ťMy School Part VIII © Graduationś

Scenes Requiring Rewrites:

Scene 35. Virgil Pembury's house.

For the first time, it is revealed where Kevin's grad ceremony is:

Virgil's house. They go through Virgil's front door and into the

living room. Kevin 3 shoves Parker onto the couch.

Parker (frightened) © What are you going to do to me?

Kevin 3 © You will attend my convocation. I

shall graduate with honours. You and

Teddy will deliver the valedictorians.

Parker (aghast) © Wh©what? I...when? When must I?

Kevin 3 (smirking) © After your detention.


Scene 37. Virgil's living room/kitchen.

Start closeup of Kevin 3's face.

Kevin 3 (silent but strong) © Be seated.

Parker surveys the table. It is stacked with grotesque ornaments.

Reluctantly, he seats himself. He glares at Kevin 3.

Kevin 3 (pleased) © Excellent. Just one more article...


Scene 39. Virgil's kitchen.

Note © in background is the sound of a choir humming, no words.

Kevin 3 is dressed in graduation gown. He holds a yearbook. Its

cover reads "Memories: Ian Briggs High School, 1990©91". The page he

has opened shows Parker's grade 12 grad photo.

Kevin 3 (ominously) © An old yearbook of your's, Parker.

What a lovely photograph...

Kevin 3 walks up to Parker and shows him the photo. Without saying a

word, he uses a pencil and draws a large X over the photo (as in

Parts II and III.)

Parker stares at him, nervously.


Scene 41. Virgil's living room.

Parker is seated in the school desk, in the midst of the living

room. In foreground, we see the middle of Kevin 3 pacing back and

forth. Stationary camera.

Kevin 3 (venomously) © You fear me. And so you should. For

I am the teacher...after school!


Parker (unimpressed) © Not a very impressive attribute if I'm the only student.

Kevin 3 (growls in rage) © Oh, I can arrange for some fellow


Kevin 3, with a wave of his hand, causes Carl to appear. He sees

Parker and smiles with recognition.

Parker (shocked) © Carl! I thought you were dead!"

Carl©ghost (mysteriously) © Oh, but I am. And so shall we all be

lest Kevin graduates. I wonder which

of us will hand him the parchment?

Parker (more defiant) © Kevin seeks a roll of honour? I

wouldn't hand him a roll of toilet


Kevin 3 slaps Parker with a backhand, then projects a forcefield

which pins Parker to the desk, unable to move. Carl©ghost puts his

hand consolingly on Parker's shoulder. Parker tries in vain to pull

his hands free from the desk. They are stuck and won't detach.

Carl©ghost (kind©heartedly) © It's okay, Parker. Now you won't have

to write lines on the chalkboard!

Kevin 3 (sudden thought) © I am the instructor. I am in command!

You will obey me without question.

Parker (incensed) © If you're looking to graduate, what

are you doing parading as a teacher?

Go to the god damned school board and

plead your case!

Carl©ghost © He can't. This is a world of fantasy.

For Kevin to graduate, he must make

the rules. And he can only make the

rules if he is the instructor...

Kevin 3 groans in agony. From his eye socket, a snake slithers out.

Kevin 3 takes it "•and dangles it in front of Parker's horrified face.

Slowly, unwillingly, Parker opens his mouth wide, forced to do so by

some unseen power. The snake slithers into Parker's mouth. (Pull

snake out and reverse videotape).

Kevin 3 (pleased) © You, Parker, have been chosen to help

me to revive my friend, Eugene. Open

the drawer and remove his remains.

Parker opens the drawer with his one free hand and removes Eugene

rather ungently. Kevin 3 takes exception to this."• He cuffs Parker

with a backhand.


Kevin 3 (miserbale) © You insult the remains of Eugene! I

revoke your priveleges in my

graduation ceremony. You shall die by

mine own hand!


Carl©ghost (upset) © Oh, Kevin, you promised me I could

kill him. I need some excitement.

Cemeteries get so boring, watching

your neighbours decompose. The reruns

are even worse!

Kevin 3 (snaps fingers) © Fine. His death will be slow and

painful. Perhaps, his agony will in

itself revive Eugene, who can bestow

upon me Graduation. Yes...that will be

my plan. So don't say I don't do

anything for you, Carl!

Kevin 3 grabs Teddy and sits down in a rocking chair.

Kevin 3 (to Teddy) © Oh, Teddy, we're only one more death

away from returning to life!


Scene 43. Virgil's living room.

Parker is still bound to the desk. He stares about him in panic as

Kevin 3 tests the sharpness of a knife.

Parker (hysterical) © Please see reason! Release me! I

haven't done you any harm!

Kevin 3, clenching the large knife, looks down angrily at Parker.

Kevin 3 (miserable) © But I intend to cause you harm!

Painful, fatal harm. I was recreated

through the deaths of others. It

follows that so too shall Teddy be

resurrected. Oh, and don't tell Carl

that I'm going to kill you instead!

Kevin 3 closes in on Parker. Carl©ghost, holding Teddy, looks on and

starts to clap his hands slowly together as if at a sporting event."•

Carl©ghost (razzling) © Go Kevin go! Go Kevin go! Go Kevin, go

Kevin, go, go, go!

Kevin 3 raises the knife, ready to sacrifice Parker.

Kevin 3 (snarling) © I'm sorry Parker. The first cut will

be the deepest...

Parker (panic) © I shall destroy you, Kevin. You won't

evade justice!

Kevin 3 (sneering) © No one shall stop me! This is for

Teddy! For graduation!

A closeup of the knife about to strike. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard

and the gun is blown from Kevin 3's hand. Detective Dixon is at the

front entrance, covering them with his gun.

Detective Dixon (butch) © Kevin Markson! Put your hands in the

air where I can see them!


Kevin 3 puts his hands up, but then lunges at the desk. In a flash

of light, the desk vanishes. Teddy vanishes from Carl©ghost's arms.

Carl©ghost remains.

Detective Dixon (gun aimed) © Where'd they go? Did Scotty beam them


Carl©ghost © They went to Kevin's school. Ian

Briggs High.

Detective Dixon (startled) © Thanks a lot. Hey, Carl...what the...?

Carl©ghost walks forward to Dixon. They embrace. (Use over©the©

shoulder shots with stunt doubles wearing either Hawaiian shirt or


Detective Dixon (gruffly) © Son, I don't have time for super©

natural interphases. Just get me to

that school. Quick!

Two©shot of Carl©ghost and Dixon. They are facing each other. They

fade out. They materialise in the field near Ian Briggs High. They

see Kevin 3 and Parker nearby. Kevin 3 does not see them, but knows

they are there.

Kevin 3 (commanding) © Detective Dixon. Carl. I'm glad you

could join our ceremony...

Carl©ghost comes forward to challenge Kevin 3, but Kevin 3 just

snaps his fingers. Carl©ghost collapses to the ground and heaves up

volumes of goo. Detective Dixon is trapped by a forcefield. Kevin 3

laughs sadistically as Carl©ghost dies and vanishes.

Teddy laughs too, his eyes glow green, and he vanishes.

Detective Dixon (horrified) © No! You killed my son twice! I'm going

to get you!

Parker tries to free himself from the desk, but fails.

Kevin 3 © Don't bother to try to escape, because

you can't. You may join us now, Dixon.

Kevin 3 snaps his fingers and Dixon's forcefield evaporates. Dixon,

in a stupor, comes to Kevin 3's side.

Kevin 3 (nasty) © The moment of my graduation has

arrived. Welcome to the convocation!

Kevin 3 points his finger at the desk drawer below. It opens of its

own accord. Inside is a blank high school diploma (honours).

Kevin 3 (proudly) © It is time...but the moment has been

prepared for!

Det. Dixon (looks about) © What a beautiful day this is! Before

there was rain, and now there is sun!

Parker (frustrated) © I don't feel like a party.


Kevin 3 (to Dixon) © Killing your son was better than

matriculation! I think I deserve my

diploma now!

Parker (adding insult) © Carl was as useless as you are, "Dick•!

My sister was too good for him! It's

lucky he's dead now. Why do you think

Carl and my sister didn't get married?

She didn't want you as a father©in©

law! I can see why they kicked you off

the police force, you old man!

Kevin 3 hands Parker the blank diploma.

Kevin 3 (nasty) © It doesn't have my name on it! Fill it

in, Parker!

Parker does not need to. The letters K©E©V©I©N M©A©R©K©S©O© fill in

by themselves. Both Parker and Dixon show nervous faces. Before the

final N is filled in, Dixon grabs the diploma.

Det. Dixon © Bring back Carl, or this thing gets


Kevin 3 © I can't! You can only have one after©

death experience!

Det. Dixon © Bring back Carl now!

Kevin 3 © There's nothing I can do about it!

Det. Dixon (tears diploma) © Then there's nothing I can do about


The diploma is torn in half. Dixon lets go of the pieces and they

blow away. Kevin 3 collapses to the ground and screams in pain.

Parker's desk vanishes and he falls to the ground. Det. Dixon and

Parker advance on Kevin 3 on the ground. Det. Dixon stabs Kevin 3

with his pipe, Parker does so with a pencil. They get up and walk


Parker (relieved) © I'm sorry i had to get you mad, Dixon.

It was the only way to destroy Kevin's

force field. How did you find me?

Det. Dixon (puzzled) © You wouldn't believe me if I told ya.

How are you feeling? Is your hand well

enough to write me a cheque?

Parker (nods grimly) © Kevin thought he could revive some

stupid teddy bear by killing me off.

Is Kevin dead?

They turn and look. Kevin 3 is gone.

Det. Dixon (cursing) © Where'd he go? Right from under our


A quick zoom into Parker's eyes. They glow green. The green fades.

He looks up at Dixon.Üz�ÜŚ

Parker (excited) © He's back at Pembury's. Let's get him!

They vanish. They reappear at Virgil's. Kevin 3 greets them.

Kevin 3 © Mere mortals! You cannot stop me! I

have the legions of Hell as my


Det. Dixon fires his gun, but it clicks empty.

Kevin 3 (gloating) © Pathetic, stupid people. To even think

you could apprehend me!

Kevin 3 shows his right hand. Parker can see a ring on it.

Parker (aghast) © My...my sister's ring! You're a

creature of evil, a filthy©©

Closeup of Kevin 3's hand. The gem on the ring glows a bright blue.

Kevin 3 (mocking) © Yes, Carol's ring. Her graduation ring

to be precise. See how I control it.

Manipulate it. It gives me the ability

to summon...agents of blood!

The blue glow from the ring zaps across the room at incredible speed

and stops at the far end of the room, midair. A quick formation into

the body of Teddy, which immediately disperses. Teddy is now


Kevin 3 (spiteful) © Your sister is the one to blame! She

is the cause of my journey through the

time vortex. She is responsible for

those I have killed. But you know

something? Her death was the most

pleasing of all! My favorite murder!

Parker is enraged. He hurls himself at Kevin 3 and tackles Kevin 3

to the floor. They struggle on the floor, and Parker knocks the bone

from Kevin 3's hands. He begins to strangle Kevin 3.

Det. Dixon is forced to the ground. He looks about in fear and

surprise at...something. He opens his mouth in horror and tries to

backtrack on the floor away from it. He ducks something and screams

in terror.

Meanwhile, Parker is strangling Kevin 3 and Kevin 3 grows stronger.

He grabs the bone and threatens Parker, but Parker blocks it. Then,

he becomes mesmerised by Kevin 3's hands.

Parker (pleading) © Your hands...Carol's hands...Carol is

part of you. Carol? Carol! If there's

any piece of you left in this monster,

please respond!

(Kevin 3's POV. Screen is tinted green, but as Parker pleads, the

green slowly fades.)

Kevin 3 reacts slightly, as if convulsing, then his hands begin to

squeeze around his neck. Kevin 3 begins to choke himself.Üz�ÜŚ

Parker (hopeful) © That's right, Carol! Fight for me, not

against me. Fight for me! Yes, do it!

Kevin 3 gasps in misery, and is losing the struggle. The camera

zooms in on him and goes out of focus...

Det. Dixon sees something flying at him and ducks. Again, he ducks

as it comes from a different direction, but the invisible thing

flies right into him...

Kevin 3 loses the struggle and collapses. Parker reaches for the

bone. He smashes it into Kevin 3's head, over and over.

Parker (uncontrolled) © Die! Die! I'll make it so you never

come back!

Det. Dixon comes over. He has his gun ready.

Parker (steady and sure) © Don't incarcerate him, Dixon. It'll do

nothing for us.

Det. Dixon (looks unsure) © You don't mean. (Looks at gun)

Parker (emphatic) © We must. We must make sure that he

never comes back!

Det. Dixon (growly) © Stand back.

Det. Dixon aims his gun and fires six times. We don't see Kevin 3

taking the shots. Det. Dixon puts his arm around Parker.

Det. Dixon (fatherly) © Let's go to my office. We need to get

as far from this terror as we can.

They leave.