My School 8 Credit Roll


Detective Dixon Bryan Jenner

Parker Robert Thomas Hrdlicka

Carol Erika T. Love

Kevin 1 Blaise Travis

Shaun Terry Ramsay

Insp. Walrustitty Mark Boody

Jeremy Lafe Travis

Margot Tia Travis

Christopher Al Charlton

Kevin 2/3 Mark Boody

Terry Ramsay

Al Charlton

Lafe Travis

Alfred Stevi Faral

Wes Gus Asensio

Boris Vislar Tesabi

Bela Vislar Tesabi

Mr. Biggles Stan Gravel

Carl Benny Renjar (special guest)

Granada Technician Jeff Kushner

Perkins Dale Tardiff ?

Fred Mike Kahn ?

Stand©Ins Mr. Ramsay: Mark Boody, Al Charlton, and Lafe Travis

Stand©In for Mr. Jenner: Robert Thomas Hrdlicka


Depeche Mode



Musical Selections Chosen by:

Lafe Travis

Bryan Jenner

Videotaped on location at:

The Calgary Tower

Shepard Landfill Site

Home of Bryan Jenner

Home of Al Charlton and Tia Travis

Offices of Petrogas Marketing Ltd.

555 © 11th Avenue S.W.

Streets of Lake Bonavista, Parkland, and Mission

Streets and Alleys of Mission

Funeral Home on 4th StreetÜj�Ü Alberta Government Telephones Complex

Home of Terry Ramsay

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Willow Park Village A.L.C.B.

Nickle Junior High School

Home of Dave Courtnage

Stampede Park McDonald's

Deer Valley McDonald's

Huntington Hills McDonald's

St. Mary's Cathedral

Mad For A Mystery Parking Lot

John G. Diefenbaker High School

Home of Blaise Travis

Home of Lafe Travis

Roger's Cable TV Complex

Directors of Photography

Lafe Travis

Bryan Jenner

Additional Camera Operation by

Robert Thomas Hrdlicka

Mark Boody

Blaise Travis

Blood Manufacturer

Lafe Travis

Properties Buyers

Lafe Travis

Bryan Jenner

Properties Storage

Lafe Travis

Bryan Jenner

Additional properties and resources lent by

Michael Berndt

Mark Boody

E.W. "Butch" Cooper

Stan Gravel

Darryl Jenner

David Jenner

Charles Prepolec

Anthony J. Watts


Üj�Ü Bryan Jenner

Shannon Gamble

Stan Gravel

Al Charlton


Bryan Jenner

Matthew Sanderson

Artificial Limbs created by

Lafe Travis

Bryan Jenner

Matthew Sanderson

Videotape Editor

Lafe Travis

Videotape Editing Associate

Bryan Jenner

Videotaped exclusively on Sony 8mm CCD©F55 Camcorder

Written and Directed by

Bryan Jenner


Lafe Travis and Bryan Jenner

The preceding motion picture is protected by applicablecopyrights and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, by anymeans, without the expressed written consent of Lafe Travis Films and Bryan Jenner Entertainment Industries

INSERT © Tom Baker: "It's the end..."


Lafe Travis Films

Bryan Jenner Ent. Ind.