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"Whether playing a buccaneer, Arabian knight or the roughest, toughest, meanest, old prospector west of the Pecos, Yosemite Sam's slapstick physical humor always sets his audiences laughing. This rootin', tootin', six gun shootin', varmit-huntin' wild man of the west believes in his own innate superiority and charges his way into one misadventure after another -- and as loudly as possible. The only thing shorter than the fuse on his temper is Yosemite Sam himself and this walking keg of dynamite is always ready for action.

From his ten gallon hat to his fire red mustache, Yosemite Sam is the most flamboyant of all Bugs Bunny's adversaries. But the funniest thing about Yosemite Sam is that he has absolutely no sense of humor which makes him the perfect foil, or fool, for Bugs Bunny.

First appearing in the Bugs Bunny animated short "Hare Trigger" in 1945, Yosemite Sam won an Oscar, along with Bugs Bunny, for Friz Freleng's short "Knighty Knight Bugs" in 1958."

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