MY SCHOOL X - The Final Horror


The newspaper box is shown from the ending of My School 9, with Kevin's arrest on the cover.

Kevin is brought before a Judge. The Clerk has Kevin put his hand on a Bible. It sizzles. Kevin retracts his hand from the book in pain.

Clerk (business-like) - State your name.

Kevin (the usual) - I am Kevin!


Dissolve to the conclusion of the trial, where the Judge is handing down Kevin's sentence.

Judge (stern) - Kevin Markson, I find you guilty of innumerable counts of murder. I now sentence you to thirteen consecutive life terms, with no chance of parole for fifty years. Do you have anything to say?

Kevin (resigned) - School's out.


Dissolve to Kevin in a solitary confinement cell. The sounds of other prisoners in the distance and the slamming of bars can be heard. The only light is from through the small barred window of his cell. Kevin is awake, disliking his confinement.

Kevin - Eugene has let me down.

Suddenly, the image of the Principal-ghost from MS9 appears, hovering at Kevin's bedside.

Principal - You let yourself down.

Kevin (sneering) - What do you know, the ghost of my dead Principal... What is it this time?

Principal - It's not too late. You can still be saved.

Kevin - I don't believe in any of that Jesus stuff.

Principal (doubtful) - You don't?

The Principal's ghost fades away, and the image of Jesus appears in the darkness over Kevin's bed, illuminating the room. A Heavenly choir begins to sing and beautiful music can be heard. Kevin takes on a strange change of heart.

Kevin (excited) - I believe! I believe!


Dissolve to Kevin, holding a book of matches.

Kevin - I'm as ugly as sin. I must purify myself if I am to be made whole.

Kevin lights one of the matches, and puts it up to his face. It bursts into flames. He screams in agony. (But to him, it was worth it!)

Dissolve to a conference room, where the warden is having a meeting with a court attourney.

Attourney - I don't see why he's allowed to transfer to a safehouse. It's outrageous! He killed all those people! Do you really believe he's born-again? Or what about his rantings that an evil teddy bear is coming to kill him?

Warden - It's hard to believe, but it's better this way. He's a danger to the other prisoners, and to himself. I'm not sure how he got those matches. He's made a deal to give us information about unsolved crimes dating years back. Besides, the Solicitor General has already approved it.



A mouse in a cage?

Shots of the empty house, distorted, people calling Kevin's voice.

Dissolve to Shots of school hallways, distorted, things which were said to Kevin when he went to school (teachers and other students insulting him)

People's faces are superimposed over the school hallway in sequence. They fade away, and are replaced by others.

The clown. The clown named Paul. The clown named Paul acting scary.

Kevin's Brother Lafe (killed in My School III): Kevin's a retard, Kevin's a retard.

Kevin killing his mother, quickly cutting to the skull, screaming!!!

Teddy with wine glass "A toast to Kevin Markson!..."

Kevin's Father: You've been a very bad boy!

Mr. Skorman (Frank Wiechel) from Mastermind, all gooped up.

Carol, screaming her head off.

Freaky flashes of Virgil Pembury. Unused footage. Virgil Pembury making a grisly appearance, his face all whited up.