Time Line for The MY SCHOOL Saga

1971 - July 9th, Kevin Markson was born

1976 - December 25, Kevin receives Eugene for Christmas

1977 - March 12, Mr. Markson makes Eugene come to life

1981 - August 13, Mr. Markson kills people at his grocery store, has a standoff with police and killed

- September 7, Kevin began killing people at his school - Sir John A. Macdonald Jr. High. Students are being hacked up, one by one, by a mysterious killer. Police suspect it to be Kevin's father, coming out of hiding - but the actual culprit, unknown to them, is Kevin. (Kevin's father had programmed him to kill when he was very young.) Kevin vanished and his family and police assumed him one of the missing victims of the massacre.

1982 - September 6, A year later, Kevin's reign of terror continued at the same junior high. This time, he tried, unsuccessfully, to kill his brother. More students fall prey to Kevin, including one of the investigating police officers.

The three time travellers arrive. Kevin kills Colin and Peter, and returns to 1990 with William, completely removing him from existence in this time period. The cops are left with a pile of corpses and not a clue to the killer's identity.


1984 - September 3, Kevin returns from the vortex (after his 1990/My School 7 adventure). He locates his new home and kills his sleeping mother in her bed. Kevin kills his brother and goes to school - this time John G. Diefenbaker Senior High, wanting a fresh selection of victims and a chance of advancement, which he was denied.

- September 4; more killings, Kevin kills himself, to end the overwhelming guilt over the murder of his mother and brother a day previous.

- Interim Period. Kevin finds himself in some sort of limbo-world, where he has an eerie meeting with his dead father, and learns that his own death doesn't come so easily.

- October 4, Kevin returns to school to kill more people, with stronger powers and a new look. He is unaware that he is being tracked by the ghosts of some of his past victims.

He kills Lauren, David, Eric and Michelle.

- October 8, Kevin kills Travis, son of P.C. Smoketoomuch

- October 12, Brendan, Jim, Esther, Faiza

Kevin has his first confrontation with a former victim; Rusty (killed September 3, 1984).

- October 17, Rob, Mrs. Unruh, Holly falls.

- October 18, Rod and Sean killed.

Kevin's victims reappear to try and get their revenge

- October 19, Frog-eating scene

- October 25, Murray dies, vice-grip, and 666 locker

- October 29, Cathy and Sheri die

- October 31 Halloween, the ghosts have a final stand with Kevin, beating him to death. It took a supernatural force to end his reign of terror at the schools.

Kevin soon finds himself in a private Hell resembling a burning classroom; his father nowhere to be seen.

1985 - April 1, Carol's mother throws her teddy bear into the trash, which happens to be Kevin's former teddy bear.

Also on this day, Doctor Fallow discovers the remains of Mr. Markson, becomes possessed, and kills his whole family, and presumably, destroys the evil voice (Mr. Markson)

- April 4th, (6 months, 6 days & 6 hours after Kevin was banished to Hell), Kevin's body is dead, but he manages to return by dispatching his evil energy into another body - his teddy bear on Earth, which Virgil Pembury, a mild-mannered nerd, finds in the trash; not yet picked up from Carol's mother's disposal. Kevin - in the guise of the Bear - forces Virgil to continue Mr. Markson's original killing legacy at the schools. Consequentially, Diefenbaker High has been closed down by the school board, giving students an early summer vacation.

- April 5, Virgil must kill people in the neighborhood, because the school has been all locked up. That evening, Virgil kills his entire family as the Bear commands.

- April 6, Nosy Neighbor killed

- April 7, Neighborhood murder, and radio station staff

- April 8, Virgil captures the local paperboy, who stopped by his house to collect money

- April 9, Neighborhood deaths: slide/chainsaw & paperboy torture

- April 10, Virgil goes shopping at the mall (no killings)

- April 11, Deaths: tresspasser/skateboarder/axe/hammer

- April 12, Deaths: bum/sewer, party ouija board deaths,

druggie deaths, and the paperboy escapes

- April 13, Nightmare, Paperboy dies, grass-eater death, Sally's escape at Dief, Virgil shower scene, Kevin-ghost appears

- April 14, The police figured that Virgil was the murderor, so an officer went to apprehend him. But Virgil outwitted the cop and ate his guts out. Nauseated by the cannibalistic act, Virgil was exorcised of the evil influence. He killed Eugene and took his own life, realizing the horrors he had committed.

1988 - The Sensor appeared and gave the time machine blueprints to William, so that Kevin may be brought back. It was all part of the grand-plan.

1990 - August 14, The Doom Bear came out of hibernation in Virgil's basement to arrange for Kevin to time travel from 1982 via the machine made by William and friends. Carol, cursed from former ownership of the Doom Bear, sensed Kevin's return. She and her boyfriend soon meet up with the Sensor, and the three of them work desperately to send Kevin back. Kevin kills many people before they can stop him. Carol, only survivor manages to return Kevin to his rightful time and kill the Doom Bear.

(But the time-machine was less than perfect...)

1991 - April 1, Carol gives birth to Carl Junior (named after his deceased father.)

- June 16, Through a flaw of the students' time machine, an echo of Kevin's existence appears in spirit form. First, he pays Carol a nasty visit and slits her throat. Parker - Carol's brother - discovers her corpse when coming by to babysit Carl Junior.

- June 17, Kevin's ghost tears parts off his victims to build a macabre body for himself which he can use to achieve his version of Graduation - one which would give him powers beyond belief. His trail of carnage is picked up by Carol's brother and a private investigator (Carl's father), who manage to destroy him. Eugene - revived from his death state - pops up at the end, signalling his return.

1995 - December 22, Another aspect of Kevin arrives in the middle of winter, this time wanting to kill the orphaned son of Carol and Carl - Carl Junior. Eugene attempts all the while to escape from a University Science lab, where he is being examined as vital evidence to the murders of 1991. Kevin comes close to catching Carl Jr, but soon awakens to the fact that none of this is real. He, not unlike Eugene, is part of an experiment; this one being conducted by the ghost of his original school principal, who wants to see if Kevin can be reformed. Kevin, uncooperative, tries to escape, so the Principal chooses to turn Kevin over to the law. After Fourteen years, Kevin is finally caught for his horrific crimes.

- December 25, The Sensor "arranges" for Carl Junior to receive the Doom Bear as a Christmas gift from his foster parents.

Interim Period - Over time, the Doom Bear brainwashes Carl Junior to the ways of evil. Carl Junior effectively kills his foster parents, making it look like an accident. They try putting him in another foster home, but he runs away and becomes a child of the streets.

Meanwhile Kevin goes to trial and is found guilty of innumerable counts of murder. He is quickly sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. All of the other prisoners are naturally scared of Kevin.

One night, Kevin is revisited by the ghost of his original principal, who offers him one more chance to mend his ways. Miraculously, Kevin connects with the powers of good, becoming a born-again Christian. To signify his rebirth, he lights a match to his face, burning it horribly. The warden thinks it best that Kevin be transferred to a safehouse, patrolled day and night by armed guards and a forcefield. Kevin also shielded the house with his own brand of psychic protection, because he was certain the Doom Bear and his new slave would soon be seeking him, resenting his new devotion to good.

2005 - April 1, Carl Junior's 14th birthday. Now living in an abandoned school bus, the Doom Bear has been training Carl Junior for many years. Now is the day to put their Kevin assassination plan into action. Kevin, face still wrapped in bandages, is visited by the spirit of his dead mother - only her skull - who tells him that his end is near. Carl Junior and Eugene kill many people in their attempt to find out Kevin's location; the police hot on their trail. They meet the aged Doctor Fallow, (last seen April 1, 1985) and battle with him. They contact the angry spirit of Kevin's father under the garden, who reveals Kevin's location. Carl Jr. and Eugene kill students at the school to gain enough evil energy to break through Kevin's barrier of goodness. Kevin and them square off against each other at Kevin's stronghold. Carl Junior is torn apart by the three of Kevin's former evil-selves, originally meant to kill Kevin. After a spectacular battle, Kevin tricks Eugene into blasting himself into a million pieces. Kevin, recuperating from the conflict, is attacked by his three past identities, and drowned. As Kevin dies, so too does Mr. Markson. There is evidence that the nerdish Virgil Pembury may still be thriving. But all the evil has ended...

24th Century - The time period where the Sensor and the Principal Ghost are from.