Relatives of

Colonel Shuffle ("Mississippi Hare" and "Dog-Gone South")

Short Sheriff with long white moustache ("Stage Door Cartoon")

Black-Haired Twin (from "Along Came Daffy")

Texas Oilman and his assistant ("Oily Hare")

Two Paris Chefs Francois and Louie ("French Rarebit")

The Red Hot Ryder ("Buckeroo Bugs")

Blacque Jacque Shellaque ("Bonanza Bunny")

Curt Martin and his brother Pumpkinhead ("Hillbilly Hare")

The Scotsman of the Kilts ("My Bunny Lies Over The Sea")

The Crow-Hunting Corn Farmer ("Corn Plastered")

Pancho Vanilla, who terrorized Speedy Gonzales ("Pancho's Hideaway")

Robber who stole from Daffy's Inn ("Daffy's Inn Trouble")

Customer at Porky the Pig's Cafe ("Porky's Cafe")
Could it be Friz himself?

Sam's Geeky Son Prince Abacadaba ("1001" Rabbit Tales")

Montana Max ("Tiny Toons Adventures)
Sam's Nephew or Son?

If you can think of any others, please let me know: