MY SCHOOL 7 - The Return Of Kevin



Kevin Markson Blaise Travis

Doom Bear Eugene

Carol Erika T. Love

Carl Bryan Jenner

The Sensor Shannon Gamble

Mr. Skorman Frank Wiechel

William Michael Berndt

Colin Dave Owen

Peter Cal St. Cottingsall

Police Constable Smoketoomuch Mark Boody

Police Constable Mousebender Brad Malmberg

Police Constable Snapper Stevi Faral

Mr. Lambert Shane Gamble

Sophie Nicole MacPherson

Mrs. Poukipsou Sophie McConneral

Diabetic Lafe Travis

Coe K. Kola Terry Ramsay

Pep C. Kola Ryan Terlaak

Tire Inflator William Buchan

Bonnie Shelley Pepperdine

Matthew Jeff Kushner

Female Picknicker Tia Travis

Male Picknicker Al Charlton

Gene Quard Benny Renjar

Frazer Michael Berndt

Ian Anthony J. Watts

Rod Harper appears from My School V and My School 6 (c)MCMLXXXVII

Bear Puppet Operators

Bryan Jenner

Blaise Travis

Terry Ramsay

Lafe Travis

Videotaped on location between

August 12, 1990 and October 21, 1990 at

The Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology

The University Of Calgary

Home of Bryan Jenner

Home of Lafe Travis

Home of Blaise Travis

Home of Shannon Gamble

John G. Diefenbaker Senior High School

(School for Baseball Scene)

Rogers Cable Television

Confederation Park

Thorncliffe Community Park

Queen's Park Cemetary

The Streets of Huntington Hills

Mad For A Mystery Parking Lot

Set Direction

Properties Buyer Lafe Travis

Property Master Lafe Travis

Costume Supervisor Lafe Travis

Carl Cap Variability Bryan Jenner

Some wardrobes supplied by The Salvation Army

Make-up Application for Erika T. Love

Zombie Make-up Application

Lafe Travis, Bryan Jenner & Blaise Travis

Gore Supervisor Bryan Jenner

Blood Manufacturer

Corn Syrup Companies

Food Coloring Companies

Bear Goo Manufacturer

Bear and victim Innards supplied by Safeway of Canada Ltd.

Artificial Body Parts

Don's Hobby Shop & Chuckle's Unlimited

Electrician Frank Wiechel

Computer Programmer Bryan Jenner

Transportation Coordinator Bryan Jenner

Cars Supplied By Bryan Jenner and Shannon Gamble

Cameras Supplied By Bryan Jenner and Mark Boody

Production Unit Managers

Lafe Travis & Bryan Jenner

Camera Used Sony F-55 Handycam & Sony CCD-V9 Procam

Camera Operator Lafe Travis

Additional Camera Operators

Bryan Jenner

Blaise Travis

Shannon Gamble

Still Photography

Bryan Jenner & Lafe Travis

Lafe Travis 1st Director of Cinematography

Bryan Jenner 2nd Director of Cinematography


Editor Lafe Travis

Editing Associate Bryan Jenner

Edit Controller

On-Line Edit VTRs

Other Editing Systems

Video Effects Designer Lafe Travis

Special Video Effects and

On-Line Production Switcher

Opening Graphics

Amiga 500 computer

Deluxe Paint II, Electronic Arts

Aegis Animator, Aegis Corporation

Skull To Bear Transition

Lafe Travis

Amiga Artist & Operator

Lafe Travis

Opening and Closing Credits

Chyron ACG

Chyron Operator

Lafe Travis


Sound Concepts Lafe Travis

Sound Effects

Lafe Travis, Shannon Gamble and Mark Boody

Ballistic Sound Effects Supplied By Bryan Jenner

Audio Console

Sound Mixers

Lafe Travis & Shannon Gamble

Microphone Used for Sensor Ghost Scene

Sound Effects Editor Lafe Travis


Music Soundtrack Arranged by Lafe Travis

Special Thanks to Shannon Gamble for her assistance


Depeche Mode

Policy Of Truth, Clean, Blue Dress, Halo, Fly On The Windscreen,

Dangerous, Personal Jesus telephone stomp mix, Strange Love,

Spanish Taster, Pimpf, Agent Orange, Never Let Me Down aggro mix,

Pleasure Little Treasure, Something To Do, Question Of Time,

Behind the Wheel mega mix, Mephisto

Keff McCulloch

A Child's Return, The Sting, 8891 Royale, Guards Of Silence,

Cemetary Chase


Time Machine, In The Beginning, Lady Marion, Ice Bound


The Barber Of Seville

The Cure

Six Different Ways

Twisted Sister

Kill Or Be Killed, We're Not Gonna Take It, Be Chrool To Your Scuel

Paddy Kingsland

Earthshock, Cyber-Theme

Charles Bernstein

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Christopher Young

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

Angelo Badalamenti

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3

Craig Safan

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4

Jay Ferguson

A Nightmare On Elm Street 5


Burning Bridges

John Barry

A View To A Kill O.S.T.

David Shire

2010 O.S.T.

Wendy Carlos

Tron - O.S.T.

John Carpenter

Escape From New York

Halloween Theme

Joe Strummer

Walker - O.S.T.

Ennio Morricone

The Untouchables - O.S.T.

Pink Floyd

Atom Heart Mother, Piper at the Gates of Dawn

The Bee Gees

Help Me Mend My Broken Heart?

Judas Priest

Breaking The Law

Iron Maiden

The Number Of The Beast

Gyorgy Ligeti

2001 - Choral Arrangement

John Williams

Superman - O.S.T.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - O.S.T

The Empire Strikes Back - O.S.T.

Jerry Goldsmith

Star Trek, The Motion Picture - O.S.T.

Jeff Wayne

War Of The Worlds, The Musical Version

Malcolm Clarke

Ressurrection Of The Daleks

Peter Howell

The Planet Of Fire

Roger Limb

The Caves Of Androzani

Laurie Johnson

The Avengers - O.S.T.

Alexander Courage

Star Trek - The Television Series


Heaven And Hell

Beauborg - Part II

Danny Elfman

Batman - O.S.T.

Original Compositions by Lafe Travis and Blaise Travis

Soundtrack Album Available on LT cassettes

Read The Bryan Jenner Paperback, or suffer the consequences!


Produced By Lafe Travis and Bryan Jenner

Screenplay Written By Bryan Jenner

Original Story Concept By Lafe Travis

Based on the original My School Saga by

Lafe Travis & Jeff Kushner

Assistant Director

Scenes Directed By Lafe Travis

Virgil's Basement and House

Time Machine Room

Carol's Dream

Kevin's Attic and House

Carol's Bedroom

Time Travellers Arrive in 1982

Mr. Skorman's Office


Stairwell Hanging

Car Interiors

Tire Inflator


Gene Quard The Drag Queen

Scenes Directed By Bryan Jenner

Carol's house

Peter and Colin Killed

Locker 666


Pop Machine



Blood Licking


Directed By Bryan Jenner And Lafe Travis


Kevin Chased

Production Manager

Production Assistants

Location Manager

Production Coordinator

Script Supervisor


In Memory of the Sony F-30 Handycam, which took a crashing onto hard

pavement, during production of mastermind

Copyright Notices

Ugly Globe

Copyright MCMXC