MY SCHOOL 9 - Kevin's Winter Slaughterland


[A Few Executive Credits]


Produced By Lafe Travis and Bryan Jenner

Screenplay Written By Bryan Jenner

Original Story Concept By Lafe Travis

Based on the original My School Saga by

Lafe Travis & Jeff Kushner

Assistant Director


[The Cast Credits are done in picture format, with the people's faces]


Kevin Markson Blaise/Robert

Doom Bear Eugene

Carl Junior Matthew

Cathy Shannon Gamble

Father Tom


Professor Newman Doug Steedman

University Janitor

Security Guard

Principal Ghost






Toboggan Kid 1

Toboggan Kid 2

Snowball Bully 1

Snowball Bully 2

French Skier

Forest Bum Ed? Sam?

Snow Shoveller


Miss Johnson

Santa Claus Mark Boody

Movie Director Lafe Travis

Channel 13 Reporter

Police Chief Waris Derrick Harvey

Toy Store Clerk

Kevin's Father

Kevin's Mother

2 Policemen


Rod Harper appears from My School 6 as Virgil Pembury (c) 1988

Blaise Travis appears from My School 7 as Kevin Markson (c) 1990

Mark Boody appears from My School 7 as Kevin Markson (c) 1991

Shannon Gamble appears from My School 7 as the Sensor (c) 1990

Bryan Jenner appears from My School 7 as Carl (c) 1990

and from My School 8 as Dixon (c) 1991

Erika T. Love appears from My School 7 & 8 as Carol (c) 1990/1991

Stan Gravel Appears from My School 8 as Mr. Biggles (c) 1991

Bear Puppet Operators




Videotaped on location between

_____________ _____, 1991 and _____________ _____, 1990 at


Properties Buyer Lafe Travis

Property Master Lafe Travis

Costume Supervisor Lafe Travis


Some wardrobes supplied by The Salvation Army

Transportation Coordinator Bryan Jenner

Cars Supplied By Bryan Jenner and Shannon Gamble

Cameras Supplied By Lafe Travis and Mark Boody

Production Unit Managers

Lafe Travis & Bryan Jenner

Camera Used Sony F-50 Handycam & Sony CCD-V9 Procam

Camera Operator Lafe Travis

Additional Camera Operators

Bryan Jenner

Blaise Travis

Shannon Gamble

Still Photography

Bryan Jenner & Lafe Travis

Lafe Travis Director of Cinematography


Editor Lafe Travis

Editing Associate Bryan Jenner

Video Effects Designer Lafe Travis

Opening and Closing Credits

Lafe Travis


Sound Effects

Lafe Travis, Shannon Gamble and Mark Boody

Sound Mixers

Lafe Travis & Shannon Gamble

Sound Effects Editor Lafe Travis

Music Librarian


Music Soundtrack Arranged by Lafe Travis

Special Thanks to Shannon Gamble for her assistance


Original Compositions by Lafe Travis and Blaise Travis


Production Manager

Production Assistants

Location Manager

Production Coordinator

Script Supervisor


Copyright Notices

Ugly Globe

Copyright MCMXCII