My School X - The Final Horror

"Everything you wanted to know and more, will be explained in My

School X - The Final Horror..."

An anthology-sort of story. Different segments/plots, linked into a main, framework story. The framework will bear the final conclusion of the movie

series. Use school hallway shots as transitions, or creepy skulls (from Tia

and Al's house.) A lot of shots, taken in the actual school of Diefenbaker.

"My Mind Is A School."

Every story in the movie must answer a vital question.

FLOWER POWER - Grotesque violence in the garden

What ever happened to Kevin's father?

He was buried in a garden. He became the voice.

UNMASKING THE FIEND - Possession battle for Kevin's soul

THE FINAL HORROR - Death of Kevin Markson battle

VIRGIL - The Jogger's Dissappearance

Where is Virgil Pembury?

He is in limbo. Ghost appears occassionally. He will be back.

THE NEXT ONE - Death of Carl Junior battle

Who is killing all the people in the city now?

Carl Junior is. He is the Doom Bear's new slave.

CONSPIRACY - Why did the Sensor lie to Carol?

THE GREATEST HORROR - Kevin's freaky Nightmare Battle

What is Kevin's greatest fear?

Facing himself/Having to deal with himself.

THE ORPHAN - Kevin murdering his mother

What ever happened to Kevin's mother?

Kevin murdered her. It just wasn't shown on screen. It will be now.

Why did Kevin kill?

Something bad happened to Kevin when he was in school.

BEAR HUNTING - Death of Doom Bear battle

Where is the Doom Bear?

Death of the Doom Bear story. Bear Hunt.


FLOWER POWER - The movie starts without titles or credits. No slate, countdown, violence warning, Fox logo, LT logo, or anything like that. Directly into the flower power story. People will be left wondering what the hell is going on. (Kevin's father is the voice, but this isn't explained until a later segment. 15-20 minutes story. Brutal deaths. A tombstone rises up at the end of the story. It is Kevin's father, although this fact is revealed later in the movie.

Carl Junior is reading a story to Eugene. The dead foster parents are in the background. The Doom Bear is Carl Junior's new master.

"I think I'll call you Eugene!"

The titles and credits can now begin.

Lafe Travis Films/Bryan Jenner Entertainment Industries/20th Century Fox/Co-Creator Ventures

presents MY SCHOOL X - The Final Horror

Crystal skull effects

Interspersal of cast credits with beginning scenes of "Unmasking The Fiend"

Superimposed over the actual shots.



UNMASKING THE FIEND - Kevin is unmasked in a sense. The capture of Kevin.

The police received an anonymous tip from a guy who said he was a school

principal, saying to be at the front of Diefenbaker at a certain time, and

Kevin would just appear.

Kevin is booked. Fingerprinted. Personal possessions are put in storage.

Mask, shirt, blue jeans, time bracelet, skeleton ring, old student ID card.

Kevin is put in a cell with another person. Discussion between Kevin and the cellmate. Guy harrasses Kevin. Guy committed armed robbery. He thinks he's tough. He tries intimidating Kevin. "You don't know who I am, do you?" asks Kevin. "I am Kevin!" Kevin kills the guy visciously in his cell. Bends his

arm back until it breaks. Rips the guys guts out and eats them.

Cut to the conclusion of Kevin's trial, where the judge delivers Kevin's stiff

sentence. He is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a high security

mental institution.

Board room. Many years later. Talking about Kevin's case. All sorts of things have been tried with Kevin. He has been one of the most violent prisoners in the whole prison. He is often locked in solitary confinement.

The entrance of a new staff member to the hospital, Dr. Newman. Newman is

assigned to Kevin. Newman will try something new with Kevin.

(Professor Newman didn't really work at the University Science lab.) They look

at a list of his qualifications. He used to be a science teacher at high

school. He then went into medicine, and became a psychiatrist.

Newman comes into Kevin's room and has a discussion with Kevin.

Kevin, I am here to make you good.

Shock treatment? Drug therapy? Exorcism?

An orderly tries injecting Kevin with some tranquilizers, but Kevin turns the

needle against the orderly.

Newman calls some guards to come to the cell. Kevin kills all of them, but

they shoot him up really good.

Newman is blown away. His hair is up in the air.

Kevin is stripped of his powers. Human again. "He couldn't simply teleport out of his jail cell if he wanted to." WHY?

Newman is given shit by the board. Lots of money lost in the rehabilitation of Kevin. Newman decides on writing a biography about Kevin. The profits of the book sales could go back into the institution. Also, writing a book would help with Kevin's therapy. The board agrees to the offer.

THE FINAL HORROR - (Shell story) Into which the others nine fit. Start the story with Kevin already agreed to an interview for the book. A detailing of the real events which happened after My School 8. Since the main part of My School 9 was a fabrication in Kevin's mind, things happened differently in the real world.


THE NEXT ONE - (MY SCHOOL 9 SUPPLEMENT) The killings have continued after Kevin's capture, and are in Kevin's style. The killer wears a red skeleton

mask. Several killings throughout the movie. There has to be some connection.

Detectives come in and question Kevin. They are stumped. Kevin will tell

them how to catch the killer only if they will give him a Nintendo in his

prison cell and better food. Alright, Dr. Newman says. Kevin says that he has been having quick mental images about the killings. Kevin has a partial mental link with Carl Junior, because Carl Junior is operating off the same power

Kevin once did. Kevin can only read Carl Junior's thoughts, and not send any

messages out to him. The killer is Carl Junior. Bear killed foster parents.

Their bodies were found savagely mauled. Show some of Carl Junior's killings. Follow the detectives throughout the movie, tracking down Carl Junior with Kevin's clues. Newman and Kevin connect with the detectives via

cellular phones from the institution. Suspense build-up. Phone connection

broken off, and one of the detectives is murdered as a result.

Eventually, Carl Junior is caught and killed, but not before raping a woman and

making her the mother of the Sensor. Implied rape scene. A woman with a torn

shirt and messed up hair, crying. The detectives find her, staggering down the

street. "He raped me..." They go to Carl Junior's house. Carl Jr. is

talking to Eugene there. He escapes. Chase through alley. Unique setting for

the final battle, not shown before. Weapons. Chainsaw. Machete. Axe. Throwing knives. Action-packed final battle with Carl Junior.

Shots of Kevin playing Nintendo and eating pizza are interspersed with Carl Junior's assassination. It is a Kevin and Teddy Nintendo game.

CONSPIRACY - (MY SCHOOL 7 SUPPLEMENT) "The woman Carl Jr. raped shortly

before his death will become the Sensor's grandmother. The family legacy is intact." Dissolve to several decades into the future, to how the Sensor was

sent back in time to rescue Carol. The Sensor is a scientist. She has a

female assistant. A powerful individual approaches the Sensor and offers her a huge sum of money if she will set up a way to cause a time disturbance that will allow him to become leader of the people. The assistant stumbles across some of the Sensor's hidden computer files, detailing the assassination plans. There is evidence that the Sensor journeyed back in time and supplied the three high school students in 1990 with the necessary information to build the time machine. That is the only way they could have known. The assistant, upon uncovering the Sensor's vile plans, went to the supervisor of the science institute and told him everything. The supervisor confronted the Sensor and said that he would notify the authorities if she didn't go back in time and rescue Carol.


THE GREATEST HORROR - Kevin is sleeping in his cell at night. A guard stops by to check on around a school bus, and all the strange things which happen inside it. The portal to another dimension? The school bus is the strange dream which Kevin has.

Kevin escapes from the school bus and runs into a haunted house. He tries to escape. Then he comes to the real root of his fear... himself. In a mirror of the haunted house, he sees himself, and his face takes on a frightening transition.



Writer - I have here a letter from the relatives of a

young woman who dissappeared. They were

wondering if you know what happened to her.

Kevin - What's her name?

Writer - Sally West.

Kevin shakes his head.

Kevin - Never heard of her. When did she dissappear?

Writer - Late 1985.

Kevin - I wasn't around much in 1985. Virgil was

doing all the killing back then. What






Writer - Sally was jogging in the park and met a guy

in a skeleton mask. He tried strangling her,

but she escaped. She gave the police a full

description of the guy who attacked her.

They connected Virgil to all of the "Kevin-

style" killings in the neighborhood.

A few months later, a friend bet Sally $100

dollars to go into Virgil's abandoned house.

So she went. And she never came back. They

never found her body. So they think maybe

you know what happened.

Flashback scene of jogger entering house, and getting killed by

the ghost of Virgil.

Kevin - The ghost of Virgil must have got her.

That's the only thing that could have

happened. You see, after Virgil committed

suicide, he went into some sort of limbo.

Occassionally, his ghost appears to scare the

people in his neighborhood. There are rumors

that he is still looking for revenge on me

and teddy.

THE ORPHAN - Professor Newman puts Kevin under hypnosis and makes him recall

what became of his family. Under normal circumstances, he couldn't

remember what happened to his family. The events were buried away deep in his

subconcious mind. Only hypnosis could bring the terrifying memories out.

Newman - Kevin, where are your parents now?

Kevin - I am an orphan.

Newman - Kevin. I want you to go back to September

1981 in your mind. Tell me what happened.

Kevin - Me, my mother and my brother had come home

from a movie. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It was around eleven thirty. When we came

in, the house was completely silent. All

the lights were on. I was thirsty, so I

went into the kitchen to get a drink.

Kevin starts freaking out and hyperventilating.

Kevin twitches in emotional discomfort at what he sees.

Newman - It's alright. Nothing can harm you.

You're safe. What do you see?

Kevin (crying) - My daddy. He's on the floor. He's laying

in pools of blood. A butcher knife is on

the floor beside him. His wrists have been

cut open. He killed himself. My dad's dead.

Kevin cries hysterically. Doctor Newman has to hold Kevin in his arms to

calm him down. Kevin sniffles in tears.

Newman - How did that make you feel?

Kevin - I was sad that night.

Newman - What about the next day?

Kevin - I went to school. All the kids were teasing

me about my daddy's suicide. But it didn't

matter. Things would change for the better.

Newman - What happened in school?

Kevin - He was there.

Newman - Who was there?

Kevin - My daddy. I couldn't see him, but I could

hear him. So I knew he was still alive.

Newman - What did he say to you?

Kevin - He said, "Kill them all." So, not wanting

to get a spanking, I did what he told me.

There is a look of horror on Newman's face. Newman remembers back to the

first newspaper headlines about the deaths at the school. It was around

that time.

Newman (to self) - So that is how it began...

Writer - Kevin, I know that you yourself weren't

there, but I want you to connect with the

aspect of yourself that existed in 1984.

Tell me what happened to your mother.

Kevin laughs heartily for half a minute, then regains his composure.

Kevin - I killed her...

Writer - Now, tell me, how did you kill her?

Kevin - It was the third of September, 1984, and

Three years after my father's suicide. It

was the beginning of a new school year. My

brother was just starting high school.

Everyone assumed that I was one of the

missing bodies from the first two school

massacres. If only they knew I was the

killer! I snuck into my house early in the

morning and entered my mother's bedroom.

I looked over her sleeping body for a few

minutes. Then I did as my daddy wished and

held a pillow against her face. I didn't

want her to see that it was me. I bashed

her head in with a hammer. I don't know if

she died from smothering, or from the blows

of the hammer. It was very messy. Then I

cut off her head. I felt kinda guilty.

After all, she had nurtured and provided for

me in my first ten years. After her death,

I tried to talk to her and tell her how I

felt, but she didn't listen to me. Nobody

listened to Kevin. No. I was surprised

the noise of the killing didn't wake my

brother, who was sleeping in the next room.

Kevin - Lucky my brother didn't go into the washroom

when he woke up that morning, or he would

have found our mother's head in the toilet.

I almost let my brother go off to school

unharmed. But my daddy wanted him dead too.

And I couldn't get it out of my mind how he

used to tease me. He was the one who sold

Eugene to Carol to buy a new Ouija board.

So I killed him and cut off his head.

Newman brings Kevin out of his hypnotic trance. Kevin is shaken by what

he now remembers.

Kevin - One more thing: My father worked in the

vegetable section of the supermarket.

But he let it get to his head. He loved the

food of the earth, so he asked to be buried

in the garden when he died. So that is what

they did. He paid a lawyer a load of money

to arrange it. I knew he was going to come

back one of these days, but I wasn't sure

how. Until now, that is. They never should

have buried him in the garden.

Newman - This Doom Bear you spoke of. Where is he


BEAR HUNTING - This story details the death of the Doom Bear. Enter central character. Completely new character. Not in any other movie. He/She were the best friend of Kevin before he started killing people in the school. Older now. Visited by Cathy bear. (Voice of the Cathy-bear done by Shannon Gamble.)


Cathy - You must destroy the Doom Bear!

Person - Why me?

Cathy - You were Kevin's best friend before he

started killing people at the school.

Person - Who are you?

Cathy - My name is Cathy I used to be human just

like you. The Doom Bear bit me and I

changed into this sad form. I tried to kill

myself, but the evil of the Doom Bear

wouldn't let me die.

Person - How can I help?

Cathy - You must destroy the Doom Bear! Only when

he's dead will I be allowed to die in peace.

So Cathy Bear has the person go out and kill the Doom Bear.

A big hunt. In the forest. Much like a jungle safari. Guns.

Doom Bear territory. The Doom Bear is killed. Spectacular death scene.

Eugene burns.

Kevin cries. It is a very sad, emotional scene.

Kevin - I can feel Eugene's pain.

Newman - It's only natural. He was your only friend.

But you realize that he had to die.

Kevin - Yes. The evil had to end.

All of Kevin's secrets have been told. Newman has all the notes he needs to complete the book.

Kevin's greatest fear is to face himself. This becomes very apparent when past forms of Kevin all appear at once to kill the present Kevin. They slaugther

him. They chop him to bits.

Kevin 7 - You can't escape from us, we are part of


Kevin 9 - You must die with us!

Kevin 8 - It is time for you to graduate.

The three Kevin ghosts encirle Kevin in a triangle.

Kevin X starts screaming, as his face begins melting.

Kevin 9 - Daddy wants you home!

Kevin 8 - And Mommy too...

This was the final horror.

Dissolve to the outside of a bookstore. In the window of the bookstore is a display for the author's latest bestselling book. The book is titled

"My School: The Biography of Kevin Markson." People are buying them by the droves. The Author sits at a table and signs people's books. All Endings have been tied.

Ending. Kevin dies. Nostalgia. Flashbacks to all the series. Mario 3 different worlds. Banners for each movie. Theme music.

- detectives work for penny dreadful inc.

- eugene and kevin kill each other because they are of equal strength, but one is positive and one is negative. they hate each other and block each other's ability to teleport. eugene calls upon old evil kevins to kill good kevin. good kevin summons cathy-bear to help kill eugene. they cant kill each other directly, only indirectly.

-kevin is in a detention cell, and kills fellow prisoner. so they have a board meeting (parole board) and decide to keep kevin detained in a safehouse, with armed guards watching over it. kevins house shields kevin from eugenes detection, so eugene cant help carl jr that way.

- scribe is from sensor land, sent back to find out info so that a new sensor can be sent back to do job properly. newman kills scribe and steals his notes so that he can write kevins story.

- carl jr wears the bobo the clown mask. carl jr kills students after they dont tell him where kevin is. he wants to kill kevin because kevin killed his parents.

- two nosy teachers follow carl jr "home". Home is a garbage can, in which he now lives with teddy. They are carl jr's first victims. carl jr eats the scraps of food found in garbages. drinks from an old milk carton, lumps of milk falling into his mouth. detectives investigate the deaths of the two teachers, and go to kevin.


- carl jr's death: killed by detectives. eugene blames kevin, so eugene decides to kill kevin in revenge. this leads to final battle. the three past kevins used up to kill good kevin, etc. eugene is burned by fire, and possibly blended in food blender. the mush is flushed down toilet.

- battle: eugene summons telekinetic forces to turn kevins house into a haunted house against kevin. objects fly through air and try to hit him. doors lock, so guards cant break in. a trap, forcing kevin to fight eugene. kevins face melts, see skull, then he explodes. the end.

- newman is kevins doctor, after assuming the scribes notes. he wants to sell the book to raise money for his psyche institution. killed by the three kevins during the haunted ending. ironic ending: a book is published -- by virgil pembury!

- the scribe tells kevin that the sensor was such a ham fisted idiot that she messed up the future time continuum. that is why he has no identifiable physical attributes. the scribe is there to do research to fix the time holes. newman bumps him off, for two reasons: one, to lessen the competition, because he too is writing a book, and two, to get the notes without having to do the work. newman and biggles and skorman all worked together, and so newman learned from them of kevin and his weird history. they used to talk about kevin during trips to mr submarine. newman believes all the time travel aspects because his three students invented a time machine that started all this crap.

- carl jr lives in a school bus, but is kicked out and forced to move into the garbage can near virgils house. the two teachers feel that carl jr is going to school for ulterior reasons and want to know why.


The Sensor arrives at William's house with the Time Machine information. He is all dressed up in his Star Trek costume. The Sensor gives him an idea of what the real future will be like. It won't be anything like Star Trek. He is acting really freakish. He is a trekkie! The Sensor knows that William, Colin and Peter don't have futures.

Can we get a scene with Mr. Skorman in it?

There is a force barrier around Kevin's house. Show what happens with an attempt to cross the barrier. (Newman throws a twig at it or something. The twig vaporizes!) The guards are watching over the terminal which generates the barrier. Newman kills the guards at the terminal and deactivates it himself. Cuts some wires. Enters the barrier. (but what about later on in the movie, where Carl Jr. and Eugene cannot penetrate Kevin's psychic barrier? Is it possible that some guards come along and repair the barrier, because Kevin in the house reported about Newman's entry?)


Carl Junior and Eugene cannot penetrate Kevin's psychic barrier, so they decide to enter a drain pipe and come up through the kitchen sink in Kevin's house. Now, what if they enter the sewer tunnel down at Nose Creek Park, where Virgil came out of in My School 6? But there is a sign up, which says "DANGER - SEWER CONTAINS RADIOACTIVE WASTE". This emphasizes that the story is set sometime in the future, when the enviroment is less than what it is presently. There is a slight green glow coming out of the opening. Carl Junior and Eugene enter. There is some dialogue about them turning into sewer creatures. Eugene is very sarcastic, and tells Carl Junior to quit worrying so much.

And the next scene, Carl Junior and Eugene crawl up out of Kevin's kitchen sink.

Another idea might involve them at a smaller drain opening.

Carl Junior - How are we supposed to fit into there?

Eugene - You'll soon see. Hold still.

Eugene shoots him and Carl Junior with a psychic beam, which transforms them into a snake and a grasshopper, respectively. The snake and the grasshopper crawl into the sewer pipe.

Carl Junior - Does this really lead to Kevin's house?

Eugene - Of course it does, retard! Quit asking so many questions! Do you doubt the word of your master?

Carl Junior - No, Teddy.


Slow motion at the end of Kevin's life. Video or Audio flashback of the glory which once was. (perhaps an image of baby Kevin, receiving Eugene as a Christmas present.)

My School X - The Final Horror

"Everything you wanted to know and more, will be explained in My

School X - The Final Horror..."

A lot of shots, taken in the actual school of Diefenbaker.

An anthology-sort of story. Different segments/plots, linked into a main, framework story. (Kevin telling Eugene a story?) The framework will bear the final conclusion of the movie series.

Kevin is in jail, telling his story to a guy who is going to write a Kevin Markson biography. The novel will be called "My School". In a jail cell. Kevin kills the author at the end of the movie. The police shoot Kevin down.

1. TRASH REMOVAL- Exorcism. The evil is exorcised from Kevin's body. Daddy satan no longer has power over Kevin. A priest? Shock treatment? In a mental hospital? Kevin can finally go on living a normal life.

2. CHESTER'S QUEST- Kevin is married, and has children. Telling children stories? Eugene is kept by Kevin's kids as a toy. It is not alive. One night, it speaks. It is Chester, pleading with them to be freed. They must find the vital magical ingredients to make Chester anew.

3. SCHOOL DAZE - Kevin remembers back to when he used to go to school. The teachers were mean to him. The kids used to pick on him. Similar to Virgil's plight. Pushed around in the hallways. Walking home. Tormented by kids. Kevin went home crying to his mother. Brother Lafe teasing him. Kevin can't even ride a bike.

4. THE CONDEMNED- But then things got worse. People in the neighborhood are terrorizing Kevin, because they know about his past. Rocks at the window. Kids beaten up. Kevin is still haunted by the evil. Kevin's house on Halloween. Kids scared to go to house. Kevin gives the kids a real Halloween fright. Is he killing again? Nobody is really sure what is going on.

Kevin is sure he's finished killing. But can he be sure? A neighbor snitches on him. One of his former classmates. Rotten Joey. Kevin is arrested for the killings in the neighborhood. (But is was really Bo Bo.)

5. CATS- This whole story deals with how Kevin used to go fetch cats to bring home to his father for his bizarre rituals. Torturing of cats. Kevin liked one of the cats and sets it free. He is beaten by his father. From then on, Kevin always used to go after the cats, not feeling sorry for them at all. Kevin had his father's words in his head. Kevin is given a mask by his father as a gift. Kevin pretended to be an evil skeleton monster. Kevin killed his toys. He denied his childhood. He sold off his teddy bear to buy an Ouija board. Then Kevin went on to killing people. Killed the little kid in the playground. Kevin developed the killer instinct. Kevin commanded Virgil to kill fluffy.

6. THE KILLER KILLER- Kevin is called on by policemen to hunt down another serial killer. Copycat? Bobo the clown? Called from his cell. The middle story of the movie. Break from the main frame. Reality story. Then back to the jail cell to tell more stories to the author.

7. WHY- Flashbacks and unused footage. One story will explain all of the strange things which happened in the other My School movies. Teleportation in My School 1,2 & 3. Kevin's appearances in My School V & 6. How Kevin's mother was killed. Kevin's mother comes back from the grave as a Zombie to threaten Kevin. Kevin's brother being killed. Virgil comes back to school, mysteriously. Kevin is in the land of the dead. Scary stuff indeed! It was through Eugene's perception in My School III and IV.


8.? It is undetermined at this point in time.

9.? It is undetermined at this point in time.


10. The Final Horror- Kevin is killed by the cops. Dying words- "Those were the good old days." Flashbacks. Theme. A tribute to the My School Saga, before the credits roll at the end of the movie.



My School X - The Final Horror

Segment A: Mirage

Script: Bryan Jenner

Direction: Bryan Jenner

Production: Lafe Travis

(c) MCMXCI Bryan Jenner.

Dramatis Personae:

Kevin Markson....................our demented hero

Scene 1. Kevin's house.

Inside a room with a television on. The blinds are down, and the place is messy and neglected-looking. Food and cans are piled amongst the litter.

On the television is a group of woman exercising (exorcising, get it?) and doing aerobics. Camera pans over the trash in the room, shows what is on television, and sees a figure sitting on a chair watching the video. Camera continues around the chair and up the figure until we see that it is Kevin. Kevin seems mesmorised. Focus on his unblinking attention to the television. Slowly zoom in to show just his eyes and his forehead.

Kevin is perspiring greatly.

Suddenly, a pile of dishes falls off a nearby couch and crash to the floor. Kevin jumps in terror. He looks about nervously and gets off the chair and inspects the mess. The television goes off. Kevin whirls around.

Kevin (screaming) - Come out! Show yourself!

There is a radio on the table nearby. It turns on. A voice is heard broadcasting.

Voice - A beautiful morning here on CKILL AM

radio, 666 on your dial, radio with so

much to say, it leaves you breathless!

The chord unplugs from the socket and floats in the air over to Kevin and wraps around his throat. Kevin is caught unawares and fights from strangulation.

Voice - Today's forecast is rather unpleasant.

There's a depressionary cold front

arriving sure to leave you shaking!

A shot of Kevin's feet thrashing about as he is losing his battle from choking. The radio is heard saying "Here's a special request" and begins to play Shake It Up by The Cars. Kevin looks around and sees a broken plate nearby. He uses its jagged edges to slice the chord in half. The radio loses its power and Kevin can unwrap the chord from his neck.

Kevin rubs his neck, and spies his wall mirror. He hobbles over to it. He sees his reflection in the mirror and studies himself. Then, his mirror image dissolves into that of a black, two-dimensional image. It speaks with the voice heard on the radio.

The Shadowed One - Reflecting on old times, Kevin?

Two shadowy arms extend from the mirror and grab Kevin. They pull him into the mirror. Kevin goes in, kicking and screaming.

Scene 2. Ian Briggs High School.

Kevin stands in front of a locker, as class dismisses and pupils are flooding the hallway. Kevin hesitantly reaches for the locker door and opens it. His eyes widen at the shock of what is inside.

IT IS KEVIN, DEAD, HANGING INSIDE THE LOCKER! Suddenly, that Kevin's eyes open and he reaches his claws at the Kevin in the hallway. The alive Kevin struggles, but the dead Kevin pulls him closer.

Dead Kevin (hoarse) - It is the end.

Kevin (frantic) - The end of what? Who are you!?

Dead Kevin - They will soon get you.

Kevin (looks about) - Who will!?

A voice sounds from behind him.

Policeman - We will.

Kevin turns to confront two police officers. They lunge at Kevin and arrest him. Kevin is handcuffed and led away from the locker. The door of the locker creaks open by itself to show no one inside.


Scene 3. Kevin's house.

The two policemen drag Kevin, kicking and screaming, into his house.

They throw him into a chair. One cop covers him with a gun.

Kevin (upset) - If you're cops, why bring me here?

The lead cop walks out of sight and immediately returns in sight.


Priest/Cop - I have found you, Kevin.


Scene 17. Where the murders were at Ian briggs High.

The Scribe materialises. He looks over the bodies of Geddy and

Debby. He is horrified by the sight. He grabs a piece of paper from

a pocket and points his finger over it. The following letters appear

onto the paper as his finger passes over it:





Prof. Newman (voice only) - Do you have authorisation to trespass

upon my school, sir?

The Scribe (turning around) - These two students have been killed by

Carl Dixon Jr. You must apprehend him.

Prof. Newman (detached) - Not on your life. Carl Jr is doing

extracurricular research. He is trying

to locate Kevin Markson. I wish him


Prof. Newman spies the Scribe's collection of notes. He advances on

the Scribe with menace in his eyes. The Scribe retreats with fear.

The Scribe (fearful) - You demented fool! Professor Newman,

long ago, you instructed three

students to build a time travel

device. Why?

Prof. Newman (advancing) - It is important for instructors to

encourage student experimentation...

The Scribe (incensed) - And you allowed their meddling to

occur! Kevin was reborn, and now you

hope to profit from his crimes.

Prof. Newman places each of his hands onto one of the Scribe's

temples and begins to push the Scribe's head in, forcing him

to the ground. He begins to exert tremendous pressure to the side of

the Scribe's head. As he does, he begins his deluded recitation:

Prof. Newman - My dear friends Skorman and Biggles

helped me to research Kevin Markson's

life. An unauthorised biography. His

final horror. But Skorman and Biggles

were possessed by evil and died. For

the past fifteen years since, I've

worked on the project alone. I cannot

allow you to confiscate my monopoly.

The Scribe is dead. His head has been crushed by Prof. Newman's

hands. Use a mixed shot, showing the bottom of the Scribe's head and

shoulders in one shot, and a bunch of muck, within which is Newman's

hands, in the top shot. Prof. Newman takes the Scribe's valise of


Prof. Newman - Your notes will be beneficial. I've

always been in need of a second


Delighted with his killing, he chuckles and leaves. There are now

three corpses in the cul-de-sac.

Scene 19. The school cul-de-sac.

Mr Russell and Miss Hill, two teachers, walk past the cul-de-sac.

Mr Russell - If you ask me, that kid should be

expelled. He's a bad influence on the

other children. Others will follow his

example and become rotten too.

Miss Hill - You know that's not true. Dysfunc-

tional behaviour is within us when

we're born; it isn't learned. They


Mr Russell (panic) - What-what is it?

Miss Hill points at the bodies in the cul-de-sac. Mr Russell sees,

and slowly moves closer. So does Miss Hill, further behind.

Mr Russell (shocked) - It's Geddy and Debby! I'm not sure who

this man is. Their killer I suppose.

We'd better report this.

Miss Hill (shakes head) - I don't think it was him. We will

report this...but I should show you

something first.

Shaken, they leave.


Scene 21. Ian Briggs High, interior hallway.

Miss Hill and Mr. Russell go to a secluded locker at the end of a

row of lockers. Miss Hill takes out a small electronic device and

aims it at the lock. A fine laser beams emits and disintegrates the

lock. The door creaks slightly ajar.

Mr. Russell - I thought those things were banned

back in '03.

Miss Hill (butch) - Teachers should always be one step

ahead of students...

She opens the locker door - ...Lest they get away with murder!

Mr. Russell (aghast) - Oh my God...!

We have not been shown the interior of the locker. Mr. Russell turns

away, almost ill.

Scene 23. The locker.

Shot starts totally vortex-like. Slowly we zoom out to see the

vortex is coming from the locker's interior. Miss Hill is to right,

Mr. Russell is to left. A static shot with this composition for the

rest of the scene, except for closeup inserts.

Miss Hill (lecture-like) - This is Carl Jr's locker. The vortex

comes and goes. What's behind the

vortex is what I wanted to show you.

Mr. Russell (innocently) - What is behind it?

Miss Hill (smugly) - Reach in and see.

Mr. Russell reaches in and fumbles for something. He grasps

something and pulls it out of the vortex. It is a severed, bloodied

arm. He drops it onto the floor. It self-ignites into flames, and

slowly vanishes to the Neverworld.

Mr. Russell (shocked) - Jesus H. Christ!

Miss Hill (grabs him) - At least it isn't drugs. Come on, we

have to tell my brother-in-law.

Mr. Russell - The police guy at Penny Dreadful?

Miss Hill - The same.

They head down the hall. Walk into camera to black it out...


Scene 24. A black void. A knell tolls darkly in the background.

Invisible edit of black from previous scene. We are in a strange

world of blackness. Then, we pan and see three figures seated around

a small table. The face of the table is also a video monitor, and

they are watching footage on the circular screen.

Camera is on the table. It rotates 360 degrees, showing MCU of the

three figures. One is the Scribe. The next is the Imperial Governor.

The third is the Sensor from MS7.

All three stare impassively at the video pictures. Flickering light

in their faces. Next shot is from straight overhead. We slowly zoom

in on the pictures playing on the table...and dissolve it into the

reality of Scene B20...


Scene 25. (kevin scenes not seen in ms7)


Scene 26. The black void. A knell tolls darkly in background.

Imperial Governor (majesty) - I have decided one of you is to return

to 1990 and repair Professor Newman's

temporal sabotage. It is the root

source of our troubles.

The Scribe - Which of us is to go? We can only send


Imperial Governor - My friend, you are a wonderful

historian and gifted writer. But I

feel our colleague, with her personal

and professional interests in this

affair, is the one to operate.

The Sensor stands up and smiles.

Voice of Newman (overdub) - The Imperial Governor did not choose

his agents wisely. Both were inferior



Scene 33. Carl Jr's Locker.

Miss Hill and Mr Russell stand with Penny Dreadful president in

front of Carl Jr's locker.

Penny Dreadful President - My new company has recently invested

in ten of the new MSX synthetic human

assault officers. They'll nail this

Carl Dixon Jr character.

Mr Russell - They know where Carl Jr is?

Penny Dreadful President - I sent the squad to an alleyway where

some parking patrol officer found a

dead comrade. We're beginning the

search there right now.