WaterWorld Contest Entry

The $150,000 Swordquest Challenge Continues...

... with $100,000 in Jewel Encrusted Prizes remaining to be won in the SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE

...plus expense-paid trips to the play-off site... and Atari Certificates of Merit for skilled players.

Steve Bell of St. Claire Shores, Michigan won the $25,000 EarthWorld Medallion in an exciting play-off at Atari's headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. EarthWorld was the first of four contest segments.

The winners of each segment will compete in a Grand Finale Contest for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery, a jeweled sword made at a cost of $50,000.

Now, with WaterWorld -- the third game in the series --

you have another opportunity to meet the ATARI SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE !

The winner of the WaterWorld Contest segment will receive a jewel-encrusted Crown, made at a cost of $25,000, plus a chance to compete for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery at the National Championship.

This leaflet provides the details for you to participate in the WaterWorld Contest. Read the rules carefully. Only one entry is permitted per person in each SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE Contest segment.

Get started now...the WaterWorld Contest entry deadline is February 15, 1984.

Also, every valid entry that provides one (ore more) correct answer(s) will be acknowledged with a sutable-for-framing ATARI SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE which rates your sill level in our new game series.

Enter soon...see how you "rate" with Atari today !

Copyright 1983 Atari, Inc. All rights reserved

1. Your success in the play of this new Atari video adventure game depends on your ability to progress through the WaterWorld Kingdom. Proper progress will uncover "number clues" on the screen that lead to "word clues" in the booklet which accompanies your cartridge. Part of the analysis and reasoning required in this contest will involve your making correct choices among these clues... specifically, while there are seven "word clues", only four are correct. One more clue, found in the DC comic book will be of help in determining which "word clues" are the correct ones.

2. Clearly print those four "word clues" you believe to be the correct ones on the WaterWorld Contest Entry Form provided as part of the leaflet and, together with your name and complete address, mail your completed Entry Form in time for receipt by December 15, 1983 to: Atari "WaterWorld Contest." P.O. Box 8900, Westport, CT 06888.

3. Everyone's entry will be individually graded for correct answers. If you have determined and furnished one or more of the correct "word clues," your entry will be acknowledge with an OFFICIAL ATARI SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE OF MERIT which will be "rated" according to a different skill designation for 1-2 correct answers, 3 correct answers, or all 4 correct answers.

4. Entrants who supply all four correct "word clues" will compete in a play-off to determine the winner of the WaterWorld Crown, the Prize of the WaterWorld Contest. This play-off will be held at a site yet to be determined. Atari will pay for the travel expense of the play-off contestants, consisting of roundtrip air fare to this play-off site from the airport nearest the contestant's home-originating city, ground transportation to the site, lodging near the site, transfers, and meals.

Any play-off trip winner under the age of 18 will be entitled to an additional roundtrip plane ticket, at Atari's expense, to enable his/her accompaniment by one parent or legal guardian.

5. In the event that more than 10 entrants provide all four correct "word clues," which is probable, tying contestants will be required to complete a statement dealing with what they like about the Atari WaterWorld game as a tie-breaker basis for the judges' determination of the 10 winners of the trips to the play-olf site. Tie-breaking statement-completion entries will be judged on the basis of originality, sincerity, and aptness of though. This tie-breaker contest shall be administered to qualifying contestants by mail as soon as feasible following the February 15, 1984 deadline for receipt of WaterWorld entries.

6. The play-off will consist of a time-measured skill competition among the field of finalists to play and solve a new special-edition Atari adventure game, similar in nature to the original WaterWorld game, which has been prepared exclusively for purpose of the play-off. The winner of this special-edition game shall be declared the winner of the WaterWorld Contest's Prize; a special, one-of-a-kind WaterWorld Crown, forged from valuable metals, inlaid with sparkling games, designed and created for Atari by Franklin Mint at a cost of $25,000.

7. Following the conclusion of all four separate contest segments, the respective Prize Winners of the individual contests will be invited (at Atari's expense) to compete against one another in a Grand Finale Contest to determine the SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE National Champion. Again, a new special-edition Atari adventure game will be simultaneously provided for these players to solve on a time-measured skill basis. The National Champion shall win the "Sword of Ultimate Sorcer," a jeweled sword, exclusively fashioned for Atari by Franklin Mint at a cost of $50,000.


The Atari SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE is open to U.S. residents only, except employees of Atari, its advertising and promotional agencies, the judging firm, and their immediate families. Only one entry per person in each separate SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE Contest Segment. (This is the WaterWorld Contest segment.) Duplicate entries will be eliminated by computer and multiple Certificates of Merit will not be issued.

All entries must by submitted on Official SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE Contest Entry Forms, or photocopies thereof, and should be sent via first class mail.

Allow 4-6 weeks following entry for receipt of your Challenge Certificate of Merit by return mail. Atari assumes no responsibility for lost, misdirected, or late mail.

Entries will be graded by AMA, Ltd., an independent judging organization, who shall also administer and judge the statement-completion tie-breaker (if necessary). The decisions of the judges shall be final in all matters relating to this contest. No correspondence will be entered into, and entries bearing no correct "word clue" answers will not be acknowledged or returned.

Except for incidental help from families and friends, entries must be wholly the by-product of the analytical skill and game play of the person submitting the Official Entry Form. Outside, mechanical, computer, or compensated assistance is expressly precluded by the spirit of this contest and, if employed, will provide cause for declaring such entries ineligible.

All entries become the property of Atari, Inc. and cannot be returned. Federal, State, and local government regulations apply. Offer void whenever prohibited or restricted by law.

Winners of play-off trips and any of the jeweled prizes will be required to execute an affidavit of eligibility, a travel release, and a release granting Atari, Inc. the right to use their names and likenesses in advertising. No substitution or transfer of prizes permitted. Taxes on prize winnings are solely the responsibility of the winners.

For a list of major prize winners in this contest segment, available no later than May 31, 1984, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: WaterWorld Winners, c/o AMA, P.O. Box 5071, Westport, CT 06881, by March 31, 1984. (Please do not send entries to this address.)

Contest Follow-Up

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