The Body Count...

1. Carl, slit throat at water fountain (Dream sequence only)

2. Carol, head crushed against tombstone (Dream sequence only)

3. Colin, decapitated by weight-lifting bar

4. Peter, Kevin's thumb into neck & Kevin's fist through gut

5. William, held by Doom Bear beam and machete slit throat

6. Diabetic, broken neck, and brains sucked out of head

7. Coe, pop can rammed into forehead

8. Pep, head smashed into pop machine & machete thrown into gut

9. Tire Inflator, head pumped up with the tire pump

10. Ghosts of William, Colin and Peter, stabbed in forehead with crucifix

11. Bonnie, spiked to tree through forehead

12. Matthew, screwdriver through eye to tree

13. Picnicker 1, ghetto blaster hucked at head

14. Picnicker 2, arm torn off and eaten

15. Mousebender, shot in the back 3x by Kevin

16. Snapper, gun shoved in mouth, and head blown off by Kevin

17. Smoketoomuch, stuck in the back with a spear

18. Sophie, stapled in the face by Mr. Skorman

19. Mr. Skorman, hand chopped off by machete & stabbed in the heart

20. Secretary, killed by Kevin, somehow

21. Gene Quard, strangled by a bra

22. Frazer, killed by Kevin, somehow, at the baseball diamond

23. Ian, beamed in the head with baseball & pounded with baseball bat

24. Student, who's body is found by Mr. Lambert, all messed up

25. Mr. Lambert, stabbed through the neck with a ruler

26. Eugene, shot with gun & exploded by the Sensor's ray

27. Carl, shot in the head 3x by Kevin

28. The Sensor, dies of exhaustion

29. Kevin, shot and sent back to his own time, and some other time too...

This is only a rough estimation.