

"Oh Dexter, isn't he adorable? Canwe keep him?"

You have saved the day, but will Kimberly ever call you Ace?

There is no reversed version of the final confrontation. This isone of the

most exciting scenes in the game, andcould almost give a person a heart