Doombear's Custom DVD Covers
All the covers on this page are for display purposes only.
Please contact me if you want the hi-res versions.

Friday the 13th covers

Blu-ray Collection
for use in a 10-disc Blu-ray case

Part 1 - Cover A
(original body-outline artwork,
with little spoilers, and better
screenshots than the
Paramount DVD cover)

Part 1 - Cover B
(original body-outline artwork,
with spoilers and
13 pictures on the back)

Part 1 - Cover C
(UK design, with
little spoilers, block logo
and young Jason on the spine)

Part 2 - Cover A
(orignal VHS body-outline design, utilizing better
screenshots than the Paramount DVD offered)

Part 2 - Cover B
(UK text-only design, and Pillow-Sack
Jason on the spine)

Part 2 - Cover C
(using the original concept artwork; thanks to Tom for the graphics!)

Part 3 - Cover A
(Shower Artwork, Red Font on Spine)


Part 3 - Cover B
(3-D artwork, wooden font on the spine)

Part 3 - Cover C
(correctly oriented shower artwork,
3-D designation various locations)

Part 4 - The Final Chapter - Cover (Jason Mask artwork, flipped
so the axe-crack is on the correct side.)

Part 5 - Cover A
(US VHS design, with the unsuitable
hockey mask)

Part 5 - Cover B
(UK VHS design with Tommy holding a
machete and a Jason mask in the background.)
A variation on the original theatrical artwork,
which is used on the back cover and the spine.

Part 6
Jason Lives Graveyard, mist and mask;
looks like a small-scale model.)

Part 7
(The New Blood psychically-charged
Jason + Tina face-off with knife)

Part 8 - Cover A
(US VHS design, with a
red-and-blue Jason hovering
closely over a New York Skyline)

Part 8 - Cover B
(Utilizing Jason slashing through the
"I Love NY" teaser poster)

Part 8 - Cover C
(UK VHS design, of "Timewarp Jason"
standing over New York's Skyline.)

Part 9 - Cover A
(Jason Goes to Hell Text, with "The Final Friday"
re-instated. Made to match the Paramount covers.)

Part 9 - Cover B
(Friday the 13th part IX text, to better fit the FT13
series. Made to match the Paramount covers.)

Part 10 - Cover A
(Jason X text. Made to match the
Paramount covers.)

Part 10 - Cover B
(Friday the 13th part X text, to better fit the
FT13 series. Made to match the
Paramount covers.)

Part 11
Friday the 13th part XI text, to better fit the FT13 series.
Subtitle changed to place Jason first.
Made to match the Paramount covers.

Star Wars DVD Covers
If DVD had existed back in 1985, here's what the covers might've looked like...

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Fits a slim double-alpha, to match the other slim Star Trek movie spines.
I've removed the honking-wide yellow spine and Director's Edition text - to make it so.

My Bloody Valentine

The dumb shmucks at Paramount altered their artwork of this movie on DVD, so I had to alter it back.

April Fool's Day

The fools at Paramount re-colored the original artwork, so I redid the cover.


Terror Train

LIkewise, Fox butchered the Terror Train artwork,
so I made a cover using the original.


Happy Birthday to Me
Small-HBTM.jpg (87495 bytes)Small-HBTM-Red.jpg (89542 bytes)
I did two versions. 
The red border follows the look of the VHS release.


Nightmare on the 13th Floor covers

Conversion of the official US VHS cover.

Small-Nightmare-13th-Floor-style-b-DVD.jpg (108289 bytes)
Conversion/Translation of the official German VHS.

Halloween II & III covers
Goodtimes messed up BIG-TIME with it's ugly Halloween II & III DVD covers, so I made ones more fitting.

The Shining
(1980 Kubrick version)

The WB Kubrick-Collection snapper was too generic.
I used the original Giallo-Yellow Poster and Paperback adaptation design.

The Shining
(1998 TV mini-series)

I combined the official DVD cover with the Novel Cover.
Thanks to Desiree for the scan.

Phantasm DVD covers
Designed for the R2 Anchor Bay UK 2005 DVD set
Thanks to CoAttican for the template design, spine icons and Bonus Disc logos.
to John Klyza of for many of the creative decisions.
Thanks to Jim Warren for the artwork on the Bonus Disc front cover.


Phantasm II
Phantasm II (alternate)
Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead
Phantasm III (alternate)
Phantasm IV: Obllivion
Phantasm IV (alternate)
Phantasm Bonus Disc

(this is an alternate Bonus Disc title)

I have created different sets of spines and cannot decide which is better, so both exist.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre covers
They match when lined up !

Poltergeist series
A matching set of three; Carol-Anne-Phantasmique-Trois !
Note: True fans may wish to buy two copies of the Double-Feature disc to fit P2 & P3 into their own cases!

"It's Alive" trilogy
cover artwork by Tom Van Etteger

Burnt Offerings

MGM's official R1 DVD cover was fine,
 but I originally began this cover to replace
the terrible Region 2 artwork- using the
NTSC VHS designs.


Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Pretty pink and purple cover
for a freaky-as-hell 1971 movie!

Small-Brainwash.jpg (111734 bytes)
1983 Corporate Horror Film
starring Yvette Mimieux



For the Region 0 Hong Kong disc.

I've converted the cheapass cardboard
snapper and made the spine match the
Anchor Bay Creepshow 2 spine, so they'll look
nice beside each other on the shelf.


The Funhouse

I used the classic VHS artwork,
which Goodtimes DVD had taken and ruined.
Death Ship

A nice DVD cover for a VHS conversion.
After all these years, this spooky ship movie
still scares the crap out of me!


The People Under The Stairs

For us folks who got the Portuguese cover,
here's an English version!
Shadow of the Hawk
Small-Shadow-of-the-Hawk-DVD.jpg (112178 bytes)
1976 Native Canadian Horror Odyssey,
using the cheaply-drawn 
official poster artwork.


The Legacy
Small-Legacy-DVD.jpg (90404 bytes)
1979 Universal Horror Classic
When A Stranger Calls

1979 Canadian Horror Thriller
DVD cover using the frightening
poster artwork
When A Stranger Calls Back

Matching cover for the 1993 sequel
The Destruction of Jared-Syn

Cool concepts for a low-budget
Universal 3-D bomb.
Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

Custom cover using the awesome
theatrical painting.


The Dungeonmaster

Wicked artwork for a cheap-ass
fantasy curiosity.
Laserdisc to DVD conversion.


Hawk the Slayer

Styled after the original VHS design.

Alice in Wonderland
Small-Alice-in-Wonderland.jpg (178213 bytes)
DVD cover for the 1985 All-Star Extravaganza
Musical TV Miniseries - using the colorful
group caricature poster from the original release.


Wakko's Wish

VHS conversion of the
Animaniac's Christmas Spectacular!
Jacob Two-Two
Meets The Hooded Fang

 VHS-DVD conversion of the 1977 movie.

Birthday Party

 It's a funky and creepy kids movie from 1974 --
an alternative to Disney boredom.


The Pee-Wee Herman Show

VHS conversion of the original
Pee-Wee Herman Nightclub Show
Big Adventure
Small-Pee-Wee_DVD.jpg (123040 bytes)
Snapper Conversion with more colorful logos
added, to match the conceptual DVD photos.


The Muppet Movie

Custom Muppet Movie cover
The Front artwork was adapted from
(Thanks to  Andrew Wickliffe) 
The back cover is a scan of the official DVD release.
The spine is completely custom, because I couldn't
stand the corny lettering on the white background..


The Muppets Take Manhattan

Custom cover, with the front original poster
 artwork taken from DVD
(Thanks to Sosai X).
The spine I designed, because the
official release sucked. .


Looney Tunes: Back in Action

I hated the cramped artwork they used on the
official DVD, so I opted for the grander
Theatrical Poster of the characters
standing on top of the world.


Super Mario Bros.

My favorite DVD cover - made for the
Region 0 Hong Kong DVD.

The Best Little
Whorehouse in Texas

Using the original theatrical painting,
which is much classier than the
Burt and Dolly snapshot.



Completely custom spine.
The rest was taken from DVD and
the official product.
Six Pack
Small-Six-Pack-DVD.jpg (126629 bytes)
Six Pack VHS-DVD conversion


Who's That Girl

Madonna Comedy from 1987
Laserdisc to DVD conversion.

The Christmas Star

Disney Made-for-TV Movie.
Custom Cover

The Adventures of
Timothy Pilgrim

 VHS-DVD Conversion
of this Canadian TV series.


The Apple Dumpling Gang

 Original Theatrical Poster Concepts.


The Apple Dumpling Gang
Rides Again
Small-Apple-Dumpling-Gang-Rides-Again_DVD.jpg (108008 bytes)
  Custom cover using the original Theatrical artwork.


Ten Who Dared

 VHS-DVD Conversion


Menace on the Mountain

VHS-DVD Conversion
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid

The back cover needs more work,
but I love the spine and front.


Horse Opera
Small-Horse-Opera_DVD.jpg (118973 bytes)
Ah - the Horse Opera !
Not my best cover, but fun to create.


The Road to Wellville

Custom DVD cover using the
great cereal bowl artwork from the VHS release.
The Wizard of
Speed and Time

Laserdisc Transfer to DVD.
I hope an official release comes out one day.

Child's Play Series

MGM cover made to match
the Universal template.
Top banner says "Full Screen".

Scan of official cover; nothing changed.

Scan of Region 4 Aussie cover.
At the time, there was no R1 disc.

Scan of official R1 cover.
I'm considering redoing the spine icon
to show a pic of the Tiffany Doll instead.

Front and Back done by MajorTom.
Thanks for his kind permission to use.
Spine redone to match others.

Psycho series
Matching covers for all the Psycho DVDs.

Custom cover, with black back and spine.
I added a creepier picture of Norman to the spine.

Psycho II snapper conversion (courtesy of DVD,
made to match the others of this set.

Psycho III cover, adjusted to line up with the others.
Title logo on the spine has a bright blue glow.

Psycho IV: The Beginning
cover for the region 2 & 4 disc.

Psycho (1998) cover, with full frontal poster artwork.
Back cover from DVD
Psychotic picture of Norman added to spine.

The Exorcist series
Matching Exorcist covers.

Custom cover designed to hold the two versions
of the film in one case.

Scan of snapper cover, with centered title and
cool Regan icon on the spine.

Scan of snapper cover, with centered title
and staircase artwork on the spine.

2001 - 2010
Matching covers, adapted from existing scans.

Music DVD covers 

SOFT CELL - Non-Stop Exotic Video Show
Laserdisc to DVD conversion

Soft Cell/Marc Almond -
Memorabilia: The Video Singles
Laserdisc to DVD conversion

Marc Almond
Videos 1984 - 1987

Marc Almond
12 Years of Tears
Concert DVD (from Laserdisc)

SOFT CELL - Seedy Films
Rarities Compilation

Depeche Mode - Strange
VHS-DVD conversion

Depeche Mode - Strange Too
VHS-DVD conversion

The Police - Synchronicity Concert
Conversion from the VHS packaging

Small-PSB-Performance_DVD.jpg (104398 bytes)
Pet Shop Boys - Performance
Conversion of the VHS

Please contact me if you want the hi-res versions.
Sorry - I do not have time for custom requests.

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Doombear's Custom Blu-ray covers

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