Issue #1 of the series

Comic Books

Gold Key & Dell released a comic book series called "Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny'. I've collected many of those. There were at least 75 issues in the series ! Most of the stories feature Sam as a good-guy, and friend of Bugs Bunny and Daffy. He is also featured as a Pirate in almost every story, and is usually on a treasure hunt of some kind or another with Bugs. We are introduced to his neice and nephew. We get to see his home life and get a glimpse of his childhood in one story. This is not the Sam we love from the Warner Brothers cartoons; this is more of a marshmallow-man.

I'm always looking for issues which I do not have.

MISSING: 68, 70
Look for a synopsis of each issue at a future date.

Yosemite Sam also makes appearances in the current "Looney Tunes" comic book, but I haven't kept up with those. I'm assuming that Sam is closer to his rabbit-chasing nature in this series.