The My School Saga

My School - The Permanent Detention

Running Length - 9:45

Release Date - 1981

Title Song - "Icebound" by Meco

Colors - Red

Number Of Victims - ?

Kevin Markson - Jeff Kushner

There is a killer loose at Sir John A. Macdonald Junior High, and students are disappearing one by one. Who is committing these brutal murders, and can they be stopped?


My School II - The Horror Continues

Running Length - 11:17

Release Date - 1982

Title Song - "Attack Of The Mutants" from Buck Rogers O.S.T.

Colors - Yellow

Number Of Victims - ?

Kevin Markson - Jeff Kushner

A year later, Kevin's reign of terror continues. This time, he is after his brother. More students will die at Sir John A. Macdonald Junior High.


My School III - The Psycho Pupil

Running Length - 37:20

Release Date - 1983

Title Song - "The Three Shadows Part One" by Bauhaus

Colors - Blue and Orange (3-D)

Number Of Victims - 8

Kevin Markson - Lafe Travis/Rusty Nelson/Jim Anderson

Kevin Markson, the psycho pupil, moves on to John G. Diefenbaker High School to kill more students. Kevin is haunted by the guilt from killing his family. Can this be enough to stop him?


My School IV - Kevin's Last Stand

Running Length - 58:40

Release Date - 1984

Title Song - "Burning Bridges" by Japan

Colors - Green

Number Of Victims - 19

Kevin Markson - Kurt Robson/David Beaton

Kevin is back, but so are the ghosts of his victims, who want revenge. The killing days of Kevin Markson are numbered, because Kevin will die.


My School V - Summer Vacation

Running Length - 111 minutes

Release Date - 1987

Title Song - "Tom Baker" by The Human League

Colors - Red and Yellow

Number Of Victims - 22

Kevin Markson - Lafe Travis/Rod Harper

Virgil Pembury - Rod Harper

Diefenbaker High has been closed down by the school board, giving students an early summer vacation. Now that Kevin is gone, who will take over? Would you believe a nerd and a teddy bear?

My School 6 - Doom Bear

Running Length - 98 minutes

Release Date - 1988

Title Song - "End Title" from Rawhead Rex O.S.T.

Colors - Purple and Red

Number Of Victims - 23

Kevin Markson - Rod Harper

Virgil Pembury - Rod Harper

Kevin's mission of evil continues, and the Doom Bear is there to make sure it happens. Virgil the nerd must choose between good and evil. Has Kevin returned from the grave?


My School 7 - The Return Of Kevin

Running Length - 92 minutes

Release Date - 1990

Title Song - "Pimpf" by Depeche Mode

Colors - Blue and Grey

Number Of Victims - 29

Kevin Markson - Blaise Travis

Kevin has been dead for six years. But what if someone invented a time machine to bring him back from the past to kill again in the present?


My School 8 - Graduation

Running Length - 103 minutes

Release Date - 1991

Title Song - "Memphisto" by Depeche Mode

Colors - Black and White

Number Of Victims - 19

Kevin Markson - Several people

An echo of Kevin's existence appears in spirit form to try and accomplish something Kevin never got to do -- graduate! Only a teenaged boy and a private detective can stop him, because graduation for Kevin would give him powers beyond belief.


My School 9 - Kevin's Winter Slaughterland

Running Length - 120, expected

Release Date - 1993, expected

Title Song - "Carol Of The Bells" by Network Production Music

Colors - Green, Red and White

Number Of Victims - 19 (approximately)

Kevin Markson - Blaise Travis

Another aspect of Kevin arrives in the middle of winter, this time wanting to stop the events which led to his defeat. But can the spirit of Christmas overcome Kevin's evil?


My School X - The Final Horror

Running Length - 99 minutes

Release Date - 1993

Title Song - "Evacuation" from The Killing Fields O.S.T.

Colors - Silver/Crystal

Number Of Victims - 41

Kevin Markson - Lafe Travis (plus other Kevins)

The My School saga reaches an exciting climax. The evil which started it all is finally unearthed. Now incarcerated, Kevin has become a servant of good, while the Doom Bear has seduced an unlikely slave. It's a showdown between good and evil, so prepare yourself for the greatest horror imaginable!