The vortex takes on a yellowish tone. An old dusty yearbook materializes

into the Principal's hands. He opens it up. Kevin looks over his

shoulder. There is a POV shot of the inside of the book, where black and

white flashback scenes begin to appear.

Principal - Christmas 1976. You were only five years

old. You got a very special gift that


A shot of Kevin unwrapping a present. Kevin's mom and dad are there.

Inside is Eugene, all bright and new. The eyes are intact, and there is

a nice green bow around the neck. Kevin hugs his mom and dad and thanks

them. It is a picture-perfect scene. (If nobody is available to play the

mother, then the scene can only have the father, without changing much.)

A shot of Kevin, in the vortex, not really moved by the scene.

The Principal is beside him, observing his reaction.

Kevin (angry) - I don't remember that! Another illusion!

Principal - I don't think so. You were such a pleasant

little boy...

Christmas was your favourite time of year.

The scene fades to summertime, where Kevin is playing with Eugene in a

sandbox with a bunch of other toys. He is making the toys move with his

hands and is talking for them. In the background watching, is the Father.

Little Kevin (to Eugene) - I wish that you were really alive.

Father (whispering) - It can be arranged.

Principal - You loved that bear. But then your dad

borrowed it and made some alterations.

Shots of the Father, doing a ritual with the teddy bear, in a hidden room.

There is an audio insert from the song of "Frosty The Snowman":


Principal - It wasn't really your fault Kevin.

Your Father put the evil in Eugene.

And he put it in you.

Shots of Kevin tied to a chair. The dad stands over him, with an Upside-down Bible opened in his hands.

Kevin's Father - Now repeat after me, Kevin. Hurting,

Maiming, Crippling Destroy. These are the

things that I enjoy.

Little Kevin (same tone) - Hurting, Maiming, Crippling Destroy.

These are the things that I enjoy.

Kevin's Father (pleased) - Good, you've done well. Time for a reward.

Kevin's Father pulls out a skeleton mask and hands it Kevin.

Kevin holds it in his hands and looks at it.

Kevin's Father - I want you to go to school tommorrow and...

The scene fades away.

Principal (finishing) - ...kill everyone in sight!

The Principal slams the book closed, releasing a puff of dust.

Principal - So that is what you did. That was the past.

And you're still doing it today! Don't you

know the difference between right and wrong?

Kevin - You tell me, Mr. Psychiatrist.

The Principal shakes his head in discouragement.

Principal (to self) - This is going to be harder than I thought.