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Original Venture arcade cabinet

A sequel to Exidy's 1981 coin-op classic Venture. Winky must collect treasures from the nine dungeon worlds in order to save his sweetheart Pinky from the greedy Wizard Exidy.

Dungeons include Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Desert, Ice, Enchanted, Video and Mystery worlds. Rooms in each dungeon are tailored for each environment.

It was made with Klik & Play and requires Windows to run. You'll also need at least a 486/50 with 8 mb ram -- otherwise some of the levels run too slow and are impossible to complete.


(Freeware version 1.3 -- 9.8 mb)



Strategy Guide



I'd like to redo Venture 2, using Click & Create instead.
It will include performance enhancements, extra levels, and high score saving.
The gameplay will be made easier too. Let me know of any improvements you'd like to see.

Grandpa Pac-Man

This old-timer cannot move through the mazes as fast as his other relatives. The ghosts are just as old, and have escaped from the "Old-Ghosts Home" to have one more chance at catching their old enemy before they all pass away. There are 13 mazes to master, 12 intermissions, and 30 different prizes to gobble up.

You can now download Grandpa Pac-Man !!

(Self-Extracting Freeware version 1.3 -- 1,454 Kb)



I still want to design a game based on the horror film series I've made. It will be a cross between Berzerk, The Heist, Adventure and Keystone Kapers. You'll play the role of a student in the school, who must avoid Kevin, while trying to find a way to destroy him. Many parts of the game will pay homage to the actual series of films. I plan on incorporating images from the videos. Audio clips will also be used. It's a long term project, still in the planning stages.



A climbing game like Donkey Kong. You are jungle explorer Blaise on an expedition with your girlfriend Brenda. She is kidnapped by a Lion and brought to the top of a tall mountain. Donkey Lion rolls coconuts down the slope. Blaise must climb up multiple levels in order to rescue Brenda. Players of this game will be asked "How High Can You Try?" Still in the development stage.

Mr. Do!'s Zoo

I'd like to make a FIFTH Mr. Do! game, tentatively titled "Mr. Do!'s Zoo". It would be a cross of Mr. Do!, Zookeeper, Blueprint, Ladybug, and Fantasy. The plot would revolve around Mr. Do! having to get all of the animals back in their cages. I'd like there to be elements of keys, gates, fences, cages, and a refreshment stand. The Alpha Monster would make an appearance, giving Mr. Do! chances to spell EXTRA. He would use his ball as a weapon again. It would likely be a maze game, but not a chase game like Pac-Man. But I need to brainstorm more ideas. I haven't come up with the actual gameplay yet.

Other Mr. Do! games I had thought about creating were: Mr. Do!'s Candy Store, Mr. Do!'s Haunted House, and Mr. Do!'s Circus - but I've settled on Mr. Do!'s Zoo, because it sounds rhymy and catchy.

Does anyone have ideas for what they'd like to see in a new Mr. Do! game?


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